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  1. I'm in the U.S. I keep coral species within enough space from each other that I don't see them damaging each other. I had a torch in the past that would sting mushrooms once in a while.
  2. Nope. I had a nice spread all over the tank. The AI Prime HD covers 24"x24 "I believe which is enough spread to cover the EVO.
  3. I had the same tank and ran an AI Prime HD on it and it was amazing. Simple to set up and gives you a lot of control through the phone app (or computer).
  4. Cut down on the feeding and get on a regular schedule for it. 1x every other day (dry), and 1x/week frozen etc. Cut the light schedule down as well (this helped in my case).
  5. @St3 left to right: Green Sinularia, orange Ricordea, Red Goniopora
  6. My fusion journal: IM Fusion 20 The EVO was a very nice tank. I just got tired of the limited space. Corals grow fast. My GSP took over the entire rockwork. I also did not like doing weekly water changes. I saw a ton of growth in corals when I upgraded to an AI Prime HD.
  7. I had this same tank for about 1 year 7 months. I now have a 20 gallon IM Fusion. I feed Hikari and New Life Spectrum pellets. Also feed Reef Chili and Reef Roids (maybe 1x week or 1x every two weeks). Also feed frozen pe mysis once in a while. I used to do 3 gallon water changes on my EVO every Sunday (sometimes 5 gallons to remove nutrients from overfeeding). I would get some test kits to make sure your Alk is consistent.
  8. yup. they look very similar.
  9. I have not seen sweeper tentacles coming out of it so it makes me doubt it’s a Galaxea.
  10. When dosing, do I shoot to match the Alk/Ca of my tank water or salt mix? I have a 20 gallon. Salt mix Alk was 13 but my tank water was 8.3-8.5 somewhere in that range. Before water change my Alk was around 7 (possibly 6.7).
  11. It's a small frag. I think it's a Galaxea but I have no seen any tentacles.
  12. I'm hoping the Galaxea kills a little bit of it
  13. Thanks. It's a pain in the A**. I was warned about letting GSP get out of control. That piece of rock is my entire rockscape from the previous tank and GSP took it over in about 1 year I believe.
  14. Backstory: So I started my first reef tank in July 2017 with an EVO12. On January 31, 2019 I switched over to an Innovative Marine Fusion 20 gallon. I found the deal on CL (came with a stand, skimmer, reactor, ATO and a bunch of miscellaneous reef stuff). This thing cost me what I would ONLY pay for the tank itself. Not a bad deal in my opinion. Since then, I've added a few new zoanthids, leathers, and a piece of SPS. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to order a dosing unit so I can cut down on water changes and just dose to maintain Alk/Mag/Ca and give the corals more stability. Through testing I notice that my Alk decreases to a really low number over the span of just 1.5 weeks. I want to also get into more LPS so dosing will be necessary to maintain stability. I'm debating between BRS and B-Ionic. Breakdown: Tank: IM Fusion 20 gallon ATO: XP Aqua Duetto Light: AI Prime HD Skimmer: Reef Glass Nano Wavemaker: Aqamai KPS Doser: TBD Live stock: CORALS: montipora setosa green digitata pocillopora green star polyps duncan hammer toadstool leather green nepthea red goniopora ricordea red mushrooms Candy Cane Zoas and palys: Utter Chaos, Banana Munchers, Laser Lemons, Purple Hearts, Rainbow Incinerator FISH: frostbite clown misbar clown six line wrasse INVERTS: Nassarius Snail margarita snail astrea snail Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp scarlet hermit crab
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