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  1. AI hydra 26 HD for sale $250 obo

    sold. mods please close thank you
  2. hello, im selling my AI hydra 26HD about 7 months old. Used 30% power on my 24 gallon jbj softie tank. Taking a break.
  3. Radions and some other stuff

    Hello, I have bunch of ecotech and some AI for sale. Some used and one is brand new. Pm me if you’re interested. Pp and shipping covered by me. Hit me with your best offer. More to come after I take down a couple of my tanks. brand newEcotech Radion XR30 Gen4 pro brand new never opened and sealed in box $720 usedEcotech Radion XR30 Gen 3 pro $420Ecotech Radion XR30 Mount $65Ecotech XR15 gen3 Pro $280Ecotech XR30 TIR wide lense $25AI hydra 26 HD with extra white fan cover $260
  4. tank take down part 2

    Hello, I took down one of my tanks and here are some stuff for sale. Paypal and shipping is covered by me. I will not ship the T5 local pick up only. los angeles area Apex DOS used once and never used it again. Apex project did not come thru $270Apex EB8 Brand new $120Apex Lab Grade PH probe brand new $35Ecotech MP40wes “upgraded Quiet drive driver” with brand new never used quiet drive wetside and brand new pin spacer $225CAD protein skimmer up to 120 gallon $90Eshopps overflow box with return and filter sock holder $70Groundfos quiet external return pump $40Rio 2500 return pump $20Hydor 400w heater $20Coralife T5 hybrid with halide $60 “pick up only” los angeles all bulbs lights up
  5. some stuff for sale

    hello, selling some stuff. Pm me if you’re interested on any items. Pp fee on me and shipping. We can work on prices but please no lowballin’ Ecotech XR30 TIR wide lens $25Ecotech radion xr15 gen 3 pro $260Ecotech vectra m1 june 2016 $250Kessil A360 tuna blue with 90 degree adapter and gooseneck $270AI hydra 26 HD white $260Refractometer brand new $20
  6. hello, selling my brand new apex jr. factory sealed new in box never opened. $210
  7. New Year New Gear

  8. New Year New Gear

    selling with the lights..
  9. New Year New Gear

    Hello, I have a bunch of used and new gear that im selling. Changed my mind on some build so here it is. Shipping and pp fee covered by me. Pm me if you have any questions.BRAND NEW sealed in boxKessil H80 tuna with A series gooseneck $135 each 4 availableAqua Illumination Black AI Hydra 26HD with HMS mount $380 Apex Auto feeder $85 Apex Jr with silver digital display $220USED- great condition and well taken cared of.Ecotech radion XR30 Gen3 PRo with TIR wide lens “not installed yet” $420 eachEcotech MP40wes may 2013 $175Ecotech MP40wes Gen1 2012 $130Ecotech vectra M1 june 2016 $260 Ecotech MP10wes Sept 2014 $120
  10. Hello, selling my Kessil H80 Tuna flora with gooseneck for $135. Brand New sealed in box and never used nor opened. Ill cover both paypal fee and shipping fee.
  11. kessil and other stuff for sale

    Kessil Sold out
  12. Hello, I'm selling some of my stuff that I no longer use. Very good and well maintained. I'll cover paypal fee and shipping. Please PM me if you're interested. Kessil A360we "WIDE" tuna blue with gooseneck and 90 Degree adapter $290 each I have 2 sets Current USA Marine Orbit with 2 mounts, Controller and Display module - $130 Gourmet Grazer - $15 Tunze aquarium fan -$30
  13. Ecotech mp10 quiet drive $220

    i have a used one for 200 2 months sold comes with all the original stuff
  14. Ecotech mp10 quiet drive $220

    sorry no. This is brand new and never used. thank you for the offer.
  15. Ecotech mp10 quiet drive $220

    USA sir. I can sell it to you but you pay shipping.