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  1. I do have an AI prime non-HD if you have any interest in that. Shoot me a message
  2. Thank you for the kind words! The tank would not be where it is at without all the info and guidance on the forum!
  3. Sure is! I went ahead and purchased the IM 25 lagoon. Should be making the transfer in the near future! Thank you!
  4. For me, it usually goes: Float bag for temperature acclimation Cut coral off of existing frag plug (if applicable) Dip separately in both Revive and Bayer for 10 minutes at a time while using a turkey baster to try and remove any pests Dip in 2 separate containers of tank water for roughly 10 minutes to remove any excess Revive or Bayers Remount on new frag plug Place on frag rack in tank for observation I usually keep all frag plugs I get corals on and bleach them to be reused later.
  5. I appreciate the kind words! You know, I always forget about the full tank shot every time I pull out the camera 😅 Here a "somewhat" recent (old) photo I took last semester. I'll be sure to take some more tomorrow once the lights come back on!
  6. Wow! Thanks for the nomination! I am honored. So many great setups on the forum!
  7. Thanks man! The amount of space between the two is a good picture of how close most of the corals in the tank are. I was able to snag the IM lagoon 25 from a vendor that had 2 remaining. I absolutely love the dimensions and it should give me the extra space I need for coral.
  8. Happy New Year! I know it is a little late but, I got caught up all of January on an external rotation through school. Finally back in Ann Arbor and lots of updates! My tank sitter did a fantastic job of keeping everything going while I was away. Unfortunately, the tank hit a bit of an algae outbreak due to not doing a water change for over 5 weeks.. Nothing too serious but enough to combat with frags 😕 Thankfully, there is nothing like a good water change! Below are some shots I took today. The tank is consuming buffer like no other! I recently bought the 4 gallon buckets of ESV B-ionic two part 😅 Walt Disney and the crew Tyree Blue Matrix Overgrowing frag rack WWC Superfly chalice with the pink boobies chalice photobombing Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstopper getting excited And last but not least.. a little glimpse into the near future 😉 More info to come!
  9. I have done the same without any issues. Make sure you have adequate water pressure otherwise a booster pump may be worthwhile!
  10. Welcome! Always nice to see another college student in the hobby. Definitely will be following! You will come to find that the hobby is a nice break from reality (and school)!
  11. Finished the semester strong and finally have a little break for the holidays! Unfortunately, that means I have to leave the system as I travel back to visit the family in Chicago for a few weeks.. Thankfully I have a buddy that lives close by and has agreed to check up on the tank every couple of days. Between the ATO, doser and automatic feeder the tank is fairly self-sustaining. Still, can't say I am not worried 😕
  12. I am sorry, but I just read through this thread as well as the other one you posted about your "tank crashing" and it does not seem like you are taking anyone's advice - only making excuses for why things are going awry. Please, please, please read through everyone's posted advice and suggestions. You will only hit more obstacles if you do not change your ways. On top of that, you will lose more money and livestock in the process.
  13. Fair enough. I love your aquascape! I'll be following this one. Is the goal to fill it with mostly LPS or some SPS too?