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  1. Oh my gosh! I really messed up. I submitted the wrong FTS with the other two for the final three pics. It was the one from February! THIS is the actual FTS, if it’s allowed...
  2. Random videos.... it’s on a turntable and I’ve never showcased that before so I figured why not!
  3. Of course! I don’t forsee myself taking this thing down any time soon. Only place to go from here is up IMO! I actually plan to add a flaming prawn goby as soon as my “dealer” gets his hands on one.
  4. I CANNOT believe this contest is already a week from over! Where did the time go. Wish it had been longer. added another Ricordea which ballooned in the tank and is invading the space of the other two...
  5. I'm probably the luckiest person alive right now..

    I had no Idea that was the one they were raffling, that’s awesome man. Very cool story too, makes it even better
  6. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    Some random update pictures just because I got a new clam a while back;
  7. Thank you very much! Truly means a lot. I didn’t quite realize how small the jar was until I had to actually work on it, it’s only 6 cups or 0.375 gallons with the water displacement. Nevertheless, the zoas are doing great- most have doubled in the number of polyps. Like I said though I reeallyyy wish I would have put the zoas in earlier in the contest. I just slacked the first couple of months and I think it came to bite me in the end. I also should have put groups of three or more in, instead of single polyps. I did add some more zoas though, this one of my favorites by far. I think they’re just Sunny D’s but they are INTENSE! Their pattern and color is spectacular, I have a large colony in my 3G and I’m in love. These guys won’t quite open fully though
  8. Well the super pissed shroom pulled through, and Its a beaut! They’re really starting to fill the bottom like I was hoping, just a little more growth or another Rico and I’ll be golden! I’m amazed this $5 red mushroom is already growing two more babies! It’s a full moon tonight! I was told these are super fast growers, so far it’s not encrusted like I had hoped at all . To be fair, the whole jar has not had enough time to fill in during the contest so far, I really wish it was longer! And I don’t know how it got there, but check out this bonus pineapple sponge with my fire and ice zoas. I’m surprised it hasn’t “starved” in this tank. And just because I love them so much, UTTER CHAOS
  9. Thanks for the input but Awwhh you’ve lost two of them now? That really, really sucks. Were they the WYSIWYG from liveaquaria? I’ve almost snagged one from there a few times my self. I’ve heard a lot of talk about them in the contest but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who successfully keeps one?
  10. Did you go when they had the ORA clams too?? Some weeks are hit or miss but every once in a while they have fantastic deals. I love my pom but I see it so little about the time I think it’s dead I see her again. They are super cool though, hope yours stay hidden less than mine!
  11. Hmm. I’d like some more feedback from people about how to improve this tank, it’s just not recieving much attention still. I definitely have to get better pictures of the moon and sun as well! and WOW I can’t believe the contest is already almost over!
  12. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Yeah I realized all too late mine adds too much distortion and is a difficult shape to work with. Although yours too adds quite a bit of distortion. Ohh well, I can switch after the contest.
  13. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    I think you definitely have everyone beat on the creative aspect! I think your coral selection is also great, each frag has great color and thoughtful placement! I almost wish I had gone with a similarly shaped container.