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  1. lonewonderer

    Nano Equipment Tore Down

    everything sold except Hydor Seltz D DC pump Apex Classic Lite IM Skimmer IM reactor
  2. lonewonderer

    Nano Equipment Tore Down

    Hey fellas! I tore down my 30 gallon tank and upgraded to a 120 gallon. Now i have some very good stuff for sale some not even used. All taken cared of and in very good condition. Pm me or text me for faster reply. 818-817-1332 Kessil A160we Tuna blue 30% power 7hrs a day. 9 months old $170 kessil spectral controller $65 Ecotech MP10 wireless Quiet Drive $200 Maxspect Gyre XF150 “Brand New” $175 Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget reactor mini max “brand new” $55 Innovative Marine Skim Mate Ghost 7203 “Brand New” $85
  3. lonewonderer

    WTB Apex Jr. / MP10QD

    i have an MP10wQd $190 Shipped
  4. lonewonderer

    Spring Cleaning and more

    Sold already. I have tons of lights and other goodies
  5. lonewonderer

    Cleaning the fish room

    WXM and MP40wqd sold to @frakthem
  6. lonewonderer

    Cleaning the fish room

    Time to do some late spring cleaning. Hit me with your best shot 🎼🎼 : ) Ecotech mp40 wqd SOLD to @frakthemEcotech mp40 wes $170Ecotech M1 $250Reef Octopus classic 200 int $150Current orbit marine 36-48" with brand new mount nad controller $60Coralife cyclone skimmer 100 $50Trigger sump Sapphire 26 $200Reef octopus extreme 200 skimmer with PSK pump rated for 220 gallon $150Apex lite aquarium controller $350Apex wxm SOLD to @frakthemApex pm2 $50Apex EB8 black sticker $110Avast fluidized reactor MP10 $70Aquatop MR30 reactor $30Deep blue dual reactor 24"H $9036" reef led $60Brand new maxspext gyre 3k $140
  7. lonewonderer

    Ecotech stuff and more

    used for 8 months. Still has the box for it. 30% used on my nano 6 gal jbj
  8. lonewonderer

    Ecotech stuff and more

    Hello, It’s a late spring cleaning. Some stuff for sale. Text me for faster response 818-817-1332. Paypal only. Will ship or local pick up los angeles county. Thank you guys for looking. ecotech: mp10wes 2013 $120 2 mp10WQD 2015 $180 each mp40wes 2014 with brand new wet side $180 mp60wes “cracked housing” but works perfectly 2014 $280 vectra S1 1 month use $220 reef link $75 bubble magus c5.5 skimmer $100 bubble magus SE100 limited edition brand new $150 vertex aquaristik 180 int $180 reef octopus classic 200 int $200 2 current orbit marine pro 36” $60 each 2 kessil A160we tuna blue With gooseneck $190 each
  9. Hello, I have a couple of Kessil A360we tuna blue for sale with gooseneck for $235 each and a spectral controller for $60. I cover shipping cost you cover paypal fee.
  10. lonewonderer

    Cleaning the fish room

    Hello guys. Time has come for me to clean my fish room so I’m selling a bunch of stuff. Please pm me if you’re jnterested or better yet text me for faster response 818-817-1332 Kessil A360we Tuna Blue $260 light only. With gooseneck and 90 degree adapter $290 Kessil A160we Tuna Blue with gooseneck and 90 degree adapter $190 each Kessil Spectral Controller $65 Ecotech MP40wQD $SOLD Ecotech MP10es sept 2013 pristine condition SOLD Ecotech MP40 2012 SOLD i cover shipping fee you cover paypal fee
  11. lonewonderer

    WTB Vortech MP40

    I have one. MP40es with quiet drive controller but the wet side needs to be replaced soon. asking 170 shipped if you like
  12. lonewonderer

    Spring Cleaning and more

    Hello, i have these stuff for sale brand new, used and open box. I cover shipping you cover paypal fee. My paypal email is chrisong2007@gmail.com used ecotech MP10wes sep 2012 $125 ecotech mp10 wetside $35 ecotech MP40wes sep 2012 $170 ecotech RF wireless chip $20 kessil A150w sky blue with gooseneck$100 Brand new 2 sets of ecotech mp40wqd spacers $15 ecotech vectra M1 brand new open box. Never seen water $270 Bubble magus A5 -sold algae scrubber plug and play rated for 3 cubes per day $190
  13. lonewonderer

    Some equipments for sale

    Hello guys, I have some equipments ready to go. Some are used some are brand new never used and never opened. I cover shipping but you cover paypal fee. please text me for lightning fast response. 818-817-1332 used kessil A150w Sky blue with gooseneck $100 Brand new, never used, sealed in box with 100% manufacturers warranty AI hydra 26HD black $295 ecotech MP10QD $200 Bubble Magus A5 curve protein skimmer $160
  14. lonewonderer

    Bailing out sale

    Hello guys, I need to take a break from the hobby. Got these stuff for sale. Pm me if your interested or better yet text me for faster response 818-817-1332 text me for more info and more pictures brand new Kessil H80 with gooseneck $135 Ecotech Mp10wqd $225 used kessil A360we tuna blue wide $245 ecotech Vectra M1 $250 seneye par meter $120 ecotech xr15 mount $45 each eshopps overflow box pf800 with hose $50 eshopps filter sock holder $25
  15. lonewonderer

    Ecotech Radion xr30 gen4 pro

    Selling this light ecotech radion xr30 gen4 pro for $690. Brand new sealed in box. Never opened and full warranty from ecotech. I take venmo, paypal and chase quickpay. Pm me if interested. Text i reply faster 818-817-1332