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  1. Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    Mine is on an old butcher block on wheels. But the wheels are lockable. It has been stable, Even trough earthquakes up to the 5-6 range. I also have it on the hardwood, so I always keep a towel nearby when working on it.
  2. My jerk hermits try to steal food from my Acans mouths all the time. Especially when I feed mysis. It is usually accompanied by them fighting each other over one piece of food while another piece exactly the same sits right next to them.
  3. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Since the alkalinity got way out of whack and I lost some corals and other were damaged , the survivors have bounced back well. The Favites coral had receded about a half cm from the edge, exposing skeleton. It has since grown back over the die off and is now spreading over the sides of the plug and has started spreading on to the rock work on two sides. It is extending tentacles more and is feeding well. The green candy cane has gone from two heads to four heads and seem to be doing very well. They are also extending tentacles really well and feeding. I had not realized how large the feeding tentacles were on these corals until about a 2 months ago when they really started coming out daily. I still have a bit of a fuzzy rock issue as you can see in the images, but my astrea snails reproduced and IO currently have hundreds of tiny astrea snails on the glass and rocks. They are getting big enough that they are starting to clean off some of the rock work. My branching hammer Is also doing well. It has gone from two heads to three. It looks better in person than I could capture in a photo. The frogspawn seems happy too. It's hard for me to tell of it has grown at all. My acans are hard to tell. One day they will be all puffy, bright and happy looking. Then next they will look smaller and faded. They feed well, and I have gone from 3-4 whole heads and one that was 2/3 of a head with the other part cut off to a cluster that seem to have more all the time. Not sure if they are crowding themselves or if this is normal. It seems like with them being so tightly packed they would have trouble growing well. I am about to rearrange the rock work in preparing the tank for hardware changes to filtration and lighting. I think I will be lowing the left side and moving the whole thing a bit closer to the back opening up more sand bed in the front. I also need to clean out the feed line to the thermoelectric cooler as it has grown a large about of algae inside the tube. I think it has grown to the point that it may be restricting flow. This year I learned about what I should and should not do with my tank. Next year will likely be the same. But hopefully next years mistakes will be new ones and wont result in coral losses like this last year. #1 lesson, be better about keeping up with maintenance even when I have an issue. Don't lose heart and neglect the tank maintenance just because of a screw-up on my side..
  4. Little white calcium "pimples"...worms?

    Those little guys are all over my back wall. They also show up in / on my pumps. Iluckily they scrape off pretty easy.
  5. All fish died, d*mb accident. Why?

    Mine has to be cleaned a lot. I believe the primary source of detritus in there is that hole near the bottom of chamber 2. On my cleaning this weekend I intend to seal that hole then we can see how the overall flow improves in the rear chambers and how long it manages to stay relatively clean..
  6. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    So I am thinking about removing my skimmer and adding the InTank media basket in its place. The one issue I see this creating is I have been relying on my CO2 Scrubber in the skimmer intake to keep my PH stable. I have also been thinking about building one of the DIY canister Chaeto reactors. Do you folks think that the Chaeto reactor will take care of the dissolved CO2 level well enough to not be an issue? Also while I am making changes I will be plugging that accursed hole in chamber 2. I think that hole is killing flow in the rear and allowing detritus to enter the middle chamber and clogging the return pump faster than it would otherwise. Also looking at replacing the lid with a screen and updating the lights. I am leaning towards the Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue but am also looking at the AI PRIME HD. Any thoughts? ----- Also toying with the Idea of putting a Canister filter for pumping water to the reactor and through my thermoelectric chiller as well as whatever supplemental media I would want to add to the canister.
  7. New Setup - Fluval 13.5

    I'd say it has a head start. But would still take it slow. it should be able to deal with a modest load livestock. You can always test by feeding the empty tank and testing the water. See that the cycle is working as it should. You could use Ammonium Chloride to see that the cycle moves along. Add Ammonium Chloride test for ammonia, see that is drops and nitrite raises and fall with the end product of nitrate. If these take place you should have no issues starting to stock your system as long as you do not overload it. As to the media basket, I'd say you would be fine if you transferred the bio media or removed it slowly. Any significant removal of bio filter mass can cause unwanted spikes in the nitrate cycle even in established tanks. The important thing is to be mindful and make sure you don't shock the tanks inhabitants. I will also be getting the InTank media baskets for chambers 1 & 2 soon and will be moving my marine pure balls crome the current one to the new one. Good luck. Post pics. =)
  8. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Explain what, what is?
  9. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    So here is an updated picture of the tank. I lost all fish to velvet, then lost Pavona Maldivensis, Rainbow Monti, Birdsnest & my meteor shower is almost totally gone though it does still have a few living spots I am hoping may regrow and recover. The favites coral took a hit and receded exposing skeleton on ~15-20% of the frag, but it has since regrown over all of the original and was started growing off of the frag plug onto the rock structure. It is in need of another sandbed vacuuming. Lust the turbo snail and one of the trochus snails. But I now have hundreds of baby trochus rapidly growing in the tank. They are starting to clean off some of the rocks where I was starting to have an issue with brown fussy algae growth. One of the candy canes heads is splitting and the other has grown a good amount. And the Euphyllia seem to be doing well.
  10. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    I don’t know how much was them irritating corals and how much was the levels getting out of whack.
  11. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    I am debating over removing most of the rock and starting over with clean rock.
  12. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Not much to say. It has gone down hill. Trying to sort it out. The ich killed the fish . Digitate hydroids took over and levels tanked killing several corals. Reaminingncorals are recovering. Hydroids seem to be receding, but I now have brown covering most of my rock and in the last week or so the brown algae seemed to have become fuzzy. Feeling overwhelmed with thentank these days. =(
  13. Thanks. Just searched google for "digitate hydroids" and the results look exactly like them. Now to read up on them. They keep dislodging and getting blown about until one gets caught on my birdsnest. It causes all the polyps in the area to retract until a day or so after I remove the string off of the colony.
  14. I have seen 1-2 of these in my tank for months and thought nothing of it. But today these things are everywhere I look. They look like a thin hair with bristles on the end. In some cases the bristles end look like they have balls on them. My descriptions are horrible. Here is a video that hopefully is clear enough to shed light. I would like to know what they are and if I need to worry about them. They seem to jerk back into the rocks from time to time.
  15. Purple chiton (!!!)

    I would have guessed the same.