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  1. lonewonderer

    Kalkwasser strength

    yeah I was thinking to start doing 2 part since I already prepared some baked baking soda.
  2. lonewonderer

    Kalkwasser strength

    Yes i use a BRS 1.1ml doser. The tank is a 60 gallon mix reef. 50% sps, 35% lps and 15% softie. Just want to make sure if its doable. So in my 2 liter container i put 3/4 tsp powder and dose 300ml per day. So if i do 1.5 tbps kalk for the 2 liter container, do you think its safe to dose 150ml per day? thanks for helping btw
  3. lonewonderer

    Kalkwasser strength

    Hello everyone, I just have a quick question about kalkwasser strength. I have a 2 liter container that could fit my cabinet. Now my tank uses 300ml kalk daily, My question is that can I up the dose of the kalk powder to reduce the dosing amount lets say to 100ml per night instead of 300ml? Is this doable? if not why not? thank you all!
  4. lonewonderer

    Some apex stuff for sale

    Up for sale guys. Apex 2016 $700 obo Apex Break out box $25 Apex MPR $24 BRS doser 1.1ml $50 Hanna Phos $35 Hanna Alk $35 Hydor seltz D 2400gph $150 bnew Ecotech MP10wes $120 Ecotech MP10wes with QD driver $140 MP10 wetside $40 Apex controller lite $270 Maxspext xf150 $140 Jebao doser CP3 $50 Apex EB8 orange label $100 I cover shipping you cover paypal fee
  5. lonewonderer

    Apex and other stuff.

    FS guys. Please take a look and just pm me if you have any questions. I cover shipping you cover pp fee : ) Apex orange kit with eb8, main module, digital display controller, ph,orp,temp probe, probe holder and aquabus cable $290Apex VDM with aquabus cable $50Apex PM2 with temp probe and salinity probe. "Not sure if probe works" $100Apex EB4 $80Apex ALD with one sensor and aquabus cable $60Apex main module black $120Apex EB8 black $100Apex digital display controller $50Apex Break out box $25Maxspect gyre xf150 $150Skimz reactor FM150 $100Aqua illumination contoller $60Jebao doser cp3 with extra head and tube holder $60Hydor seltz D 240gph return pump $150
  6. lonewonderer

    Kessil h80 with gooseneck

    Hello, I have a kessil h80 with gooseneck. Never used i just opened the box to check but never used. Going for an H380 for my bigger build. Selling $125 shipping included.
  7. lonewonderer

    Ecotech mp10wqd FS $220

    Hello, I have a very clean and well maintained mp10 wireless quiet drive. I Upgraded to a bigger tank so im going for a Gyre. Selling it for $220 shipped anywhere in the U.S thanks!
  8. lonewonderer

    Tore down one tank

    Hello guys. I tore down my 40 breeder and i have some stuff that i need to get rid of. Here it is ecotech radion xr30w gen4 non pro 6/17 $550 obo ecotech mp10wqd $210 obo skimz FM150 media reactor $110 apex break out box $20 apex solid surface sensor $20 hydor seltz D 2400 gph dc return pump bnew $150 pm or text me for faster response 818-817-1332
  9. lonewonderer

    AI hydra 26hd for sale

    Hello, last week was my lucky day and I won an AI hydra 26HD brand new from my local groups raffle. Anyway I don’t have use for it because Im running radions on my tank already. So here I’m selling it. Asking $300 shipped but buyer pays paypal fee. Pm me if you have questions. Thanks
  10. Tore down my nano tank and upgraded to a big tank now so i no longer need this one. Pm or text me if you’re interested. 818-817-1332 chris
  11. lonewonderer

    Some stuff for sale

    My paypal is chrisong2007@gmail.com
  12. lonewonderer

    Some stuff for sale

    I have some good used stuff that i no longer need. I pay shipping you cover paypal fee : ) Ecotech mp10wqd $190 late sold ecotech mp10wqd $180 early sold ecotech mp40wqd 2016 sold apex eb8 black $100 apex eb8 orange $110 apex MPR brand new $30 Reef octopus biopellet reactor BR140 $170 2 months old skimz Reactor FM150 $110 Reef octopus skimmer 152ss $190 nano flipper $10
  13. Hey hey! Im selling my aqua japan 25-30 gallon with stand, sump, pump and extra accessories. Great condition. Pick up only sylmar area los angeles Ca. Text me if you need the address. chris 818-817-1332
  14. lonewonderer

    Mp40 reef octopus apex

    Apex, MP’s and more Here are some stuff for sale new and used. Take a look and pm me if you have any questions. Brand new A friend owes me money and he paid me with this Apex full kit 2016. So im selling it $720 Apex MPR $30 Apex Break out box $30 Hydor Seltz D DC pump 2400gph $150 Used EB8 black sticker $110 EB8 orange sticker $120 wxm $80 BRS dual reactor carbon and GFO with pump $70 Ecotech MP40wqd 2016 $280 Ecotech mp40wes with QD driver and QD wetside $200 wetside is 3 months old Reef octopus skimmer 152ss $220