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  1. FTS of that freshwater planted tank anywhere? All stunning photos by the way.
  2. Anyone ever actually try these?
  3. I didn't know they could handle salt like that. Interesting, thanks
  4. Are those airplants next to the mangroves?
  5. Received my shipment today, pretty stoked. About an hour after the 30 minute acclimation period they're looking much better. Should I feed them some chopped mysis in an hour or two? Most have their tentacles extended currently. Gotta figure out where to put em'...
  6. If only you weren't on the other coast... that's seriously a good deal, surprised it's not gone yet.
  7. I watched one earlier fall from the top of my tank all the way to the bottom on a coral lol. They're so clumsy and awkward. But yeah, even though I had spare shells in my tank one of my hermits murdered a snail and stole his shell instead. Mine have gotten really big too.
  8. My yellowtail damsel is doing very well in my pico. He's active and has a good personality- he looks at everyone who goes near the tank. He also digs a hole under the LR and makes a mess though, but kinda funny. Also good color. But he ate my sexy shrimp... so no inverts as he's territorial
  9. Hoarder!
  10. Did you end up getting anything? And I wonder the same thing...
  11. Same happened to me. I bought them, then realized that it only charged me for shipping. They sent me an email immediately and fixed it; awesome customer service IMO despite problems that were out of their control. Although I had like 7 things in my cart, 3 got deleted out and one that I did delete came back idk what happened. The mix up sucks but hey for $10 each they'll all still look great in my tanks I'm sure. Photos were taken with LED's and mine have the ABI Tuna Blue bulb so they should look similar. i like the turquoise
  12. I completely disagree that the reason you stated is the cause for the development of GMO's. I'm on the end of my 20 minute break at work so I can't type out a long response but basically it's more so the greed of big seed companies (@Monsanto) that drive their development. I've done so many projects and papers on GMO's it's ridiculous...
  13. You have a good point, but it certainly doesn't sit out long enough to surpass the serve safe rules. It just isn't "fresh" enough to serve, customers would complain (though the older ones are better anyway lol). Not exaggerating about the 20-30 minute thing. Hmm You live in California, Bojangles is a southern chain? Anyway, I KNOW. I didn't care for it that much until I started working there. I get an employee meal every shift so I eat there like 3-6 times a week. Never get tired of it. And it's a surprisingly sanitary store; they maintain good hygiene for sure. Don't know if that's true for all fast food chains.
  14. I like your point about the food donation. I helped at a local food bank/soup kitchen for a few months last summer, and some places do donate their food- we went to Food Lion and got high quality desserts, bread, meat, etc from their deli that they donated every day. On the other hand, the place I work now- Bojangles- throws pounds upon pounds of food away daily and will NOT let you take any home. The full basket of chicken tenders been sitting for more than 20 minutes? Throw em out, can't sell em. And we have to. I would get in big trouble for trying to save those. I don't see any reason why they can't at least donate the food. Nonsense to me. Fast food restaurants are the main cause of the 70% food waste we see in America.
  15. Sorry, I guess I missed this post. I'll have to look for those and see if I can find some, maybe at a hardware store? ... The corals and fish are still thriving, but whatever this stuff is- Dino's or cyano- STILL won't go away. It fluctuates; sometimes it's almost 100% gone, other times (like now) it's taking over the tank and covering everything. I don't know what's causing it, my Params are great unless my test kit is wrong. Zero ammonia, zero nitrate, zero or less than 5ppm nitrite. Weekly cleaning and ~30% WC with fresh filter floss. Whatever it is, Turk eats the long strands if that helps ID it... I know it's hard to see, but it's this fluffy looking stuff with bubbles on some of it. Reddish in color. Maybe I kick stuff up after cleaning the sand and cause a spike in something, idk possibly chaeto could be of help here?