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  1. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    RODI coming out tests about the same as distilled for po4. I guess the seachem test doesn't work well on purified water. RODI does test 000tds, so I'm not going to stress over it anymore. I still think something was in the Dollar General distilled though. Edit: Also slowly changing out my rock, for some base rock I had in garage. I don't like how interconnected the Life Rock is, and how much sand it covered. I could never get it back exactly the way it was if I moved it. Replacing with pieces of base rock to make it more minimalist, and easier for maintenance. Probably won't look as good as what I had, but I want something easier to work with. I've been doing this process for a couple weeks, so almost done. I'll update original post with pics when done. Meanwhile, here's some new frags I got from some kind folks on this site:
  2. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    @colinlevy It fits no problem. Just drop it in.
  3. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    Got an ro buddy supposed to be here tomorrow. I've been using Dollar General distilled probably for about 90% of the water I use. It's right around the corner so it's convenient. Been dealing with red cyano growing on my sandbed, that popped up right before I lost my fish. It's not blowout proportions, but it's there and gets stingy. Before that it seemed like never ending diatoms/algae no matter how much I changed feeding or water changes. What got me thinking was: new sandbed, no fish, barely putting anything in the tank besides twice a week lightly target feeding the few small frags. Why am I getting so much cyano on the sand? I mean more than I would think from what goes in. A lot more. The only thing that goes in the tank is fresh mixed saltwater, the target feeding, and... my top off water. I never thought to check the distilled because from what I know, distilled is supposed to be pure water. Using Seachem kit, checked po4 on Dollar General distilled: 0.25ppm. Went to Walmart and checked theirs: 0.10-0.15. SMH. So I dumped my ato, and put the Walmart water in. Sure nuff, the cyano subsided, and wasn't even stringy anymore. Not gone, but I would guess 50%. Walmart ran out the other day, and being lazy (closest WM is a 20 min drive), thought one jug of Dollar General water wouldn't do much harm until I get the rodi. This was maybe two days ago, and the cyano flared back up that quick.
  4. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    Sicce silent 1.0. Not really an upgrade on flow, just quieter than loud stock pump. Sicce 1.5 or Cobalt mj1200 would probably be better if your looking for more flow
  5. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    Got some new toys
  6. Zoa Appreciation thread

    I always wonder how people grow the zoa domes (like the watermelons in the pic). Are they on a piece of rock, or on a standard size plug?
  7. Doing a speech on coral reefs

    Symbiotic relationships
  8. Whats your salinity? With Instant Ocean, I needed to do a smidge more than 1/2 cup per gallon to get 1.025, same with Reef Crystals. What salt you using?
  9. InTank media baskets and IM LED

    What size tank they for?
  10. Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

    I haven't used carbon in a long time. I think I might need to start, even if just to run it for a day between water changes. I tried chemiclean but it didn't work. I looked it up and there's two types of bacteria that look like cyano - spirulina, and actual cyano. Chemiclean treats spirulina, not cyano. There's a test to see which one you have, turns out I have the kind that chemiclean doesn't affect.
  11. Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

    Yup. I used the Caribsea life rock too. Had that same stuff for a few months. It goes away eventually. I just kept blowing it off and hitting the rock with toothbrush, catching it in filter sock. Now I don’t even have a trace of it (now its cyano on sandbed and a little bit of green fuzzy algae on rock). I wouldn’t add anymore coral in there until it clears up. Cerith snails eat it up good.
  12. Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

    What kind of rock is that?
  13. Prime HD AI

    If you had just soft coral, what would you run it at? Also, when you ran these settings with the light on your last tank, did you use that bulky screen cover that came with the tank?
  14. reverse osmosis and deionization filter

    Depends how many stages it is, if it has the deionization stage then yeah its rodi.
  15. New Life Nutri/Cell

    Anyone use this? I have some on the way to try out. Seems like it can replace a few bottles I dump... I mean broadcast, into the tank (Seachem Phyto, Seachem Zoo, Reef Plus) and maybe replace Reef Roids for target feeding. I'm no chemist, but some ingredients look like they might be aminos. It has chlorella like Fuel. Looks like its got a lot of good stuff. Surprised I couldn't find much out there, as far as experiences, or topics about it. Pictures courtesy of Amazon.