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  1. You guys do realise there has been a product on the market that does this for the last 15 years and has even more trace elements in it. Salifert all in one! This product has been around since the early 2000s and nobody made a big deal about it.
  2. Yeah I would try a different store and leave the tank fallow for at least 6 weeks. There is something in your tank killing the fish or all the store's fish are infected with something.
  3. It will take months to be fully mature and work as well as live rock. I am going through the exact same process just now. See my videos in this thread where I add one third live to dry.
  4. It may work but would upset the bio-filter for while. Expect all sorts of algae blooms and cyno to populate the dry rocks for months as it matures. Maybe be a while before you get the nice looking aquascape you desire.
  5. Yeah those blue damsels are about as hardy as marine fish get.
  6. You should have gone for a reefer not a max then you would configuration options.
  7. Lack of oxygen perhaps? You need rippling at surface of the water for oxygen to get into the water. A skimmer would help with this. Iv never had problem just dumping any fish into the tank with little to no acclimatisation so I highly doubt that is whats killing them.
  8. Yeah, I think it's probably Just nutrients that was on used rock. Once it's used up it might disappear. Skimmer has been producing some thick dark skimmate.
  9. Ok update. I added some fish and clean up crew I got from a fellow reefer that was selling up. Also added some more very mature live rock from him. The algae is all gone. Not sure if it died or the fish and cuc had it. But it's turned into a massive cyanobacteria bloom. Hopefully this is just another stage in the tanks maturation process and it will die away once it's used up it's fuel source.
  10. The reason its ultra low nutrient is because its a new tank. As i said its only a month old and I started with 2 thirds used dry rock and one third live rock to seed the tank. There is no real bio-load just now apart from a few frags and softies I added. It is a brand new sand bed with caribe sea seafloor special. The lighting is 4 x T5 with individual reflectors. The flow is actually a little to high in the tank just now. The nutrients must be coming from the live rock and the crap that was left over on the used dry rock. I am hoping that the algae uses it all up then dies off and get pulled out by the skimmer. Do you think a 3 day blackout might help? Would this cause the algea to die without hurting the corals to much?
  11. The tank is about a month old and is still maturing with no fish or CUC in it as of yet. I have added a few hardy corals from my other tank to give is some bioload. Most of the rock and live rock was second hand so could have almost anything on it. As you can see in the video I am getting various different algae forming in the tank. Some of which looks like it could be bryopsis and dinoflagellates to me. Should I try to do something at this stage or just leave it and hope it passes? Alk 8.0cal 430nitrate 0phospahtes about 0.01 Red sea pro kit
  12. My alk gets consumed by the ceramic rock. There is an entire thread about this is you search my posts. That's what I am doing I am dosing a little less every day. I may have over skimmed the tank a bit. I only have 3 small fish and mature live rock in with the ceramic uses up the nitrates generated. I feed heavy and dose reef energy and coral food. I have turned the skimmer off for now. I am setting up a 450 litre tank so a lot of what is in my nano is going to get moved over to that and I plan to rescape the nano after a complete water change. I am stopping dosing red sea foundation and moving to a normal two part. Hopefully i will be able to get the nano stabilised after that.
  13. Yes my sps looked like they were dying, burnt tips and tissue recession from the base etc. It was suggested that my nitrates were to low. My params: alk 10.5 cal 460 mag 1300 nitrate 0 phosphate 0.02 but my alk drops like a lead balloon. i loose somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 dkh a day so have to dose a lot. I am trying to slowly lower my alk down to 8. I dont intend to move it the skeleton
  14. My nitrates were reading zero so i started dosing a seachem nitrogen. Must have overdone it a bit and now my torch is coming away from skeleton. The polyp still looks healthy otherwise, has anyone successfully re-glued back to its base or moved onto a frag plug and had it survive?
  15. There is live rock in with the ceramic that acts as filtration. It works so well that I have no detectable nitrates at all on a red sea pro test kit. I feed heavy for only having 3 small fish in the tank. There is a small amount of carbon and gfo in the back compartment. I also dose reef energy daily which is supposed to stop corals dying or stripping in low nutrient systems. The pavona is definitely dying. The flesh is stripping off the tips and i cant see why!