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  1. So I moved, had the tank upstairs and now moved it to the basement, cyanoacrylate hit hard had to restart the tank, my light broke I dont ha e time to work on it, so I got a hob aquaclear 20 and an abi 12w led mounted 2' from the water. And here we are.!
  2. Time for an update. Everything is doing great, except zoas and gsp.
  3. I use this, just twisted off the frosted lens and glued a clear plastic lens on. Works great
  4. Yes its labeled 5.5g ada reef and the other, 3.7g pico reef
  5. Hey I'm selling my 5.5g pico reef and was wanting some input on sell price. Spent over $400 for it. I made a post to my local reef forum for $300 and no response.
  6. That's the same setup I have. 5.5g tank 12w light, 25w neo, and oversized wave maker tank is doing amazing.
  7. It's new and has never been happy, but now with everything under control and new salt it looks happy
  8. These frog spawn look so strange to me, is it supposed to look like this?
  9. Yeah, it was a Petco tank I liked it but I scratched it up to bad. With no filtration I figure I'll just spend my money on a good quality salt only
  10. Did a 100% water change today full tank and sand cleaning like I used to with my other tank. Full water volume is only 4g . So the rock/coral/sand takes up 1.5g. Colors are getting better, I'm not happy with something o don't know what though.
  11. There was a zoa polyp floating around the tank, and I remembered I used to have a collector crab back in the day, and it would try and put all kinds of stuff on it's back. The gap is slow growing In my tank I also just trimmed it up today, I'm just worried about the xenia.
  12. Switched over to fritz pro, after a 70% water change 2 days ago, everything is really happy, last week for some reason my tank was just not looking so great, corals were changing color or dying and I knew I had to change something. And after that water change I see huge improvement. So another water change in the same week then back to once a week.
  13. After a year and a half, he decides to jump! My clown fish. : / it's a risk I take keeping an open top system. There was a power outage for a few hours early that morning and it threw off my light schedule that may have added to the issue...?
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