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  1. Martin Riggs

    Two Lil fishes phosban reactor 150 CNJ

  2. Martin Riggs

    Looking for a fish that will use rock work

    Goby blenny dottyback
  3. Martin Riggs

    Live or dead phytoplankton?

    Just buy the bottle to dump. It’s space and time consuming.
  4. Martin Riggs


    Wow. Great deal.
  5. Martin Riggs

    20L FOWLR Equipment?

    Get the 110. Even though it’s FOWLR you might get the coral itch. The 110 will prob be plenty of flow. Hob filter, 150W Heater so it doesn’t cycle as much, sand, live rock even you can swing a decent amount of weight, keep it simple. Hold off on media until you know what you wanna do. Might be able to fit heater in AC110 filter. 20L is a nice tank. I went with 20H because of free stand and petco $ per gallon sale.
  6. Martin Riggs

    10 gallon community ideas

    Sounds good to me. That goby rely on micofauna to survive?
  7. Used phosban reactor. No pump. $35 shipped. Locals welcomed.
  8. Martin Riggs

    Abnormal Reefer’s 55 Gallon Bowfront

    Like the scape
  9. Martin Riggs

    Office 2.7 gal Pest Pico

    Pics if you can.
  10. Martin Riggs

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    I like my AC70 on my 20g high. Wish I went bigger like a AC110. If noise is not a problem that is a canister I assume would be quieter. I’m a big HOB guy. Even on my 55g I run a AC110. No sumps for me at my condo. How big a tank you doing?
  11. Martin Riggs

    Odd place for gha to grow...

    Light bleed in that area?