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  1. brianinak

    Red Sea Reefer 170 Build.

    I also have a reefer 170. I just purchased as in sump refugium. I really like the idea of stock top off reservoir as fuge as you have it. Looks like you just let the pump over flow it into the sump. Does create much noise? Are you happy with it?
  2. I have also had a drop in alk and ca. I added new sand. Read that adding new substrate can cause drop ca and alk.
  3. brianinak

    Chalk Bass, what have people experienced

    l did get the chalk bass. So far he is the perfect gentleman and eating well. Does not seem to out compete others for food. Spends fair amount of time visible and in a cave. Looks great under the antic lights. So far happy with purchase.
  4. I am considering a chalk bass or two for my tank. Curious about other's experiences. Have been doing some homework, they seem to get high praises. Have come across that 34g display maybe to small for 2 on only a few sites. Tank 36g display 2 clowns 2 bangai cardinals 1 diamond Goby cleaner shrimp (larger than chalk bass) Strawberry crab red tuxedo cussion variouis hermits and snail various coroal. Would love to hear what peoples experiences have been with them,
  5. Thanks Clown, Always value your input.
  6. Nice, I'll keep you posted. I need an alternative to reefing habit 🙂
  7. Long story short, I stared a little 10g tank to house a naughty splendid dotty back while I added fish to main tank then planned to re introduce the dottyback (he was a killer) as new kid on the block hoping that he can live in harmony with existing fish. Also thought it would be good to have what I need for a quarantine in the future. I figured why not add some sand and let it mature and diatom in little tank with plan to add to main tank. Sand and tank have been up for close to 3 weeks. In my main tank I have sucked out so much sand during cyano battle (chemiclean won the battle) and I now have a diamond goby and have ordered copepods and refugium in hopes of sustaining the goby. So more and sounded like good idea. So I have had sand maturing in little tank with intent to add some to main. Rinsed sand very well before went into little tank and the sand is a bit bigger then what is in tank and passes the drop test very very well. dotty back jumped out of small gap in lid and I found him on the floor today when I got home. Bummer, I invested a lot to keep this guy around. I am very sad as is my 7yo. Anyhow, plan is to take some of this sand out and put in display tank. Going to use pcp pipe and do my best to not to spread it all over the rocks. The new sand has not diatomed yet, and guess I am not that worried about diatoms. My tank has seen worse. Just wanted to check and see if I have missed anything with this idea and see if other's had suggestions. Thanks as always!
  8. brianinak

    wanting to add copepods to systtem

    Ordered copepods and phytoplankton from algaebarn. Ordered that in sump refugium. Thank for the help!
  9. brianinak

    wanting to add copepods to systtem

    thanks again clown and seabass!
  10. brianinak

    wanting to add copepods to systtem

    thanks Clown, soap sponge holder is brilliant. This is noob question, but light would be necessary if wanted to keep in sump correct?
  11. brianinak

    wanting to add copepods to systtem

    Seabass, Alternative to hamster ball https://www.marinedepot.com/CPR_CITR_2_In_Tank_Refugium_no_pump_Internal_Refugiums_Sumps-CPR-CR03382-FIRFIR-vi.html# Would place in sump of reefer 170 (should fit with some rearranging. Would put in existing marine pure balls and possibly add some macro algae and a light. Thoughts? Anything that I am missing? Think sump would have enough circulation. Goal would be to house copepod population and cheato.
  12. brianinak

    wanting to add copepods to systtem

    thanks everyone. I have been a little copepod research. Sounds like you simply pour them in. I am thinking about using by return chamber to house some cheato, then that would give the copepods a place to hide and reproduce. Could it be as simple as putting some macro algae and containing it? Putting a light in sump area would be very simple. I have also read about the reverses lighting as way to stabilize PH. I researching more with intent to harbor a copepod population for Diamond Goby. Regarding cheato, could it be as simple as putting some in a hamster ball and put in sump with light?
  13. Recently got a diamond goby, sand looks beautiful! I believe I have established copepods as I have seen them on the glass, but not in a long time. Want to ensure that diamond goby has food supply. Tank is Reefer 170, 34g display and 9g sump. Celebrating 1 year next month! In return chamber I have added Maine pure bio ball for extra biological filtration. Thinking of ordering copepods and wonder if one must have a refugium and if the marine pure would provider them shelter and safety. Any ideas for simple refugium would be awesome!
  14. brianinak

    could this be anything other than dinos?

    thanks for into. I did chemiclean and so far so good. my RODI is TDS 0, but I need to test the water. I am pretty sure it was cyano, the bubbles just freaked me out. It is all gone now. I do know I need to pin down the root. Not bio load, only 3 fish in reefer 170 (43g) various inverts and corals. Medium CUC. It seems light can fuel cyano but nutrients the culprit thanks for in the info.
  15. brianinak

    could this be anything other than dinos?

    thanks sea bass. I blew on the bubbles with turkey baster, and cyano piled off under it. So I am relieved that most likely cyano bubbles and not dinos. Hope I am using word right, my mechanical filter are sock, bubble trap (sponge, that I rinse every week with water change) and running some floss and changing every 3rd day. I think I am going to assess the areas you identified and give chemi clean a try. thank for the help!