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  1. Just use red sea coral pro salt then dose enough to main the levels its at when mixed. which is 11.5dkh 450ca and 1360mg
  2. Recci

    Cycling tank while away for 2 weeks

    yeah should be fine.
  3. Recci

    Can This Light Grow Any Coral...At All?

    6500k will grow coral perfectly fine. In fact the whiter the light the more growth. It would just look like an unflushed toilet! It would also grow algae and god knows what else.
  4. Recci

    What coral are these.

    Thinking the purple one is actually Turbinaria peltata a cup coral
  5. Recci

    What coral are these.

    Thanks I knew about the pavona. Is this greenish one also a type of montipora? And can it be placed near the red one in aquarium without stinging etc ?
  6. I got a couple of little frags from a fellow reefer. He wasn't sure exactly what they are. Can someone confirm the identity of these two. The red SPS and the purple frag.
  7. Just got one of these and i am trying it out. Just using cheap 6mm air line tubing. I noticed some people saying it cant dose less than 1m. I got it dosing 0.5ml easily. All you do is half the number of turns during calibration. So if it takes 100 turns to dose 100ml then stop it at 50 turns. I am dosing red sea liquids A and B. The issue i am having is that on one of my tubes the liquid is draining half way back down the tube. I am dosing into my display tank with the dose below the tank. The other tube is taking in a little bit air on the output side also. How do I solve this issue? I don't want to go dismantling the heads in case i break them. Where do I put the check valves? Is it on the end of tube at the output or down near the output of the pump head?
  8. Not true the Damsels usually calm down and leave the fish alone. Azures are not as bad as Yellow tail Damsels.
  9. Azure Damsel's are basically just assholes by nature they will attack all new comers to the tank even fish much larger then themselves but usually they end up at the bottom of the pecking order when the dust settles. Give it a couple of days and they will get used to each other and it will settle down. I have a green chromis and an Azure Damsel in a 20 gal nano. The Azure Damsel was in the tank first and the same thing happened to me it flew at the chromis and kept attcking it and had the chromis hiding in the corner scared to move but after a couple of days they fine. Now the chromis is boss.
  10. Recci

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    I agree but the AI lights such as the prime and Hydra's seem to have something about them that is in some way negatively affecting corraline growth. The intensity of the led's probably have something to do with it but many people who used to MH lights back in day say the same thing that it died off when they switched.
  11. Recci

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    If it was spread then surly there would be coraline on the rocks that were getting lit directly? Also on the magnesium point, my magnesium is spot on and so are other peoples who use LED's and have seen their coraline algae growth drop off. I suspect its more to do with the way LED's such as the AI prime allows the exact frequency of the light to be controlled so therefore we never get it perfect unlike T5's which are set by the manufacture to be exactly where is its supposed to be. Also although led's have their good point such as lower power consumption and more control ability and other fancy features its really all just hype and unnecessary the truth is they simply are not as good for growth as T5's are per amount of par! A prime example is I had a nano cube with only a Dennerle Reef Light 24W 2:2 10,000 kelvin plus actinic blue light compact fluorescent and I used plain old Instant ocean salt. I never dosed anything and let my alk drop low and generally neglected the tank a bit yet I had corraline all over the tank on every surface. It was a constant battle to keep it down. Yet i have now switched to a tank with an AI prime and use Red sea coral pro salt and moved over all the rocks and stuff from the old tank that were covered in corraline. I monitor alk, ca and magnesium and dose accordingly yet no sign of new corraline and most of what I had as died off apart from on the rocks that are shaded from the AI prime. I even toned the AI prime right down to 50% as its so powerful and have adjusted it to be 10000k yet still not growth. It has to be the light that is the issue here!
  12. Recci

    No Coralline Algae Growth...Why?

    It is most definitely the LEDs that is the problem. Since I switched from compact T5 to an Ai prime most of the coraline has died off and disappeared. I use coral pro salt and maintain Cal and alkalinity so conditions should be perfect for growth. I have adjusted the he Ai prime to be closer to 10000k and I'll see if this helps with coraline growth.
  13. Recci

    35l Dennerle scaper nano

    I used that same tank for over a year as a nano with 1 small fish and some sofites. Its a lovely tank and if you search my posts you will see pictures of it. All i had was live rock, a hang on the back filter and a heater. However, in the end nutrient levels got out of control due to the lack of a skimmer and i couldn't win again the GHA growth.
  14. Why the dip there is no pests on it?