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  1. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    I’ve never heard of paper clay but it looks awesome. After working with concrete to do mine, I realized I should have used clay for sure. Concrete is a very difficult material to use and it doesn’t lend itself to detail work like clay does. Oh well, now I know.
  2. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Fantastic! What materials did you use to make the sculptures?
  3. I’m in! Sounds fun! I tried to give my SS 10 different options to make it easy, so here’s my wishlist in no particular order: #1: Zoa Frag pack, though a singular designer zoa like a Rasta polyp would be awesome too #2: Photosynthetic Gorgonian! Nano sized #3: Unique softies for 8 gallon nano #4: Anything useful and cool for a 1/2 or 3 gallon pico as well as an 8 gallon. #5: Plants or seeds. I grow Bonsai, but would also like anything that produces edible fruit, a fancy orchid, or a carnivorous Plant would be nice. Especially nepenthes. Tropical plants for my future paludarium. #6: Anything else a 17 y/o might like lol #7: A stretch, but a griessingeri or flaming prawn goby. Some claim they can get them for like $25? Any cool super tiny goby, really. #8: Planted tank items, like tools driftwood or plants. #9: Any must-have freshwater fish and inverts, like shrimp! Amano, RC, Etc. #10: Rare or special MACRO ALGAE Wow, now I feel like I sound needy! Lol
  4. AWESOME. I’m in. I don’t however see the poll? Maybe it’s just my phone idk.
  5. Joe's 0.5 Gallon Post-Modern Pico Jar

    Man, life is so busy! Classes, work, too many tanks and hobbies! Sadly as a result this project keeps being put on the back burner, and for now it’s still just cycling. But, I have big plans for it! I’m almost finishing setting it up and a good update is sure to soon follow! Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak
  6. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    As am I! I believe we may be on the same track here, though I wouldn’t consider mine a “sculpture”...
  7. Wait, which one is yours again?! lol i think we all know I’m going to be the winner here, that is- after my plans come together...
  8. My awesome 12g

    Agreed. Lol
  9. Weekend Update!

    Wow, some really good stuff again! Glad to see some more variety, especially zoas. Great deal on those IMO. Have to wait a little till my new tank cycles first though.... was beyond happy with my last order. Though the teal acans have changed color to more of a sky blue, no idea why
  10. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    How do I cut the monti back? Won’t it be ugly after I do that, as in a straight unnatural edge? And true, the corals below may be fine- I can always direct the light around it some. I would hate to get rid of it since it’s such a vibrant color, but if push comes to shove.. I’ll have to research the Acro some more, I’m sure the information is out there already- thanks for the starting place though
  11. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    Thanks! I do too, and like I always say- pictures don’t do justice at all. That’s why I was going to try the video. I always wonder if anyone even cares about updates though, seems I don’t get much feedback. It was fine after the attack, but I think my sexies are eating it cuz it’s looking awful right now, hence why it’s tucked in the back near the intake for recovery. It was growing like crazy though! Everything in here is growing like crazy, including my Acro. It’s supposed to be neon yellow but now it’s more of a tan color, however It’s growing fast so i guess it’s happy. And my plating monti is gonna have to go soon, it’s growing way too fast and is going to block the light! ps how do I get color back on my Acro??
  12. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    Random video update, see if you can spot any of my three sexies cant see her but Linda (my Pom Pom crab) is hiding somewhere... Well it won’t load a video... lame... so here’s just a picture lol
  13. Hmm. Interesting. Awesome idea, but I have no idea what I’d gift. Are the gifts generally coral? Do we get any hints on what the person wants (or info such as gender/age/interests) that would help if they don’t post a wish list?
  14. Show off your Freshwater!

    Kind of seems like you’re being defensive which wasn’t my intention, so sorry if it came off the wrong way. About the fertilizers- why do you dose them if they just cause algae problems like you said? Simply another product companies make money off of I’m thinking. Let nature, aka the bioload, do the fertilizing for you. What complicated species and carpets do you mean? The tank pictured has Monte Carlo as a carpet which, according to several sources, is a difficult high light and CO2 demanding Plant. Mine is doing phenomenal despite this. The leaves are growing much smaller and denser than when I bought it, and along with the tall plants, it has been cut back several times. The repens is doing okay even though it looked super rough when I received it (tissue culture grown.. all brown when I got it) and the a. Nana ‘petite’ is also growing well. If I had CO2, they would probably grow much quicker but I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a good thing. Just more work lol. Yes I am aware of the effects of CO2; it’s purpose being to make the plants outcompete the algae. I never said it killed algae or whatever you implied. After all, algae is just a product of nutrient imbalance within your tank... nutrient imbalance likely caused by excessive and unnecessary dosing of trace nutrients and other ferts. Of course other factors like light schedule impact algae growth, and Ive found that about 8 hours is the sweet spot for my tanks- much more leads to mas algae. What FW tanks do you have right now? What’s their lighting schedules, dosing regimes, WC routines, etc? I’d like to see picture of the algae issues you have Like I said I don’t meant to offend you or anything but I Feel like you make everything so complicated and hard on yourself, takes the fun out of it mannn... everyone does the same thing with Bonsai. Simpler is better in my experience, K.I.S.S is the best advice I’ve ever got!
  15. Show off your Freshwater!

    Let me also say that I don’t dose trace nutrients, as I think they cause algae issues. I just let the tetra and pufferfish food/waste fertilize the plants. The pufferfish are dirty little critters so thats why I use the tube on the left to keep the food somewhat contained.