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  1. This thread may be of some help to you.
  2. Wingy

    Please help me think this out.

    Yeah my thought was to mix right in the jug, use what I needed and freeze the rest in food saver bags. Water changes are supposed to be so minimal that a gallon will probably be a year worth so freezing is probably my safest bet to always have some on hand.
  3. My inner MacGyver wonders if you could use a dosing system. I know nothing about the feeding process so forgive me if it sounds foolish.
  4. Wingy

    Please help me think this out.

    You had to make me do the math. 😂
  5. Wingy

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    I hope the company is sending a replacement. Is the damage something that can be fixed with superglue for now?
  6. Wingy

    Please help me think this out.

    Mixing 3.5 cups of water is going to be a measuring nightmare. Can I just mix up a gallon of salt water, use what I need and freeze the rest in bags of 3.5 cups each?
  7. Wingy

    Please help me think this out.

    Last month I was gifted a nicely shaped small glass jug with a cork top that holds about 3.5 cups of water. It has a smooth curve at the neck and there is almost no distortion. I have been going back and forth on what I wanted to do with it and today I made the final decision going with Opae Ula. My workplace has been stuggling through numerous HVAC issues and latelly frequent power outtages. I stopped at PetCo and picked up some argonite substrate, a hunk of lava rock and some Instant Ocean Sea Salt as per the recommendation over at SuperShrimp. I'm hoping to get the party started today in hopes of having critters sometime after the new year. Hopefully I can grow algae better than I can grow houseplants. 😅
  8. Did you look into that magnetic feeder for dwarf sea horses that PJReefs has?
  9. Wingy

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    Did you order the white or blue LED? I can't wait to see what you do with it.
  10. Wingy

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    What do we win if we guess and are correct? 😀
  11. Wingy

    Mini Complete Reef

    Any height will be dramatic in such a small space. How about a flat piece of rubble about the size and height of a skipping stone or several pieces of rubble about that thickness stacked to make a shelf along the length?
  12. Wingy

    Have a plan for possible power outage!

    There are some small quiet propane generators on the market now. If your building allows the smaller propane grills on the balcony you should be good with a small generator.
  13. Wingy

    Smiz's Mini Complete Tank

    How about majano anemones. Some are gorgeous and they are almost impossible to kill.
  14. Wingy

    Mini Complete Reef

    I am interested in this tank and am watching your progress.
  15. Wingy

    Mini Complete Reef

    jbb do you have yours together and running yet? I am curious on just how much the pump moves the water and how much noise it makes.