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  1. Have fun cleaning that! I quite like the look of the tank though, shape wise. I was recently recommended the ABI tuna blue 12w bulb from amazon, and after having mine set up for a day I can say that I REALLY like it. Especially for $25.
  2. New light! SOO much better now... but I see why everyone has such a hard time with photos under this light. I used snapseed but it still doesn't look good.
  3. Thanks! Not sure how I missed that the list was in the first post though. I see you have frogspawn- I thought/read that they're "aggressive"? Obviously that's not the case if you can keep one in the reefbowl?
  4. Sorry if you've said this before (28 pages is a lot to sift through) but are you still not dosing anything? Just one full water change a week? Also is there a complete list of corals in here?
  5. Asterina starfish is what it looks like. They never seem to have a normal amount of legs lol
  6. Not quite months, but a couple weeks (and they're still somewhat shy). Also it says online that teacup stingrays require 70+ gallons, but I was just using it as an example of something unique. Discus are beautiful but expensive. I love my dwarf pea puffers, you could do a huge community of them if you decorate/plant the tank heavily. Angelsfish never get old..
  7. Thanks! I'm actually super disappointed by the buce plants, they haven't grown at all and they look horrible. Not to mention the algae they brought. BUT I'll be adding some dwarf hair grass or red bucopa to combat algae and give some height and texture. I love the tetras as well, especially since they get along with the red cherry shrimp lol. After being in the tank for a few weeks they're just now starting to be less shy A huge school of tetras would be awesome in a 55G, that or make it an exotic specimen tank. I saw some freshwater teacup stingrays at my lfs that were in a really tiny tank, maybe you could look up their requirements?
  8. Here's the picture I promised; I'll have to take a better one tomorrow. This was after a major water change, and the fish are scared and the bubbles distract from the glass quality. The tank has been struggling with hair algae that was introduced by the buce plants too...
  9. I have one coral already thats an sps- I think it's called a cup coral? It's done good so far, but hasn't grown much at all especially compared to the softies. Not sure if that means anything though. Would it be expensive to dose whatever I'd need for more sps? I don't want to go overboard with them or anything, but maybe one or two like the ones in the picture would be nice.
  10. I was under the impression that you can't dose anything in such a small pico- but maybe I'm wrong. Would one 20-30% water change a week be able to sustain a few? I have a screenshot of these corals that I LOVE but I can't find the thread... any idea what type of corals these are?
  11. Thank you! My cousin bought me some mystery "aquascaping seeds" she found for $1 on the wish app, and so I planted those and they actually turned into an amazing carpet. I also have anubias nana 'petite', buce, and soon some red bocapa. I can post a picture of it tomorrow if I have time
  12. Also no offense, but you're overthinking it! Forget what you know about saltwater, freshwater is NOTHING like saltwater. I maintain three fw tanks (two of which are planted) and I've never used anything fancy. I treat the water with dechlorinator and dose excel in the planted tanks, that's it. No bottled bacteria, cycle starters, tests of any kind, etc.
  13. I would look into finding or buying some nice driftwood, as well as aquascaping stones. I like ohko dragon stone, which you can see in this picture of my tank from several weeks ago (it's now planted). Plants really aren't hard to keep, especially anubias or java fern/moss. You never have to rinse them, so they arguably may be less maintenance than plastic plants! Seiryu stone is also nice but sort of plain. And if you're set on no plants, I think the tank above still looks good so you could aim for something similar.
  14. I'm REALLY liking the blue scroll algae!
  15. Thanks for your input as always! I already have been looking at others tanks like you said, but I was just curious what are some of y'alls favorites. Some of the "must-haves" if you will. I love zoas, but I already have too many lol and I'd like to move past softies. so stay away from calcerous (what are macros?) corals... got it. I'll research the macroalgae you suggested as well.