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  1. brianinak

    could this be anything other than dinos?

    thanks sea bass. I blew on the bubbles with turkey baster, and cyano piled off under it. So I am relieved that most likely cyano bubbles and not dinos. Hope I am using word right, my mechanical filter are sock, bubble trap (sponge, that I rinse every week with water change) and running some floss and changing every 3rd day. I think I am going to assess the areas you identified and give chemi clean a try. thank for the help!
  2. brianinak

    could this be anything other than dinos?

    I definitely have cyano and the air bubbles seem to be on top and coming from the Cyano. Could the air bubbles be part of the cyano metabolizing?
  3. Hello, I have been fighting Cyano (again), and notice these air bubble. First thought of course Dinos. There is no green algae part with bubbles on top as many dino pictures have and it is concentrated on top of cyano area with lower flow areas. The picture is not great but the white ball things are defiantly air bubbles. could it be anything other than Dinos? Tank is 10 months old. Water quality good, probably b/c cyano eating up the phosphates and nitrates. I have never had a phosphate reading (hanna low range) and with or without cyano in tank nitrates 2. Using RODI, regular maintenance and do not feel I over feed. Skimate is light to dark tea color and has been getting darker over past couple of months. Run carbon and GFO. Stopped GFO when won first battle with Cyano, Cyano came back and stared with GFO in reactor again. Run carbon Please help, I getting warn down
  4. brianinak

    Hanna Checkers - Thoughts/Experiences?

    I have never had a reading other than 0.00 with low range phosphate. ULR is on my wishlist
  5. from my initial reading can become numerous but not harmful
  6. I think you are right, Well done Granite Reefer. Here is a better pic. It matches well with pics from internet.
  7. brianinak

    Hanna Checkers - Thoughts/Experiences?

    low range phosphate waste of money, go with Ultra low for phosphates. The DKH is worth it!
  8. I found a couple of these guys in my glass. Been doing a bit of research and I'm not sure if Nudibranch, stomatella , or something else. Could it be baby astrea? Very tiny and pick was with camera zoomed al the way. I have spotted about 4. they seem to like the glass. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  9. brianinak

    Coralline or GHA?

    my coralline on dry rocks also started off as light green and has darkened as system matures +1 to if it scraps off GHA if not coralline algae
  10. Hello, I have recently discovered these egg looking things all over tank. they rub off real easy. Hope they are friendly! Any ideas Live stock nasssarius snails 5 cerith 1-2 aestria snails 3 hermits 4 cleaner shrimp strawberry crab (recently added within past two weeks), largest variable for egg looking things 2 clowns 1 splendid dottyback Hitch hikers vermitid snail, I crush them when I see them. White tube worm things all over tank, had aiptashia but irradicated many corals, but don't thing that is it. Newest ones added approx. 4-5 weeks ago Ideas?
  11. brianinak

    is ths bleaching

    Clown79 thanks clown, I always value your advice. I have a beautiful hammer that one head looking bad, assuming from aiptasha X. Guy at aquaSD, (they are great and I strongly recommend them) suggested iodine dip. I have ordered it but will not in till Monday. Tissue now starting to come off of the one head, afraid will not make it. Considering diluting some coral rx, that I have to dip it or drug store iodine. Any suggestions or advice?
  12. brianinak

    is ths bleaching

    thank you
  13. Hello all, I hope I don't kick myself for posting having beaten cyano My intent is to share my experience to support others. In short, had minor cyano problem. Live sand dry rocks for cycle. Months, hundreds of dollars on reactor and maxspect gyre, etc. Tried with gfo, without gfo, starved the tank increase flow, extra power head and a lot of flow. 3 day lights out a couple of time all No help. Water params constant and good. 0.00 phosphate (hanna low range, a waste of money in my opinion); 2-5 nitrates (red sea) etc. Even after cyano disappeared no change in these numbers. After a lot of research I just accepted that phase that new tanks go through especially with dry rock and low nutrients. Steady consistent maintenance, weekly water changes. I would suck out cyano with each water change. One week, it never came back. It has been 3-4 weeks now cyano free. My hope here is that other's can find hope and learn from my experience so that other's can spare themselves the stress, self doubt, and frustration. Patience, good maintenance, weekly removal is what worked for me. It was months! but gone. Fear as I go look at my tank right now it will be back for making this post.
  14. brianinak

    is ths bleaching

    This happened shortly after using a Aipashia X. Not sure if this result of Aiptashia X or bleaching. Plan is to do iodine dip. However, can't get Lugol's iodine shipped to me. Was going to use some iodine from drug story. Any suggestion and dosage? Thank you in advance!
  15. brianinak

    Do apex controllers last?

    I have 3rd hand used apex classic, no problems. I agree that it being kept separate from sumps important.