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  1. Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ SPS In Trouble

    I’ve heard of people using “stump remover” to increase nitrates. It apparently can slowly and safely raise nitrates without affecting phosphate. I’ve never used it but I’ve heard it works. I personally would rather feed my tank a little heavier but unfortunately that does add phosphates as well.
  2. Visiting Central FL

    Coral corral has a pretty nice selection, staff were great. Word wide corals is a great place to stop if you can. Orlando has several great reef shops if you visit that area.
  3. CO2 scrubber use in a 14g biocube to fix low pH

    So I’m kind of baffled... the CO2 scrubber was running well, my media lasted about 10 days before having to change out my Gatorade bottle. pH was steady as previously posted. Did a water change, and changed my media and now the pH won’t raise to the 8.1-8.3 level that it was at before when I started the CO2 scrubber. The soda lime was stored in an airtight bag, is still white so I dont think it’s that. I’ve noticed the alkalinity is a little lower, it was 11 when I started the CO2 scrubber and now it’s 9 and the pH is only getting up to 8.0 max and dipping to 7.8 in the morning. Is it the alkalinity drop that is causing the CO2 scrubber to fail or is there something else I am missing? Appreciate any responses or suggestions.
  4. Hermit crab eating toadstool?

    I’ve have removed all crabs from my tank... hermits as well as emeralds. I watched the damn emerald crab rip a chunk out of my dragon soul Favia and he went right back to the store ( that was a fun adventure trying to get him out of the tank). I have also seen hermits picking around corals, pissing them off. I don’t think they intentionally try to harm/eat corals, but I do feel that if a piece of coral is feeding they will pick the food off the coral and inadvertently harm/damage the coral. I just didn’t want to worrry about it, so back to the store they all went. Now I just have turbos, asarius, and some other snails to help keep things clean. Just my opinion/experience.
  5. CO2 scrubber use in a 14g biocube to fix low pH

    Just another quick update... pH is holding steady. This morning it was 8.1 and yesterday afternoon it was 8.2-8.3. Looks like the scrubber is doing a nice job of maintaining the pH around 8.1-8.3, with the lowest pH around 8.0. Soda lime is partially turning purple, but most of the media still looks white. I know the color will revert back to white even after it has been exhausted, so I am testing my pH daily to see when the pH itself actually begins to decline back to my usual 7.8 range. Once I find this out, I’ll do a little number crunching to see how long the media will last and what the maintenance cost would be. As a side note, I do feel that the corals are happier... growth seems better but I could just be imagining that.. lol you start seeing things after watching your tank for awhile... but either way I’m happy with the CO2 scrubber, and it’s definitely improved stability at least.
  6. What’s your experience with redsea NO3;PO4-X (NOPOX)?

    You will have to kee me updated on how it works for your tank. I’ve decided to hold off for now. Between my refugium and recently setting up a protein skimmer and unfortunately losing one of my fish... nitrates are down nicely actually and PO4 is at an acceptable range. I don’t want to use this unless I really need it d/t blooms and low O2 levels. But if my parameters aren’t controlled then I’m gonna give it a shot.
  7. Neglected tank

    Fish still need to eat, and poo. So I second doing the water changes for the fish. Light would be nice as well, probably less stressful.
  8. Neglected tank

    Well I think you first should ask yourself are you still passionate about reefing... if not then maybe now is a good time to think about moving on from the tank, or finding it a better home. If you definitely want to get it back into shape and maintain it... start with the basics... carefully scrapping glass, cautiously siphoning parts of the sand bed with your water changes, more consistent water changes, and probably beef up your CUC at least for a few weeks while you are getting your tank back into shape. Replace all filters, maybe run some chemipure blue, give your sump or filtration chambers a good scrub/ cleaning... clean off your powerheads, pumps etc.
  9. 10 Gallon Softie Tank - "Honey I Shrunk the Reef"

    No longer will I keep crabs in my tank... not hermits and definitely not emeralds. Now I just keep snails!
  10. 14g Nano - new beginning *NEW - my first corals

    Oh be sure to leave enough space between your rocks and the glass so it’s easily accessible for cleaning! A mistake I made at some point for sure!
  11. 14g Nano - new beginning *NEW - my first corals

    Looks good. If your happy with it, that’s all that matters... and that it’s securely placed as to not fall and crush your livestock or scratch your glass.
  12. CO2 scrubber use in a 14g biocube to fix low pH

    So just a quick update. Yesterday evenings (10/26) pH was 8.2-8.3. Super pumped about that! My pH normally reached that value after a water change and then stabilized to 7.8-7.9. before the scrubber. This mornings pH solid at 8.0-8.1 @ 6am. So the scrubber definitely works, and I can say the skimmer is still working without issues. The real question now is how long does the media last, how cheap can you get the media to determine overall monthly cost, and most importantly is it truly making a difference in the health of the tank and coral growth.
  13. CO2 scrubber use in a 14g biocube to fix low pH

    Totally agree, cracking windows helps tremendously, but 10 months out of the year in Florida it’s just not possible because of heat and humidity. It’s cooling off and I’m opening the windows more, hoping it may also help my soda lime last longer. But great point!
  14. CO2 scrubber use in a 14g biocube to fix low pH

    I’m renting so the line outside the house is t an option. But man I was blown away by how well this works, really fascinating. Can’t wait to crunch the numbers and get a good estimate of the true cost. Hopefully it’s affordable.
  15. Which temp could be wrong?

    This is all you need, accurate and reliable