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  1. Here I sit watching pods roam the glass. They are busy little things. Some are now large enough so that I can see them get sucked into the filter tube and shoot out the waterfall. If pods could speak I wonder if they would be screaming in terror or yelling wheeee after a ride through the filter waterslide. I did see a skeleton or molt of what looked like a small shrimp when I stirred up the bottom. It was about 2 mm in length and a milky white color. I ran to get the turkey baster and a clear glass so I could get a better look at it but of course I could not find it. Lesson learned. The turkey baster is now in the box under the tank.
  2. Would it help to glue the plugs down and give Derp some dice or acrylic items to toss around instead. Do you have any acrylic bird toy parts you could use?
  3. I would split and glue in some clear plastic drinking straws. You could even weave them into a mat first and then glue it in.
  4. I see pods. 😊 Will water changes with store bought filtered sea water be enough to sustain them? I placed an order today but the shop isn't placing an order for another week or two.
  5. I'm still sitting here watching water, rock and the floating thermometer/hydrometer combo, which for now it dead on accurate. I cut down some colored file folders to use as a background and the effect was better than expected.
  6. Summer is coming. Maybe you could trade some tank sitting for some corals. Get a disposable e-mail address and throw an ad up on Craigs List.
  7. You could heat and bend acrylic rods adding a small platform to attach your coral to. I know the rods come in colors but I don't know if you can paint them.
  8. If you look for things from the shallow tide pools at high sun and at the end of low tide, those are probably the most tolerant of temperature swings.
  9. Don't kill the majano. I will take it or you can list it in the Market Place.
  10. Nitrate is at 0 ppm and I had intended on doing a big water change but Jake thought I was taking the water out to take it away and attacked. me. A big water change has to wait until after bed time when he is locked in his cage.
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