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    LPS or softy ID

    Hi all, I was at the LFS the other night and this frag caught my eye. I asked and no one at the shop could remember what it was called. I know it is not anything exceptionally rare, just can't seem to pick out what it is exactly. My best guesses are Galaxea or Leptastrea, though I am probably wrong. I'd like to get a more concrete ID so I know about lighting conditions / placement. It acts like a softy, getting pretty fluffy (this pic was taken immediately after a water change so it was a bit pissed off being disturbed). Thanks for any ideas.
  2. TechLobster

    Prune dead heads of branching torch?

    I think euphyillia get most of their nutrients from the photosynthetic zooplankton they have. I don't see a feeding response as you typically do for acans. But everything started growing faster and looking more full after I started with the reef frenzy. Maybe reef foods provide micronutrients necessary for faster tissue building (on top of the photosynthetic response) which get stripped by growing corals, similar to maintaining Cal and Alk in SPS systems. At least that is my hypothesis.
  3. TechLobster

    Prune dead heads of branching torch?

    The reef frenzy is much more chunky, so I like to think that is more for the fishes, they go nuts for both of the foods though, royal gramma especially loves the Coral Frenzy. Also, when I broadcast, I'm talking about little amounts. Like less then 1/4 tsp of the Coral Frenzy in tank water, or a dime sized piece of the Reef Frenzy. I figure that smaller, frequent feeding helps for constant growth.
  4. TechLobster

    Prune dead heads of branching torch?

    Cool, sounds like I'll get out the dremel sometime right before the second water change this week (getting things back on track after going away is always fun). Thank you very much, I love the movement of the euphyllia, so I've dominated my tank with them and they look so awesome when all opened up and happy. When that FTS was taken they were probably at 75% max openness (when fully open there is very little real estate in the foreground, or at least used to be). I don't target feed, for corals I broadcast feed Coral Frenzy 3x per week and LRS Reef Frenzy 2x per week both dumped in with the pump running. Stock Biocube 14 lighting, running chemipure and purigen and I never miss a weekly 20% water change. I attribute any success to stable parameters held by the water changes.
  5. TechLobster

    Prune dead heads of branching torch?

    Hi, I just got back from vacation and have lost my first corals since I started the hobby just over a year ago. My branching hammer and torch corals must have fallen over into the sand and on top of each other at some point. The person looking after my tank didn't notice. The hammer was baseball sized when fully opened, and all 7 heads were pretty much buried in the sandbed (stupid shrimp) and when I righted it, it was 95+% skeleton, so I think that entire centerpiece is gone. As for the torch, only one of the heads was partially buried and was half skeleton when I uprighted it, I had hoped it could recover. I did a water change and the rest of that head blew right off (it was all dead and rotten). The piece still has 2 healthy looking (for now) heads. I am wondering if I should prune the skeleton head off, or should I try and get a torch frag and attach it to the skeleton there? OR do I just leave it as it is? I am not loving the stark white reminder of the loss every time I look into my tank right now. Thanks for any advice. Photo is WTS from March showing how nice the hammer and torch were... sadface.
  6. TechLobster

    Cyphastrea aka Meteor Shower

    Mine is also fairly medium-high light and medium flow. I have it placed on the tip top of my rock work - only about 4" down from my biocubes stock lighting. The color changed from the powder blue and red to more of a turquoise green with orange. I like it better that way, and it is encrusting down off the plug and onto the rock in less than a month. I was also worried I had bleached it by putting it in too much light, but it was just going through that color change.
  7. TechLobster

    Zoanthid not opening

    Update: My Zoa has been happy and expanding nicely (when my inverts don't walk on it). It is now starting to grow two new polyps. One is at the point of growing lashes, the second is still a bud on the original stalk. Still not sure what exactly I have here, but I am happy with the colors esp. under blue lights (crap phone photo from last night attached; in person the lashes are bright fluorescent orange with bright fluorescent pink speckles in the center). Thanks to everyone who helped calm my fears that I got a dud. Can't wait until I have a multi polyp colony of this stuff.
  8. TechLobster

    Pulsing Xenia Growth

    It's really up to you. Some people don't want to let it get too away and expand too much. Myself, I am letting the one in my tank go wild. I bought a similar sized frag as yours was and now after 8 months it has easily quadrupled in size and split off 4 or so stalks. Everyone who sees my tank which is euphylia dominated loves the xenia the most, and I tend to agree, even though many others consider it a 'pest coral.' You can always trim it back later if it gets too big.
  9. TechLobster

    Zoanthid not opening

    Day 16 and I think the thing finally popped all the way out. It doesn't look super healthy, but I expected that after being closed for that long. Anyone have any idea what zoa this is now?
  10. TechLobster

    Best frozen food supplier / brand?

    Yeah I saw that. My LFS is listed and they even have it priced on the freezer. But couldn't find any in there and when I asked an employee, they said they stopped carrying it... But there is another store, 30mins away but maybe I'll convice the wife there is another reason to head out that way (it's near an Ikea) and check there.
  11. TechLobster

    Best frozen food supplier / brand?

    Yes, specifically went to look for any Rods or LRS formulations, but the only decent LFS near me didn't have either. I'll call around to the couple that are farther away or ask if they could order a bunch.
  12. I've been thinking of including some frozen food in my feedings. Seems that every online supplier charges $20 in shipping, which I can understand for the cost of the dry ice and cooler. But if I am only buying a single flat that seems like a waste of shipping cost making the frozen really expensive. My LFS doesn't carry many brands of frozen, none I recognized being the usual recommended here... Anyone have any other suggestions?
  13. TechLobster

    Zoanthid not opening

    I did my extra water change Thursday night. Last night I could finally see progress. Disappointed that it looks like this isn't a Darth Maul based on the "petals". But I hope it continues to open. Being away for the weekend, so 48hrs without checking on it. No one ever told me I'd get separation anxiety for a box full of salty water.
  14. TechLobster

    Zoanthid not opening

    Day 9 of Zoa watch. Still have not seen it open yet but I leave before the whites come on and I came home to my BLH harassing it (ignore the filthy glass I need to scrape tonight). I did the iodine dip last night and it has still not melted away yet... Fingers crossed.
  15. TechLobster

    Peppermint Shrimp (not) reef safe - beware

    That was unexpected, what a POS shrimp. Can you eat peppermint shrimp? Excellent edit btw.