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  1. Equipment needs to go used and Bnew

    bump these are whats left from all the stuff. Jebao PP8 - $45 Apex jr with temp probe and controller display- $160 Jebao 3 head Doser- $50 Ice cap Sump cooler- $75 Kessil A80 tuna blue with gooseneck -$100 Innovative marine defroster and grazer -$30
  2. Equipment needs to go used and Bnew

    bump Listing updated. please pm me if you're interested
  3. Equipment needs to go used and Bnew

    AP700 all sold out
  4. Equipment needs to go used and Bnew

    I'm not sure if it comes with it. The box is still sealed so I dont know if it comes with it.
  5. Equipment needs to go used and Bnew

    Totally forgot LOL. PP fee and Shipping is covered.
  6. Hello guys, I have some stuff needs to go. I will add more items tomorrow when I get home. Kessil a160we tuna blue with gooseneck 1yr old- $180 eachKessil A80 with gooseneck 5 months old -$100Apex jr -pm1, breakout box, aqua controller, extra eb8, extra eb4, apex ATO pump "no power supply" , apex auto feeder, PH probe and temp probe - $480 oboReefkeeper lite plus with extra power pc4 $270Innovative marine custom cradle xl- $30Icecap sump cooler $120Jebao dosing pump $50Jebao DCT 15000 brand new- $120Jebao pp8 -$45Jebao sw4 - $35Jebao DC-6000 -$65Gourmet grazer and defroster -$30Reef octopus protein skimmer classic 150 int- $140 Aqua Illumination Rail 12" $20Trigger emerald sump 34” - $260 pick up only SoCal
  7. FS BNIB Sealed ecotech MP40w Quiet Drive

    sold. Mods please close
  8. Hello, I'm selling my Ecotech MP40w Quiet Drive sealed brand new in box $320 each ships free OBO. I paid full price for these two but need to sell it because I need money for the Holiday.
  9. Hello, I have 2 brand new sealed in box Ecotech Vortech MP40w Quiet Drive for sale $300 each Mfg Date is around Oct 2017 if i can recall. Bought them retail but I have to sell it because my family decided to go on a vacation and I need some extra cash for the trip. Buyer pays shipping and I'll pay PP fee. Pictures will be uploaded tonight once I get home. My loss is your gain really applies to this.
  10. Sold out. Mods please close. thank you guys!

  11. hello reefers. I have a spare equipment that needs to go. Let me know here or pm me if you're interested. Prices as posted but give me your offer of course. Pp fee is covered by me but you pay shipping ✌✌Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen3 pro 10/2015 - soldEcotech vortech Mp10qd 02/2015 - soldPuratek ATO system- Apex compatible- $110Kessil a160we with gooseneck- soldKessil spectral controller soldNeptune Apex system gold package -$380 - sold1 Ecotech Mp40wes 2013 - $sold 1 Ecotech MP40wes 2014 - sold1 Ecotech mp10wes -sold
  12. Hello guys I have some equipment I want to get rid off. PM me if you're interested. Thanks! Pp fee is covered by me but shipping will depend if the items you want to buy is big and bulky. Bubble magus NAC9 - $180 reef octopus Biopellet reactor BR-10000 with DCS-3000 $100 - SOLD kessil A360we Tuna Blue with gooseneck -$280- SOLD to @reef3r kessil spectral controller $70 maxspect Gyre icecap 3k unused open box item -$110- SOLD Jebao DCT12000 return controllable pump $65 polyp lab reef safe medic BNIB- 20 refractometer -$15
  13. Sold

  14. tank take down part 2

    Hello nano reefers. Im listing my other half from my tank. please PM me if you are interested or have any questions. everything is in tip top condition. I will cover PP fee and shipping. REEF OCTOPUS BIOPELLET REACTOR BR-1000 WITH DCS-3000 PUMP -$180 SUPER REEF OCTOPUS XP2000 PROTEIN SKIMMER UP TO 300 GALLONS CAPACITY - $230 SEASIDE REACTOR 13 INCHES - $50 SEASIDE REACTOR 23 INCHES - $65 PHOSBAN REACTOR 550 -$50 AQAMAI KPS WIFI WAVE MAKER $90 LIKE NEW LESS THAN AN HOUR USED
  15. I already sold the set yesterday. than you though