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  1. Quick update on the Battle. I walked into school today so noticed all my corals were open, which I did not see on Friday when I left. The brown slime(Dinos) is retreating, however still showing zeros on nitrates and phosphate. And now it looks like the red nasties (believe cyano) is taking off. Here's a few picks. Any further advice? I was not able to get any nitrates boosters over there weekend.
  2. Fair enough... I've just never added anything other than the standards like carbon. Anyway, here's where we sit this morning... Being there was a false positive on ammonia when my students checked and when I double checked nothing was showing. Figured I would check again this morning and I checked nitrates again. Still being stubborn at zero. I'll pick up something over the weekend from my LFS, thanks for the suggestions! The hammer seems to be settling in nicely in it's new home and opening up. I'll keep updating as I go through this struggle.
  3. Thanks for that link. Thanks for that Information, my goal is to really try not to use any chemicals if can be avoided. But yes if I need to I will definitely watch closely and probably start by under dosing. I will try to look at both of those. Thanks all for the help. Students Tested Nitrate Again yesterday - Still Zero They also test Ammonia - They got 0.05 (I rechecked it was actually Zero) Ph - 7.4 and Phosphates - Reading around 10ppm on the API kit (wondering if that means I should start seeing Nitrates soon.) Thanks all!
  4. @Tamberav @This guy is extra salty thanks for the comments. I'm gonna give it through this week to see if they budge, if not I will look at adding chemicals. What specific chemical should I be looking for to boost nitrates? Thanks and I'll let you know how the hammer does when I move it.
  5. Fed both Monday and Tuesday. Nitrates still stuck at 0.... I'll have club tomorrow and we'll check all the levels. Hopefully we can start getting in the right direction. Quick question if I reef dip my hammer that's in the tank and put it in a pico tank in another teachers room to save it will I pollute his tank with Dinos? Thanks again for all the help.
  6. So forgot to post an update. We had a "Snow Day" on Thursday, so didn't get up there to check or feed tank. Friday I fed heavily and checked. Still showing Zero. Here's to hoping this next week I can get the nitrates up.
  7. So Day 2 of heavier feedings. Nitrates still showing 0ppm, the club will be meeting today and i will have to go over with them what we got going on and how we are going to deal with it. We will probably also talk about what we want the aquarium to look like next year, thinking of trying to change it up so that they can have more control over the tank, the AIO Nano-Cube is difficult for them to do all the maintenance on, I have to help with quite a few things. Anyway here's out Nitrate test results. Thanks again for helping us out.
  8. Ok, I'll test daily to see where the nitrates go and see if I start setting other algae start growing. Thanks for the help, it I see nothing after a week, I'll try chemical route lol. Trying to avoid chemicals.
  9. Ok, so I will not add Macroalgae at this time. I will pull the Chemipure and skip the water change this week and feed heavier. I'll let y'all know what I see. And yeah my birdsnest is basically destroyed 😠 it went downhill super fast. Thanks for the advice. How long do you think till I should see something happening with the Dinos?
  10. Huh... Crazy, everyone it seems tries to chase low nutrients, yet low nutrients can hurt your tank 🤷. So two things that I have done today is lessen my photo period by one hour, I will do my normal feeding schedule of every other day, but will throw a small bit in everyday now ( so bigger feedings three times a week.) And tomorrow I will bring some macros from my house. Anything else I should do right now?
  11. Just Tested, Phosphate, Nitrate and PH, here are my results. Does that help with getting a plan? Phosphate looks like - 0ppm Nitrate looks like - 0ppm Ph looks like - 8. Here's a Youtube video of the Dinos under a microscope.
  12. Ok... I can test them here with an API which I know is not the greatest. Or I can wait till this afternoon or tomorrow and get it tested at the LFS. Should I even bother with API?
  13. Every other time using a bucket of RO water, dirty tank water the other time. I'll add some more macro this week. My LFS that helps us out, they ran the brown stuff under a microscope and said definitely Dinos. He made a wild recommendation, that I'm not sure about, said to leave the lights on for 48 hours and then "Harvest" them out. I'm nervous on that one with possibly bleaching my corals that are still alive. His theory is to let the Dinos eat up everything and then remove them with the food source. What do you think? Trying to decide on a plan of attack
  14. At this time our maintenance routine is weekly 3 gallon water change. When we do water change, we turkey baste the rocks and stir up the sandbed. In the media basket I have the nanocube sponge, that we pull out and rinse really well every water change (been doing this the entire time I've had the tank, even when it was setup in my house for the first year+ that we had it.) Below that I have some rubble rock and then a bag of Chemipure Elite. I had some macroalgae in there, the urchin made it a snack 😅, haven't put more in because little pieces would go all over and irritate corals. CUC is 2 turbo snails, strawberry conch, 2 hermits, a couple astrea snails, 1 or two trochus and various critters that came in on Live Rock, saw a nudi, stomatella and asterina starfish. Does that help?
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