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  1. xthunt

    6.8g Imagitarium AIO

    That tank and Hipargero light fit together pretty good!
  2. xthunt

    DIY leveling mat

  3. xthunt


    I got the Aqueon Pro at Petco just out of convenience, but it’s been working pretty good. If you search on Google, you can find charts that match aquarium size, to heater watts, and how many degrees above the environment temp it can do. Edit: if your tank is 50 gal w/ 200w, it should be able to heat the tank up no problem at 64f room. Have good flow around the heater? It should do a lot better than only raising 6 degrees. Edit 2: disregard, just seen the 15 gal sump. 🤭
  4. xthunt

    Best AIO for beginner?

    Going to the cheaper end beginner option, there’s the Fluval Evo XII. Sharp looking tank, imo. Comes with light that covers basics (fluval timer sold separate). Non adjustable so one less thing to tinker with. Can upgrade things like main pump, change sponge to media basket, and there’s a skimmer that is sold for it that gets mixed reviews.
  5. xthunt

    Nevaeh's 25 Lagoon

    Mandarins are the wildest looking fish I’ve seen so far. The patterns and color are out of this world. I’m too pessimistic about having one to give it a chance. Even if I grew pods in the tank, every fish would be hunting them, giving the mandarin competition. I’d like to see a pic.
  6. xthunt

    Fluval Evo 13.5G - (UAS) Upflow Algae Scrubber

    Got a picture of what your growth looks like now? I’m getting pumped up to try it out.
  7. xthunt

    Cheap digital salinity tester.

    There’s a few interesting looking ones under “we also recommend”, like this one https://www.tekcoplus.com/collections/water-quality-tester-1/products/smtk-49?variant=12490776346725
  8. xthunt

    Cheap digital salinity tester.

    It’s using bolts for the electrodes 😄
  9. xthunt

    need leak detection with power cutoff

    How about this: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/leak-block-sensor-valve-lbs-10-hm-digital.html Dont know what effect itd have on the pump if the solenoid cuts off the pumps input.
  10. xthunt

    need leak detection with power cutoff

    I’d get a different Ato and be done with it. Or put hose clamps on real tight. But I wouldn’t keep using an ato that required a leak sensor.
  11. xthunt

    Cyano keeps coming back the next day

    I didn’t have much luck with Chemiclean, didn’t really do anything. API Erythromycin at half or quarter dose got rid of every last cell of it, and never came back. The stuff I had was maroon and stringy in flow, and when that erythromycin hit it, turned my water pink for a day or two. Corals didn’t like it, but no worse than something like PraziPro.
  12. xthunt

    Fluval Evo 13.5G - (UAS) Upflow Algae Scrubber

    How long did it take for the algae to start growing good on the knitting plastic?
  13. xthunt

    Let’s see some hungry corals

    Wait. What? Is that timelapsed?
  14. xthunt

    Reef Art?

    I thought of doing something too in the past. Not really art pictures, but thought that having something nautical. Maybe a classic lifesaver, some fishing net deco, faux anchor, an oar... something along those lines.