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  1. I think that's a great value considering the rarity of some of them. But yes, it's 25 and not 30 though lol
  2. How do I know for sure if it's a sponge? The bigger one has an opaque "tube" looking thing protruding which doesn't seem like a sponge. thanks for the tidbit, could have used that a few days ago lol I read that they can, but obviously I have no idea. Porcelain crabs, I look those up
  3. Those shrimp are nice, though I worry they may be overlooked even in a pico. I'd have to see one in person, as they may be like the sexy shrimp. I think I may have two yellow sponges forming, on top of the pineapple sponges in the filter; anyone know for sure? I hope so, because I want a sponge really bad lol and have been looking at buying one. It's hard to tell, but here's the larger one:
  4. Man I don't know then, I REALLY don't want them eating coral after what those peppermint shrimp did. They seriously decimated my coral. Maybe some type of crab instead? I didn't much care for the emerald crabs I've seen, poms look good but again can sting coral. any other invert recommendations?
  5. I was at one of my lfs today, and I saw sexy shrimp for the first time and I LOVE them! They're so cute! What about adding one to the pico? They won't eat or bother coral, correct? And my damsel won't be too aggressive towards them will he?
  6. What kind of care do you give them? Light/flow/supplements/etc? Those are beautiful!
  7. Not sure how I missed your post, sorry. Yeah it's especially sucky cause I'm in MT visiting relatives, and fast food chains here (like Taco Bell) pay $11-$12 an hour!! Plus no sales tax! So if I lived here with relatives I could earn and save a ton of money compared to in NC. But alas, my college, bonsai, and fish tanks are in NC. those Goby are nice!!
  8. That sounds AMAZING lol I've never heard of them! And I know, they make me work drive through even though I cant hear anything! I'm not from the south originally so I have a really hard time understanding them even if I can hear them. I applied all sorts of places but this is the only one that called me back, it's realllyyyy hard to find a job here. So I'm stuck with it i dont know what the $2 dusters look like, but I've been impressed by all of their other stuff so I'm sure it's a good deal! They turn inventory allll the time cuz it's a small store.. so if you see something you like, you better be there early that weekend or it'll be gone. I think I only paid $3.99 for my damsel?
  9. That's odd, no one here ever gets actual food at DQ, just the ice cream.But yeah I'm only there to get experience and make some money while in school. I reealllly despise everything about it though, all my coworkers suck and alot of the customers can be super rude for no particular reason. Well, actually a lot of times it's the person taking orders with a bad attitude that makes them mad at me. That, and people have no limit with the amount of food they will order through the drivethru regardless if there's 10 more cars behind them. Ruins my 'time', which my manager actually monitors.... Anyway lol, here's the link: this week is a little boring, some weeks are like that while others are amazing- just gotta keep checking
  10. I wouldn't say it's "expensive" I'd just say It's not a "deal" lol and like I said it also depends on the type of coral. Are they SPS, LPS, softies? The lfs I'm talking about has $1 zoas sometimes, which can be seen in the most recent photos, $5 frags, $10 frags, $15 frags, etc. the most expensive frag in my tank is the rico, which I paid $17 for... but obviously they have more expensive frags and colonies, I just don't get them. And again, I work a crappy fast food job so that also influences my spending.
  11. I think I remember you mentioning that place... like I said, I'm 2 hours from EVERYTHING lol. So doesn't matter where it is, it's about the same distance. I work at Bojangles right now ((kill me)) so obviously I don't make a lot of money, but $25 frags seem a little steep to me depending on what type of frags they are I guess. Maybe I'm just spoiled from the one in Raleigh lol..
  12. Yeah that's how I felt too in most of the lfs in Charlotte. Too big of corals with too high of a price tag! Raleighs also about a two hour drive for me too, but since they post exactly what they have in stock that weekend on Facebook you don't waste your time! It's most definitely worth it. If you have Facebook I can post the link to them here if you want.
  13. Where in NC are you now? Anywhere near Raleigh?
  14. Thanks, looks like you nailed it- maybe a jack-o-lantern lepto? And as far as colors go, mine is kinda lame comparatively to the other lepto coral
  15. Still no idea on ID.. any ideas? Also if I wanted to add an acro or two, would I need to start dosing? If so, is there like an "all in one" that I can easily dose myself without a system? My lfs had these a few weeks back and I sooo wanted one of the blue/green ones