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  1. I had some stuff like that when I first set up a Fluval Evo V. Not that much though. Went from water change each week, to every two weeks (only had a tiny clown at the time). While it seemed to subside between water changes, and flare up after a water change, it did go away on it's own and greener algae took its place. Only had soft coral and didn't seem to bother them. I did also add trochus, tiny hermits, and astreae snails around the same time, maybe they cleared it? Don't know if it applies, just my experience from what looks like the same stuff.
  2. I couldnt tell the difference in flow rate handling between the intank and custom caddies. I used just about every type of floss and pad, and they both would start overflowing (spilling water over the sides of the basket) within 24hrs from a sicce 1.5 and mj1200 in a 25. I like to see 100% of the water going through the overflow grate to go through the basket, but maybe thats just me 🤷‍♂️
  3. I took the shelves out of mine and replaced them with pieces of egg crate. I think it helps the water flow through easier instead of channeling trying to go through the holes of the stock shelves.
  4. I never had a bacteria bloom *knock on wood*, but would a uv sterilizer create a cycle of dead bacteria feeding more bacteria? Wouldn't a skimmer remove that bacteria while oxygenating the water?
  5. Anyone using a diffuser from here? Says only reduces par 10-15%. YouTube videos demonstrating it look promising. One of my complaints of the Prime is the hectic shimmer/disco. Looks like something easy enough to diy, but...$29 shipped wasn't too bad, looks better than something I'd make, and it won over my laziness, so I ordered one to try.
  6. I made a media tray exactly like this one: top shelf was mechanical filter pad, middle was bag of carbon, bottom was the bag of bio media that came with the tank. Did 2-3 gallon (~50%) water changes every 2 weeks. Take a small piece of black plastic and use superglue gel to cover the small hole thats on the back wall. After filling the tank, slowly take some water out until the back chamber drops in level. Then slowly add the water back until the back chamber level stops rising. Mark that spot with a sharpee or something. The back chamber water level will drop every day from evaporation, just top it off with distilled/rodi water each day to that level you marked.
  7. I've used the aqueon preset on my Fluval 5 and worked great and stayed stable for the 6 months or so until I shut it down. I put it in the chamber with the pump. Punched a few small holes in the hose to get flow in that chamber, otherwise it's a dead spot.
  8. $5 a gallon must be that good stuff.
  9. I don't need 2 liters of the stuff, probably just 10-12 balls. Anyone buy a bucket of them with some left over? Found some. Case closed.
  10. How far apart are the led clusters? Do they have diffusers like the AI's do? How deep do the blues look on it, one think I dont like about the AI is the blue looks light for some reason.
  11. I used a spin stream to move the flow around and calm it down.
  12. Ive been using a cereal container I picked up at Walmart. Holds right at 2 gal. One end of the lid I drilled for the line, and the other end flips up to fill it. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Large-Cereal-Dispenser/16206980
  13. I always added the first fish and biospira at same time. No ammonia or nitrites. Not sure I'd want a huge shrimp decaying in a small tank like that.
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