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  1. Coral_chef

    Coral_chef 14gal IM (more new coral 12/3)

    14gallon is still running great but just got my first bigger tank running excited to see what I can do with better filtration. 65 gallons of fun
  2. Coral_chef

    Coral_chef 14gal IM (more new coral 12/3)

    Also everyone talks about how fast gsp grows my two patches have maybe gained 10 total polyps in there 10months. Lol
  3. Coral_chef

    Coral_chef 14gal IM (more new coral 12/3)

    Something got to the torch and he's no longer with us, but the tank overall is doing great! Been alot better about maintenance and keeping those nitrates low. Mangroves didn't really work out.
  4. Lol how the tank is looking wish my gsp would grow as fast as everyone else's ever lol.
  5. Coral_chef

    Coral_chefs Mr. peanut C.C. Contest pico

    Well I ended up actually taking down the jar, four tanks plus my new born (born 1/11/18)would be just to much. I will definitely try pico again down the road but probably something like the 3g jbj.
  6. Coral_chef

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    wow, been working on a build similar to this one! not going to be as clean but, still havent even been in this hobby for a year.
  7. Coral_chef

    Have you ever...

    Man I'd be in trouble.
  8. Coral_chef

    corals closing up after water change

    This hobby seems to be a roller coaster of emotions sometimes like this. I'll have zoa's doing great multiplying like you said then do a water change and they close for a few days. But they almost always seem to come back. Since I started dosing ontop of water changes this happens less frequent.
  9. Ah man I got so excited for like 2 seconds while the page loaded when I saw you tagged me.
  10. Coral_chef

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas reefers!
  11. Coral_chef

    Coral_chefs Mr. peanut C.C. Contest pico

    https://vimeo.com/248655220 i actually realy love these Xenia. They have already almost doubled in size so I see why people avoid them but damn are they cool!
  12. Coral_chef

    Secret Santa 2017 Gift Photos 🎁 🎅

    Glad you like the puffer! the poke ball was mainly to help packing lol! but who doesnt like pokemon
  13. @teenyreef @jbb_00 teeny reef received their gifts