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  1. Just ordered an IM Nuvo Concept Abyss Panorama tank. Pretty excited because I've always loved drop off tanks. I have a spare Kessil a160we Tuna Blue light with the spectral controller, will that be sufficient lighting? Probably not going to have SPS, just LPS and softies.
  2. I have a couple of small pieces of rock with coraline algae on them so I can get that started in the tank.
  3. Yeah, so limited in rock placement on a small tank. Not used to that! Our biggest concern was making sure we had nice areas to place coral and I think we achieved that fairly well. We were thinking about a montipora on the top and a hammer or torch on the left side underneath that top shelf. Because we don't have a ton of rock in the tank, I added some MarinePure Cermedia Ceramic Bio-Balls to the chambers in the back. That should give enough porous area for bacteria, I think.
  4. Just moved from Texas to Washington and could not take our large tank with us. We are heartbroken and miss it so much. We can not get a big tank set up anytime soon so we decided to start a small tank. We had an unopened Fluval Flex 15g tank just sitting in our garage so we decided to convert it over to saltwater and get a Nano tank going. Right now, the tank is pretty much stock. We plan to change out the filtration, change out the stock lighting, upgrade the pump and possibly put in a mini-skimmer. The Fluval Flex has three chambers in the back so I think we are going to use the first chamber for the heater and the mini-skimmer, the second chamber for filtration and the last chamber for the pump and possibly some more filtration. We have the tank setup and cycling now. I figure we can let it cycle while I go about getting a better pump, upgrade the lighting and get the skimmer setup. Rock work was a challenge in such a small space but I think we got it to look pretty good. Should be lots of room for corals and a few hiding places for fish. I would love some input on the rockwork and constructive criticism for rock improvements. Our initial thoughts on stock are a couple of small clowns and a goby/pistol shrimp. Would also love some stocking opinions! Here is the current rockscape, please let me know what you think!
  5. Great thread. I'm going to be converting our Flex to salt. Was thinking of trying to mount an AI Prime or Fluval Nano Bluetooth light in the lid. Do you think either of those will work in that lid?
  6. We had an Evo. It's a good tank but won't fit where we want it because of the peninsula style of the tank.
  7. I posted a similar topic in DIY but it got little traction or notice there, so I thought I would try it here. We moved from Texas to Washington and we were unable to take our big tank. We want to set up a small tank here and will eventually also do a big tank. We have a Fluval Flex freshwater tank that we want to convert to saltwater. I am already changing the pump to a larger pump and changing the filter media. Also added some Cermedia MarinePure balls for added bio-media. The big problem I am running into is what light I should use. The light in the lid is freshwater and really not good even for that. So I know I need to upgrade it. Here is the catch: I do not want to remove the lid and I do not want to just cover the top with egg crate or something like that. We need a lid because we intend to get a goby and we have had 2 gobies leap to their deaths in an uncovered tank. We don't want to use egg-crate because this is in our living room area and we want it to look nice. I was considering getting a Fluval Sea Marine & Reef LED Nano because I really like the programmable features of that light and it seems plenty for a 15 gallon tank. Does anyone have this light and can answer a few questions? For one, I want to know how easy it might be to cut the plastic lid of that tank and mount that light in there somehow? Will that put it too close to the water? Is there a way to do it and make it look nice and be safe? Any answers to those questions would be helpful or any suggestions on another light would also be helpful! I have the tank setup and cycling now, so it will be a bit before I need the light, just want to be prepared so I can get the thing stocked soon after the cycle. Thanks, in advance!
  8. We recently moved from Texas to Washington and had to give up our big reef tank. We miss our tanks something fierce but don't have the money for another large tank. However, we do have a Fluval Flex 15g tank. I know it's a freshwater tank but it looks easy to convert. I'm planning on upgrading the pump and the filter media in the back chambers. I'm worried about the light. I know I will have to upgrade it but I wanted some advice. I'm looking at the Fluval Sea Nano LED. I like this because of the programmable aspect of it. Here's the catch: we don't want to remove the lid because we plan to have a go by and we've had them launch themselves out of the tank before. So how easy would it be to cut a hole in the top and secure it to the lid there? And look nice because this is in our livingroom. Will it be easy to mount it there? I've not seen one in person so I want to make sure it will fit and mount securely. Also any issues with that light mounted that close to the water? Thanks in advance for any assistanc Edit: Sorry meant Flex not Evo!
  9. How did you do this mod with the Fluval? That sounds like a great idea though!
  10. How about torch coral instead?
  11. Eventual stock list for my Nano reef: 1 Orange spotted Goby 1 peppermint pistol shrimp 1 Citrinus Clown Goby 4 Nassarius snails 5 Ceriths 3 Nerites 1 Emerald Crab 2 Sexy Shrimp 1 Elegance Coral 1 Torch Coral 1 (possibly) Ritteri Anemone This is in a 15 gallon tank, with good flow. I know the crab can go after the snails if not well fed but we will feed him daily. I also know the anemone can cause issues, which is why he is a possible. Other than that, does this stock list look okay? Any obvious issues I am missing? Thanks!
  12. I am new to this whole thing and I have this exact tank. Can you tell me a bit more about using chaeto in that middle chamber? If I use that light, it will be fine in just a micron bag and still do its job? I would love to use that second chamber as a refugium but I am not sure how to do it best. Thanks!
  13. The divider between the back chambers and the aquarium on the Fluval is black, so light leaking into the tank is not a worry in this case. Thank you for all your assistance!
  14. Here is a link to DeNitrate. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000255PGC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_5?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Is there a way I can set up that 2nd chamber with chaeto? Using the light I linked? Thanks!