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  1. thanks everyone, Sounds simple, less costly then dosing pumps.
  2. I am struggling with maintaining steady Alkalinity and Ca. I have been dosing manually with Red Sea Foundation KH and Ca. It is working, but not as stable as I wish. Been reading on Kalk with ATO method. Looking for peoples experience with Kalk or how you manage your Alkalinity and Ca
  3. I am a big fan of Aquasd.com. They have what you see is what you get for the most part and have many of the corals you listed in various colors. They have always thrown in a freebie with every order I have made. Check you their website. www.aquasd.com
  4. I really enjoy my Red Tuxedo Urchin, it is my wife's favorite thing in the tank. However, does not eat my GHA, I know right!. Blows right by it and living off of my coralline algae. Little due is fun to watch and always has something funny on his head or trying to pull around a large frag and wearing snails. if anyone has ideas on how to encourage my urchin to each GHA, PLEASE advice!
  5. Nice to find a fellow Alaskan on the forum. Which Petco do you like? Not sure if this relevant or not, but to add to the discussion about Oxygen in the tank. Although you have suffienct surface agitation, I would consider the level of co2 in your home. Up here we keep our houses pretty closed up during the winter and newer homes have very high energy rating that can result in more co2 than ideal. In addition, your tank is in the basement, Co2 is heavier than oxygen I believe. In a air tight home with windows closed, family breathing out co2, pets, and in tank in basement, you may have high co2 in home, so surface agitation or not may not oxygenating your water. Although your PH seems right on and better than mine. Wood heat by chance? Just some thoughts.
  6. I fought cyano for awhile, wasn't super bad. but wanted to stay ahead of it. After a couple of months I broke down and did chemiclean. It worked for me. Cyano came back, I add refugium, copepods and reverse lighting for refugium and it died away. I wish you luck. I did a lot of home work on this, and seems pretty typical in new tanks that stared with dry rocks and low nutrients. Did you start with dry rocks? There is also something about a ratio with nitrate and phosphate, I never could wrap my head around the science of this one. If you are going to get phosphate test, avoid hanna Low range, useless. People seem to like the Hanna ultra low range. Good luck,
  7. I have mine on washer's cold water and waste doing down the drain. So far no problems
  8. thanks for the suggestions. I do buy fish at same place, Petco. The staff is knowledgeable and hobbyist themselves. Don't know anything about their distributor.
  9. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the input
  10. Salinity 1.025 and stable Temp controlled by apex 77.3-77.6 PH peaks at 8.15 ish and losw is 7.85. Always have had low PH and gets worse during winter. I certainly do hope it is as simple as unexplained losses. Tank looks pretty good overall.
  11. thanks all, Over nine or so months I have lost fish that have been fine for 2-3 months. NOT 2-3 a month. Poor writing on my part. I loose fish that have done fine for 2-3 months.
  12. Hello, I have red sea reefer 170 (34g display and 9g sump) I have the original clowns that added after cycle and they are healthy, over 15months ago. However I keep loosing fish after 2-3month of them doing fine, this has been going on for approx. 9 months. I feel I do a good job acclimating. Most recently lost a bangai cardinal and diamond Goby within a few days of each other. Holding off on adding more fish for now. A more experienced reefer came over to look at the dead diamond goby, thought no disease. Do not feel it starved as I have added copepods with fuge with pom pom algae, able to target feed it, and belly looked good. My reefer friend thinks was stress from clowns, but I have only seen aggression from the female to the male, no aggression toward other fish ever. Unexplained losses: Royal Grammer Diamond goby 3 Bangai Cardinals Current Live stock: 2 clowns (original) cleaner shrimp (original) red tuxedo urchin strawberry Crab (I think, have not seen in a long time) Few snails Corals: All looking petty good. Do have 2 zoa that could be doing better. 3 euphilla, they look great! leather, looks good several zoas 2 favia Montipora, growing like crazy! Brain Scoly, looks great mushroom 2 (split) ricordia mushroom 2 candy cane, both growing well. Water params: DKH 9.3 (dosing 0.6 dkh daily, red sea Element B) Hanna test Ca 450 (dosing 8ppm daily Red Sea element A) Red sea test Mg 1480 rea sea test PO 0.00 (hanna Low Range, worthless, I have never gotten reading over 0) Nitrate: 1 (have GHA and some cyano, nothing crazy) Red Sea test Are low nitrates bad for fish? Thoughts? Any help figuring out the root cause would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I also have a reefer 170. I just purchased as in sump refugium. I really like the idea of stock top off reservoir as fuge as you have it. Looks like you just let the pump over flow it into the sump. Does create much noise? Are you happy with it?