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  1. cfaye@Delaware

    3g Cube, 5g Marineland....Now What ????

    February Update : I will be back in a bit with more up dates. I'm moving a bit closer to the beach, the jar is hanging in there such as it is. The only safe place in the house is where the jar is, the rest of the house is maddening......
  2. cfaye@Delaware

    3g Cube, 5g Marineland....Now What ????

    HAPPY REEFING !!! January Update..... Already the struggle is real....LOL !!! The jar went thru changes, the jar eating algae drove me insane. I woke up one morning and everything was covered in green fuzz, I went nuts, took out everything. Put the last of the live rock out in the garage to dry out and added new sand, cleaned off what I had left. The very small piece of GSP is gone. Still hanging in there is Red Graciliara, Cladophora. In cleaning the rubble off which I did keep, I found a couple of what looks like wild Dendros (spelling) and Feather Dusters.....So I'm hopeful. Oh yes the yellow Poly still ok...... Also a while back I picked up a small frag of GSP..... Still hanging in there..... Too cold to order anything online so I had a small lunch tote, and will be traveling further from home on the hunt for coral and plants. On a very, very, sad note.....the crabs passed. I had read on here a while back that some small tanks will not support inverts, mine is one. So I'm the clean up crew ( CUC )...... Still not sure about the 5g or 10g, the jar keeps me busy ( the right amount ). The pest algae is a ruff thing to deal with. Also found a backup battery at Walmart in the electronic Department and now have the Inkbird, so working on those things.
  3. cfaye@Delaware

    Upside Down Pico Reef - A very Pico Christmas!

    All I can say is......Wow !!!! you are awesome......Your friends are special !!!! Happy Holidays.....Enjoy !!!!
  4. cfaye@Delaware

    You Should Be Jelly

    Merry Christmas.....Happy Holidays.....To you and your Jellies.....
  5. cfaye@Delaware

    Slowly losing battle with cyano, I need help!!

    Please keep us updated, seems like a few tanks are going thru this. Some people call this the ugly stage of the tank.....I'm going....this is crazy !!!! I'm very happy that it has slowed down....keep close watch.....
  6. cfaye@Delaware

    Slowly losing battle with cyano, I need help!!

    Once again I'm a newbie. Go to nano-reef search box and type in maracyn. Take a look at some of the older threads.....like from 2003 and 2005 I think....a while back I had possible cyano in my 2g jar....it is gone for now, it has been about 3 weeks....this is due to my illness and being way from the jar....the jar went thru a severe temp change and huge salt level rise....somethings did make it....I used chemclean once and it came back....Now the maracyn plain.....they make several different kinds make sure it says salt water on the package also.....The only active ingredient it says on the label is erythromycin.....A while back I also read on nano-reef older threads that you could use it on bryopsis/turf algae....that's what I'm battling now. I did one treatment and seems to have helped some. I under dosed big time because I was not sure.....treatment ended a week ago and things seem ok.....plants, coral,crabs....so far.....This might help, not sure but you could read up on it..... Fritz Aquatics Mardel Maracyn
  7. cfaye@Delaware

    Question about curing liverock in the tank

    I used that liverock, I wished that I had it sent overnight, not much life....also my salt level was way off....I think their level was like 1.022-1.023, Mine was 1.024-1.025.....If it is the liverock by Dan, his salt level is on the site somewhere....Also sounds crazy, but it took over a month to cycle....I did it natural....no additives......before I lost my tanks due to illness, strange things still appeared 5 months later.....I'm a newbie.....and would order the rock again......
  8. cfaye@Delaware

    Tank directly on ground

    As far as I know of it has to be on a solid surface and level.....some tanks come with special mats but the surface still has to be solid and level.....the wood would have to be thick....it will warp....bend with the moisture from the tank......This is because the tank is very, very, heavy and will put huge stress on any type of tank......glass.....
  9. cfaye@Delaware

    PICOCHU! (fka Ultimate Pico Tank) - It's wet!

    Be careful with the AC 20, while I had it was wonderful.....I had it less than 2 months, not sure what happened but it failed....I took it a part could not find a lot of dirt or any thing....glad I had back up.....Still have not restarted it.....
  10. cfaye@Delaware

    Keeping algae out of nano reefs

    Pest algae....know what it looks like....do your research.....act on it ASAP.....Don't wait....If you did not put it in there, it may have to come out, no matter what the pest is.....get an ID on it....Don't give up.....I can see that pest problems can and might come back in a few tanks.....Hang in there with it....the battle can be long.....I have read, that only bad things happen fast, in this hobby.....
  11. cfaye@Delaware

    When is the next Petco 1$ per gallon Sale?

    Keep checking on the larger tanks....Petco will switch up....As far as I know of you do not have to be a reward member but I would double check now....takes time for membership to go thru.....the rewards do help......
  12. cfaye@Delaware

    live aquaria - invert quarantine?

    Agree.....space is always a huge problem.......
  13. cfaye@Delaware

    live aquaria - invert quarantine?

    People who have them million dollar fish.....QT everything that goes in that tank, also the coral people.....
  14. cfaye@Delaware

    live aquaria - invert quarantine?

    Now I'm not too sure on this....I'm new, I have read that people will treat fish if they have ich or not....be careful.....if your QT tank is big enough, you could put all the fish, including the ones in the display tank in the QT tank and just have the inverts in the display tank....Then maybe not.....because you could expose your healthy fish to other disease.....