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    I love guinea pigs. I have 2 females, and aquarium wise, I am new to reef keeping but have bred Betta fish before and kept planted tanks.
  1. I'm not sure yet. I am holding off for another month on the aquarium and I'm still deciding on the lights. I just wanted to know what the easiest corals in you opinion are regardless of the light 💗💗
  2. Hi everyone! I am interested in knowing what you think are the easiest soft and lps corals. I am starting a tank cone Saturday so I have about 1-2 months to pick out what corals work best. As a beginner with a budget and low experience, corals that don't require high quality lighting is preferred. So far, I am researching: -Zoas -Clove Polyps -Ricordea - Mushroom Learher coral (Tank is 30" long, 12" wide) (20g long)
  3. Ok. Thank you. 💗😊
  4. 💗
  5. Ok thank you. 14 appears to be a popular age to start 😂😂😊
  6. I've been looking at pics and videos of tail spots and I agree they are adorable. For a lid, can I just make one out of window screen mesh? Is that enough? It's cool that u joined when I were my age 😊
  7. Ok
  8. Yeah that's what I was thinking but thx for clearing it up : )
  9. Thank you! I was thinking about a tail spot blenny before so thank you. Also another Goby I was interested in is the diamond watchmen Goby. Are they to big to be in my tank? I'm planning on it, but in the mean time I was going to put tinted window screen mesh over top
  10. Ok! Thank you! 😋
  11. It's one of those aqueon quiet flow filters.
  12. Hi y'all! I know that there are a ton of questions about stocking a 20 gallon, but I just wanted to know if my ideas are okay. BTW I have never kept a reef aquarium before, but I have kept many freshwater aquariums. Idk if that's relevant but whatever 😂 (Still need to buy lights after cycling.) My equipment: -18lbs+ live rock -20 lbs of sand -100w heater -hang on the back filter for a 35 gallon aquarium -lights (I'm thinking about a pair of adjustable aqueons) My stocking plan so far: - 1 fire fish -1 Goby (shrimp or sand sifting) -2 clowns -1 cleaner shrimp My wish list/ other options - I really want a jawfish.... -maybe a citron Goby? -(if the Goby is a shrimp Goby then a snapping shrimp) So far the only error my beginner eyes see is that the fire fish jump and I don't have a lid, and the 2 clowns might get too big. Maybe only 1 clown or skip the clowns altogether? Also, does anyone have any hardy, peaceful fish that they would reccomend? Btw, I am 14 and I have already paid for everything except the $90 lights myself so far. I have been saving up for 2 years so plz keep the flaming to a minimum 😂😂