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  1. Sherman, I have removed the gfo. I'll test in two days and see if phosphates come above 0. Feel partly like working against myself. But, the further I dig into cyano the more I find that very common in new tanks around the 3-4 month period and like yourself, other's state that partly due to Low nutrients. I'll keep you posted.
  2. I do not dose bacteria. I'll take out the gfo and see what happens. thanks for help
  3. I am running GFO in mini reactor. Do you suggest removing the GFO and just running carbon?
  4. I am continues to read up on cyano and dino. think I can rule out dinos. I have come across a few post that cyano thrives in low nutrient tanks, Sherman had also made a reference. One of the first things I did was double up on water changes to two a week, and reduce nutrient input, back to one a week now. My water params are good. Could this be part of the problem?
  5. zero phos remover. I have been minizing food due being afraid introducing too many nutrients. Think I need to Ultra low range hanna checker.
  6. Not dosing anything siphon it out regularly running skimmer, wet skimming very light tea color Using the hanna low range phosphate. Never have gotten anything other than 0.00. nitrate between 2 and 5 red sea.
  7. Yep current pics. The cyano is gaining ground. I am trying to stay ahead of it, before it becomes an infestation. I like your suggestions and should be part of daily routine. blasting the rocks and sand.
  8. thinking of simply hitting portions of sand bed with turkey baster daily, see if has impact on the cyano. Intent being to insure that detritus not building up, and clean the sand a bit at a time and see if protein skimmer starting pulling out more organics, would identify that sand bed is housing more nutrients that bio load can process at this time. Worry that will spread the cyano. Am I going down the right path here?
  9. From what I gathered from the post you recommended was a "RIP" cleaning would take care of the problem, the origin of problem being the sand. This is my first go at this. I did not rinse the sand when setting up the tank. On this line of thinking could one use a small pump and blow the sand around, allowing the mechanical filtration to filter out sand. Would this be a viable option? I would assume there would be risks for such an approach. Going to research rip cleaning.
  10. Here is better picture. This was taken will all light on so not influenced by blue spectrum Hope this is helpful
  11. Brandon429 Not sure how my tank would do with drop test. I do vacuum sand bed, but could be more OCD about it Here are some pics not sure how helpful the substrate one will be I have manually removed with vinyl tubing prior to water change. Do you think that adding some more nasurris snails (have 2) or hermits (have 3) helpful for cleaning the sand?
  12. I am running carbon in mini reactor. Not dosing it. Is that the same or different?
  13. I did decrease lighting time. I have AI hydra 26 HD. Running blues at 33%, reds 7%, green and white 4%. Would be curious what other hydra owners run at. I have soft and LPS