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  1. I've never had the issue with my 30L, but I recently (2 weeks ago) got a 20 IM peninsula going and I have come across the issue first with the amount of floss I put in and an issue with the flow getting through the floss and a bag of Chemi pure. I just dropped the Chemi pure in the middle slot.. but that just further limited what I am going to be able to put back there.
  2. MIne has similar behavior.. though I've never seen it that light in color. It darts all over, sits temporarily, hovers temporarily, eats like a pig, poops like a pig, tries to eat my fingers...
  3. So I've had my Hanna Alk tester for about a year now and I have been assuming it was somewhat accurate. On a whim I decided to check the Alk with a Salifert kit I had never used due to the Hanna checker being soooo much easier. After repeated tests it turns out the Salifert consistantly gives me ~1 higher dKh readings. I then took a sample to Preuss (my LFS) and they got ~2! higher than my checker. ???? Not sure what to trust. I have emailed Hanna but haven't heard back. I ordered the calibration kit and will see just how far off the checker is... (if that is the inaccurate item) Two questions: 1.) If I do find the Checker is off, is the error a linear relationship? Meaning, if it is 2dKh off at a reading of 8, will it still be exactly 2dKh off at a reading of 10? If that is the case, I am pretty confident I can rely on my elementary school math skills to account for the error... If it's some sort of quadratic relationship, that's another story... Anyone know the technicalities/math involved with the checker? 2.) I thought I saw somewhere that if a checker is WAY off, Hanna will recalibrate it for you if you mail it in. Anyone have any experience with that?
  4. It will take hours moving the tank alone. 3 closings on one day... gotta be out that day... gonna be crazy A bit more old school State than you. 89-90 grad. Go White!
  5. We are closing and moving on the 31st... Lansing swap is the weekend before. My wife won't be happy....
  6. I have gotten funds for my classroom through the local Schools Foundation. They funded $3000 to get a 150 gal Salmon in the Classroom tank. This year they gave $1000 for a frog habitat that was donated to me from a community member. My LFS is also a great place. They will offer $100 in equipment when we have asked about starting a reef tank, jellyfish bowl, or the frog habitat.
  7. So I'm moving in two weeks. It will be February in Michigan. Brrr... Its only a 30 long IM and I plan on doing it all in one day so I think I can pull it off. Planned on the following... Use current water in buckets and totes with a heater in each for the fish and coral. I'm pretty confident I can leave an inch or two of water in the tank and unscrew the top of stand for transport. It's a thick live-edge piece of sycamore. I could use this opportunity to replace the sand??? I do want to get rid of the big rock on the far right, but it has two rock anemones pretty securely attached... any chance they detach in the move? Never tried to get one off... Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.
  8. I was just going to start a similar thread as I am moving a tank as well. Though my situation is slightly different... I will start a new thread so as not to hijack this one.
  9. I do like the look and don't see myself ever going completely away from sand. That said, I am slowly reducing the thickness of the sand with each water change. Probably end up at about a half an inch or so. (Before this thread I was mostly reducing it due to my $!@#% royal damsel.... digging and swishing sand all over the place. Turn my back for 30 seconds and it looks like a middle east sandstorm in the tank.)
  10. How is LiveAquaria associated with DrFS? It says they are their "sister site"... not sure what that technically means?
  11. That's generally my thinking, thanks. Even with my vacuuming there is still plenty of nastiness left under and around the rock-work for the nassarius to munch on...
  12. So I was watching a Waterbox video yesterday and they were doing a water change. They claimed you should NEVER vacuum your sand. ??? I get that you should not be obsessive, but I have always vacuumed my gravel or sand in any aquarium, fresh or salt. Their logic was that you have a cleanup crew for a reason, let them do their job. Seems to me that if you choose to vacuum your sand you would just need a smaller cleanup crew...? Educate me...
  13. I noticed an end-mounted duo or quad in one of the pictures above. I want to start up a nano peninsula tank probably in the 25-40 gallon range. I would love to put a duo or quad above it but need it mounted from the end. (don't want to hang it) Is this possible? Could it be engineered?
  14. I have always wanted to get a tank of sticklebacks in my classroom. I have used them as examples/activities for gene regulation for years. The way their "stickles" or spines disappear and reappear from generation to generation based on salinity changes is a great example of all sorts of AP Bio topics. I have struck out even with the Michigan DNR... if anyone has ideas on how to get my hands on some it would be greatly appreciated.
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