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  1. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Haven't been around much, tank has been on major cruise control. Do water changes dose feed walk away. Only testing once a month now and everything is staying stable testing that far apart. Tank 8 months old 15g cube aio Equipment and filtration Return pump - aqua medic D.C. 1.1 wavemaker - coral box qp-5 light - 165w Chinese led on timer cooling - 4 fan clip on heating - 100w eheim jager temp controller - AC211 skimmer - 100L/H needle wheel made from scrap parts and various skimmers 9w UV sterilizer 1G refugium cheato Chemipure blue run passive in return Maintenance - 10% bi weekly water change - clean equipment monthly - vacuum sand once per week - bubble scrub tank once per week 30 minutes Water Chemisry alk - 8.3 calc - 420 mag - 1400 salinity - 35 nitrate - 0.75-1 phosohate 0.03 Current fish 2 x black and white occy clowns approx 2 1/4 inch 1 x flame angel approx 2 1/2 inch 1 x mandarin approx 1 1/4 inch Current inverts 1 x coral banded shrimp approx big mofo 1 x crocea clam approx 5 inch 2 x strombus snail approx 2 inch 3 x hermit crab approx 1/2 inch 6 x various smaller snails Current Coral various sps acropora, stylopora, seriatopora, and one Duncan. Favourite being the strawberry shortcake Dosing and feeding randy's receipy alk, calc, mag amminos - 0.5ml every 2 days reef roids - 1/4 dose every 2 days Red Sea trace colors 0.2ml per day 1/2 frozen cube chopped cockle per day 1/4 frozen cube cyclops per day ocean nutrition formula 1 pellets when I feel like it walking past vinegar 7.5ml per day Loses and notes Since starting this tank the only lose I have suffered was an orange starfish. And I do believe he met his demise from the wavemaker. So all in all not bad so far with a single loss. coraline!! In the last few months coraline has gone crazy, covered my back wall tried to cover the clear acrylic when I've forgotten to clean it, covered the rocks and anywhere it possibly could. Photos
  2. Monthly Reef Profile Nominations

    @xiaoxiy reef is only newer but it is an awesome reef and scape and coral colour and growth has been amazing thus far
  3. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update - tanks still doing well of cruise control parameters are staying super stable. Everything's happy and healthy. - been continuing the micro bubble scrub with water changes. Not sure if it helps or hinders haven't really seen any benefits/detriments yet but I'm willing to keep doing it to see how it goes. Remembered to take photo while bubbles were in the tank this time. Maintenance - cleaned acrylic with scraper and then magic eraser - vacuum sand bed - 20% water change - micro bubble scrub Water chemistry Nitrate - 1-2 phos - 0.03 alk - 8.6 calcium - 420 magnesium - 1350 salinity - 35 temp - 26.5c
  4. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update TANK IS FINALLY 6 MONTHS OLD!!! It has reached a really good homeostasis state where everything is really stable especially in the last month it's actually become difficult to through its parameters out of wack. I dunno how happy I am with the scape these days though, I'm glad that in a few months this tank will be shut down and inhabitants will be transferred to either the new slightly larger nano to replace it or my +300g system being built.
  5. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Maintenance massive maintenance this morning! Finally got around to cleaning out all the gunk in the rear compartments and fuge, considering throwing a snail or two back there to help keep it clean. - cleaned rear compartments (scrapped and vacummed) - cleaned skimmer - cleaned return pump - cleaned uv filter - removed 75% of cheato - cleaned and removed dirt/dust and build up off lights and fans. - 30% water change I've also every major water change been trying out the bubble scrub technique. (5-10% mid week as minor water change and 20-30% water change weekend as major water change) basically I hook up an air stone to my return pump just prior to water change and let mass amounts of micro bubbles fill the display apparently it's meant to help lift stubborn detritus and other debris. Hasn't been harmful so I'm gonna continue it and see how it goes. I should have taken a photo but I will next time!
  6. SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi

    I had some full blown cyano from trying to dirty up my ULNS for a clam. Got a little over zealous and cyano ensued. I'm always a fan of UV filters that helped a lot and a fuge. I still have a little cyano in the fuge but I try to clean it out as often as possible. But it stays in the fuge and doesn't pass the uv at the return.
  7. DCNano14 - Month 4 tank pic

    Oh well if your seeding them that's a different story ha! And yup conch can go in that. I have 2 in a 15g
  8. DCNano14 - Month 4 tank pic

    A sure sign your tank is moderately nutrient rich is large copepod population. The fact your nutrients are testing low means they are simply being utilized mostly from the diatoms I'd assume. What id try and do is one week of 10-20% water changes every day and try and starve it out. id also look at flow and your cuc, is grab ahold of a conch snail if you don't have one.
  9. Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Three Years Old!

    Until I read the last post was about to say the tank is looking really good! Unlucky about the hammer though, sometimes we never know why something goes south. In my tank my sps love it but I removed most of my lps as for some reason they do not enjoy my tank
  10. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Finally current FTS
  11. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Oh one thing I forgot was my sw-2 which I had absolutely zero problems with bit the dust from my error not its manufacturing. I accidentally plugged the wrong power source into it and fried it! bought a coral box QP-5 as a replacement couldn't be happier! It's rated upto 5000LPH/1300GPH. I have it on the second lowest speed and is greater movement than my sw-2 at full speed. And this thing was $65! Which will serve me well as by maybe march/April I intend to make another nano but maybe 30g to replace this one.
  12. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Been a while tank is on cruise control and doing well! Carbon dosing using vinegar is been going really well, settled on maintence dose of 7.5ml keeping nitrates at 2ppm stable, phosphate at 0.03 stable. Everything else has been dead stable for months and so just letting the tank go on cruise control. Water Chemistry nitrate - 2 phosphate - 0.03 alk - 8.6 calcium - 420 mag - 1350 salinity - 35 Feeding and Dosing alk - 1dkh per day calcium - 20ppm per day magnesium - 15pmm per week vinegar - 7.5ml per day Ammino's - 0.75ml 2 x per week reef roids - 1/4 teaspoon 2 x per week Fish food - 1/2 frozen cube per day fish food - couple pellets per day I moved skimmer to a different chamber of the AIO couple months ago. Took forever to get it to tune again but last month has been running better than ever. Pulling this kind of skimmate every 4 days. And a tank shot couple new pieces have been added.
  13. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update Haven't been around much lately been a bit preoccupied with the new house! - removed all lps and soft coral except for the Duncan, couldn't bring myself to take away the clownfish's home! - vodka dosing has reached its maintenance point and couldn't be happier. 7.5ml/day is keeping my nitrates at 2ppm and stable! Maintenance - scrapped acrylic - halved cheato in the fuge been growing like a weed - 25% water change Feeding and Dosing - .75ml ammino's x 2 per week - reef roids 1/4 dose x 2 per week - half cube frozen food every day - pellet food every so often when walking past Water Chemistry nitrate - 2 phos - 0.03 alk - 8.6 calcium - 420 magnesium - 1350 salinity - 35
  14. 15G Nano - starting vinegar dosing

    Update - nitrates holding at 4, maybe increase vinegar to 7.5 ml see if I can't drive them back down to 2. - nothing exciting just cruise control now Maintenance easy one this time 20% water change, scrap glass, that's it. Water Chemistry Nitrate - 4 Phos - 0.03 Alk - 8.4 Calc - 420 Mag - 1350 Salinity - 35
  15. If you have a google search there's a big thread on rc which goes through setting up the AI lights to the radion ab+ setting which is preferred by many with these lights. Worth a look