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  1. My Fluval 13.5 Modded pics!

    Nitrates are the end result of the cycle. If your ammonia and nitrite are low your tank should be cycled. the nitrate will just keep rising until it is removed via water change, carbon dosing or nutrient uptake/export via algae growth and harvesting. If the Nitrite is still high I'd say you can still do the water change. While it will reduce all levels it will not stop the cycling process and you nitrate is really high.
  2. Fluval evo 13.5 PAR stock lighting

    I would like to be able to pump a bit more light in the tank, But really I want the color I see with the LED arrays with more than just white and blue. Some of the higher end lights just do a better job of bringing out colors and making the corals pop, even when set at similar PAR levels to the stock light, I suppose I could save the $$ of a light and squirrel it away for a larger tank though. =P
  3. Fluval evo 13.5 PAR stock lighting

    This makes me want to add another piece of birdsnest to my tank. Mine grew fast as well under stock lights and was one of my favorites.
  4. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Just moist pellet food. Cant think of the brand off hand. I have not fed Frozen recently since my acans have been responding well to coral frenzy powder and pellets target fed through pipettes. I will keep that in mind if I feed frozen mysis again though. After feeding the clowns the medicated NLS HexShiled pellets the white stringy poop seems to be gone. I am still keeping an eye on them, but it looks like it is cleared up.
  5. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    I am disliking the green sand. Do people change out sand from time to time?
  6. White fuzz on rocks

    I have the same stuff in mine. Still no solid answer as to what it is. I removed a good deal of rock and put in some new pieces.
  7. Is This Cyano?

    Looks like diatom algae.
  8. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Any idea what this stuff is? It is on a few snail shells. It is on almost all of the old pieces of rock. It looks white and fuzzy. Is it algae?
  9. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Added a new piece of cyphastrea today. I missed the old piece I had.
  10. Fluval Evo 13.5 question

    Speaking of plugs don't forget to plug that chamber 2 hole. It will help with the flow in the rear chambers and seems to keep the rear chamber cleaner.
  11. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    Looks like at least one Clown has some intestinal parasite. Last 2 days they have One or both not sure has had long stringy white poop after eating. I thought nothing of it until this morning I saw another person post about it and replies said It was most likely a sign of an intestinal parasite that could damage the intestines and kill the fish. Should have the medicated food here tomorrow. I am really hoping I do not lose my fish again. I waited a year to add fish after the Velvet killed my fish and now in under a week my fish are sick again. Realistically I believe they would have had the parasite before I got them. Should probably tell the shop I got them from.
  12. Clownfish Help

    I just got 2 wyoming whites the other day one has had this long white poop. I did not think much about it but saw another post about it being a potentially serious infection. I saw a few posts on various sites recommending NLS Hex Shield. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  13. Check your refractometers!!

    I keep mine tightly closed and inside a ziplock bag with the air mostly squeezed out because I am paranoid about the fluid somehow evaporating. And you calibration is only as good as the calibration fluid. =P
  14. MrJoels Evo 13.5 Journal

    When I checked the tank this morning before work the Clowns were in the Xenia. I guess we'll see if that becomes a normal thing for them. It would be weird to me for them to choose to host there in the first 24 hours. But I would not complain. No picture since the house and tank were still dark at the time.
  15. I really do like the Fluval Evo 13.5. As mentioned above most of us end up modifying them, changing out parts and adding a powerhead for additional flow. It is a great tank and can support many corals even a good number of SPS when placed higher in the tank.