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  1. Zoa placement, is this zoa reaching for light?

    thanks clown, you are always so helpful thank you. Added additional 3% to blues and UV Blues 40% and UV 9%. Will do 3% each week. Are there indicators when things are dialed in? thanks again
  2. So, Would this Zoa be considered stretching for light? Other zoas at same level in tank are barely off frag base. Using AI hydra HD LED. Blues around 37% at max of light cycle. All coral doing OK. Some growth but young tank. Side note: I have added an Acan Lord. Its colors are most vivid on part that faces the glass. The back side of acan (maybe more direct light) What placement do people like for their Acan Lords. Do they prefer shade? As always thanks for advice!
  3. What would you do?

    Reefer all the way
  4. sick wrasse?

    thanks Jesseatm, I am afraid the wrasse did not make it. When I cam home from work he was at the bottom of tank. sucks That is good info about dottybacks and wrasse's.
  5. Torch Looking Weird

    I am new to this, coral's poop out of months, or could be ejecting excessive zooxanthallae
  6. AI hydra 26 package

    I'm from North Dakota, Curse of the Viking got us again SKOL Have a good one
  7. AI hydra 26 package

    not many people use the phrase "lower 48". Any change you are fellow Alaskan?
  8. sick wrasse?

    swimming well, I have a splendid dotty back that has a reputation to be aggressive but I have not seen out of him and was added last. But if injury would be the suspect. The wrasse bullied him when added. I'll read up on dropsy. I read that wrasse are prone to urinary infections that can swell abdomen. thanks for the help!
  9. sick wrasse?

    Not really, looks like scales aren't lining up right due to swollen abdomen. There is a little white bulge nears its anus, or maybe his anus. Can't believe I am talking about a fishes anus
  10. sick wrasse?

    It's abdomen looks swollen, and he threw food up today. His right side looks normal and healthy. All other fish looking good. any ideas? I added a splendid dottyback about two weeks ago, they have not been fighting that I have seen. Other live stock, 2 clowns, cleaner shrimp 1 hermit and a few snails.
  11. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Please keep posting, I have been battling a small cyano problem for months. I will be curious if returns.
  12. Phosphate testing and results

    hanna low range, always 0.00
  13. So update if anyone following Removed a big rock to help flow weeks ago. Added marine pure balls to sump (12) and removed GFO weeks ago. Have a diatom bloom after adding marine pure ball or removing gfo, it is dying down. Cyano minimal, but making a come back as diatoms fade. Back to zero. Tested today nitrate 2 red sea PO4 0 Hanna low range current plan; good maintenance and water change schedule, letting it runs it course. Thoughts?
  14. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    I new to tanks, so far so good. Calcium is low, runs around 360, ALK 8.4-8.7, mag 1400s. I don't have much to compare to, but easy to find at local Petco. Dissolves well. Did have some residue build up, but I was mixing too long in advance. I make it about a day before WC and salt water container clean. Don't have any complaints, but I am just now getting ready to put more into coral growth. Was looking at RSCP, but expensive and not cared at only store in my town.
  15. What Salt Brand Do You Use

    Instant Ocean