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  1. I am selling a used bak pak reef ready skimmer for $20. This skimmer is perfect for a smaller reef. I used it in my 16 gallon nano and it skimmer constantly, allowing was able to successfully keep sps and other corals. My nitrates where always at zero. I am selling this skimmer becuase i am moving and therefore i cannot keep my reef. The only thing you will need is a venturi pump which you can find at premiumaquatics.com. I would highly reccomend the maxijet 1200 w/ the venturi attatchment. email me at japaboy06@aol.com if you have any questions.
  2. 22 inch t5 set up

    who is it made by?
  3. sps id please

    allzz i know is that it is an acroporid. need a better pic for id.
  4. DIY Kalk reactor

    thanks a bunch, i will try it out soon
  5. DIY Kalk reactor

    could you please post a forum on dimensions and how to make the thing.
  6. a few frags, zoos and sps

    ill take a digi frag too
  7. 250w 14k HQI Phoenix LE - Awesome Deal!

    The reef optix pendant is one of the best reflectors you can buy (according to sanjay's tests on RC) And the reflectors do mean a lot as far as intensity. The reflector in the pendant reefin300 mentioned has nothing on the reef optix III. I would bet you get a whole lot more PAR with the reef optix compared to the Illuming pendant.
  8. Tunze turbelle stream pumps

    search it on RC and i know you'll find your answer. I have no experience with them, but i know the general concensus is: yes, they are worth the price tag.
  9. Please help me name these SPS

    it's a montipora digitata
  10. 72 Oceanic Reef Ready Bow Front Evolution...

    cant go wrong with Maxi-jets
  11. lgreen's 58g SPS Reef Project

    Yah man.... seios suck. Next time, save your self a hassle and get a tunze stream. You wont regret it.
  12. chreeno's 20L

    Tank looks great. I was wondering what kind of camera are you using?