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  1. Hmf. I guess that's a good way to look at it. I should withhold the mysis for awhile, maybe then she'll DO HER JOB I have a lead on a possum wrasse, maybe! Some retailer posted a stock list that included yellow banded possums a few days ago. A few days too late for me, of course - they're already sold. But the seller expects to get more next week and I think he'll hold one for me. He doesn't know what kind is coming yet, but he said Tanaka's don't come in very often. I'll settle for any of the Wetmorella sp., really - yellow bandeds are still pretty cute.
  2. Really? The orchid dottyback? I've heard nothing but good things! Crazy. Early this morning I turned the lights on briefly to check something (it was Pale Snail, lying on his back. RIP I suspect). The whole tank was absolutely CRAWLING with pods. I mean there was an approximate METRIC TON of them. On the sandbed, on the walls, around my corals. And when the scooter blenny poked her head out of the sandbed, what does she decide to do? Me: NO SCOOTER! EAT THE PODS! RUN!! Scooter: What? You want me to levitate creepily? ("Yes, that's exactly what I said." "You want the pee bucket on your head??") I can't believe there are still so many pods in my tank! Where do they go during the day? How has she not eradicated them? A SIX-LINE WRASSE WOULDN'T DICK ME AROUND LIKE THIS, SCOOTER. All the dots are pods. And that was just a fraction of them. It's unreal.
  3. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    I think @thespinningsadhu got that light for his 13.5 Evo. No?
  4. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    Right?? I wondered if the problem is the hose, which came with the stock pump and which I use with the 900 too, because I haven't cleaned it and am not sure how to. But when I rinse it, water comes through just fine. There'd have to be a pretty hefty blockage to cause such a piddly flow, I think. I do use the stock lights. They grow my corals pretty good - I just have softies and some LPS. They do NOT flatter my corals, though. My Rastas look like Green Bay Packers, my "mint chocolate chip" palys are poop brown. I really need a bluer light and I'm thinking I'll upgrade to an AI Prime HD when I can - I've seen a few good deals locally for used ones with a mount, and it just makes sense vs. something like a Kessil A80 when you factor in what a mount and a controller would cost for that. But I'm broke right now and in need of a new pump, obviously.
  5. Psst, you should make one. Tacking onto my last post, because I'm a dumb millennial who believes the things she reads on the internet, SHOULD I maybe consider an orchid dottyback? It would be colourful and active, like I want. I like that they're captive bred. I guess the only sticking point is, will it actively HUNT pods? Or will it just eat pods in the way that "all fish [except Jeff and Puzzle] eat pods"? (I know I seem flaky, but I want my third (permanent) resident to be just right.) I pulled the old stock pump apart tonight and the sponge inside it (why is there a sponge in the pump?!) had an ungodly amount of crud in it. I pulled that out and gave the whole thing a good scrubbin'. Then I put it back in the tank, expecting it to knock my socks off... and it's just as weak as before. What the crap!!! I put the MJ900 back in and it's just as bad. I need a new pump and now I'm MORE grumbly because I already upgraded, darnit. But yeah... orchid dottybacks... opinions?
  6. Fluval Evo 13.5 LIGHT upgrade - anyone???

    I "upgraded" a few weeks ago to the Cobalt MJ900 (230gph, versus the stock pump 132gph). No discernible difference in flow. I'm pretty annoyed. Waste of money. I guess I'm gonna try the MJ1200 since it's so much less expensive than a Sicce pump (I've seen the 1.5 recommended) and I can't complain about noise or anything with the 900. It's just weak as hell.
  7. I don't think she(?) does. She posts in mine. Thanksgiving day field trip! I was bored and the fish store was open. I needed Aiptasia X anyway - I discovered a big(ger) one on my acan skeleton that I don't think super glue alone can kill. This was in one of the display tanks, so it wasn't labeled. What is it! It's so pretty. A tiny baby! A watchman goby, blue spotted perhaps? He seems to have bonded with this pistol shrimp. Seagrass filefish babies. There was a whole flock of them! I couldn't get a great picture of this fish, and there was no tag for it. I love it! Fish like this make me want a big tank to put all these pretties in... What is it? A ragged-looking springeri damsel. (Speaking of ragged-looking, the crooked neon dottyback I posted a pic of last time is still there. ) Gasp. Could it be? It is!! And it's so cute!!! (Get out of the way, Talbot's damsel!) Come home with me! Not really though because you'd beat Jeff up. Copperband butterflies: A dwarf lionfish: It took me multiple attempts to get a pic of the lionfish without this cleaner wrasse popping up in the frame. I took a pic of him too since it clearly meant so much to the little guy. I love flame angels. UGH I need a big tank. ...Then I went back to the six-line wrasse tank and stared longingly for awhile. There were two and they were playing very nicely with all the other fish. I think they liked me. They kept looking at me with their little googly faces! (Azure damsel on the left.) And just so everyone knows, the fish store employee I talked to thinks a six-line wrasse would be a GREAT addition to my tank, so I think you all are wrong and that's why I bought BOTH the six-lines. ...Just kidding. I was surprisingly strong and I resisted their cuteness and the employee's encouragement. I had to forcibly pry myself away, though. Someone reassure me that their six-line is a model citizen who would never hurt a small weird blenny, ever. :'( I went next-door and found a geometric pygmy hawkfish! (And a teeny skunk clownfish.) Impossible to get a good pic since he was hiding in the back there, but he was adorable. And so wee! They only get 2"! I asked the guy there if they're peaceful and/or eat pods and he was like, why would you want something to eat your pods? So I explained (huge pod outbreak, zoas being swarmed and disappearing)... the guy was like, haha that doesn't happen. Super dismissive, and when I tried to explain WHY I feel like the pods are the problem, he actually told me to "just relax about it"... twice. Like I'm a hysterical female. Honestly. Then he tried to sell me on a couple different fish including an orchid and a springeri dottyback. I told him I'd consider those since I heard they're less aggressive than other dottybacks, and he says, "Where'd you hear that, a chatroom? Don't believe everything you read on the internet." ...Where am I supposed to hear about it?! Should I be getting my ass to the public library every time I wonder if a certain fish species is compatible in a small tank with a clownfish and a Jeff? The upshot to this story is that he says he gets possum wrasses in every couple of weeks and he took my number and will give me a call next time he gets a few healthy ones in. Still grumbling though. And anyway, since I obviously can't trust any of you and should only listen to fish store employees, I think I should go back for the six-line wrasse.
  8. Claudette is a scarlet reef hermie and they're supposed to be peaceful. But it's too weird that Pale Snail's snoot looks identical to Kinky Snoot's when I've never seen anything like this in my online travels and research. Pale Snail always had a very tall, beautiful snoot. Poor dude. I maligned him unfairly. WHAT. A Tanaka is what I want! I'm in Canadia though and DD doesn't ship here. I've been searching for weeks and only found one, near death after transport. Do you find them very reclusive?
  9. Quick question, would a brown clown goby eat pods? Canada Corals got some cute ones. It might be awhile before I see green clowns again.
  10. I have a feeling I'd have a hard time finding one like I have with the possums. I'm surprisingly limited up here. :\ My thinking with the six-line was it'd be easier to find, cheaper, and would eat my pods. (I wouldn't be keeping a six-line with the scooter - scooter will probably go back to the store when/if I find another pod-eater.) I also really like the idea of a colourful fish who'd be swimming out in the open - apparently possums are very reclusive. I read that if you add six-lines to the tank last, they're often okay, but then what if it's not? And what if something happens to Jeff, since apparently TSB's aren't terribly long-lived in captivity, and I want to introduce a new fish? So it's probably not something I'll try... but I'm sad, because they're so pretty and active. I'd love someone pretty and active. I forgot to make my weekly phone call to NAFB to see if they got possums and they're probably closed tomorrow and Monday for Canadian Thanksgiving. Bah. You guys aren't gonna believe this. I realized I hadn't seen Pale Snail in ages, when he ALWAYS used to come out after feeding. Last night I found him, and I swear he has contracted Kinky Snoot's degenerative snoot disease. His snoot looks just like Kinky Snoot's did, except pale. It's short and sliced-open-looking. I wonder if Claudette the hermie is a secret assailant of snoots? I think maybe I shouldn't put more Nassarius snails in my tank.
  11. Reasons why Jeff is the worst: He gorged himself on seaweed again today. He got offended that I didn't feed him when I fed Puzzle and the scooter (despite being literally full of seaweed), and tried to steal Puzzle's food. He then took a big green dump so long, he got bored and smeared the first half off on a rock. When I turned the pumps back on, the two poop halves started swirling around the tank, along with two other long green seaweed poops, and I watched Jeff chase one, suck it into his mouth, hold it there for an unsettlingly long time before spitting it out, then chase it and suck it up again. Jeff, you're the worst fish ever. (Jeff: "I know.") I've seen at least 3 pods in the past couple days, which makes me happy that the scooter still has food that doesn't come directly from me, but also, she clearly needs to step up her game. I've decided not to name her, since she likely won't be a permanent resident. I've actually started semi-seriously weighing the pros and cons of a six-line wrasse? Obviously the big con being that it might be mean to Jeff and Puzzle. Would it be the worst thing if Jeff got his butt handed to him, though? Would it?
  12. WELL, Peanut Butter and Anchovy don't destroy the nice things I give them. (They mostly just look at each other and eat food... but still.) They don't hit me in the face or bite me when I kiss them either. I think Tinker just likes killing things and would kill me too, if he could. Guess who ate pellets today? (Not the scooter.) Jeff! He's been acting so ravenous lately, I wondered if he'd be hungry enough to give them a go. I try to give Puzzle a few little pellets in the mornings - with the pumps on, so he has to chase them around; it seems like good enrichment. Then I give them both flakes at night. But I can tell Puzzle doesn't LOVE the flakes like he loves his pellets. He'll eat anything, because he's Puzzle, but he almost seems to get bored and drift away after a minute or so. And I haven't even bothered trying to offer Jeff pellets in awhile because he just swims up to them and goes "PAH" and sends them flying and makes a mess. But I was like, maybe he's reconsidered. So he ate pellets! And Puzzle was SO EXCITED that his very favourite food was coming out of the pipette tonight! I kid you not, he gobbled almost every single pellet I squirted out, including the ones right in front of Jeff's face. But when I could lure him away momentarily, Jeff would swim out and eat some. Like Puzzle with flakes, though, he wasn't THE MOST excited, and started kind of drifting away. Or he'd spit them out and look at me, like, okay, lady, where's the REAL food? I pulled out the 1mm pellets I had bought awhile ago and tried those, but it turns out they're too big for EVERYONE's mouths! That didn't stop Puzzle from parading around with one in his mouth until he could finally be convinced that it wasn't gonna fit in there. (I sent a couple the scooter's way, as with the tiny pellets too, but she didn't even look at them. ) Then I felt like Jeff hadn't had much to eat, so I went and got some flakes, and Puzzle was still so razzed about getting pellets, even though he ate probably dozens of them, every time I sent a flake Jeff's way, Puzzle would just NYOOM over and eat it and dart back. He did this over and over. I was like, SURELY he has to get full at some point? And then I realized Jeff had actually left the cave I thought he was in, had slunk into the front side cave, put on his stripe "pyjamas", and started sulking. HONESTLY. He started eating when Puzzle calmed down. And Claudette the hermie enjoyed the couple 1mm pellets I left in there. Yes, that was a whole story just about feeding time today. It surprises me how really fond I am of Jeff and Puzzle. They're so quirky and adorable (mostly Puzzle is adorable). They have so much character. They're still having their post-dinner party in the water column, and I'm just watching them like a dork instead of turning the lights off. Cute boys.
  13. Thanks! I've got a heat pad that I'm gonna try, and I may buy him a fleece pouch and see how he likes that. My only reluctance is that his chief delight in life is destroying things, and I don't THINK he'd ingest any fleece, but he does LOVE pulling things apart... He's such a booger. I started him on pain meds in July "to keep him comfortable his last few days." Now it's October. And he's still going on his wheel and base jumping off his furniture. And we're on the fifth bottle of pain meds. I think spite is keeping him alive. One-eyed old man booger. (Tissue and sock are to prevent his tiny feet slipping through the slats in his log house, which happened once. Note the shredded tissue and wicker toy debris in the background.)
  14. Jeff and Puzzle have started having little parties in the water column after they've eaten and before I turn the lights off. It's so cute. They go swimming all around the tank together. And I CANNOT get a video or even a pic of them because Jeff is such a squirrelly little butt! He disappears as soon as I even get close. I am very proud to report that The Saddest Trumpet Coral is now pretty much as big as a $15 frag. AND the eagle eyes have made even more baby polyps. I think everyone should be impressed at my coral-growing skills. (The brown paly is starting to pop heads up all over the place, but it still looks very ragged lately.) Little scooter is enjoying her mysis, but nothing else. NAFB didn't get any possums this week. Just a short update while I wait for my replacement water to heat up. (My room is chilly! My fishy friends are fine, but my old man hamster is basically a bag of bones and I'm trying to chill-proof his tank. Need a hamster aquarium heater.) (Peanut Butter and Anchovy have ample fat to keep them warm, do not fear for them.) (Happy October.) EDIT:
  15. Yeah, the exact kind I wanted most. (Though I'd settle for any possum.) That gives me a little hope...! The store posted about them on Thurs and I went in yesterday (Fri). There were a lot of dozy/sick looking fish. I'm guessing they haven't been there long.