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  1. Problems with my Smart ATO Micro

    Wouldn’t putting the tube further down worsen the siphon if or when it happens, taking more water out? Unless it has something to do with the siphon break they supplied (which I never used). FWIW, I keep my tube out of the water, even with pumps off. An inch or two sticking down out the holder. Good catch, I didn’t even think of it siphoning causing the issue.
  2. Problems with my Smart ATO Micro

    I kept mine at that level (IM 20 & 25) because that’s how it was designed and what IM states in the manual for the tank. No reason to keep it higher.
  3. AIO recommendations

    Fluval Evo seems to be the best bang for buck, and the tank looks good to me. Good features like a feeding slot. But the filtration area flow looks funky to me just looking at it. Add a heater, and ready for soft coral and lps. IM are good tanks, but you'll need to get a light for the IM, which can make the total price double what the Evo is. Or you could get the Mr. Aqua 12 gallon (or the Aquamaxx 12g long) and make your own AIO wall and chambers...
  4. Intank media baskets + fuge basket - SOLD Fits IM Lagoon 25, IM Nuvo 20, and probably other IM tanks. Selling all 3 as a set, not splitting up. Extremely good condition, barely used. Eshopps Nano Skimmer + spare pump and impeller - SOLD Was used in second chamber of Lagoon 25 with no modifications. It also comes with the black foam piece on the bottom of the tube, I just forgot to put it in for pic. Cobalt Neotherm 100w - SOLD ...or just $25 if adding on to the baskets or skimmer. Jebao PP-4 - SOLD ...or just $25 if adding on to the baskets or skimmer.
  5. Fluval Evo 13.5 Owners Thread

    I seen a video of a Fluval rep saying it is 12 (XII) gal display, 13.5 total. Maybe the dimensions are including the pedestal underneath, and the hood/light? Edit: at 1:26 here
  6. Freshwater dip would determine if it was flukes. I don't know much about identifying anything else, though. I think ich is supposed to be pretty obvious (white grains).
  7. WTB: Stock Fluval EVO Hood

    I you don't get a response, you could try contacting Fluval/Hagen. They are VERY reasonably priced on their replacement parts from what I could see.
  8. For sale again. Also includes 12" flex mount + quick start guide. $170 OBO (higher or lower)!
  9. Evos start ups

    Is that stable, looks top heavy? Makes me nervous looking at it, lol. Maybe just how the picture looks, how high is the top of the 13? I'd have to strap the stand into a stud. But I have kids, so...
  10. Cyanobacteria - please help!

    I had the same stuff (red and stringy) and battled it for far too long. None of the usual advice worked. Chemiclean didn’t do much. API Erythromycin completely wiped it out and hasn’t been back. Removed as much red stuff as I could, removed carbon. I followed the instructions on it, but cut the dose in half (maybe quarter, can’t remember). Massive water changes would be needed at the end of the 4 treatments, cause my softies were pissed at the end of the week. One or two treatments might have worked, but I wanted to make sure every cell of was stuff dead. No losses though, and they bounced back soon. Totally worth it to me.
  11. @bryanle87 North Carolina Sale is on hold right now.
  12. Black AI Prime HD + rigid mount + 12" flex mount = $180 shipped. Bought July 2017