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  1. Melting zoas?

    Yes, it is possible, depending on what lighting they came from, you have to acclimate to your lighting or they will be pissed off. Try shading them on the bottom.
  2. Oldies but Goodies

    That's a nice shot of em
  3. Those look sweeeeet! Can't wait
  4. Tomorrow would work out for me
  5. pm sent regarding shipping
  6. Ricordias Hardy?

    They are pretty hardy, but are susceptible to drastic temp changes... in my experience
  7. tank restart, or save it?

    been pondering the same thing...Hair algae is a b@!#h.
  8. Just confirming 10 rics shipped to 90712...Oh yeah, Priority
  9. Ricordea Florida GB? CLOSED!

    Where can we send payment? I'll take 10 rics and 1 St. Thomas from Sbcaes.
  10. My RSM 250 almost one year later

    nice job!
  11. Ricordea Florida GB? CLOSED!

    Put me down for 5-10 rics, depending on color...shipping to 90712