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  1. Snail eggs? Nerite, I think.
  2. xthunt

    So you win a huge aquarium and now what?

    First, I wouldn’t trust that weight on my wooden subfloor and joists. Second, I don’t think I’d sleep well with having 160 gal in a glass box. I would build a separate building in the yard for it, concrete floor. Make it a fish tank/man cave type thing. Have it well insulated and temp controlled (AC or heater depending on season). Plus that would keep the noise of that monster out the house.
  3. xthunt

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Owners Thread

    What light is that?
  4. xthunt

    Skimmers work better at night?

    I noticed mine doing opposite. The foam head collapses at night, and builds up in the morning.
  5. xthunt

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    A lot of rivers have dark tea murky water around here, from what I guess from mud, leaves rotting at the bottom, etc. Definitely not clean mountain streams here. That would be my initial guess. Edit: "tannins" was what I was thinking, from the article, and rotting wood and leaves
  6. Have 2 Current USA Orbits, used for appx 1 month each. Bought these before I decided to put everything back in my other tank. One is the updated Current Orbit Marine that has the new Loop controller and RGB LEDs. https://current-usa.com/orbit-marine-led/ The other is a Current Orbit Marine IC led. Also has Loop and RGBs. https://current-usa.com/orbit-marine-ic-led/ I’ll keep it simple and ask $80 for each. Shipped.
  7. xthunt

    Too Much Nutrient Export??

    I’ve never had detectable phosphate and nitrate, using Salifert, but my zoas and others are growing and I regularly get algae dusting on my glass so I guess there is some in there. Just getting used up before a test can read it, I think..maybe. I do target feed twice a week. I just looked up what a diy chaeto reactor was, and immediately recognized the flexible LED strip used on it. I just got some in the mail to make a diy Innovative Marine Chaetomax, if I ever wanted to try out chaeto.
  8. xthunt

    Best HOB Skimmer for 36 gallon

    AFAIK, carbon dosing needs a skimmer? Which goes back to the OP original question, that still hasn’t been answered.
  9. xthunt

    GSP growth - 10 weeks.

    I put a few tiny pieces on a rock similar size. After a few months it looks almost the same. It spread a little, but polyps are short. I cannot grow GSP to save my life. Never had luck with it. Everything else is healthy and growing.
  10. xthunt

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    No sh** about the air conditioning. Around the second or third day, the humidity got bad inside and needed to get help to put in my 25000 btu window unit that I keep in case the heat pump goes out. Ran that off the generator, and it really gave a feeling of being civilized. When I was in my lower 20s, I wouldn’t be bothered, but now I need my creature comforts.
  11. xthunt

    Bare bottom cleaner

    Overshot how much sand I wanted in the tank and siphoning some out each water change. Since I’m doing that, been thinking of just getting it all out and trying bare bottom. If I don’t like it, it won’t be too much effort to put sand back in. I was thinking the bare bottom, until coralline grows on it (if it does), I would need to clean dust algae off like I clean the side glass. Obviously I can’t use a magnet cleaner on the bottom. I was thinking a toothbrush, head bent, zip tied to a pole. Is there a better tool for scrubbing the bottom faster than a tiny toothbrush? Small enough to get in small areas?
  12. xthunt

    Tail Spot Blenny with a Weird Stomach

    Mine gets a belly like that sometimes. I just chock it up to it being constipated, maybe ate too much snail poop floating by or something. Mine likes the NLS Thera A .5mm pellets. I also see it catch anything and everything it sees floating around. It’s an eating and pooping machine. The picture you put up makes it look skinny behind the stomach because the black spot butthole blends into the background.
  13. xthunt

    ⛈ Official Hurricane Florence Thread ⛈

    My power went out at 4am yesterday morning, and only came back on twice for 2hrs each time. So far, power hasn’t been back on since 5pm yesterday. Got the generator out there gung-ho in the rain with some plywood weighed down on top.
  14. xthunt

    Super Stretching Zoas

    Water clarity might be cutting down the light intensity.
  15. xthunt

    Huge favor... Par readings.

    Light is 9" above water. Turned off all pumps. UV and Violet 60, Royal and Blue 40, Red and Green 2, White 10. Put pieces of tape on glass to mark off 12" area. Center means directly under light, Edge means at the middle of the (imaginary) side glass. Sandbed Center 85 Edge 70 Corner 60-63 Halfway Center 130 Edge 85 Corner 65-69 Just below waterline Center 235 Edge 110 Corner 80 I couldn't take measurements of all the corners and edges because of rocks, but should give you a ballpark idea.