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  1. Lugmos12

    ? on glue for coral

    I usually use gorilla glue gel and had no problems.
  2. Lugmos12

    Everything is dead...

    That's terrible.
  3. Lugmos12

    Aqamai KPS Powerhead

    I have mine on an EVO 13.5 gallon. And I have it so that the intensity changes throughout the day; some are 15-100% with 1.5 seconds; some are 30-75% with 2.5 seconds. I decrease the intensity at night so the fish can feel comfortable to rest/sleep.
  4. Lugmos12

    Ai prime settings for softies

    Why so high on the UV/Violet?
  5. Lugmos12

    1st Marine Reef EVO - 1 year old!

    Added an AI Prime HD. Still playing with the settings.
  6. Lugmos12

    Adding water volume

    if the water evaporated and you add the water the salinity won't increase.
  7. Lugmos12

    1st Marine Reef EVO - 1 year old!

    Tank turned 1 year on July 6th, 2018. I've put this tank through A LOT of changes in a short period of time. I will say that, except for a 3 week period, I've kept up with weekly water changes. I do test periodically but I usually keep a close eye on the corals. I only lost 1 coral (a red montipora setosa) that bleached after I did not conduct water changes for 3 weeks. A lot of lessons learned. Just to sum a few things I wish I did: taken my time planning out a rockscape before adding corals never buying the Jebao SW2 (it sucks) bought a paired Ocellaris pair instead of the generic Petco clowns I believe my ideal tank is a 20 gallon penisular - but that will have to wait a while. Tried and died: a conch a red sea star Livestock that disappeared: a green chromis snails Troopers: hermit crabs ocellaris clowns Euphylia GSP Xenia green BTA utter chaos palys green toadstool leather for it's 1 year anniversary I bought an AI Prime HD (on sale); the Current USA Orbit light on my tank currently sits very close to the water and I don't like it there - it gets in the way when fidgeting inside the tank. Future Plans: an ATO as well to give the tank more stability. add a fiji toadstool leather Thank to everyone in this community who responded to my questions and concerns. It is much appreciated 😜
  8. True. But aesthetically I hated the look of the EVO stock lights - it was either too white or too blue - no in-between. I love the controllability of the AI Prime HD from what I've seen. I also didn't like how low the EVO light sat on the tank.
  9. Lugmos12

    Different Colored Sands?

    What sand do you use now? I saw this really pretty fine sand on a youtube reef video but would hate to have sand blowing all over the tank.
  10. I saw the biggest growth when I switched to a Current Orbit. I just bought an AI Prime HD today (thanks to a 20% off sale lol)
  11. Lugmos12

    MrJDanP's Nano Reef Build - Chalice growth!

    Sometimes some of the tentacles spin around due to the motion/flow and look like they are going to break off. I would not worry tbh unless the coral starts to rot or lose its flesh.
  12. Lugmos12

    Planing on AI Prime HD for 10 gallon - Unless...

    how's the growth?
  13. Lugmos12

    growth rate of Xenia

    The 'species' I have in my tank went from one little polyp in February to a 5-inch handful in May of this year. It depends. Because I've had frags of it that melted too. I've had more success with the pink compared to the white.
  14. Lugmos12

    0 phosphates but there's still algae

    What kind of algae?
  15. Lugmos12

    1st Marine Reef EVO - 1 year old!

    So far the clowns have ignored the BTA. But today I saw the female clown plunge her head into the anemone a few times.