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  1. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update Haven't been around much lately been a bit preoccupied with the new house! - removed all lps and soft coral except for the Duncan, couldn't bring myself to take away the clownfish's home! - vodka dosing has reached its maintenance point and couldn't be happier. 7.5ml/day is keeping my nitrates at 2ppm and stable! Maintenance - scrapped acrylic - halved cheato in the fuge been growing like a weed - 25% water change Feeding and Dosing - .75ml ammino's x 2 per week - reef roids 1/4 dose x 2 per week - half cube frozen food every day - pellet food every so often when walking past Water Chemistry nitrate - 2 phos - 0.03 alk - 8.6 calcium - 420 magnesium - 1350 salinity - 35
  2. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update - nitrates holding at 4, maybe increase vinegar to 7.5 ml see if I can't drive them back down to 2. - nothing exciting just cruise control now Maintenance easy one this time 20% water change, scrap glass, that's it. Water Chemistry Nitrate - 4 Phos - 0.03 Alk - 8.4 Calc - 420 Mag - 1350 Salinity - 35
  3. If you have a google search there's a big thread on rc which goes through setting up the AI lights to the radion ab+ setting which is preferred by many with these lights. Worth a look
  4. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Apologies for a lot of blue was that time of day when taking photos forgot to take photos yesterday FTS
  5. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update - nitrates staying stable around 3, will continue dosing vinegar at 5ml per day - alk staying stable around 8.6 - bought a couple new sps corals corals - found my birds nest been knocked over and on the sand in a hole where it wasn't getting any light. It's not too happy should recover though say 30% tissue loss. Maintenance - big equipment clean today! Cleaned skimmer, wave maker and return pump with hot water and vinegar and a toothbrush - cleaned acrylic with plastic scrapper and magic eraser - replaced activated carbon - 20% water change Water chemistry Nitrate - 3 Phosphate - 0.03 alk - 8.6 calcium - 420 magnesium - 1350 salinity - 35ppt
  6. Fishfreak's foxy BC29

    My opinion on crabs is they are opportunistic animals when it comes to feeding. In my experience they haven't picked at a coral that wasn't in bad shape and they assumed dying and therefore started going to town. in saying that, what wv said never trust a crab lol
  7. Coral food, reef foods, ammos is literally the easiest way
  8. Oh ofcourse haha! Didn't think of that. Fortunately for me when I did it my nutrients were a little higher than I would want so it worked well. i think to help with increasing nutrients but not over doing it while increasing dosing and feeding do it but spread it out more than normal so the system doesn't get overwhelmed trying to break down large amounts in one hit
  9. Yeah I had an issue a while back where my alk took a swing and affected some sps but just to be sure I did near a week of water changes every day just Incase something got introduced to my system.
  10. Dude! That sucks! Just be careful about now trying to re-add nutrients too quickly. It's easy to make a mistake and then go crazy trying to fix it and cause more problems. Just add your dosing slowly and bring it back. Access the RTN in a majority of cases you will need to frag them further for survival.
  11. Fishfreak's foxy BC29

    It doesn't look like it was affected too badly with that long without light!
  12. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update - First week of vinegar dosing in the books. Everything seems pretty good. Decided to test my nitrates prior to water change. Tested between 2-3 so looks like they are already being affected by vinegar. because of this I'm going to keep vinegar dosing at 5ml per day to see if it stabelizes around 2. If it does I'm happy with that level. - sps seems to be continuing in a good path just keeping an eye on them. - finding the sweet spot for skimmer in its new location has been challenging but I'm nearly there! - alk seems to want to stabilize at 8.6 so if that's were it wants to stay in happy with that. Maintence - even though it's not needed I want to get back to the weekend water hangs routine so 20% water change. - vacuumed sand - cleaned unwanted algae off acrylic Dosing/feeding frozen food - because I want to try to get the mandarin on other food other than pods, I am trying a few different frozen foods (chopped cockle/mysis/cyclops) 1/2 cube per day pellets - small small amount once per day alk - .75dkh per day calcium - 10ppm per day magnesium - 10ppm twice per week Amino acids - .5ml twice per week reef roids - half dose once per week Water Chemistry nitrate - 2-3 phos - 0.03 alk - 8.6 calcium - 420 mag - 1350 salinity - 35 i'm happy with my water chemistry to stay exactly where it is there. That's the challenge now stability of these!
  13. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    haha yeah, although i think i'm still a tad high than normal it's a percentage ive started from a few times and worked out well. a mate asked once how to to start on and i said do this for vinegar he just assumed vinegar and vodka were interchangeable he had a bad time haha.
  14. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    That's for vodka. Vodka carbon is roughly 8ish times more than vinegar. That's why I like vinegar particularly for these smaller tanks. It's easier than dosing less than a ml or 1-2 ml