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  1. WAMAS serves the whole the DC Metro area. Only other one I know of somewhat local is CMAS but they are located in the Baltimore/MD Eastern shore. WAMAS does a good job of splitting the four meeting locations between VA (usually Tysons/McLean area) and MD (Bethesda area).
  2. Im good just trying to survive with two kids and commuting into DC every day and not kill my coral.
  3. Hey, hope you’re doing well hillbilly! Tank looks great. You coming back go the lounge anytime soon?
  4. I disappear for a few weeks, come back, and ya'll have started a beer swap without me. What the hell? @micoastreefing and @Cannedfish I want in on the beer swap. All you beer haters can go kick rocks!
  5. That button scoly is looking swoll like it lives at Planet Fitness. Mine never inflates like that. Admitting that to another man felt awkward.... Anyway, changing the subject from weird innuendo laced coral compliments, my brother is having his bachelor party in NOLA in October. I'd imagine we'll be spending the majority of the time as a tornado of cliche down on Bourbon St., but do you have any recommendations (food and bars) off the beaten path that we should check out?
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