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  1. Recci

    Pavona coral seems to be receding or dying

    There is live rock in with the ceramic that acts as filtration. It works so well that I have no detectable nitrates at all on a red sea pro test kit. I feed heavy for only having 3 small fish in the tank. There is a small amount of carbon and gfo in the back compartment. I also dose reef energy daily which is supposed to stop corals dying or stripping in low nutrient systems. The pavona is definitely dying. The flesh is stripping off the tips and i cant see why!
  2. Here is a thread where someone says that Aquaroche ceramic rock causes a drop in alk. I believe mine is Aquaroche. And the guy is having the exact same issue as me. https://www.ultimatereef.net/threads/aquaroche-issues.783290/ Someone suggested it me in this thread: https://www.ultimatereef.net/threads/alk-and-calcium-dropped-fast-do-these-numbers-add-up.834645/#post-7882403
  3. Iv been confusing myself slightly although the dosing pump says 1ml i actually calibrated it to be 0.5ml but i forgot about this so the values are actually half what i said. so its more like 9 ml of b and 4 mil of a. Still high for a 20 gallon nano. If i was getting precipitation surly there would be evidence of it? My sand would be getting hard and it would encrusting everything. This has been going on for several months. The water chemistry is out of whack due to the ceramics and there is no way to fix because it just keeps sucking it up. It must be a bad batch of ceramic rock or something. Ill try and find the threads where i found out about this. But basically when i started this tank with fresh brand new water made from red sea coral pro salt i tested all the params and they were pretty much spot on where they were meant to be with that salt mix. the alk was somewhere around 11.5 dkh so i figured that i wouldn't have to dose anything for quite some time. I tested my params a week later and the alk had dropped to 6 dhk and i couldn't believe it. The calcium was also way down a bit to. I started threads on several forums and someone piped up that new ceramic rock and new sand can cause the alk to drop but it should stop in a few weeks. Then someone else posted a reply saying he used ceramics and the same thing happened to him but it took months and months to eventually drop sucking up the alk. Ill try to find the links.
  4. Exactly my point. It is the ceramics that's causing it. I searched google like mad and eventually found others saying the same thing.
  5. I didn't know it was going to consume alk like that otherwise i would have never touched the stuff. It does look really good though.
  6. I have a dosing pump setup. It doses 3 ml of foundation b 6 times a day and 2ml of foundation a 4 times a day. All well spread out. My tank consumes a ridiculous amount of alk for such a small tank with so few corals in it. But if you read my other posts you will see that its the ceramic rock that's sucking up the alk. It is a common problem with some ceramic rock brands. I thought it would have settled down by now but months later its still sucking up alk out of the water. It is not precipitating all over the sand or anything like that so there is no other explanation for why a 70 litre tank with only a few small corals is taking up 18 ml of reef foundation b a day just to keep stable.
  7. I have a red sea max nano that does not have a sump. My alk consumption is quite high so i added a dosing pump and started dosing reef foundation a and b liquid. Initially i was dosing into the rear compartment but i found that the alk was encrusting the sponges and making them go hard. so I started dosing straight into the display tank but this causes a snow storm effect and i feel it make be adversely affecting some of my corals. Has anyone else had these problems and what did you do? I am thinking maybe diluting the foundation b and dosing more often?
  8. I have a green pavona coral that seems to be dying back at the tips and base. The tips and base are turning white then looking to turn brown. I assume its dying from the tips? I also have montipora in the tank and they seem to be growing well so I cant understand why this pavona is dying.Isn't it one of the hardiest corals going? I also have a hammer, torch and duncan in the tank and some softies. The duncan has grown several new heads since being in the tank but I have not had much growth from the hammer or torch. My gsp is thriving however and several of the mushrooms have split.I have noticed the last few days that the duncan and torch are not opening up properly and seem to be skulking a bit.My params are as follows:magnesium 1300calcium 470DKH 8.5phosphate 0.03nitrate 0 (no reading on a red sea pro kit)ammonia 0salinity 1.028temp around 27°CThe tank is a red sea max nano with the AI prime light at 47% and set to full spectrum 12000k.I realise that the salinity is a little high and so is the temperature and will bring them down. And also that my nitrates are to low. But my params have been like this a while and it has not caused any problems before. The only thing that has really changed is that I have brought the alkalinity down from around 11 to 8.5 over that last couple of weeks.Before i got my dosing pump i was having large alk swings and it never caused this to happen so I can only assume that its starving due to lack of nitrates? the other coral are sucking it up before it gets any?I have only been changing about 7 or 8 Litres of water every two weeks could this be a lack of trace elements?I am open to suggestions here?
  9. Recci

    Torch and Duncan's Closed Up

    LOL ALK is probably the most important parameter there is! This is something that you need to keep on top of constantly in every tank that has LPS or SPS corals in them. You will probably need to set up a dosing pump or kalkwasser drip to keep it at stable value between 8 and 11.5. Find out what value your salt mixes to and use that as the default to keep it at. You will have to test every day or two untill you figure out how many dkh your tank is dropping per day so you can figure out how much to dose.
  10. Recci

    Horrible AI Prime HD experience. Kessil A80 is amazing

    You obviously missed the color wheel option in the AI app where you just drag the wheel to whatever Kelvin value you want and it automatically sets the individual color channels for you. There is smaller wheel to set the power.
  11. Recci

    How low-tech can I go?

    Because it depends on you remembering to do it at the same time every day and dose the exact correct amount. A heavy sps setup can drop 3 or 4 dkh a day. If that was the case you would need to dose 3 or 4 times a day since adding it all at once would be to much of spike and cause unstable up and down swings. Its much more reliable to have an automated pump constantly dose small amounts many times a day. Results in much more stable water parameters.
  12. Recci

    How low-tech can I go?

    You can go simple but you will still need to maintain alkalinity and calcium levels if you keep sps. Water changes probably wont be enough and manual dosing is to unstable so there is only so low tech you can go with sps. You will need a dosing pump or some kind of reactor to maintain the params
  13. Recci

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    I also think that intensity of the light has a lot to do with it. Thats is why T5's tend to grow corraline so well. The light is more diffused and not as harsh as LED light. AI lights are to powerful at full strength and it kills off the corraline. I doubt Ill ever go above 60% on my nano.
  14. Recci

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    I leave it where it set them because if you adjust them down it changes the colour temp. But what i did to go from 10000k to 13000k was simply adjust the greens and reds down a bit then rechecked the spectrum wheel. I can post pics later.
  15. Recci

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    Fair enough.