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  1. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Is this Favia coral?

    Oops.. He looked pretty good at the LFS. maybe the lights played part. I did a fresh water dip after I got him. Would that cause the coral to look battered? It was for few seconds... As soon as I put it into freshwater, once black pest with many legs dislodged from it. Hope it pulls through.
  2. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Is this Favia coral?

    Thats what LFS told me.
  3. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Why is my Clownfish beating up my Duncan coral?

    My Duncan hosts my clown. Clown will not sleep anywhere else. Clown bites me aggressively if my hand goes near the Duncan (even for feeding).
  4. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Life span of Yellow Watchman Goby

    One of the recent Netflix documentary 'Blackfish' supports nature over captivity.
  5. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    What type of toadstool is this?

    Checked pictures for Weeping Willow. It looks very similar.
  6. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    What type of toadstool is this?

    Can someone identify this toadstool?
  7. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Long Tentacle toadstool

    My Toadstool drops over every night. In the morning, when the lights are turned ON, they will be slouched over the rock. After 30 mins or so, they will be in standing position with the polyps extended.
  8. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Corals you can’t keep alive?

    GSP & Acans....
  9. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Will my yellow clown goby eat this?

    I feed Hikari Seaweed extreme Pellets. It is mainly for the Tail spot blenny. But along with TSB & clownfish, the Yellow watchman goby gobbles it readily. Only Bangai Cardinal does not touch it. I feed the pellets once a week.
  10. fishkeepersaltnfresh


    I have a TSB with YWG. YWG is moody. Likes to be in his cave and occasionally comes out. TSB is everywhere. He likes to be in open. Other tank mates are clownfish and bangai cardinal.
  11. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Superman Mushroom baby

    Better look at the babies 2 months later. One is a replica of mommy. 2nd not so much. PS. Disregard the bubble algae.
  12. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Tail Spot Blenny with Goby?

    He is becoming my fav too. While YWG has interesting personality, TSB is less afraid than YWG. He likes to cruise around the tank and does not dart into his cave if I walk by the tank. Has taken up the job of cleaning algae. Started feeding Hikari's seaweed extreme as supplement diet along with Mysis shrimp. TSB, YWG & clownfish go crazy after Seaweed pellets. Bangai cardinal is not interested at all. It only likes flakes, mysis & raw fish (salmon/tilapia)
  13. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Type of fish

    Damsel maybe????
  14. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    My first Reef ... WIP

    A short video of TSB.
  15. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Tailspot Blenny

    He is doing good. Seems to be pecking at algae. For once, I am happy about the algae in my tank.