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  1. Get a divorce lawyer on retainer.
  2. Oh, it works. The official* idea is that instead of asking to do something you’re stating that you WILL be doing something. You’re not giving the option for a “NO” but, giving a choice, involving the other party in the decision making while directing them towards your preferred outcome. Mine is usually I can’t decide between an extra beer or some whiskey, and I always get the extra beer. Thing is, you win regardless of the outcome. * Not official.
  3. Women are easy (sorry not sorry ladies). Its too too late for you to pull this now, but next time you give two options with the thing you want being the “lesser of two evils” so to speak. Here’s an example... You: Hey wife, I been thinking. I’ve decided I’m either gonna start an aquarium that would look great in (location) or attend every Super Bowl for the next ten years. They’ve both been a goal I would like to achieve but I’m not sure which direction I should go. Wife: Husband, attending that many super bowls would be prohibitively expensive and would take time away from me and the kids. Just set up your little fish thing while I open your beer and wash these dishes. You: (For the extra points) You’re right wife, I can always count on you to help me make the tough financial calls around here. Go ahead and pour that beer into a frosty mug for me. You'll thank me.
  4. I don’t know what kind of light you have but if it’s an adjustable color led turn the blues off and leave only the whites on and see if that helps with photos.
  5. Tank has been wet for over four months. You can use dry rock dry sand and salt water, not dose or feed or add a damn thing and it will still be cycled in that time. Or damn near it anyway.
  6. 1891Bro

    Coral Fight Club

    @micoastreefing knows what I’m saying.
  7. 1891Bro

    Coral Fight Club

    Yeah I’m gonna help the revive to ask why no one noticed a blue dick growing in this photo?
  8. Bumping. Still got the IM hydrofill. Local pickup and taking 25 bucks. For the sake of planet earth don’t let all this plastic end up in a landfill.
  9. Yeah pretty much. Where’d you find a gif of that guy that used to cook at a Waffle House I used to go to? Really though, w/out photos I’ll trust there’s “real live feather dusters” and that’s as live as it gets. On the other hand... 🖐 lol. Editing to add... and then I looked at the photo above this post. That rock is just fine and the damsel is in the care of the keeper. If anything starts dying off it’s not from lack of nitrifying bacteria.
  10. That’s enough proof that the rock is good and live. Looks like the real reef rock or whatever it’s called to me. Maybe the LFS throws it in their system to liven it up and get a higher markup on it. If I’m wrong then it is crazy nice. Gotta throw this in. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/the-microbiology-of-reef-tank-cycling.214618/
  11. Should be fine seeing you keep it well groomed. You just planning to siphon it out with the water?
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