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  1. Orange Spotted Blenny Cleaner Shrimp
  2. Thanks Christopher! I don’t have good quality photos of the wrasse. I’m just using my iPhone for pictures. He’s a quick swimmer too! I’ll post a better picture when I get one. As to how I’m feeling about it, I’m quite pleased. The fish are doing well. Almost auto pilot since after the ugly algae/diatom/cyano stage & the parameters stabilized. What I’d do different?....get a bigger tank! 😆
  3. Can someone ID this acropora? LFS guessed tortuosa but wasn’t sure.
  4. Tank started December 16, 2017. Photo of aquascape with ~60 lbs of Reef Cleaners dry rock.
  5. Short tentacle plate coral Neon green sinularia Trumpet coral Montipora spongodes
  6. Good points on Hawaiian Black: easy to siphon, doesn't get blown off easily with flow, nice color contrast with corals. Bad points: magnetic. Sticks to the magcleaner if I get to close, and could scratch the glass. I don't have a full tank shot because every think looks purplish or blue with my lights, but here are some close ups.
  7. The replacement pump I got (Hydor Centrifugal 300 gph) is working well. It's quiet. It's significantly smaller than the stock pump that came with the Evo.
  8. Numbers look promising after about 3 weeks of intervention. Nitrates down to 1 ppm from 25 ppm. Phosphorus down to 17 ppb (0.051 ppm) from peak of 65 ppb (0.2 ppm). Corals definitely look happier. Green hair algae and cyano are GONE! Still some film algae on wall that snails are working on. Major things done: Changed sponge filter to media basket; put GFO in a reactor instead of media bag; hang-on back refugium with chaeto which is growing at a decent rate; feeding less and rinsing the frozen food. I don't intend the nitrate to be zero, since I don't need it to be an ultra low nutrient tank (LPS/softy tank). Suggestions on how to keep nitrates in 1-5 ppm range? Maybe up the feeding an extra day? Went down from daily feeding to M-W-F-Su. Or reduce water change from 25% per week to every 2 weeks?
  9. I received the inTank media basket last night and just realized the purpose of the stock surface skimmer. When I first set the tank up, I didn't know what that extra piece of plastic was for and put it back in box (fortunately didn't throw it away). I don't think I read anything about it in the manual, unless I wasn't reading carefully. In just a few hours, the filter pad was already doing a good job collecting gunk. Filter pad on top rack of media basket, chemipure blue 2nd rack, biopellets bottom rack. Protein skimmer working well in its new spot in middle chamber. Hole in the wall is plugged. Side chambers siphoned. Will do my scheduled water change later, and hoping nitrates/phosphates would be trending down. I wonder why Fluval designed the stock filter to be in the 2nd chamber ??? Seems to be a set-up for detritus build up.
  10. Yeah, I've noticed some buildup of detritus/left over food in the side chambers. I'll plug that hole. I was thinking of supergluing a small piece of acrylic to cover it. I'll also try to siphon out the chambers.
  11. I think I also have some cyano in addition to GHA. My plan of action based on what I learned from others' posts: 1. Feed less, and rinse frozen mysis cube. - used to feed daily without rinsing the food; will reduce to every other day, and spot feed with a dropper. 2. Remove sponge filter and replace with inTank basket with filter pad (being delivered today) 3. Let chaeto establish itself in hang-on refugium (will be delivered next week) 4. GFO + ROX Carbon in reactor (currently in media bag, reactor delivered next week). 5. 30% water change per week (up from 10%) with substrate siphoning - started doing last week 6. Continue to turkey baste detritus off the rocks. Maybe Nopox dosing if levels remain high. Maybe Dr. Tim's Waste Away if still nuisance algae. Hoping these would work in bringing down nitrates and phosphates and get rid of the nuisance algae.
  12. Picture of it after initial setting up in February.
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