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  1. 1891Bro

    Mad hammer

    The worm is just doing it’s thing. That coral is a goner.
  2. 1891Bro

    How to add fish to coral only tank

    Just put them in. Stop overthinking it.
  3. Slacking in the wc. Bout to do one now. God damn back to work tomorrow. Three photos of the lepto.
  4. 1891Bro

    Worms...good or bad? Keep or remove?

    You got worms.
  5. 1891Bro


    A really quite what system?
  6. 1891Bro

    "Shocking" electrical issue...

    Bit of both. Lol. No as in yes. If you’re reading voltage with everything off have you tried with everything unplugged? If there is a possibility of an electrical hazard you should hire a pro.
  7. 1891Bro

    "Shocking" electrical issue...

    It’s not dumb or dangerous. It’s apples and oranges compared to getting a possible 120 resi voltage through the chest if you’re grounded. Instead of playing with cheap amazon DMMs hire someone to diagnose.
  8. 1891Bro

    "Shocking" electrical issue...

    Fine. I understand that. It’s voltage. Same as a stun gun. Without the Amps it’s harmless. Maybe make you piss or shit yourself, like a stun gun. But harmless. Unless you have a pacemaker. That’s different though. Something being made of metal doesn’t equal a path to ground either.
  9. 1891Bro

    "Shocking" electrical issue...

    No. And the earlier post referring to black and red leads on the DMM tell me you don’t know how to use it either. Reading will be the same with either a positive or negative value depending on what you’re reading.
  10. 1891Bro

    "Shocking" electrical issue...

    He’s fine. Not any smarter though.
  11. 1891Bro

    "Shocking" electrical issue...

    Regular people aren’t gonna spend money on Fluke. I’m not gonna spend money on them. I can just steal one from whatever wormo Kontractor I’m working for. What does that even mean? You can take a ####zillion (this is a new unit Measuring potential, look it up) volts as long as there’s no path to ground.
  12. 1891Bro

    Star fish?

    If it could cure dead coral and destroy hair algae you’d have it made.
  13. 1891Bro

    Clownfish hosting

    Yeah, people are dumb. I’m just drunk but I get sobered. Can’t fix stupid though.
  14. 1891Bro


  15. 1891Bro


    ¿Donde esta la mota?