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  1. Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ 3 Month Mark

    Everything's looking awesome really nice sps frags you picked up there too!
  2. 15G Nano - pumping along

    Couple new corals. Couldn't get them to frag them so I'm stuck with the colonies
  3. Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new fishie!

    Are you gonna do this pico contest?
  4. Would this light bulb be considered ok? http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/lighting/led-light-fittings/coral-flare-max-ii-full-spectrum-par38-reef-lamp.html
  5. 15G Nano - pumping along

    Maintence - big tank scrap and clean with magic eraser. I have used the magic eraser always on tanks to get off stubborn algae. I can't seem to remove this small algae near the sand on the glass and it's bothering me!!! Better but still there - stirred sand bed - because I disturbed a lot of algae and detritus I did a 30% water change - maintenance on wavemaker cleaned in vinegar - got a ridiculous amount of pods so took chaeto out and washed in the water change water to remove some pods. Water Chemistry salinity - 35ppt nitrate - 2 phos - 0.03 alk - 9 (using RSCP salt and increased a bit around 1 with bigger water change) calcium - 400 ( have been dosing still working upto the sweet spot) magnesium - 1350 (dosing seems bang on for this) Feeding and Dosing - frozen cube 1/3 per day - amminos 1ml per day - reef roids once per week - alk .5 dkh per day - calcium 5ppm per day - magnesium 2.5ppm per day Update - still looking for a home for the flame angel have noticed more and more nipping at sps - am gonna start removing some lps as I want to continue to store sps in this tank and I'm pretty much out of real estate - i am sure loving the strawberry shortcake so glad I picked it up and cheap! And this little guy was a freebie with the last coral purchase!
  6. Fishfreak's foxy BC29

    If you weren't far away I'd give you a 180g. I've been trying to give it away for a while. It's a bit loved but it does the job!
  7. All In One 20g Long DIY

    Dunno about the film, my guess on tissue resession is shadowing maybe
  8. Fishfreak's foxy BC29

    Harlequin tusk have to be one of my favs!
  9. Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new fishie!

    How's that feather duster gonna fit!
  10. That's a serious kit to glue coral! I may have to upgrade my kit of nothing lol
  11. buddythelion

    Stunning tank
  12. Everything looks healthy and happy!
  13. Fishfreak's foxy BC29

    Oh doesn't sound good! But making the tank as stress free as possible always sounds good