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  1. Renewing sand? help?

    I don't see it having any negative effects. You should be fine.
  2. Renewing sand? help?

    I'd say, just to play on the safe side, drain water, remove rock and coral and such and keep in in the drained water or new water mixed to same salinity and temp. Then rinse and clean the old sand real good, toss any of the water used to rinse, you can rinse it in freshwater. What I'm getting at is just clean the old sand real good and you can reuse it. I still say to rinse the new sand too.
  3. Renewing sand? help?

    Also, how deep? How cruddy is it? Has it been setup a long time and does it get regularly stirred and cleaned? if it's just a newly cycled tank w/o livestock you won't have any problems at all just do it. If not it's a whole nother can o worms but can be done as long as you remove all livestock to a qt or just a bucket while you make the swap, and don't reuse any of the water that's left with the sand when you start removing it. Another thing, disregard the do not rinse instructions on the new stuff. Rinse it good, you'll be glad you did.
  4. SKYYE LED 18?

    Add nps too, I hear those things love that light.
  5. Kessil headquarters

    I guess if someone wanted to they could do track lighting with par 38s but honestly I have no idea. I would bet it's been done in a big public aquarium somewhere if it's been done before. That's way up in the north bay. No wonder all those kessil reps are always at the lfs.
  6. Kessil headquarters

    Yup that's how track lighting usually works. Where is their hq at?
  7. NEW: Leak Detection Kit (LDK) from Neptune Systems

    Yeah I thought this type of thing was going on for quite some time.
  8. Biocube 29 water level below min

    Wish I coulda been there for that.
  9. And it's easy to do. Dump in a bunch of freshwater like just top it off all the way to the top lol. The evap will slowly bring it back to normal. Edit: Of course measure salinity as you're doing it and don't go too low so as not to stress coral. You know what I mean though. Meet in the middle.
  10. Paper work 3-5 years? Hope you never get audited. I just buy distilled. Though I drive about .3 mile to the cvs so I'm not toting it. I live in an 850 foot squared apt. A lot of people here live in flyover country where you can get a giant apartment with washer dryer for next to nothing. I know about the space limitations, rodi unit or food storage? Yeah I'll take the food. I don't know what to tell you would be easier using public trans though. I can tote 3 milk gallon jugs per hand but you got too many tanks for that to work out very well.
  11. Bluefish Not Working

    I'm convinced, based on all the threads available if you google it, that bluefish is junk.
  12. IM 10 Fusion Loud Pump

    Now that's a quiet pump.
  13. Angry-Monkey's IM Nuvo 10 - Tank crash

    So where did you get it though?
  14. IM 10 Fusion Loud Pump

    Yup. You check just to make sure the water is still flowing. I know.
  15. Nuvo 10 Bedroom tank

    Only flow I have is the sicce .5. Same tank. No deaths yet.