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  1. I second this, I’ve had no failures with it and it’s so compact I barely notice it
  2. This is going to be a nice tank
  3. I was wondering if I could take off the plastic on the bottom of the Fluval evo 13.5. It’s kind of bothering me. It wouldn’t be hard to remove because it’s only held on by 6 silicone dabs, thanks!
  4. It didn’t quite download the ones I wanted though lol I’ll try again
  5. Ok I promised pics so here y’all go:
  6. I could have about two hours ago but winter has the sunset at like 5pm lol! I promise I will get some tomorrow
  7. About Me and This Tank (TLDR at bottom) So a few years ago (about 4) my family and I were getting cichlids for my little brother's bow-front from this little shop that our uncle recommended. Keep note that the closest thing Ive ever seen close to a reef tank was a shark-filled-false-coral tank at Seaworld. As soon as I stepped into those doors I was greeted by a 32 gal Biocube. As fast as a blink of an eye I was hooked, not just by the clownfish playing around in a foot long circumference of a bubbletip anemone, but as to what I noticed as those alien like creatures that I have roughly known as coral from the books in the elementary library (I was a big reader). I was mesmerized by the beauty of a 30 gallon box of water to the point where my parents had to pull me away from the dang thing. Naturally I was pissed and refused to leave the thing. But my parents told me to check something out. I round the corner see a room full of frag tanks, my jaw dropped. That day was the day that I owned my first reef tank. We got a Fluval Spec 5 gal, some live rock, live sand, a small strip light, a clown goby, a firefish, a 6 lined wrasse, and some zoanthids as well as a paly. I had that tank for about three years until we moved and things went down from there, I had my first algae bloom and the tank went out with a boom, everything dead except for a GBG as well as my blue coral banded shrimp (that I still have today lol). I was devastated. Even though I didnt know what I was doing I knew I was on fire, I mean, I had some pretty cool corals as well as a dragonface puffer (that somehow lived about 6 months but sadly died to my firefish -big meany) and on top of that I never did a single waterchange! After that I had nothing but an algae filled tank for about a year. That brings me to where I am now! Last year for my birthday my parents got me a Fluval Evo 13. BIG learning curve. I had constant algae blooms and the seams even busted. But luckily that gave mw a clean slate-- the best of the slates! I started doing hardcore researching on reefing, and I mean hardcore, as In staying up til 3 AM on school nights (still a strait-A student!) watching videos and browsing forms, until I had a rough Idea of how to properly care for the delicate, money draining art forms we call reef tanks. As of today I have my Fluval evo 13.5 that only houses about five corals, sad I know but its hard when the closest LFS from where I live as 45 minutes away (an hour if you count Austin traffic). I have also recently bought an AI Prime HD that I got with lawn mowing money😄! Im still learning but since i've been doing water changes algae is at a minimum, only a few spots. Tommoro I will try to add pictures but thanks if you've made it this far through my story. I look forward to adding pics soon! TLDR; I have been reefing since a young age and I have a Fluval evo 13.5, but srsly this doesn't do my story any justice just read the above lol
  8. Any luck guys? Im still trying to find a setting thats convenient for coral growth yet still visually appealing...
  9. Well as a current eighth greaser in Texas I’m planning on either going to the University of Texas or Tarleton State. UT allows 5 gallon tanks so that means that I’ll probably be able to slip a Waterbox 7 cube and if the university questions (which is highly unlikely) I can just say that it has 5 gallons of total water volume including the rocks 🙂 If I go to Tarleton they allow 10 gallons so I’ll probably just go with the IM 10. Anyway I kinda get bored sometimes so I think of these scenarios and I am definitely an over planner lol. I’m definitely exited to see what the future holds for me! I love hearing people’s dorm-room-reef stories so keep em coming!
  10. Bump we need to bring back this conversation
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