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  1. first_ reef

    Used BRS RODI unit

    Price reduced $100.00 plus shipping
  2. first_ reef

    Fluval Marine/reef 2.0 led light

    Price reduced $25
  3. Fluval marine / reef 2.0 full spectrum led light. 24”-34” 32 wattage Works good $30. Plus shipping paypal only
  4. first_ reef

    Used BRS RODI unit

    Used less then 6 months Bulk Reef Supply 4 stage value plus RO/DI system comes with Glycerin filled presser gauge and a TDS meter. 75gal per day. Has all the 1/4” line and water hose bid fitting Di resin will need replaced in the future but had a lot of life in it still New cost $215.00. For sale for $125.00 plus shipping. Must have paypal.
  5. first_ reef

    Smart micro ATO. Like new

  6. first_ reef

    Lightly used equipment

    Magnafuge. Sold
  7. first_ reef

    Smart micro ATO. Like new

    Like new only used for a couple months. $60. Plus shipping. Must have paypal.
  8. first_ reef

    Lightly used equipment

    Red Sea stuff SOLD!!! Light and ato still available.
  9. first_ reef

    Lightly used equipment

    Lightly used Magnafuge light $40. Plus shipping Smart ATO micro $60. Plus shipping Brand new Red Sea Foundation pro. Brand new Red Sea foundation supplements Chemi pure blue 5 pack. $20 for all three plus shipping Must have Paypal.
  10. first_ reef


    Is this Still Available?
  11. first_ reef

    algae on sand

    Reefer 170 3 months old, brown looking algae only grows on my white sand and glass not on the live rocks, How to stop this?
  12. first_ reef

    Kessil a160we tuna blue

    This is a brand new Kessil A160we light. It is a warranty replacement I did register it for the 2 year warranty Doesn't come with gooseneck mount Buyer pays shipping! $190.00
  13. first_ reef

    Skimmer for redsea reefer 170

    I run the Reef Octopus Classic 110 in my reefer 170 works great and quiet!
  14. first_ reef

    FS- Kessil A160we tuna blue

    this things brand new
  15. first_ reef

    FS : 7 Month old APEX with Energy bar 832 and probes $635

    Have any pictures of the Apex?