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  1. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    yeah, i’m super ####ing bummed.
  2. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    Hey ya’ll. Been running running running. I miss ya’ll. Two days ago Mortimer decided he’d had enough of life and swam into the arms of the pink maxi mini. Super bummed about that. Like kind of super sad heart broken cause that f*cker was so cute. I’ll eventually replace him with a bonded pair but need to research how to get the anemones out as they are attached to the actual aquarium. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have them with a fish that likes to hide in nooks and crannies.
  3. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    is it just me or do i have an especially gorgeous basslet?
  4. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    that’s an investment i’m not willing to make right now. too many corals to get first. thanks for telling me about it. it’s on my radar now.
  5. 2017 Secret Santa Feeler

    fer sher
  6. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    but here’s the thing - if my refractometer were off wouldn’t it be off for distilled water also? that’s what's throwing me. i’ll just have to order another refractometer to test against i guess. i don’t have friends. they’re burdens.
  7. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    wherein Conjugal Visit & Mortimer dine. don’t blink or you’ll miss it.
  8. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    LOLOLOL!!!! Of course not.
  9. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    The only thing it could possibly be was the refractometer. I would think. But I calibrate it against two water sources each water change. Since I went topless I have hella evaporation but I top off to the same level as it was the last water change. I don't know. Oh well.
  10. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    i can’t stand her. those TEETH.
  11. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    nope, i posted some not good news over on my journal. i’m still in disbelief.
  12. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    of what??? i just changed the water so every thing is a bit unsettled. and the lights are already on the moon thing.
  13. Jagadeesh's Elysian Gills

    Hey ya’ll. Things are so busy and hectic that i just crash after coming home. I haven’t been neglecting my tank - at least I thought I hadn’t. Daily top offs, changing filter fluff twice a week, four gallon water change weekly. Well, my tank was looking a little green even after a water change three days ago so I decide to do another one. I like to test my refractometer against three different sources when I change water. MY TANK'S SALINITY WAS 1.038!!!! HOW???? So, I did a water change and have brought the salinity to 1.028 - I figured I better not jump all the way down, though i may have already jumped too far. Here’s the thing. - everything in my tank is alive. And well. Except for the cyphastrea. The stylophora is on its way out. Maybe I can salvage it. Three heads of my ricordea have melted. One is alive and well. Oh, and the porcelain crab bit the dust. So i guess not everything is alive and well. Ya’ll. Send good thoughts to Mortimer and Conjugal Visit. I’m very attached. I just can’t imagine what happened. I got rid of the protein skimmer. It just never worked like it should have. It skimmed when it worked but only worked for a little and there were bubbles and overflows and other stuff.
  14. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    hey ya’ll. i’m so busy i just come home and crash after chores and such. i’ve missed ya’ll. the light is great. and very affordable. can’t go wrong with it.