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  1. I see nothing on the website suggesting it's closing but you never know. Drs. Foster and Smith was news to me as now. Wow. They've been around as long (longer) as i have been in the hobby (since 03)
  2. I thought i didn't care much for tangs until my Kole tang. I've taken a huge liking. He/She is bashful when people are around the tank but noticed it's coming out more and more with people present. I really dig the bristletooth specie of tangs. Too bad hippo tangs get huge too.
  3. Mine is pretty docile and skittish. Aside from the Tang, biggest fish is a cherub angel and well they're not very big. I've really come to like my tang though.
  4. I have a Kole tang in my 55 (relax tang police, the 55 is going to be upgraded to a 75). I was never a huge fan of tangs but I like my Kole tang. While he's/she is no dory, every time I see it I hear just keep swimming.
  5. You can try a peppermint shrimp for aiptasia and an emerald crab for bubble. It's like six in one hand and half a dozen in the other. Chemicals added to a tank to kill pests or additional life forms to eradicate pests increasing bioload?
  6. Right next to the blue ringed octos right?
  7. The sooner the better with those pics. I have a 3.7 gal pico tank. Took it down over a year ago (work tank) as it crashed. Black sand sucks in my opinion. First and last. algae problems galore, stability issues. I started the 3.7 up again on Jan 15 2019. It runs much better. Started from scratch, dry sand, dead "live rock" and fresh salt water. Nothing from my home tank. What I have done differently was replace the stock pump with a rio 180 and added a ATO as I have three days off. That was part of my previous problem. My clown goby just died due to the f*#king heater spiking at 86 degrees. I leave the heater half out until I can replace it. Temp has been stable at 79 degrees the last couple days. Xenia has wilted up and closed too but some of the zoos are still open, gsp, orange digitata nice polyp extension, lil condy nem, purple green acan and nuclear trumpets are nice and alive. Sebastian Bach the hermit, trochus snail and lazy ass nassarius snail are also still alive. i like to follow the small 3-4 gallon tanks where I can. Gives me ideas and lets me see what I can do better or avoid altogether.
  8. What is the Youtube channel? Edit: NM found it
  9. Yeah crocea's have gotten really expensive compared with the other Tridacna clams over the years. I'll have to keep my eyes open
  10. The dark lord had better purposes for your fish jr., suck it up sport. You're welcome.
  11. I do have a question. I know there is a few places like LiveAquaria/DD and saltwaterfish.com that sell both coral, clams, fish etc but any other one stop shop places like that? I want to get a ycg and crocea clam and corals.
  12. I don't think so, it's just how the light is reflecting off the RFA
  13. New light Sorry, image a little blurry
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