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  1. I was hoping to set the dhk at the level of what the coral pro salt is and then aim to maintain it at the level by dosing. The old tank is only 8dkh because i have been adding buffer to try and bring it up so that the shock to the live stock inst as bad. it was like 6 dhk a week ago. I think the params are out of whak in that that tank so thats why i want all new water. Starting afresh since i sort of know what im doing a bit more now
  2. They will just be tine crustaceans of some kind and unlikely to be harmful. I had some in my tank at first then when i add fish they ate them all.
  3. I recently got a new bigger tank and I want to move everything over from the old tank to the new tank including most of the live rock and sand. The only thing is I dont want to move any of the water from the old tank as the alk is a bit low and I am going to start using coral pro salt instead of reef crystals in the new tank. Is it safe to mix up the fresh salt water with an alk of about 11 dkh and just move all the fish and live rock into the new tank even though the dkh of the old tank is only about 8 dkh. I am not concerned if the corals close up for a couple of days as long as they dont all die and should the fish be fine?
  4. As the title suggests are then any common fish in the hobby between the size of a standard clown fish and dwarf angel?
  5. What car is this?
  6. A cheap mini-T5 setup would be best. LED's are a con.
  7. Recci

    Back after many years away!!

    Fair enough but i think you'll find the leds not a patch on MH.
  8. Recci

    Back after many years away!!

    Yeah they need replaced yearly but don't buy into the LED hype, even high end LEDs are not better than T5's for straightforward coral growth. Its all just a gimmick and money chasing buy the industry. The only real advantage is the reduction in power consumption.
  9. Recci

    Back after many years away!!

    You dont have to use LED you can use T5's and they are a better option if you ask me.
  10. Recci

    Asta 20 Light Settings

    i am returning this light, I much prefer T5's to LEDS. This light made all my corals close up and my monti bleached.
  11. Recci

    Are T5's being phased out?

    I prefer the just fit and forget nature of T5's. You buy decent ones and can relax in the knowledge that the manufacturer has built them to produce the correct spectrum etc... Far to much messing about with leds.
  12. When i say compact fluorescent i meant compact T5. I have found the Boyu STS-350 T5 Sump Light still available in the uk . Which is ideal but as you say find replacement tubes for it seems very hard.
  13. Are there any compact fluorescent light fixtures still on the market for marine nano tanks? Not finding any that are not discontinued or rare.
  14. Are T5's being phased out? I prefer them to LED's and think a combination of mainly T5's with an led for shimmer is probably best. But they seem to be less available than they were, especially in the uk. I dont want to set up a new tank with T5's then find out in a year or two I can no longer get new tubes for it.
  15. Has anybody tried the new Dennerle Trocal LED Marinus ? Going on my past experience with Dennerle this will be a great product but its quite pricey. £125 for a 25 to 45cm 16w fixture and £164 for the 38cm to 55cm 24 w version and its not clear if they are dimmable without the controller which is another £100. Specs: Fresh, vivid 15000 K light consisting of white and actinic blue LEDs. Excellent growing light for corals, promotes the photosynthesis of zooxanthellae. Corals and other sea dwellers will appear in brilliant, fluorescent colours. White and blue LEDs can be controlled separately via Trocal LED Control (Order No. 5564) CREE®-LEDs in ceramic housing Modern design The Trocal LED Marinus features a very high output density, optimum heat management and a long service life of approx. 80.000 operating hours. The ceramic substrate on which the LEDs are manufactured provide for an ideal heat dissipation. The two LED groups of each light can be controlled separately with the Dennerle Trocal LED Control (not included in delivery). For Daylight and Actinic Blue the desired settings can be adjusted. Control of sunrise and sunset as well as change of light intensity during the day are possible. Possibility of moon light simulation at night. Bright, vivid light with a near-natural “shimmering effect“ Modern design, compact dimensions LED module in a high-quality aluminium housing; stainless steel mounting rods(V4A) With universal mount for all aquaria, easy to install, adjustable length Art.-No. Perform. for aquaria volume for aquaria width Lumen 5570 16 W 25 - 45 L 28 - 45 cm 960 5571 24 W 45 - 65 L 38 - 55 cm 1450