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  1. New Mushroom question?

    so long as your GSP don't start growing down they shouldn't be able to reach him.. i'm not sure they sting discosoma regardless
  2. Red Finger Gorgonian Placement?

    a cheap target feeding tip. take a good length of airline tubing and suck whatever food you want to feed into it, make sure it's a good length so you don't get a mouthfull of plankton, it smells bad enough i can't fathom what the taste must be.. and just blow it onto the polyps you're feeding.. 25 feet of tubing is like 4 bucks at your LFS, i find a good length to be around 4 feet.. but that's also to get into and maneuver around in a 24 inch tall tank, play with it and see what works for you and the coral with feeding and placement, if the polyps are out, and it looks good, don't screw around with it
  3. Everquest Character

    nobody that either works or goes to school full time and keeps a reef has time to play everquest.. i tried it for a little while but i got my character to a decent level and got some decent gear, but the characters upkeep was taking 4 or 5 hours a night minimum.. I'd be playing and then i'd have to go to work and then come home, eat, go to work ingame, and then go back to work again.. didn't work out so well
  4. Black Spots on Clown

    yup.. my retarded cowns keep trying to host in my nepenthea.. they're covered in those dots
  5. i've got 1 big mexican turbo and 1 astrea snail I'm looking to give away.. i got these guys to deal with a hair algae problem I was having and there isn't a scrap of it left in the tank and the snails are starting to starve.. they're free to someone who needs them local pickup in hempstead only, if i don't get any takers by the end of the week I'll swap them for store credit at one of the LFS.
  6. are mantis shrimp bad?

    i actually saw mantis shrimp on a menu in a seafood restaurant i went to in switzerland last month... curiosity got the better of me and i can confirm they're actually pretty tasty
  7. Blane Perun's farms-of-the-sea.com

    Blane Perun? like the title of the thread says.. he's quasi-famous among reefers for his PPEs
  8. i ordered from him a few weeks back, everything is doing well except for a pagoda cup that died because of my error.. regardless he gave me two great extra zoo rocks, his palythoa are awesome.. and customer service was excellent, would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for zoos
  9. California King Snake.....................

    that could be my problem, nothing i have over the tank doesn't have actinic in it, i've got straight actinics and 50/50s, i might have to go and buy a pure white bulb just for photography.. lets stop the thread hijack though, sorry about it
  10. California King Snake.....................

    tried putting it in the water with the casing.. still nothing doing with a good pic, i can shoot the underside of a freshly cleaned yacht in all it's pristine glory but can't get a decent shot of my tank
  11. California King Snake.....................

    wether you believe it or not it's worthless for tank pics.. and i need it for work.. its one of the few decent cameras out today that has a waterproof housing that you can get for less than 5 grand, that and a cali king is like a 30 dollar snake on a bad day
  12. A College Kid's Nanocube

    my girlfrend had an early christmas gift delivered to me this morning.. a trio of fire shrimp.. acclimating in a bucket as I type... i'm convinced that she loves me
  13. California King Snake.....................

    man we have very different orange crushes, i've only had mine for 2 months but the accidental "i dropped the rock" frag already grew two new polyps from the one that was on it and the mother colony must have grown 7 or 8 i blame that on my no skim philosiphy.. about the camera it's a sony cybershot 5.0 and no matter what I do with it pics always come out blurry, the green calcerous crap on my glass doesn't help much either, but i've got a nimble from cjerome coming in the mail this week so maybe that'll fix things up for me since the magfloat that came with my cube is absolutely worthless.. the last thing i could offer you is a big hunter green mushroom rock.. 7 really big mushrooms in a nice hunter green color, these aren't brown with a green tinge either they're really very bright nice greens.. i didn't want to slight you by offering mushrooms though, but that's the only other thing i can offer right now
  14. Yellow clown gobies

    masterchief.. you're a disgrace to your namesake
  15. California King Snake.....................

    yes they are brown with orange centers.. the rock is the size of a golf ball, I also have a rock with the some electric greens.. about 15 polyps, or i could give you two small frags, one electric green and one orange crush, like i said each of those only has 3 polyps and my camera refuses to take good pics of anything in my tank.. i need someone who knows cameras to show me how to use the damn thing, it takes great pictures of everything but my tanks