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  1. xthunt

    14g nano almost 10 months old

    Using kalk? I never had much besides a few spots, but people that use kalk seem to get a lot.
  2. xthunt

    How long do you qt??

    Here's the scenario I think of: you set up a dt, rock sand water and equipment. Put a fish or 3 in dt. Fish show signs of some disease. Move fish over to qt and treat. Now you have to leave dt empty for 8ish weeks because disease is most possibly in rock and sand. 8 weeks is a long delay to add to a tank you just set up and want to get going. I'm not saying I haven't done it. Even done it with no issues. But I think you are glaring over the rock and substrate holding infections, which the qt shouldn't have. That's the difference between qt and dt.
  3. xthunt

    How long do you qt??

    The point of quarantine isn’t only to treat fish, but keep crap out of the main tank, to keep from having to go fishless for 2 months. You can’t just treat fish individually because the disease will already be in your main tank by your advice.
  4. xthunt

    How long do you qt??

    My newest fish, tailspot blenny, I started doing quarantine, kinda. I did the tank transfer method w/ a prazipro treatment then added. Took a few weeks. Plan on doing that going forward.
  5. xthunt

    ? on Acan reproduction

    I got Rasta and Sunny D (and others) from a guy that posts in the classified section once in a while. Ordered from him a few times and never had issues. Decent prices and choice on shipping speed($). I used priority shipping, but that might be at the buyers risk. He didn’t have sunny d listed, but I asked and he did have some I was able to buy.
  6. xthunt

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25- LIVESTOCK UPDATE

    Mind showing a picture? Trying to get an idea of the orientation and show much of the chamber space it takes up.
  7. xthunt

    Filter Floss Recommendation?

    A lot of the colored filters being sold is repurposed HVAC filters. I tried one of the blue/white filters before and whenever I changed it, it made the skimmer crazy for 10mins or so. Also noticed a residue come off when I put a fresh cut piece in a bowl of tank water. Don’t know what the stuff was, but don’t want to take any chances. I’ve been using “Imagitarium” filter pad from petco, but recently ordered some of the “dual layer” stuff by Aquatic Experts on Amazon to try out, but it might be repurposed too.
  8. xthunt

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25- LIVESTOCK UPDATE

    Have you already fitted the skimmer in the back of the tank? I was always curious if the 115 would fit
  9. xthunt

    Need advise and recommendation

    If I was to get a tank that big, it would have a sump.
  10. xthunt

    CSR’s Lucky Lagoon 25 - Month 6

    All from Fintastic?
  11. xthunt

    Dinoflagellates or cyano or diatom?

    Don’t know if it’s the cause, but from what I’ve read, you’re supposed to use a skimmer while carbon dosing.
  12. xthunt

    how soon should my new fish be eating?

    Usually takes a few days for mine to get interested in food. I wouldn’t keep trying different foods, just stay consistent for now. Might need to break up the 1mm pellets. For small fish, I use .5mm
  13. I’ve got the IM MicroMag. Strong magnet and gets edges pretty good. I don’t keep magnets in the water, so don’t know about long term waterproof-ness. I’d buy again.
  14. xthunt


    I would check your tap water and bottled water without mixing salt to see how much ammonia is in those.