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  1. Finally got some decent photos. Yay
  2. Here’s the final setup of the sump. Mounted the dosing pump and installed the ato mod and light. Happy with everything it just time to add some more livestock
  3. So the tank transfer is done. Took about 9hrs total and still tweaking as I go. Really happy with how how it turned out. Only hick up was one of the primes power brick failed but have replay that so all four lights are running. My fudge light has turned up so the macro is in the display for now. Here some pics still don’t know how to take aquarium pics even with the wife’s iPhone X
  4. Got a question about your return line rfg nozzles and there direction. Do you have a lot of drainage from display into your sump when you turn off you return pump? I see your nozzles are a fair way under the water level.
  5. I would say there some kind of nuddie. Dipping helps but the eggs are really hard to get rid of. Best bet get a wrasse of some kind to help eat them. Just keep a eye out for brown jelly forming around the top of the skeleton
  6. Where about in aus you located? I live in QLD and there are quite a few around. I know Sydney has even better options. Not sure Melbourne or any other capital cities. Also I use revive it’s great product
  7. It will be plenty for lps softies and some sps. Get a nice long Flexi mount for it. Just be careful there powerful lights. Use the acclamation settings once you decide on a schedule. Get water prams set cause it will be great for your corals
  8. I have found a few par38 bulbs that are all red in the 600nm range or mostly blue with a few whites. Can’t find any with red and blues available in Australia. Out of the first two options which would be best
  9. Just looking for some help. Thinking of getting this light but not sure if it’s the right spectrum https://ultimateaquacare.com.au/johnlen-makeover-clamp-led-red-brightness-small-26cm-max/ if anyone else has done the ato mod what light did they use
  10. Just got my gyre pump went with the jebao cp-120. Which is just the update cp-40. Just need a few more things like my carbon reactor, return output mod then the screen top. Hopefully get the funds soon to finish but looking like it will be a week by week thing ticking one off at a time. In the mean time this is my female clown starting to host my gold torch. The vid is about 2 weeks old. She now fully lives there and the smaller male occasionally joins her.
  11. Here’s some average videos to try and help id
  12. First one has a purple base with hairy green polyps. The second one started as a brown out the turned green now has pink highlights and blues new growth. Polyps are a redish colour. Sorry for the blue phots no filters to help
  13. So had this macro start randomly growing at the top of my tank about 6 months ago and it’s doing great. I harvest it by trimming it right back about once a month. Can any one help ID it please
  14. Have finished all the main plumbing to get this tank wet. Ended up soft tubing the chiller plumbing with a slight mod to the chiller end. Couldn’t get piping to match hard plumbing so just modified the input and output of the tk500. have painted the drilled ato black and sealed the paint. Last thing to do is get my head around a wiring and power board set up that will work. Then to wash sand and get the transfer done
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