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  1. KNelson

    Shy gobies?

    I have a citron clown and he's awesome. He swims around a lot and perches on all the corals. When I have my face up to the glass he's always right there staring me in the eye. He is usually waiting near the surface at feeding time, stuck to the glass. I also have a circus, he's really cool but they are nocturnal and pretty territorial.
  2. I picked one up 3 weeks ago, was wondering the name. Thx!
  3. I'd imagine it has 99% to do with tank conditions. Mine took a tank swap to finally start spitting out babies. After I did the swap it was a couple of weeks. After 3 months I have 3 small shrooms that I can see. My green striped disco took a few months in my old tank but then made about a baby a month.
  4. @Humblefish That's what I was hoping to hear. I thought the 2 issued could possibly be connected but the sting happened a couple of months ago. I have Garlic Guard and Selecon. Would you recommend anything else?
  5. I have 2 issues with my firefish and I'm having a hard time finding information. First - my firefish's fins have some black areas (not spots) and I'm pretty sure it's not finrot. I noticed the black after my tube nem decided to move to where my firefish's hole was. The fish got stung a few times before I was able to move the nem. He moved to a new hole and his lesions have since healed but the black areas have only gotten slightly better. Second - last night I noticed what appears to be a hole in the left side of the fish right under the gills. It definitely does not look like the right side. The fish isn't acting strangely and is still eating like a fish 3 times his size. Only thing I can think of is that he injured himself on the rocks. He is the oldest inhabitant at about 1.5 years. I have 3 other fish - a citron goby and circus goby (inhabitants for 9 months) and a baby Biota mandarin (inhabitant for 3 weeks). I have a Bongo shrimp and a few various snails. I just tested things this morning and things have been pretty damn stable since I moved to the new tank. I did a 5g wc maybe 3 weeks ago (and probably didn't need to) with parameters almost exactly the same as today. 8.1pH 0 NH3 0 NO2 0-5 NO3 465 Ca 1380 Mg 0.06 PO4 7.9 dKh (but this was AM testing, normally 7.2-7.5 at lights out with 3ml A+B dosed nightly). Anyone have ideas on the black areas? Anything I can do to help the hole or should I just keep watching to make sure it doesn't get worse?
  6. My itty bitty baby Biota Mandarin DRAGONETTE (they aren't gobies) was trying to eat frozen adult brine but because her mouth is so incredibly tiny she couldn't. I squirted in some frozen BBS and she's a fat little pig. IMO you are going to spend the money regardless if you purchase a $20 wild caught fish that you have to supplement expensive live food until (if ever) it's trained on frozen or if you get a Biota and can possibly start feeding it less expensive foods immediately. By purchasing a Biota (or any other captive bred fish) you are being a more responsible reefer and will probably enjoy your fish longer as many tank bred fish do better in home aquaria.
  7. Looks like finger leathers - sinularia.
  8. Ball anemone (is not really an anemone, it's more of a coralimorph). If it's small it shouldn't be a problem. They don't get very big. I have 5 that I can see and probably a few more that I can't with the largest about 1/2". I feed mine every couple of days (a mysis or couple of brine).
  9. I'm getting an itsy bitsy teeny weenie baby blue Biota mandarin on Saturday. I have a decent-sized tube anemone. Should I rehome the Ceriantharia? None of my other small fish go near it so it hasn't been a problem, but this will be my smallest introduction besides the Bongo Shrimp.
  10. Duh. We use them on so many other thing around the house I should have thought of that. Thanks!
  11. I had some hair algae in my old tank and some xfered to new - trying to finish that off since my turbo won't. It's almost gone and I am not planning on adding any Rowaphos till phos is back up. Until yesterday, I have not had my skimmer on in over a week and I overfeed. My house is small and is very quiet and my husband likes it that way. My 'trates are already low. I am using the light. I have the wires all organized and zip tied and in not going to undo that. I'll look into a physical meter for delivery this weekend.
  12. I will play with some locations tomorrow, I don't want to raise the lights too much as I have some shrooms attached to the main rock right up top. I like my shrooms. I tested all I could again tonight and I was misremembering. The Ca was higher than in the old tank. The 12/22 test was the first full test after getting everything settled in the new tank. I probably should not have run the skimmer all day. Also, I got some more snails last week. 1/23 12/22 pH 8.2 7.9 NH3 0 0 NO2 0 0 NO3 0-5 0 PO4 0.06 0.03 Ca 450 440 Mg 1395 1350 dKh 7.2 6.8
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