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  1. xthunt

    CSR’s Lucky Lagoon 25 - Month 2, New Fish

    If your going to replace the screen, you can resize the frame and get the 8mm lid clips so the lid sits inside the glass. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01C9154QM/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1529160801&sr=8-2&keywords=innovative+marine+lid+clips&dpPl=1&dpID=31V92YVTMEL&ref=plSrch I also make a notch in the plastic corner piece so a cord can run out.
  2. xthunt

    Dinos! Oh no!

    Try taking out that purigen too
  3. I like the way coralline looks on the back wall for some reason, and spirorbids peppered along with it completes it. Gives the tank that marine look, like the tank is more than just a container, but part of the environment. Seasoned. Unfortunately I don’t have that problem yet.
  4. xthunt

    BRS 2 Part not really 'cheaper'?

    Ok, so I was looking at the wrong thing. This is what I was looking at. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/2-part-calcium-alkalinity-starter-package-bulk-reef-supply.html Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  5. Right now I'm using Seachem Reef Fusion 2 part because I needed something quick, and its my first time keeping up with alk and cal so wanted something premixed. Of course wanting more bang for buck in the future, I looked at BRS website for their 2 part because I read folks say how much you get, and how the bottled stuff is a rip off. So I pulled up each sites respective calculators to see how much product needs to be dosed in a given situation: 20 gallons of water, raising alk from 8dkh to 9dkh: Reef Fusion: 6.1ml BRS: 14.2ml 20 gallons, raising calcium 400ppm to 407ppm Reef Fusion: 5.4ml BRS: 14.3ml They are showing that the Reef Fusion takes less than half the amount to get to a certain measurement. The BRS stuff mixes up to a gallon (3.79liters) and is $41.39, Seachems stuff I found for $36.99 for 2liter bottles for both parts online. Looking at it, looks like not only does it take less than half of the Seachem to use, but it's also cheaper both ways in price and volume (3.7 liters BRS vs more than doubly concentrated 2 liters Reef Fusion). Also, the Reef Fusion has extra elements in it: "Reef Fusion 1™ provides not only 100,000 mg/L of ionic calcium, but also includes biologically appropriate levels of magnesium, strontium, boron, iron, manganese, and molybdenum." Am I missing something, or looking at it wrongly, or looking at the wrong BRS stuff? Or does it only get cheaper when you buy the buckets of BRS (at $90 per bucket, not really looking at that now)? I'm not good at math, so if someone could come up with a $ per dkh raised per x gallon or something like that it would help.
  6. xthunt

    Dinos! Oh no!

    When my 5gal Fluval was in the early stages, had the exact thing you describe, brown stringy stuff catching on the coral and other places. It decreased when getting close to a water change, and bloomed again after water change. So I just increased the time between water changes from weekly to biweekly. It’s been 100% gone for months now.
  7. xthunt

    Hermit Crab Molting Question

    My blue leg hermit molts once or twice a month, depending on how much pellets I let get away. It’s a complete molt, from its antenna all the way to its ‘butt’, just like the shrimp I used to have. I know when it’s molting cause it’ll hide in a rock for a few days.
  8. xthunt

    Acan coral.

    I got my first acans (2 heads) about a month ago and see 2 more heads growing underneath. I feed some omega one mini pellets to them once or twice a week.
  9. xthunt

    Wavemaker for Lagoon 25

    The small baskets on IM tanks make it easy to put too much return flow, causing the baskets to overflow, at least in my experience.
  10. xthunt

    Monroe, North Carolina stores?

    Just saw this on their Facebook page:
  11. xthunt

    Battery Backup Suggestions ?

    During a several day to week long hurricane power outage, everyone is running generators. Im sure that little 63cc would be one of the quietest on the block. My 8000/10000w would certainly drown it out.
  12. xthunt

    Battery Backup Suggestions ?

    For the same price, you could get a cheapo generator from harbor freight. I’ve never tried one, so don’t know about reliability. https://www.harborfreight.com/900-max-starting700-running-watts-2-hp-63cc-2-cycle-gas-generator-epacarb-63025.html
  13. xthunt

    Monroe, North Carolina stores?

    Nemos reef is the best place I’ve seen in the general area. I’d go more often if it wasn’t a 2hr+ drive each way. Good prices and selection.