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  1. I use salifert. I think i was using the test kit wrong or at the wrong time after water changes.
  2. Update: remove most of the xenia bc it was beginning to grow ON the setosa and pocillopora. GSP finally began to grow on the back wall.
  3. I'm seeing a ton of growth on the pocillopora damicornis. The red setosa is also growing out nicely. Will post pics later.
  4. The frilly mushroom is splitting again; it’s gone from 1 to 5 since August lol
  5. if they get out of control i’ll just scrape them off maybe
  6. Jebao SW-2

    I notice that mine slows down during the week due to gunk/algae buildup.
  7. I think it's growing on two different parts of the tank.
  8. What is this white growth on the rocks?
  9. Coralline growing on the wavemaker:
  10. Revamping the Fluval Evo 12.5

    Wow. How did you remove the sump wall?
  11. Fluval EVO 13.5 Lighting

    I upgrade the stock light to the Current Orbit Marine and I'm happy with it so far.
  12. Seaweed

    a lot of the broken pieces ended up on getting picked up by the filter floss
  13. My clown fish is a pig and my goby is slow

    What I do with mysis to avoid nitrate problems is thaw it in RO/DI or tank water - wait for it to defrost completely, and strain out the mysis from the water. This ensures that I'm not throwing excess nutrients into the tank that the fish don't absorb.
  14. Main display and display refugium

    how does the plumbing on this work?
  15. Soft Coral Selection Advice

    Yea my Xenia spreads easily. I've been lucky that it just crawls around the rocks and has stuck to one area. The Nepthea (Kenya tree) I have drops branches every now and then; I have about 5 separate pieces growing throughout the tank.