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  1. MrJoel

    Which reef test kits do you use?

    I use a mix or Red Sea for most and Hanna checkers for Phosphorous, calcium & Alk.
  2. MrJoel

    Cyphastrea care?

    Mine lost color and barely opened in higher light. Now I have is on the bottom near a corner where the lighting it lowest. Color is better and the polyps have been more open in the last few weeks then I had ever seen them. It has never seemed to respond to regular feeding like my other corals but it did seem to perk up with regular phytoplankton dosing in the tank. Since moving it I have also seen it spreading onto the rock I glued it to and there are new polyps popping up all over between the old ones.
  3. MrJoel

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    I would like an extra shelf fon mine. I have not tried bonding acrylic before. What did you use?
  4. MrJoel

    FREE GSP?!?!

    Maybe young Majano anemone? or cloves as mentioned above.
  5. MrJoel

    Can't get NanoBox fan to turn on

    Maybe this post will help.
  6. MrJoel

    Can't get NanoBox fan to turn on

    High output LEDs require cooling in order to not burn out. If you are have already reached out to him that is your best bet. If you absolutely need to run them and had a fan that could be positioned blow across the light I would say pull off the acrylic plate and have that external fan blow across it for cooling. This would likely be a less efficient method of cooling so I would say also reduce intensity temporarily to ensure heat does not get high enough to damage the LEDs.
  7. MrJoel

    MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    As of today the fuzzy white growth on the rocks seems to be going away. This is looking like it may have been due to an imbalance in the nitrate to phosphate ratio. More testing and time will tell.
  8. MrJoel

    1st Saltwater, 1st Nano

    Cycling a tank involves introducing an ammonia source which is then converted by bacteria into Nitrate and that is in turn converted by another bacteria into Nitrate. There are some products you can use to jump-start and shorten the cycling process. But all still require ammonia in some form. If you feed the tank food it will break down and produce ammonia. As It breaks down you will see the ammonia spike and then start to drop off. As Ammonia is dropping off you will see Nitrite level rise and then begin to drop off with the nitrate level slowly rising. Once this has occurred your tank should be considered cycled and ready for livestock. You should add livestock gradually to make sure you do not overwhelm the established cycle.
  9. MrJoel

    1st Saltwater, 1st Nano

    Yay, another Evo 13.5! Welcome to the club. Have you started feeding the tank or adding an ammonia source to ensure the tank is ready? With live sand and rock, it still may not be ready.
  10. MrJoel

    MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    I have been testing with dosing Flourish nitrogen. After dosing 1.5 ml twice over 3 days, I tested nitrates again and it registered ~3-4ppt. Then after 24 hours without dosing it was back to ~.5ppt.I am going to keep dosing for the next few weeks to see how the system does.I will need to track nitrate and phosphate to see if phosphate does indeed start going down with the return of detectable levels of nitrates to the system.The Chaeto is looking a bit darker now and seems to have grown a bit. In theory, it's growth will start binding up nitrate and phosphate for removal from the system.I also swapped places between the Cyphatrea and Xenia. I also but a rock for the Xenia to attach to since it was starting to wander off the plug.
  11. MrJoel

    MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    After a month and a half of running the Chaeto in the 2nd chamber, I think my Nitrate level is too low. Chaeto is light green and not growing. Nitrate is not registering in any significant way on my RedSea test kit. The water looks like it has an ever so slight tint from the side but the view from above it is almost at the zero level. Nitrate: ~0 ppm Phosphate: 0.031ppm From what I have been reading it sounds like Nitrate at this level will stall the growth of both macroalgae and corals. With the introduction of the clowns, my feeding has gone up and I Still feed the corals a few times a week. My Emerald crabs have actually started coming out while feeding the coral from a pipette, and grabbing food as it comes out of the tip. The larger of the two has even taken to grabbing the pipette and pulling to toward its mouth. It makes me laugh every time. I need to get a video of this. I am looking at options to raise my Nitrates a bit to ~2ppm. I am hesitant to just feed more as I feel like I am already feeding a lot. Some people list success with using potassium nitrate or alternately Seachems Flourish nitrogen. (Not the regular flourish which adds other components like copper) Do you think nitrates being so low is likely the reason my cyphastrea is fading? Or maybe I just need to move it to a corner with less light even though the stock light is not very strong on the bottom anyway.
  12. MrJoel

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Water can cloud for several reasons the most likely is a bacterial bloom which sorts itself out in time. Another option would be likely just after the large water change if it stirred up the substrate but sediment usually settles out in a day or so. For some causes, carbon can be used to polish the water. Are you running any carbon?
  13. MrJoel

    Fluval evo 13.5 PAR stock lighting

    I just got mine setup with a ReefKeeper Lite. It turns the main light on and off and I have the fuge light on an opposite schedule. I would like to get some blues added so I could have them on after the main light goes off again.
  14. MrJoel

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    In checking The page for Aquaforest Bio S, the video for the product states that it must be used in conjunction with protein skimming. This is similar to using NO3:PO4-X , They encourage the growth of the bacteria that reduce nitrate and phosphate but rely on the skimmer to remove the byproduct. Their documentation seems to show they intend the product to be used in combination with a skimmer. https://aquaforest.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/AF_Products-Guide_EN_WEB_20.11.2017.pdf
  15. MrJoel

    My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    I would say it would be a good idea to perform another water change. Without some means of nitrate export, it will only continue to rise. And in addition to nuisance algae, high nitrates can lead to health problems in coral, fish, and invertebrates. When you go to add livestock to your tank the high levels could be a shock even with a good acclimation period. There is no guarantee there would be adverse effects, but I would say It is better to do another water change to get nitrates to a lower concentration. It also depends which test is accurate. Perhaps you can use clean salt water and run the salifert test with 50/50 mix of tank and clean water just to see if the concentration shows the expected 50% drop. If it does not the test kit may be bad.