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  1. Fill a zip lock back half full of water and freeze standing up. Divide your foods into 1 month portions, seal in a zip lock getting out as much air as possible. Place the food ziplock into the bad of frozen water, top with more water, remove all air possible and freeze. Every month thaw out a bag to use. The zip locks can be reused. This is how I store things long term.
  2. Did it ship with spares? Can you swap the left and right side pieces?
  3. If your going the route of grating frozen seafood purchase it boat processed and frozen. "Fresh" seafood is often weeks old and has been scrubbed with bleach or soap where as boat processed and frozen usually happens within minutes or hours of catch and it is cleaned with sea water.
  4. For gentle filling during water changes use a funnel with a piece of airline tubing attached to the end. I used a plastic take out soup container, cut a hole in the lid for the funnel, 2 holes in the side and one in the bottom for the airline tubing, attached the airline tubing to the funnel, threaded the airline tubing out through the side back in and through the bottom of the container so that I could pull the tubing up as needed. When I am done everything is air dried and stores in the container.
  5. Are there any updates on the mystery critter? Any new pictures?
  6. With the pieces in the corners like that.
  7. White liquid electrical tape or plastidip.
  8. Put it somewhere safe like your other piece, then leave it be and see what happens. It will either grow or it won't.
  9. My guess is a juvenile anchovy. It looks very similar to the broad striped anchovy.
  10. Would the airline tubing into an acrylic drinking straw eliminate the need for suction cups? You could use a little rock on the bottom as a weight.
  11. Gettin Ziggy With It or The Ziggy for short. It will be remembered if you use the description zoa island/garden.
  12. Wingy

    .25G Jar

    Yes, I am doing a Opae Ula jar for my desk at work. I think the maintenance supervisor will overlook it since it doesn't have any equipment plugged in. I will start a journal once it gets closer to critter time. For now it is a jar o water and I am willing algae to grow.
  13. Wingy

    .25G Jar

    My jar holds 2 cups of water and has no filter or pump. It has a neck so getting in there is a pain but if I attach a hollow plastic lollypop stick to an infant oral medication syringe I might be able to get close to the bottom. I have a cork top but haven't used it. Suprisingly in 2 weeks there has been almost no evaporation.
  14. You could remove all the filter media, keep it topped off with dirty tank water and put a piece of pulsing xenia in there. An entire tank of moving and waving would look very cool.