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  1. Tank update with whole tank and some pictures of the recent additions. The ORA Neon Green Birdsnest I picked up from Legendary Corals regular and blue light. Neon Trumpet. Exposure is hard with this bright coral. =P Rainbow Montipora For most frags I have been mounting them on BRS Natural Coral Frag Mounts or more recently onto some broken up pieces of real reef rock.This wat new frags blend in better. For the trumpet I was able to drill the real reef rock with a drill to glue the stalk of the coral is on into the whole. I am debating doing the same on the Birdsnest but since the base of that frag is alive I am a bit hesitant.
  2. I am still Running the Stock LEDs. I have the birdsnest pretty close to the top right now. I have been looking into adding a strip or 2 of good blue LEDs since the stock blues don't seem bad but there are not many of them. Or I may look at swapping the light out all together if needed. But I would like to retain the hood since it does help reduce evaporation. Once I have the ThermoElectric chiller in place the additional heat from LEDs should be a non issue. I would be curious to know what the PAR rating actually is in this tank when stock. I know my meteor shower started to lose its vibrance when I had it unshaded at the bottom, But got their color back soon after I moved then a few inches back. So anecdotally I think the lights are not that bad.
  3. I will try to get a pic and post it later. I basically took the airline valve off the Simmer Cup of the Fluval PS2 Mini Skimmer and ran airline from the valve intake that used to pull from the cup and ran it to the inline CO2 Scrubber. I wanted to pull the intake valve off the skim cup anyway because it kept pulling foam from the cup into the valve and causing buildup that would block the airflow which then would cause the water level in the skimmer to rise and fill the cup. Seems like a design issue to me, but it was easy enough to bypass the issue. I had the filter held on the side of the tank with the heater holder suction cups from my original Fluval heater but it kept falling off so for now it is laying next to the tank. ---edit to add photo---
  4. A few updates. I did not like the look of the 2 areas on the meteor shower with the white lines . And in one on the left hand side where those dart bumps were, there looked to be a black tendril that I would try to plow away and would go away but would be back later. With the possibility of this being an infestation I re-dipped and cut away the affected area with a scalpel and including the thing that looked almost like a small black worm. I cleaned the area or rock where the tissue was removed and re-dipped to prevent infection. Tissue on the frag still looks great and the polyps are slowly opening again. I also picked up a ORA neon green birds nest frag and a green Mushroom freebie from Legendary Corals who offer local pickup less than a mile from my house. The packaging was fantastic. The way they package the coral I could not imagine them ever getting damaged in transit. The level of care they clearly give to orders, health of the corals and outstanding/friendly customer service means they will be seeing more of my business in the future. Will post some updated pics soon.
  5. I found a polyp off of the frog spawn today on the sand at the other end of the tank. Do they occasionally lose polyps or is this something to be concerned about?
  6. All corals have been dipped in Coral RX before introducing them to the tank. If need be I could use a scalpel from the kit to remove that area and the one on the left hand side not visible in the image. I want to be sure it is an issue before I do anything so drastic and stressful to the coral. The area on the left side where I can see the other white line with my eye is a healthy looking area almost 3x as thick as when I first got it and spreading over the edge of the plug growing towards the rock.
  7. Any Idea what this is or what would cause it. This white line has showed up in the last week. And it look like there may be another one forming that cannot be seen in this image.. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  8. So I started this tank back on March 16th. I picked up the tank from my local fish store Neptune Aquatics. I set it up with ~15 lbs of Real Reef rock , 1 bag of Natures Ocean live sand and ~10 Gallons of their purified ocean water. I also picked up some pre-seeded MarinePure bio balls from their system. With this I started phantom feeding my tank for about a week and started on the Red Sea reef mature kit. After that week I added a Turbo ( a serious poop factory at first) 3 blue leg hermits and a GSP frag. I added a Hydor 240gph powerhead to improve flow in the tank. the 134gph return pump did not seem adequate. I had some PH issues where it was consistently too low at around 7.6 and it got better with an open window and the ceiling fan running. So I could be pretty sure it was CO2 in the air getting mixed in through the skimmers air intake. I followed a build posted by Water Dog last May and made an inline CO2 scrubber for my skimmer and the PH has been back up to 8.0-8.2 depending on the time of day tested. I change out the soda lime every 4-7 days. I also swapped out the heater for the cobalt 50w NeoTherm. It fits with the pump better with the return pump and the old fluval 50W is now used to heat water change water. Once everything was testing as ready, I added a few more corals and 2 small Ocellaris clowns. There was also a glove polyp but after a week it closed and just faded and shriveled up. First loss in the tank. =( We also added a Conch to help work on the sand bed. The kids named "him" Gary after the snail in spongebob. This little guys is doing an amazing job on the sand bed. This Friday we added 2 trochus snails to help clean the rock work since the Turbo lives on the glass and then hides in the sand. In addition to the snails we added 2 more corals. An Aussie Acan of which I do not know the name. And a nice healthy looking piece of wall frog spawn which adds a good deal of moment which the tank was lacking. Livestock wise I may be holding off on new additions for a bit other than replacing blueleg hermits that die off. We lost 2 during molting and shell changing. We had an assorment of replacment shells in for them but only one of the original 3 is left in his upgraded shell. I also have a Chill solutions CSXC-1 chiller on the way to be ready for summer it has already been hot enough a few days this week that I had to turn off the lighting early. It frequently gets hot in the house and a low power peltier chiller is a cheaper option than chilling the whole house. I will post about that when it is here and installed. I wrote the company and they verified to me that the only parts that make contact with the water are HDPE and Ceramic. I was worried about common water block materials that would be bad for the reef. this was a long post to catch up with a month or so of activity. More to come soon. =) The meteor shower is spreading out and new polyps are popping up, but I am not sure what that white line is. Noticed it this weekend in 2 spots.
  9. I have been looking for a better pump as well. The lifegard 800 is the one I see people mentioning looking at, but I have not seen any follow up stating that is actually works for them. It is rated at ~41% more output over the stock pump. I would definitely be interested in hearing if this unit is a good fit.
  10. Turbo snail has a lot of white shell showing up. I think it is new shell growth, but they seems like a lot of growth for 1 month. And I did not notice it when I got the turbo. Thoughts?
  11. You should be able to find a good thermally conductive resin you could use to coat the probe. If you contact a resin specialty company they should be able to provide one that is a good match.
  12. I also have a glove/clove (which is correct) polyp that was opened and doing great for about 10 days. It even has a newer little polyp pop out on it's base. Now it has not opened for 5 days. I and not sure it will make it. We'll have to wait and see I guess. It is in moderate flow and near the top. It seemed like it was doing great. I don't think the built in lighting could be too much. Though I have not seen anything about PAR for these lights.
  13. Updated tank pic. Reef weed aka: green star polyp Wifes favorite, her only request was a brain coral. Seems to have spread a bit in the last 2 weeks. Meteor shower and our turbo. The meteor shower really does seem to prefer being lower and semi shaded. and Gary the conch. Kids named him after Gary from spongebob.
  14. I may add a little more sand too. The bed seems a little shallow to me.
  15. I have not glued them at all. I found stable positions based on the shape of the rocks. I have been thinking about either epoxying some or possibly rodding a few together though. I worry about knocking a rock into the glass. My prior tanks were always acrylic so worst case I would need to buff out a scratch if a rock hit the glass. Since this photo I did add 1-2 other smaller pieces on the right hand side to better stabilize that end.