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  1. Let Me See Your Clams

    Wow! That’s a beaut! Wish I had one that nice, I got the worst of the batch I bought this maxima last Friday, and it’s already attached to the rock I had below it... I’m worried I may have damaged it moving the clam to a brighter spot but hopefully it’s not a big deal. It was stuck to it but loosely if that makes sense. This little asterina was crawling all over it during the WC, kinda funny
  2. I don’t know, I wasn’t home so someone else got it from the car and brought it in. It was strapped to an ice pack wrapped in paper so it may have. I’ll have to smell it when I get home and see what it’s like. probably not worth the $10 to risk it
  3. Let Me See Your Clams

    That’s a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t have a lid on this now that I have a new ATO, and so I can’t really do that. It’s in a slightly dimmer part of the tank, and has been there since Saturday. I think today I’ll move it to a brighter spot. How long will it take to attach its foot to a rock? I have one buried under it atm but I’m just curious, I don’t want to damage it’s foot moving it around.
  4. Thanks subsea! It was High of 70 and rainy
  5. I bought two packs of those frozen mysis fish food packs yesterday and left them out. I got them at around 12 and they strapped an Ice pack to them, but I left them in the car till about 4 today when I remembered and put them back in the freezer. Theyre sealed in those individual cube “blister” packs. Are these still useable? Or trash them?
  6. Let Me See Your Clams

    Do I need to move it to the brightest spot already? There’s no risk in doing so?
  7. Let Me See Your Clams

    Yeah that’s what I did, indirect feed. Why is that best anyway? I have no idea what the Par is. My brother may have a meter so I could find out though. Right now it’s not in the brightest spot because I wanted to get it acclimated first, and it also needs to attach to the rock buried under it too since I want to be able to move it in the future. Did I say it’s a first grade maxima?
  8. Let Me See Your Clams

    Well there were three ORA clams left at the LFS they all sold in a single day, one was $70 and two were $50. This one was closed but had a white shell and the other one had a black shell but was open and pretty nice. I took the gamble on this one even though it was closed because it’s foot was healthier and lost.. the other one had a nicer mantle. Oh well, she was “only” $50. This ones nice though too, purple with a blue outline and blue spots in the middle. I didn’t want to risk the $70, $50 is bad enough. It opened up immediately in my tank and so far so good, I put some phyto in just to help it. It’s very healthy, snaps closed at the slightest disturbance. Pictures as always do it no justice, just sayin
  9. Let Me See Your Clams

    That is the question! I actually joined the clam bandwagon today, we’re on our way home now lol I’ll post pics when she opens!
  10. Let Me See Your Clams

    This is what I’ve been thinking. I’m taking Micro Bio right now, actually a very interesting and applicable class for reefers btw, and they had a short bit in the textbook on tridacnae clams. After reading it I don’t see how people even came to the conclusion small clams must be fed. Does it help? Probably, maybe. Is it necessary? I don’t see how it could be.
  11. Let Me See Your Clams

    Whattt! That’s crazy it grew that much! I didn’t think they grow that fast, must be very very happy. whats the deal with feeding small clams under 2”? Is it true, and do most people continue to feed them even after they’re larger?
  12. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Taping a few LEDs definitely helps but for me it’s still too blue as well. But, it’s cheap so... lol
  13. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    What light is it? Mine are thriving with the ABI Tuna blue bulb, one with some LEDS taped over and one with an acrylic lid blocking light
  14. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    Those zoas and that ultra acan are stunning aren’t they! I’ve not even heard of zoas loosing colors before? I don’t know what could be wrong.
  15. When I bought the zoas I thought I had quite a variety of colors, but I actually ended up with a lot of red and orange especially near the equator so I added some radioactives for a little variety. One thing I don’t like about this tank is just like with the real Earth, only half the globe gets light. Hence why I only post pictures of North & South America. It’s a shame because the other continents are equally well crafted maybe better. Might be able to position the light directly overhead and fix it. Here’s a shot from my pillow again, showing a little more of Europe and Africa.. Gonna add some shrooms around the base rock the globe sits on too, help differentiate the two. I can’t say how much I love the PPE and Rastas, even though the rastas are closed a bit here... hmm only 15 followers?