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  1. 1891Bro

    CBS & YWG symbiotic?!

    Confused, bi, curious... its hard to know for sure.
  2. 1891Bro

    Mixing Foundations A and B

    That’s what I meant. 😉
  3. 1891Bro

    For a BioCube 14

    I’ve seen longer. And that’s just length. They’re fairly bulky for a small cube. It’s your tank though. Just get a small one right?
  4. 1891Bro

    For a BioCube 14

    They get pretty damn big.
  5. 1891Bro

    Mixing Foundations A and B

    You don’t mean to mix them together do you? you can dilute them in separate containers before dosing. Pretty sure you’re not even supposed to add them in tank at the same time. I dunno. Maybe you have different two part. Edit: a bit drunk and vague but maybe y’all get the jist.
  6. 1891Bro

    Faux RODI @ LFS???

    If you’re gonna buy jugged water just get distilled.
  7. 1891Bro

    Where's Waldo?

  8. 1891Bro

    Watchu look’n at?

    Don’t take it the wrong way. I just hate crabs. After that one time.... anyway, I hate shrimp too.
  9. 1891Bro

    Is it true??

    I know I remember reading about it when I first got into the hobby. I don’t know if it was other aquarium keepers making the mistake or if the camels were being wrongly labeled by sellers. Either way, I’m still anti any shrimp in my tank after my experience with the “reef safe” (my ass) cleaner shrimp. Now that was a satisfying flush.
  10. 1891Bro

    Watchu look’n at?

    Just a matter of time. Ticktockticktock
  11. Well, I’m no Chef Boyardee but, I’m pretty sure that ####er would be a bit tastier boiled and buttered.
  12. 1891Bro

    Planing on AI Prime HD for 10 gallon - Unless...

    Without rereading everything I think I was agreeing with you. Who knows.
  13. 1891Bro

    how many drip acclimate?

    Maybe get into escargot.
  14. 1891Bro

    Wet & Salty

    The thread title seems like it should be the title of some nasty 90s rap song.
  15. 1891Bro

    IM Nuvo 10 help

    Guess you don’t get out enough.