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  1. 1891Bro

    Lighting and BTA

    Lighting doesn’t magically make algae.
  2. Also it needs to be introduced. I agree with you. The “new tank uglies” are not a part of anything real. Should be renamed “new user #### ups”.
  3. Just read this. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/the-microbiology-of-reef-tank-cycling.214618/
  4. 1891Bro

    ID Help Please....

    Yeah. Don’t reply to these ID threads anymore....
  5. See the theme? Do this. Do it 100 and 10%
  6. 1891Bro

    Mounting corals to back wall

    It’s fine. I remove rocks with attached coral during waterchange all the time. The plugs on the sand too. Gotta get that sand bed violently siphoned. Every few minutes I’ll just run the siphon hose over the coral so it doesn’t get too chapped. Plenty of coral gets exposed for hours during low tide in nature and they seem to live.
  7. 1891Bro

    Reef Roids in Nano tank

    I use it a few times a week w/o skimmer. Usually don’t even target feed it. No issues.
  8. 1891Bro

    What Is This?

    How’d you get the nem to ride around on a shrimps back?
  9. 1891Bro

    Anyone else find it relaxing ?

    What, is that a nug jug I see or am I not getting the hidden deal?
  10. 1891Bro

    IM ten gallons of #winning

    Not enough. No where to store more than a couple extra.
  11. 1891Bro

    Issue with rr gold nugget monti

    Also, all replies from @the camaro show from this point on are just... @mbarton2010
  12. 1891Bro

    Issue with rr gold nugget monti

    God damn it. I’m on vacation and I get this. Man this is great. @the camaro show I dub thee new Derrick. Unless you got some bowfront with a dead nem and a puffer. Then you’d just be old Derrick. Many thanks to you @seabass .
  13. 1891Bro

    SPS Basics

    End the suspense, they dead yet? Edit: Too soon?
  14. 1891Bro

    IM ten gallons of #winning

    Distilled water on sale at CVS. #winning