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  1. Very true, which is why I wondered about increasing the Midday peak levels, knowing the LEDs would be at the peak for a very short time.
  2. I have a Nanobox Reef ATI retro, with LEDs and T5s. The LEDs are controlled by the Bluefish app.
  3. Regarding the Natural Sun setting, I know it performs a natural ramp to Midday levels and then back down to night. My question is, does it hold the Midday levels based on all of the time/ramp settings or does it reach the Midday peak and immediately start ramping down? In other words, would it ramp up to Midday, hold Midday for say 3 hours if that is how my settings worked out, and then start ramping down at the end of the three hours; or would it ramp up to Midday and then the minute it hit Midday, start ramping back down? The latter seems more natural, but it also seems like one would want to increase Midday levels as the Midday levels that might have been running for 2-3 hours would now only be running for a minute or maybe seconds. Obviously the ramp is slow, but it would still reduce the overall intensity a good bit.
  4. Looks like it can't be done. It would be a nice feature... an acclimation feature where you just put in a percentage, and your lights go through the normal cycle but reduced to the percentage you input.
  5. Is there a way to temporarily adjust lighting, other than the 10 minute default? When I acclimate corals or fish, I either have to turn the lights off completely or do a lot of work to dim and then put everything back the way it was.
  6. Good stuff. I read the responses and did some more research and went ahead and got the Fire from Amazon for $50. I'll go through the steps to load the Google Play store. I also found a way to eliminate the timeouts so the screen will remain lit as long as it stays plugged in.
  7. I'm wanting to get a 7"-8" pad/tablet to use as a display for my Reef Angel controller and to also run my Bluefish app. The controller part is easy because I just need a browser to access the cloud-based screens. However, Bluefish requires iOS or Android. The Amazon Fire looks decent and is fairly inexpensive but runs its own Fire OS, which is Android based but probably not 100% compatible with all Android apps. Does anybody know if the Amazon Fire will work with Bluefish?