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  1. How does the ATI light do? Is it good? I'm looking at getting an 8 bulb for a 100g.
  2. Y'all just love reading my comments don't you? Lol don't think I'm trolling either.
  3. I was about to say, when I first started reading it, "sounds like a Derrick" haha
  4. There is no off-topic section to the forums, so I figured I would create an off topic thread!! This is not really a troll just wanna talk non-fish stuff. First, I'm curious what y'all's other hobbies are, non fish related. Personally I play guitar and collect guitars.
  5. I use to keep koi. Had several large ponds I had made in the yard. Still have one 8' by 8' by 8' but it's overgrown and needs work. I should revive it.
  6. There are only 2 LFS here in Panama City, FL.. one is at the beach and is great for live rock because like you said you can pick what you like and they have regular rock and then a tank set up with red Coraline encrusted. Then there's the store downtown that has TONS of coral, all size frags, pretty much anything you could want. They are good for fish too. Surprisingly the store at the beach isn't as good.
  7. Hey, my parents have this large 2-story house and decided there was no reason for us to be paying $1250/month for rent for a 3/bed 2/bath apartment where no utilities were included in rent. We did that for 3 years then decided to move in with Mom and Dad when they offered.
  8. October is a good month for birthdays.. mine is the 9th and my oldest son's is the 10th
  9. Just curious where ppl live and if anyone is close to me. I live in Bay county Florida
  10. If that doesn't work for you, check out Eheim's mini skimmer. I use it in my tank. It is only 5" tall, takes up very little room. It has a simple sponge media and oxegenates the water while it skims.
  11. Well excuse me.. I wouldn't want to ruin your thread by posting irrelevantly as you and many others did in my tank journal threads. I quoted that from vlangel when I was reading her thread and it put it here because my messages updated. You may not care about her tank but I do. Lighten up, at least you haven't had non-tank related chatter in your thread since you started it. I have. It sucks.
  12. I love reading about your tank and it's inhabitants. I have a Samson as well, my blue chromis.. my wife named him. My Doris is like your girls, she commands the most space in the tank and has a very good appetite. She also is getting fat. I read that puffers will eat until they can no longer swim, but float along with the current. Makes me reavaluate how much I'm feeding her, and my other Saddled Toby. :-/
  13. I so wish I had some spare cash on hand so I could join but my $$ going for an RODI unit...
  14. I've seen the green stars, they are nice. Not too familiar with mushrooms.. only one I've seen was brown.
  15. So I'm going to a LFS today. I was wondering what would be the best kind of coral to get for my experience. I am doing well with my pulsing Xenia-I just want something with some color that I won't kill.
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