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  1. I added The Fluval Sea PS2 Mini Skimmer last week. After a few days of break in it started to produce foam, but now the unit seems to be producing such wet foam that the cup need to be emptied 2 times a day. I have tried using the water level adjust knob to no apparent effect. I adjusted one direction and waited since I read the adjustments on the knob could take hours to show. I tried turning the other way and still saw no change in water level. Has any one else used this unit? Do you know which direction is supposed to be to lower the water. The instructions simply saw to turn the know to adjust but fail to list the direction to turn for the desired effect. Hopefully somebody else has experience with this model. My only prior skimmers were the type where your would raise or lower the collection cup to change the dryness of the skim. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Ammonia still testing zero and nitrates are slowly building. So it looks like my cycle is up and running.
  3. For the center I removed all of the foam except one layer to keep the MarinePure bio-media balls from falling to the bottom chamber. I plan to exchange it with egg crate grids below and above with carbon at least and possibly some mechanical layer. But I do have the PS2 skimmer in the first chamber performing some level of mechanical once the tank is mature enough to produce real foam. Also I have a few inches behind the rock. I will probably be adding a 240gph circulation pump back there to help flow since the stock pump seem a bit low for a reef setup.
  4. The heater in the Pump chamber is a tight fit. The end of the Fluval M 50w is pushing against the side of the return pump. Is this anything to be concerned over. I do not think it should be problematic since it should not be hot enough to melt plastic. Does anyone with this same tank have this issue? If needed I could buy a Neo-Therm 50w that would not be long enough to be an issue. But if the existing one is fine I would probably stay with it and spend that $50 on livestock instead.
  5. Thanks for the input. I started the Reef Mature last night, we will see how the tests go tonight and tomorrow. I am still adjusting the rock. Not sure if I am getting the top part too close to the surface and lights. I think I may adjust it a little at least to get the top shelf tilting down a little more in the front to improve visibility.
  6. I may have to swing by ace then.
  7. So I ran the tests Last night. Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrate: ~1 ppm (Tested twice since margin of error was apparently 1-2ppm) Is this considered fine now? I see people saying nitrate does not really matter anymore and other s saying it should be under .025ppm which My red sea test kit would not even be able to show. Nitrite: .05 ppm PH: 8.2 ALK: 9.5 -10 dkH To follow up on the first post since it was a rambling mess. With my 20 years away from the hobby I am not terribly confident on making judgments on if my system should be ready for limited livestock additions. And I am unsure if using the Reef Mature kit would be potentially harmful If I did add a few fish and then ran the 21 day program of the reef mature kit. Thanks again.
  8. Hello people of the Nano-reef community. I have made the plunge back into reef keeping this past weekend after 20 years away from it and was looking for a little advice based on the many differed opinions I have been seeing online. I have tried searching first before posting anything. =) I picked up a Fluval Evo 13.5 system. To this I have added live sand 14 pounds of "Real Reef" rock and 6 MarinePure bio-media balls in the center chamber that are pre seeded from the local shop. Would you think that between the pre-seeded bio media and the live sand the tank should be able to safely support 1-2 small fish like a goby to dig through the sand and keep the existing bacterial fed with amonia? I have my test kit arriving today so I can check the levels and actually have the Reef Mature Pro Kit on the way tomorrow. I am unsure if I would "need" the reef mature pro kit with the sand and bio-media in place already. Part of me is inclined to run the kit anyway. Also If I do not add bio-load I would expect the existing bacteria would begin to die off If not fed. Which I could take care of by feeding the tank food even without any livestock. Would the Reef mature potentially harm fish? My understanding is it is just adding the bacterial cultures to the tank and should not be really be harmful to livestock. But again I have been out of this hobby for 20+years and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.=)