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  1. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    I'm currently trying to remove ALL of my sand. Not sure if I would stay sandless or switch to something less messy.
  2. M-A-T-T-Y Fluval Evo 13.5

    You can get RO water from walmart (the Great Value brand galllon with green sticker on it). I've had turbos in my tank before and they didn't knock anything over.
  3. Suggestions on next coral

  4. Fluval Evo 13.5 question

    I removed the plugs on the bottom bc they actually broke off when I was moving the tank around.
  5. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    I'm going to try that with the surface skimmer; I hate seeing the water sneak past the sides.
  6. Too much flow??

    That's a really nice green
  7. Neon stripped dottyback

    yes! very gorgeous but skittish. I have to stand very still next to the thank to observe him. Another issue is that they like to build burrows in and around the rock and they cause a mess with the sand.
  8. Neon stripped dottyback

    I actually have three hermit crabs in my tank and he doesn't bother them at all. But he did go after all my snails so I don't have any of those left. I'm re-considering re-homing it since I NEED snails in the tank lol
  9. Neon stripped dottyback

    Yup. And watch out for snails and hermit crabs, they go after them too.
  10. 1st Reef - FluvalEvo 13 - UPDATED

    Thanks! I've done so many changes since I started with rockscape and placements of corals that everyday I'm afraid I'll wake up to a crashed tank
  11. 1st Reef - FluvalEvo 13 - UPDATED

    Removed the flatworm. I haven't see any others. I moved some corals around to adjust for better flow. I am slowly going to take the sand out of the tank since it is messy. If anybody knows of any sand that you recommend, please let me know.
  12. Too much flow??

    it should sway back and forth. constant direct flow will harm it
  13. First 5g Reef on a College Budget - Zoa Dump

    Try putting it somewhere it doesn't get constant direct flow because that could cause the flesh to break.
  14. 1st Reef - FluvalEvo 13 - UPDATED

    Found this inside a rock. It ripped a little when I was taking out. Can someone ID?
  15. Free GSP Covered Rock

    Wow. If I was a few hours closer, I'm right near Philadelphia