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  1. Show off your Freshwater!

    Hmm never heard of them. I'll have to look it up, a cool beta would be awesome. Haven't had one for years I couldn't either. I'm guessing you got yours from BucePlant.com? If so, which cultivar did you choose? I'm wondering if the cultivar makes a big difference. oddly, I had mine in my medium-high light tank that I dose excel daily in and had literally no growth in weeks. I took it out and threw it in a neglected, low light, non-excel tank that I only top off occasionally and they've really taken off (comparatively). I don't understand these plants..
  2. Show off your Freshwater!

    What's your opinion on the buce plants? I've not been impressed with the buce species personally, curious if you think otherwise. Mine grow mainfully slow and are just covered in algae most of the time.. Stunning beta! Where'd you get it?
  3. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    FYI: IKEA Is amazing. This new architect lamp was only $10! It comes in several colors but I got the grey one. I'm pretty impressed with it so far, it works with the 12 watt (emphasize on only the 12) bulb I have. I think the range is a little narrower than the other lamp now but it still works great. This tank is doing great still in other news. The new filter has helped with the purple algae a ton. But another FYI; go with the AC70. It wouldn't hurt to have even more flow than what the AC50 provides. Dying to get some more coral though. Oh and the gorgs aren't doing so hot.... nbd if they don't make it- lesson learned; never believe the LFS people. I think I'm going to trade the NPS gorg for a PS gorg like the purple ones on KPAquatics.
  4. Show off your Freshwater!

    Probably not enough cover. I think mine feel insecure in their new tank, they glide up and down the glass when I walk in the room sometimes. I even found one dried up on the table recently. I think they'll get used to the new tank, but even though there's several tall plants and stuff for them to hide in I think they don't quite feel as safe as they did in their original tank sadly..
  5. The amount the acrylic is bowing would make me realllyyyy uncomfortable. That can't be normal. Otherwise though it looks like a nice AIO setup especially for beginners, like a better version of the JBJ 3 gal "AIO" that I started with.
  6. AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - discontinued?

    I was looking at one too. Seems to be a great option, but would it be okay on a 3 gallon pico? I've read tons of mixed reviews on every ATO so I honestly have no idea...
  7. How To DIY Insulated Shipping Pouches

    Definitely a good method! The heat sealer is sort of an issue for most people I'd say, but worth the investment. I wonder if there's something else you could use like an old hair straightener or iron or something. Line it with a product so it doesn't melt onto it. I was surprised when I received my shipment from SaltCritters- it was just a box lined with 1" thick sheet styrofoam. Super simple and cheap but also super effective, especially for someone who doesn't Have a heat sealer on hand and needs to get coral out asap. Don't know how the price would compare to your method though?
  8. El Fab's Pico Reef: 2007–2010

    I've looked at those jelly tanks before, thought one would be pretty cool. Especially with one of those walnut jellyfish (I think that's what they're called). Have you had it running before? Are you impressed with it (even if you haven't got it running before)?
  9. What is the orange one in the middle? What type of sponge?
  10. 25% off new website celebration!

    Yeah I noticed a few very minor things like that but overall still a great site, the corals are amazing IMO. And I don't blame you for not writing more, most people who buy corals online already know what they're looking for and how to care for it.
  11. The Return of the Tank Sitter

    Loved this thread. I just read the whole thing- yes the whole thing- and I have to say, these conversations are EXACTLY how they go between me and my family lol! specifically my sister and mother. They ask me why I buy ugly stuff and how they want prettier fish etc. They died when I told them they're legitimately called sexy shrimp and pointed out how they kinda "twerk". They also keep calling the coral plants and don't understand why I feed them or spend so much on them... I could never trust them with my tanks too funny!
  12. 25% off new website celebration!

    It says the blondie zoas comes in the size of 1-2... polyps? Or inches? sooooo much variety, really great website! I like the layout and colors. Though I kind of wish the write ups were more detailed
  13. 3.7g Pico reef

    Looks good! What'd you use? Did you dry the rocks off first before glueing them?
  14. Those are carpeting awesome for only excel! Mine from buce plant are excellent, the color is amazing in person- but they're EXPENSIVE for rocks lol so depends if you feel dumb buying rocks or not. It's that or search for them and find probably less cool rocks
  15. JLynn's Softy Reef

    5? Please, thats sleeping in!-I have to get up at 3:30 for Bojangles. Even worse, managers and Biscuit makers are there at work @ 4 every morning... lol just messing with you. Just read through this thread though, it's getting to be a real nice tank.