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  1. Rastas are already thanking me! They’re so nice. Wish I had a huge colony by now 😭 That’s what I get for not keeping up with this tank. I go a longgg time without doing a WC. I started with probably 5 Rasta polyps and now I’m down to two 😥 I keep hearing that zoas like “dirty water”, and this one has gone probably a full month without a WC and It seems to me they grow better with weekly WC. I thought they’d like the dirty water like everyone says, but I’m not sure if that’s true now, at least for a sub half gallon. Im also thinking the light might be a little strong for them. And DAMMIT somehow aiptasia got in here!! I hate them with a passion. I can’t get rid of them to save my life in my 3 gallon and now they’re in this one bothering my utter chaos. Lastly, some of the colony’s are being overtaken by— sponges? White sponge like things are growing between the paradox zoas and the cats eyes, and other too Im sure. Is this a problem?
  2. Those will definitely work! I saw chitons on there too, I bet they would help my 8 gallon that can’t seem to get rid of GHA. I’m going to try the peroxide on it today though first.
  3. I actually went ahead and dropped pure 3% peroxide on the algae, which is now grey instead of green (aka dead), and the zoas are opening. So I think it was successful, I may have to give it another shot in a week or two if it comes back. Thanks for the help! i have a small black mystery snail in here already, but it hides during the day and I’m not certain what it eats. I’ll have to find another real tiny one, something the size of a turbo is too big to squeeze between the glass and globe. I’ll have to get one of the ones you mentioned.
  4. How do I go about a peroxide dip? what kind of snail would be best do you think? I thought hermit crabs eat hair algae but I haven’t added one as I figured they would step on the spas all the time.
  5. Not much has changed with this pico lately. There are two Zoa frags that are being choked out by hair algae though, and one of them is my favorite- my Rastas! How can I remove it?? Will some sort of lugols solution kill it?
  6. the clam got two new lamellar during the last three month and looks more bellied. The worm does not show any detectable sings of growth, perhaps it is full grown. Right now I feed once a week in a very bad manner: I just put a frozen piece of mysis in the tank (packaged in a blister). No washing, no temperature matching. The defrosting mysis converts the water in a shadowy slugdge with all sizes of food: dissolved nutritions, very small peaces of mysis and bigger parts for tubastraea. The reef stays about two hours in that disaster of phosphate and other nutritions. Every animal has the chance to get what it wants. Some break open, some hide away. After two hours the whole reef gets sluiced out, and the 100% waterchange takes place." Interesting how he thinks about pico reefing. I just hope the clam will survive because you have such a nice tank and the clam is a great addition to it. I’ve never seen that thread before, but wow what a tank! Quite the accomplishment being that small. Thanks for the link, I just got done reading every page of it. Doesn’t sound like they did anything much different than I in terms of feeding the clam. I just put a chunk of frozen mysis in and all the coral catch what they can and I assume the clam does too? Maybe my filter is too efficient at catching the shrimp
  7. And it’s been two weeks since a WC, I let the water get dirtier this time hoping to help it out a bit.
  8. As a side note, my hitchhiker Bi-valve is still very much alive- it snaps shut when you block the light. So I don’t know why that thing has made it so long yet my beautiful clam isn’t so happy?
  9. Clam was looking better a few days ago, and now it looks BAD. It’s gaping much more than I’ve seen before, and not fully expanded like usual. I’d really hate to loose this thing, he did so good for these past few months, even grew some. It just won’t “get comfortable” on the rocks below it, every day I look at the tank it’s moved around some. what can/should I do??
  10. Thank you! the condition does not seem to have gotten worse, maybe slightly better if anything. I agree it seems stress induced. But I’ve noticed it won’t “settle” somewhere- every day it’s shifted around a little more. It won’t fully cling to the rocks I have under it, which I think may be stressing it> causing the gaping. Yes it reacts very quickly to light or stomping near the tank. And it could be the clean water, I dose Phyco Pure every now and again but like you said weekly water changes remove almost all the old water. I have not tested my parameters in months. I feel like it’s almost pointless with 90% weekly water changes..? I can test it tonight if you think it will be able to help, it’s not had a WC for probably 7-8 days. Maybe I don’t need to change the water so often anymore, it’s not showing any signs of algae at all afyer 8 days and being a year and some months old it seems to be very mature. Good pods. Healthy coral and shrimp. No fish ((yet)). Do you have a successful pico with a clam?
  11. JoeR

    Cheesy AquaTerrium Idea

    I’ve been DYING to do something similar, preferably fresh water with orchids, nepenthes, etc. but if I could pull off a saltwater shallow reef type deal with plants above it would be even better. A true culmination of horticultural and aquacultural skills. I fear the saltwater would not go well with the plants though. Attached are inspirational pics of what I was thinking about doing. A freshwater planted tank with shrimp and fish below and a terrarium above.
  12. Bump. No one can tell?
  13. Is this clam Happy or “gaping”? I’ve never seen the siphon open so wide, I can see the insides of the clam... poor quality pictures but the clam looks otherwise happy and healthy, and nothing has changed other than it’s a couple days passed my usual WC day. I fed extra heavy with some phyto pure, and there’s been a pod explosion so something’s happening that may be related. It won’t stop moving around either, I have two rocks below it and it won’t stay attached to either.
  14. JoeR

    Happy 17th Birthday Nano-Reef Community! 🎉

    No way! That’s awesome, goes to show age isn’t relevant to achieving goals or success.
  15. JoeR

    Happy 17th Birthday Nano-Reef Community! 🎉

    Crazy this forum is almost as old as I am, short just a year. Really weird to think about actually.