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  1. YOU GUYS. I'm heartbroken. You remember how The Saddest Trumpet was so fat and happy? It was doing so so good. I did some rescaping last night and thought I had finally glued it down to my rock. But a hermie must have knocked it over in the night. It landed on my acan and the acan ATE IT. What's making me crazy is I got up early to pee and glanced in and saw them and I was like "that's probably not good" and I went back to bed. The next time I looked the flesh was sloughing off the trumpet. The acan looks pretty happy. Why didn't I just stick my hand in and move the trumpet? Hopefully it will recover. It started out as a stumpy little head and a half. Now it's just half a head. I'm really sorry, trumpet. 😢
  2. I'm an apprentice - I've worked with raptors in the past, and spent all last season getting out with experienced falconers, but she's my first bird. She's a wild passage (juvenile) bird. They're the best birds for beginner falconers, because they're so forgiving, and because they know how to hunt but they also know how it feels to go hungry. So when they make the connection that you will reliably dispense food, they become invested pretty fast. Dixie made the connection in all of 2 days and pretty much never looked back, lol! I started flying her outside this week and she hasn't tried to bail once. I feel like I've been officially chosen over wild hawk life. The other thing about passage red-tailed hawks is that 60-70% of them won't survive their first winter. So it's a quid pro quo kind of thing. Soon we'll be hunting together and she can do what she does naturally. But if she doesn't catch anything she still gets to come home to a safe dry enclosure and some food. If all goes well, this time next year she'll be a mature hawk, older and wiser, healthy and parasite-free, and with the confidence to tackle big game! Vultures are the freaking best birds. I used to work with a couple of turkey vultures and they're one of my favourite animals. They're social and smart! Useless for falconry, of course, since they don't actually catch anything... but if there was like a little micro-vulture I could have... And yes! Not having the scooter is a surprising weight off. Maybe I'll get Puzzle a little husband next.
  3. So my tank and Jeff and the scooter all recovered just fine from the caulerpa disaster! And then, a week ago... That's what a pushy clownfish and a caulerpa about to go sexual look like. This time I didn't hesitate - I pulled the whole thing out. It had a lot of roots in the sandbed and digging it up made the tank real cloudy for awhile, but this time we totally avoided a sexual pea soup situation. ...And I have now deprived my tank of a pod breeding grounds. They're still in there, but I know the macro was what they lived and bred in. So... Yesterday I said goodbye to the scooter blenny. The LFS employees were glad to take her and they assured me I was doing the right thing for her. Their own couple scooters were skinny, but I bet they don't eat mysis like mine does (her original friend was skinny too). I was sad to get rid of her, but later I realized that now I don't have to feel guilty whenever I'm not feeding mysis, and I don't have to worry how much she's eating, and it's really taken away some stress, which is cool. And the macro turned out to be a bit of a headache so I probably won't be so anxious to repeat that experiment (unless I find some nice, unlikely-to-go-sexual red macro), so I hopefully don't have to worry about the pods now... hopefully. I'll probably make a post asking for thoughts on a new fish who'll get along with Jeff and Puzzle and eat the same foods they eat. I didn't see any that caught my eye at the store yesterday, but I did find this beauty: Are you kidding me? Do you know how long I've been looking for a purple gorg and when I'm not even looking one just pops up? I think it's a purple brush (photosynthetic) gorg. Fluffy polyps: I walked into my room and was struck by how much I liked the look of my tank, suddenly. I still need to do some coral surgery to remove frags from plugs and attach them to rock... but I feel like my tank looks more like a reef tank, just by having this addition. I really like it. Worth every penny. It better be photosynthetic! I also got this girl: Her name is Dixie and she is the best bird. Pretty much trains herself. She's also the reason I've had no time to do pretty much anything, including post an update on here, for the last couple weeks. Updates may continue to be sporadic... but I'll keep checking in. Hope all your tanks and livestock are well!
  4. Before WC: After new ChemiPure Blue packets were put in the filter and a 40% WC performed: (Puzzle is such a ham.) I found the hermies, and Claudette at least is visibly okay. I can see right across the tank lengthwise again and was able to verify that all the pale/dying strands of caulerpa were indeed removed. I also spotted a HUGE AIPTASIA! that must have been blocked from view by the macro. Yikes! I'll have to deal with that tomorrow... What I read seemed to suggest that regular pruning would prevent this from ever happening, but I feel like this was caused directly by my big prune of a couple nights ago. The plant was sending tendrils EVERYWHERE and I finally got around to removing all the creepers. Spores appeared on the leaves not long after. The scooter is still breathing hard, and while I was typing, Jeff came out of hiding and started pecking at the rocks (I guess he wants his dinner). He's breathing hard, too! I'll be gutted if anything happens to Jeff (or the scooter, obviously, but Jeff's pretty special). I've added some aeration - just an airline tube with the end suctioned to the side of the tank (no airstone. I just use this during water changes). It's creating lots of agitation at the surface. I feel like that's all I can do right now to help. Am I right? Anything else I can do? (I think poor Puzzle is scared of the bubbles. )
  5. Eeek! My caulerpa went sexual! The tank is super cloudy. Puzzle and Jeff look okay. Scooter is breathing a bit hard. Haven't yet laid eyes on the inverts. I tested my params and they came up accordingly: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 pH: 8.0 That hardly seems possible, yet... the caulerpa WAS thriving and it WAS sucking up all my nitrates. I was only gone for four hours - I wonder if I caught it before it could really crash. I've pulled out all the wilting fronds. The rest of the macro looks okay... I'm not sure if I should remove it or not... I feel so stupid, because I saw the spores on some of the fronds, wasn't sure what they were, and decided I would prune it tonight. I should have just pulled them out... Waiting for my replacement water to warm up enough so I can do a 40% WC to try and get rid of some of this cloudiness. Bleh.
  6. Aw, thanks! I'm pretty terrible at following other people's tanks myself. So this happened: NO, JEFF!!! WHY??? YOU HAD SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR!! SO MUCH SEAWEED STILL TO EAT!! ...Of course he's fine. I turned the powerhead off for feeding, lost track of him when he wandered away like the ADD puppy he is, and found his entire self crammed into the (powerless) powerhead. Still gave me a bit of a startle. Is everyone tailspot blenny like Jeff? Do they all get up to these shenanigans? Or is Jeff just special(ly dumb)? Dat coralline algae though. Tentacles! They fascinate me! Remember when The Saddest Trumpet had NO tentacles? The red zoas, which were the biggest victim of the pod (or other mystery creature, but probably pod) attack - there were 6-7 heads, and only one survived - has a new head, and it's survived infancy and is growing! (On the right.) I'm pretty happy, since I bought that frag because of the red zoas. One last pic. Why are my ugly brown palys so sad? They look so chewed-up and miserable all the time. They were doing so well. ps. The seller did not get any possum wrasses this week. I was the most surprised a person has ever been surprised. :|
  7. Hmf. I guess that's a good way to look at it. I should withhold the mysis for awhile, maybe then she'll DO HER JOB I have a lead on a possum wrasse, maybe! Some retailer posted a stock list that included yellow banded possums a few days ago. A few days too late for me, of course - they're already sold. But the seller expects to get more next week and I think he'll hold one for me. He doesn't know what kind is coming yet, but he said Tanaka's don't come in very often. I'll settle for any of the Wetmorella sp., really - yellow bandeds are still pretty cute.
  8. Really? The orchid dottyback? I've heard nothing but good things! Crazy. Early this morning I turned the lights on briefly to check something (it was Pale Snail, lying on his back. RIP I suspect). The whole tank was absolutely CRAWLING with pods. I mean there was an approximate METRIC TON of them. On the sandbed, on the walls, around my corals. And when the scooter blenny poked her head out of the sandbed, what does she decide to do? Me: NO SCOOTER! EAT THE PODS! RUN!! Scooter: What? You want me to levitate creepily? ("Yes, that's exactly what I said." "You want the pee bucket on your head??") I can't believe there are still so many pods in my tank! Where do they go during the day? How has she not eradicated them? A SIX-LINE WRASSE WOULDN'T DICK ME AROUND LIKE THIS, SCOOTER. All the dots are pods. And that was just a fraction of them. It's unreal.
  9. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    I think @thespinningsadhu got that light for his 13.5 Evo. No?
  10. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    Right?? I wondered if the problem is the hose, which came with the stock pump and which I use with the 900 too, because I haven't cleaned it and am not sure how to. But when I rinse it, water comes through just fine. There'd have to be a pretty hefty blockage to cause such a piddly flow, I think. I do use the stock lights. They grow my corals pretty good - I just have softies and some LPS. They do NOT flatter my corals, though. My Rastas look like Green Bay Packers, my "mint chocolate chip" palys are poop brown. I really need a bluer light and I'm thinking I'll upgrade to an AI Prime HD when I can - I've seen a few good deals locally for used ones with a mount, and it just makes sense vs. something like a Kessil A80 when you factor in what a mount and a controller would cost for that. But I'm broke right now and in need of a new pump, obviously.
  11. Psst, you should make one. Tacking onto my last post, because I'm a dumb millennial who believes the things she reads on the internet, SHOULD I maybe consider an orchid dottyback? It would be colourful and active, like I want. I like that they're captive bred. I guess the only sticking point is, will it actively HUNT pods? Or will it just eat pods in the way that "all fish [except Jeff and Puzzle] eat pods"? (I know I seem flaky, but I want my third (permanent) resident to be just right.) I pulled the old stock pump apart tonight and the sponge inside it (why is there a sponge in the pump?!) had an ungodly amount of crud in it. I pulled that out and gave the whole thing a good scrubbin'. Then I put it back in the tank, expecting it to knock my socks off... and it's just as weak as before. What the crap!!! I put the MJ900 back in and it's just as bad. I need a new pump and now I'm MORE grumbly because I already upgraded, darnit. But yeah... orchid dottybacks... opinions?
  12. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    I "upgraded" a few weeks ago to the Cobalt MJ900 (230gph, versus the stock pump 132gph). No discernible difference in flow. I'm pretty annoyed. Waste of money. I guess I'm gonna try the MJ1200 since it's so much less expensive than a Sicce pump (I've seen the 1.5 recommended) and I can't complain about noise or anything with the 900. It's just weak as hell.
  13. I don't think she(?) does. She posts in mine. Thanksgiving day field trip! I was bored and the fish store was open. I needed Aiptasia X anyway - I discovered a big(ger) one on my acan skeleton that I don't think super glue alone can kill. This was in one of the display tanks, so it wasn't labeled. What is it! It's so pretty. A tiny baby! A watchman goby, blue spotted perhaps? He seems to have bonded with this pistol shrimp. Seagrass filefish babies. There was a whole flock of them! I couldn't get a great picture of this fish, and there was no tag for it. I love it! Fish like this make me want a big tank to put all these pretties in... What is it? A ragged-looking springeri damsel. (Speaking of ragged-looking, the crooked neon dottyback I posted a pic of last time is still there. ) Gasp. Could it be? It is!! And it's so cute!!! (Get out of the way, Talbot's damsel!) Come home with me! Not really though because you'd beat Jeff up. Copperband butterflies: A dwarf lionfish: It took me multiple attempts to get a pic of the lionfish without this cleaner wrasse popping up in the frame. I took a pic of him too since it clearly meant so much to the little guy. I love flame angels. UGH I need a big tank. ...Then I went back to the six-line wrasse tank and stared longingly for awhile. There were two and they were playing very nicely with all the other fish. I think they liked me. They kept looking at me with their little googly faces! (Azure damsel on the left.) And just so everyone knows, the fish store employee I talked to thinks a six-line wrasse would be a GREAT addition to my tank, so I think you all are wrong and that's why I bought BOTH the six-lines. ...Just kidding. I was surprisingly strong and I resisted their cuteness and the employee's encouragement. I had to forcibly pry myself away, though. Someone reassure me that their six-line is a model citizen who would never hurt a small weird blenny, ever. :'( I went next-door and found a geometric pygmy hawkfish! (And a teeny skunk clownfish.) Impossible to get a good pic since he was hiding in the back there, but he was adorable. And so wee! They only get 2"! I asked the guy there if they're peaceful and/or eat pods and he was like, why would you want something to eat your pods? So I explained (huge pod outbreak, zoas being swarmed and disappearing)... the guy was like, haha that doesn't happen. Super dismissive, and when I tried to explain WHY I feel like the pods are the problem, he actually told me to "just relax about it"... twice. Like I'm a hysterical female. Honestly. Then he tried to sell me on a couple different fish including an orchid and a springeri dottyback. I told him I'd consider those since I heard they're less aggressive than other dottybacks, and he says, "Where'd you hear that, a chatroom? Don't believe everything you read on the internet." ...Where am I supposed to hear about it?! Should I be getting my ass to the public library every time I wonder if a certain fish species is compatible in a small tank with a clownfish and a Jeff? The upshot to this story is that he says he gets possum wrasses in every couple of weeks and he took my number and will give me a call next time he gets a few healthy ones in. Still grumbling though. And anyway, since I obviously can't trust any of you and should only listen to fish store employees, I think I should go back for the six-line wrasse.
  14. Claudette is a scarlet reef hermie and they're supposed to be peaceful. But it's too weird that Pale Snail's snoot looks identical to Kinky Snoot's when I've never seen anything like this in my online travels and research. Pale Snail always had a very tall, beautiful snoot. Poor dude. I maligned him unfairly. WHAT. A Tanaka is what I want! I'm in Canadia though and DD doesn't ship here. I've been searching for weeks and only found one, near death after transport. Do you find them very reclusive?
  15. Quick question, would a brown clown goby eat pods? Canada Corals got some cute ones. It might be awhile before I see green clowns again.