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  1. phosphate test, what?????

    going to purchase the Hanna H713 low range phosphate test. As always, thank for the info!!
  2. OK, so have recently moved into keeping corals. 3 Basic LPs and a single montipora cap???? something or another but very common one and red. LPS are Frog spawn, candy cane and lavender mushroom. LFS stated don't have to become obsessed with ca, mg, and dkh but I want to do right by my corals. Tank is approx. 80 days old. Purchased CA (red sea , hanna dkh, Mg (red sea), and Po4 test (salifert). Instant Ocean salt. CA 335, dkh 9.5-9.9, mg 1320. Not great, but this is why I stared with LPS. Po4 test read zero, I thought "that is odd". Then realized that it was 0.03 to 3.0 ppm PO4 (salifert). this is high range test correct? It seems that there are a lot of PO4 test on the market, some are simply identified as PO4 test, and others "high" "low" "ultra low". What do people use? I guess I am glad that have no more than 0.03 phosphates, but need a low end test right?. What do you experienced reefers prefer and use. I hate color tests, they are pretty subjective in my opinion. Was looking at Hanna phosphate test, but there are many of them H blah blah blah and H blah blah blah, and this reagent with for this and this reagent if for that. Something simple that feels complex for first go at it. Advice and recommendations please Thank you, PS; have had corals for about 2 weeks and all doing well
  3. What are peoples thoughts on Pajama Cardinals

    I went with royal Gramma. He hide out the first few days but not starting to make regular appearances in the tank. I dig its colors, and quickly becoming wife's favorite fish.
  4. Another what fish should get next post!

    picked up a royal Gramma yesterday. Has not been 24 hrs yet, and he has found a safe place in the rocks. I am looking forward to seeing him come out. I know this is typical for newly introdued royal grammas but it is exactly what my tail spot blenny did, and he did not make it. so little anxious.
  5. Another what fish should get next post!

    Thanks clown, I am liking the idea of royal gamma, check out at store today. Said to say, it is confirmed that my tail spot blenny did not make it. Going to watch water param for next day or two and probably get a royal gamma. From what I can tell, they are fairly visible (not hole dwellers) fish, great color and peaceful.
  6. Candy cane pistol shrimp awol

    Off topic, But I really like the coral in center of aqua scape, the one with red outer ring. What kind of coral is that?
  7. Which clown fish should I get

    Those look like great prices for pairs of clowns.
  8. Another what fish should get next post!

    read up on royal gramma and wrasse both are carnivores and I am like the idea of everything in tank eating same food, probably silly. I am currently feeding flakes with garlic and mysis about 1 or twice a week for a treat. I have a tail spot blenny I got about 6 days ago. Haven't seen in 4 days, fear might be dead but water param stable and good. Also I have not seen the invertebrates going crazy. Afraid of adding anything that will spoke the TSP more than it is. I plan on holding off till know if TSB still alive. As always, I appreciate your thoughts. Will carnivores eat flakes that are "for all marine fish". I guess I think of flakes as herbivore stuff. Am I wrong on this one?
  9. so have 34g display. Currently have 2 clowns Tail Spot Blenny (I hope still alive have not seen in several day, parameters and behavior of invertebrates do not indicate it is died) cleaner shrimp various snails totaling 11 Will be adding pom pom crab or porcelain crab if one becomes available I think I prefer omnivores or herbivores considering: 2 pajama cardinals fire golby 2 chromis Open to other suggestions, Only one LFS in state and Petco, so options limited Love to hear peoples thoughts and experiences
  10. So looking to add a couple more fish 34g display 9 g sump day 70 of tank Currently have 2 clowns, 1 tailspot blenny (I think, it has not shown it face in about 5 days) added a week ago. Tank has returned to balance, zero nitrite and ammonia less than 10 nitrate so thinking about pajama cardinal. I think they would add some color and seem to hang out in middle to upper area of tank What have people's experiences been with them. Looking to add 2. thoughts?
  11. Tailspot blenny never coming out

    I was glad to find this post. I got a TSB 4 days ago. I could find him in his hole for the first 2 days then I lost track of him. I have no idea where he is, if it has eaten anything. No idea. I hope it begins to show its face. Cool looking fish, but never see it. I hope still alive! It appear that this is common and the post gives me some hope that it will come out.
  12. 20L hydra 26 hd height and settings

    I have the AI hydra 26 HD. I checked out the above web site. How do you open the file? Can you upload it to program to manage the light?
  13. A slime like substance?

    change my socks about every 4-5 days. Rinse with hot tap water to get junk out. Run through hot water wash in washing machine. Dry for several days before using again. I did phosguard in sock about 5 days prior to noticing it. Threw away when I saw the slime like stuff and changed sock. Been winning battle with cyano, not sure if relevant or not. Skimmate light tea color Curious what you guys think.
  14. A slime like substance?

    so, a few days ago I noticed a string like structure coming out of the pores of my filter sock (red sea Mesh 200). I went to grab it to feel it and see if had a source and it was imposible to hold in hand, thing like water. Would try to grab a get nothing. Almost looks like white snot, but less thing. So changed filter sock. A few day later, same thing again. The picture is of it consolidated, it is not just bubbles when sock left alone it begins to slip out of the pores, imaging a bunch of individual spider threads coming through tiny pores of the bag. Any ideas let me know Water params fine, no issues there.
  15. Please Join Me a Moment of Silence

    don't know what that spoiler thing is. Anyhow, I look forward to hearing what you think when you get your lid.