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  1. Biocube 16 owners

    First, mandarins are dragonets and not goby’s! Haha had to clear this up.. They will eat through pods pretty quickly, and at about $20 a bottle it can get expensive. It’s not a bad idea to start seeding your tank and letting the pod population grow first before putting a fish in your tank that mostly eats pods. But in such small tanks you really need them to be eating frozen food and or pellets, with your natural pod population serving as supplemental nutrition in between feedings. This is my first Mandarin, so maybe I was just lucky to get it eating pellets… But I did work with it for about a month… Doing small feedings almost every night with finely chopped mysis, frozen cyclopods,pellets and capelin roe. You have to turn off all the flow and give the Mandarin time to eat, and it helps if there are not too many fish competing for food as they are slow hunters. You have to be very patient and give the Mandarin time to adjust to the new food… With that being said though you need to ensure you have enough pods to keep it healthy while it’s training to eat new foods. I spoke with my LFS Before buying the Mandarin to ensure they would take it back if it starts getting too skinny and wasn’t eating. And obviously you have to keep a close eye on it every day. It’s a lot of work, but definitely worth it in the end as they are extraordinary fish! You definitely have to do your research and be ready to put in a lot of time and effort to train most of these Mandarin’s. I do have a small Refugium set up in my second chamber growing chaeto, and I put a small tuft of chaeto in the main display behind my rocks to allow the pods to repopulate...seems to be working well!
  2. Biocube 16 owners

  3. Biocube 16 owners

    This is correct! Not to get off topic from the original post. I was merely just sharing which fish I have stocked in my biocube and by no means meant for it to be an “easy fish to keep in biocube” type of list. I’ve had my mandarin for over a year and he is thriving in my 14g. But I also worked with him for a month everyday training him to take pellets and frozen... it’s a lot of work but it was worth it. My favorite fish ever! They are actually quite hardy and disease resistant fish in the right environment. But certainly do your research before putting anything in your tank!
  4. Biocube 16 owners

    I have a 14g biocube. My fish are: 1. Green mandarin 2. Starry blenny 3. Clown goby 4. Flamming prawn goby that’s probably the maximum fish I would ever consider putting in my tank. The clown goby and flamming prawn goby are tiny though.
  5. Best Cleanup Crew Combinations? Opinions?

    Not a fan of crabs or hermits. Just bad experiences with them. People will probably say I’m crazy, but hermits k ow crap over and I’ve had an emerald crab take a big chunk out of a Favia even though I fed it algae waffers... smh now I just stick to snails!
  6. What would you like to upgrade to?

    You ever been to sea world... 😋
  7. Biocube 32 refugium help

    I have a biocube 14g. first chamber I have the coralife protein skimmer ( it works even though most ppl say it’s crap). Second chamber from top down I have filter floss on top of a homemade media basket, then Chemipure blue in one part of the basket and chaeto in the second part of the media basket. The refugium is light by. Jbj Nano light that attaches to the back glass. Third chamber is heater, thermometer and my return pump. I vote for using a basket just to ensure everything stays in place. I do not have a sponge between chamber 2 and 3 and have not had any issues with chaeto traveling from my media basket to chamber three and clogging the return pump. Hope this helps!
  8. Anyone know what this might be?

    Likely an aiptasia that has attached to the glass.. suck it out with a turkey baster and reef on my friend!
  9. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    Nah, I dont worry about that as long as my numbers stay in an acceptable range because it’s not a drastic change but gradual over the week. Tank is doing great, corals are happy and healthy... both SPS and LPS. Still have great colors, good PE, growth that I’m happy with in a 14g Biocube. I think we sometimes chase perfection instead of enjoying the hobby. Same thing with people chasing the perfect pH. Forget about numbers as long as they are in a good “range” and the swings aren’t acute and drastic. In the words of Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) “Life uh.... finds a way”
  10. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    Red Sea coral pro! Been using it for 1.5 years and I love it. It dissolves quickly and completely, and can be made a few hours prior to doing your water change. I like the higher alk, as my tank chews through alk and calcium, so when I’m ready for my weekly water change... it raises my alk from 7-8 to 9-10. So ultimately my alk stays in a range of 8-10 which I’m happy about. Corals seem to love it, and it has all the trace elements in it. I think they still even do the batch numbers where you can look up exactly what your salt batch contains and mixes out to.
  11. CrazyT and SC orange passion SPS

    Do you still have a piece of that Crazy T monti? Could I see a picture of it if you do?
  12. No need for a water change?

    One thing I can think of is that you may run into issues with trace minerals/elements being depleted. Probably not a concern at this point but if you start packing in the corals like we all eventually do I could see this being an issue down the road. Plus water changes seem to just flush things out of the tank... maybe it’s magical thinking but I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing my water changes haha.
  13. What is your favorite algae magnet for nanos?

    I realize you said magnetic float... but this thing is much better. The floats can easily scratch your glass!!
  14. What is your favorite algae magnet for nanos?

    Kent marine scrapper set! Well worth the money, and you can replace the blades when they wear down. It can extend out so your hands stay out of the water. Great tool for cleaning.