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  2. tank take down part 2

    Hello nano reefers. Im listing my other half from my tank. please PM me if you are interested or have any questions. everything is in tip top condition. I will cover PP fee and shipping. REEF OCTOPUS BIOPELLET REACTOR BR-1000 WITH DCS-3000 PUMP -$180 SUPER REEF OCTOPUS XP2000 PROTEIN SKIMMER UP TO 300 GALLONS CAPACITY - $230 SEASIDE REACTOR 13 INCHES - $50 SEASIDE REACTOR 23 INCHES - $65 PHOSBAN REACTOR 550 -$50 AQAMAI KPS WIFI WAVE MAKER $90 LIKE NEW LESS THAN AN HOUR USED
  3. I already sold the set yesterday. than you though
  4. Hello guys, I'm selling my kessil A80 sell than 1 1/2 months used. I have upgraded to a 120 gallon so i dont have use for it now. Selling it for $290 shipping and PP fee included.
  5. Hello guys, Im selling my Aqamai Wifi wave maker. My wife gave me a an MP10 as a gift so I will not be needing this anymore. I used it for less then 4 days in my 40 gallon tank and let me tell you it really performs well. You can download the app and control everything on your phone or tablet. Its pretty awesome. Im selling it for $110 obo. I will cover Paypal and shipping cost. It is one small but really powerful wave maker. it has the same features like the MP10 but wifey demands that I use the gift she gave me : (
  6. Tank take down!

    Only these are available. Jebao PP20- Lowered price now $60 each like new Kessil A150w Sky Blue -$100 Gourmet Defroster $15 bump
  7. Tank take down!

    Hello, Yes it comes with the controller but I don't ship to Canada. Its so expensive.
  8. Tank take down!

  9. Tank take down!

    Hello, im taking down my tank and have some well maintained equipment for sale. JBJ ATO -50 sold Hydor Smart Level ATO- sold smart ATO- sold to @TheBig053 bubble magus 5 protein skimmer - SOLD ecotech MP10wes wireless - sold brand new vectra m1 -sold AI hydra with director - 150 Sold to @Rustycorals Innovative marine gourmet defroster - 15 SO Matic Reactor Germany brand new - SOLD 2 Jebao PP20- Openbox used once less than a day. too strong for my 40 breeder - $70 each 0r 130 for both icecap gyre 3000k openbox not used - 125 kessil A150 Sky blue - 100 the more you get the lower the price gets pm me if interested. Pp fee and shipping included
  10. WTB vortech MP10QD

  11. Hello, I'm selling my brand new Kessil A160we Tuna blue with brand new goose neck and I'll throw in my old kessil spectral controller. selling it for $280 shipped via UPS. $280- 1 kessil A160we tuna blue brand new 1kessil A series gooseneck brand new 1 spectral controller used extra $190 and you'll get another brand new Kessil A160we Tuna blue
  12. Hello, I'm selling my Ecotech MP40w Quiet Drive for $275 obo. Used on my 40 gallon breeder. Only used 15% of its power otherwise my corals will blow away lol! I will cover shipping and PP fee.
  13. Selling my Kessil A360we tuna blue with gooseneck. Taking a break from the hobby. Pm me if interested. I'll cover paypal fee and shipping cost. FS $270
  14. Sold all of it. Mods please remove
  15. WTB - Looking for captive bred fishes

    I was thinking of getting a hand full of damsels and Chromis for my 120 gallon fowlr