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    Florida Ric

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    Hiding in the weeds...

  3. Dos Ocho

    Sun Coral

    NPS experiment in my sump. So far, so good. Maybe he’ll have a tank of his own someday...
  4. “The Wanderers” These 2 move all over the tank, never finding that right spot. Both were out in plain sight today though!!
  5. Dos Ocho

    3rd Time's a Charm

  6. Dos Ocho

    3rd Time's a Charm

    A few updates, everyone is doing well. I've been researching NPS corals lately and am toying with the idea of an NPS-only tank using supplies i have laying around. To see how well they will do, i bought an Orange Sun Coral from Live Aquaria. Put him in chamber 3 in the sump. Figured that was a low light, higher flow area since the return pump is there, running 24/7. Just got him Friday and have already been able to feed him a couple times. The polyps expand more and more and stay open longer as he adjusts. So far, seems to be good. I'm trying to get it in a feeding rhythm. I feed a bit in the AM and now PM too after noticing the PJ cardinals are more active at dusk and night. So trying to get the coral to open up at those times. Will be an interesting experiment for sure. Other than that, same old...same old (not a bad thing!)
  7. Dos Ocho

    3rd Time's a Charm

    Another good month has come and gone. The system is really stable and all the critters are happy for the most part. A few changes. I had to reboot my Biocube and added a RFA which my 2 peppermint shrimp attacked relentlessly. So they had to go and are now living in the sump of this system. They seem to be OK and get to fight with the crabs for the rest of their days! I decided to add 3 new fish a few weeks ago; 3 Pajama Cardinals. I always thought they were ugly, but they fit it well with this system and are doing great. Not too much fighting and the Chromis and Goby seem to get along with them just fine. My maintenance is a breeze now. I've dropped down to a monthly water change. The GHA in the sump and display is in decline. None in the sump at all anymore. My filter floss doesn't even get dirty and I'm still feeding very heavy so the system is processing every bit of food that goes in. Pods everywhere, stomatellas everywhere, strange white flatworms everywhere (they don't seem to be doing any harm). This is just about a perfect system for me. Just need to keep up on macro and Xenia trimming, which is not too hard. Here's to another successful month and hopefully many many more!
  8. A new white-striped RFA from KP Aquatics in my Biocube.
  9. Dos Ocho

    Big Worm

  10. Dos Ocho

    3rd Time's a Charm

    Tank is still doing quite well!!! I am more than happy with how it is progressing and although I have it pretty much on auto pilot, i still enjoy looking at it every day. I've added a few more Biocube refugees and still no traces of Dinos. Over the last few weeks, i have removed about a gallon of macros from the display and the fuge. Trimmed a bunch of Xenia and Anthelia as well. Not much else to say. Still considering some new fish, but no rush. Enjoy the pix!
  11. Dos Ocho

    3rd Time's a Charm

    All is well. I’m starting to break down my cube and trying to frag and save as much as I can. Moved 4 corals and 2 snails over to the 40 over the last 2 weeks. Ran them thru a rough 3 stage dip process. Dip 1 was Revive, Dip 2 was 1/2 saltwater, 1/2 peroxide, and Dip 3 was straight freshwater. Transferred 2 Blastos, Meteor Shower, and a Mushroom. The Meteor Shower is still looking rough but all the others are perking up and no Dinos as far as I can see. Got a couple frag tanks running and am planning on breaking down the cube next weekend. I did did a bunch of trimming this weekend. Removed a lot of macros, and thinned out the Xenia and Anthelia in the sump. It needed it, about a gallon or so removed and you can hardly tell a difference!!! All in all, moving along nicely. I am sitting at 8 months old for the whole system, and a lot of the sump dwellers from my old 10 gallon are just over a year old. Hoping I have reached a point of stability. Thinking of a couple more fish after the whole Biocube reboot is done.
  12. Looking great as usual!! Love the tree sponge. Well done.
  13. Dos Ocho

    3rd Time's a Charm

    As far as i can tell, the Dinos are 100% under control in my 40!! They are still there in the water column and always will be. Lurking and I may se them again, but i hope not. My 3 day blackout, combined with heavier feeding and limited water changes seems to have worked. I added a bunch of pods and brine shrimp and am still dosing phytoplankton. I took my first vacation since starting my reef tanks and the 40 did well in my absence. I had to remove about 2 cereal bowls of algae from the sump. The sump critters are doing well. So, very happy to have my tank back. No plans for any additions, just gonna sit back, enjoy, and let it grow out. In sadder news, my Biocube is toast. The Dinos have conquered the tank and i have no choice but to do a full reboot. ? I am setting up 2 10 gallon QT / frag tanks to hopefully save as much as i can. My plan for the reboot is a minimalist setup, add some of my zoas and softies if I can save them, and eventually give my clownfish an anemone as a reward for all the disasters they have had to put up with! Hoping to have the reboot up and running in a month or so. Happy 4th everyone and i hope all your tanks do well!
  14. Dos Ocho

    Cold Water Invert Pix - Oregon Coast

    Thanks, the whole state was amazing but I especially liked the coast.