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  1. I saw that you said it was published, very cool! Yeah sorry for the hijack, I promise this is my last off topic post!
  2. Thanks for the link! Wow that was a really spectacular tank! The blue scroll looked awesome, I can't wait to find one myself. Was it an easy macro to keep? That chiton was really cool too, I've never even heard of those before. I'll have to research them now. I was told I can't have an urchin in my pico but I might be able to have a chiton lol!
  3. Where did you get your blue scroll from? And what tank is it/do you have pictures?
  4. WOW!! That's unbelievable!
  5. Much better. The one I bought off amazon for $15 didn't work at all, it wouldn't hold the bulb even though the write up specifically said it could. Also couldn't clip on the glass. Is that a rat terrier I see? I love them, my brother has two and they're the funniest dogs you'll ever meet.
  6. I have a few questions, if anyone has insight I would greatly appreciate it: 1. Can I (and if so, how) remove the "monti" off of the frag plug and reattach it onto my live rock? I would hate to still be able to see the unnatural shape of the plug after it grows out. 2. Same thing for the ricordea- how do I safely get it off the plug? Could I just chip the plug away until you can't see it? 3. I bought epoxy to attach the corals, but it apparently doesn't work underwater even though it says it's for corals... would superglue work instead and be safe? 4. Suggestions on WHERE to permanently place the corals? I have a few ideas but as a new reefer it's hard for me to figure it out based on growth, max size, etc. 5. The local fish stores won't take the Kenya, not even for free they said so I guess I will just have to tuck it in the back? Makes me mad that I paid $35 for an apparently worthless coral. 6. The filter is not providing enough flow, how can I increase its output? I was debating removing the sponge and making a fuge. Or buy a power head
  7. Yes, $1 zoa frags!! And they are actually really nice colors, it's almost painful not buying a ton of them but I already have too many zoas lol but for $1 how can you not. Fintastic aquariums of wake county is amazing, and they're opening more branches in a few states I believe
  8. Thanks! That's what I thought it was, but when I asked him he said it was something totally different? They're pretty knowledgeable but he could be wrong I suppose.
  9. Got some new coral! Two $1 zoa frags, one pink and one orange&green, a $17 orange Ricordea that's somewhat shrunk up in the picture, and a $15 "forgot what he said it was called" lol. If someone knows what it is that would be awesome, he said it will grow over anything. I'm in love with the ricordea though, it has fantastic color! Again, bad pictures that don't show the true colors
  10. Exactly what mine did. Went to corals, specifically acans, immediately after the aiptasia were gone. I am going to use some aiptasiaX I bought yesterday instead but I'm honestly a little scared to lol
  11. Beautiful! More details/info would be awesome...
  12. Have fun cleaning that! I quite like the look of the tank though, shape wise. I was recently recommended the ABI tuna blue 12w bulb from amazon, and after having mine set up for a day I can say that I REALLY like it. Especially for $25.
  13. New light! SOO much better now... but I see why everyone has such a hard time with photos under this light. I used snapseed but it still doesn't look good.
  14. Thanks! Not sure how I missed that the list was in the first post though. I see you have frogspawn- I thought/read that they're "aggressive"? Obviously that's not the case if you can keep one in the reefbowl?
  15. Sorry if you've said this before (28 pages is a lot to sift through) but are you still not dosing anything? Just one full water change a week? Also is there a complete list of corals in here?