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  1. It’s not humans that we are concerned with, it’s wildlife that is affected by the sounds- as we know different organisms (or thinking about mosquito noises, even ages) can detect different sound frequencies. I can’t remember where I read about their sound pollution but if I find it I’ll have to post it, it’s definitely something to consider. I think it was about cattle or sheep. Either way, I feel like people turn a blind eye to obvious factors that we must take into consideration. There are also numerous ramifications we have yet to even think about too! (Just take sea turtles and our inadvertent effects on them for example.) Imagine the factory that produces such monstrous turbines! There are caveats to all energies and I feel like there is this whole revolution of individuals who think “renewable” sources are end all-beat all perfect solutions, when really they are not. Scantly better than other non renewable options in certain cases. Meaning, we must continue either advancing technologies we have now or- dare I say it - develop new ones! And yes of course no energy source is free, that would be against all laws of physics. We are simply looking for the most efficient solution, which I would imagine will be an indefinite endeavor; continuously, albeit probably slowly, finding more and more economical and efficient ways of obtaining energy. On a localized, individual scale yes- wind is quite an amazing technology to take advantage of and is efficient! When thinking about efficiency on a global scale or even anything beyond a state level, it simply isn’t a viable option. My father has worked in the power industry for many many years, 30 i believe, and he seems to think nuclear is our best “cleanest” technology at the time. I would agree. But I believe we can even go beyond that in the near future! That is, if social stigmas and fear of nuclear power and such surrounding instances like Chernobyl allow us to do so. Let me also say I’m not trying to argue or cause issue, I just wanted to draw attention to things that are often overlooked, questions we must ask when considering our options. I say, as if “we” have a choice anyway haha
  2. How long do those wind turbines last? How much energy and resources does it take to manufacture those? Truck them to fields and set them up? What about the noise pollution? Are they REALLY a better solution? how much maintenance do they require? How efficient are they production wise,
  3. That is the single best Christmas card I have ever seen. Bravo, my friend, bravo- truly a work of art 😂 100% worth it
  4. Pshh I’ll take it! Lol One of my secret Santa gifts is now saying it won’t be here till the 11th 😳😳😳 sooo I’m hoping it comes early in the day and I can still get it sent off later that day... if not that really sucks...
  5. They’d be pretty entertaining scurrying around the globe wouldn’t they haha. What else could I keep with the shrimp to add some interest? I’m sure there’s brakish macro algae I could throw in there too? I feel like just the shrimp alone may be a tad bit boring
  6. Unfortunately it too was a victim of Florence, right now it sits empty and sad yet full of hair algae. Not sure what to do with it right now. The zoas never thrived in the tank anyway, and definitely seem to have lost their vibrant color over time. Maybe it simply is too low of a water volume. Considering switching to something new, maybe a macro algae tank with shrimp?
  7. Honestly I’d take phallic drawings over glitter any day... I hate glitter.
  8. Middle school type Phallic drawings never get old do they?? 😂
  9. Question is, Has that ever stopped you 😂 eh yolo
  10. I remember that now! I didn’t know he was the one who did that, that was great last year. So. Much. Glitter. I’d die. You’d still be finding it everywhere for months. Whoever has me Im cool with prank gifts and all just PLEASE no embarrassing things on the box when I go to pick it up 😂 😳 Also, out of curiousity, how are the names drawn?
  11. Paludarium aye? Link to your build? Been thinking about one for a while now
  12. That’s what I’m thinking, I’ve not seen anything either?
  13. So I tried to make it easier for whoever has me, it’s really hard if your secret Santa recipient doesn’t give you any helpful hints 😉 This is literally everything I do so should be easy and fun lol. Wish List -Definitely surprise me, anything a 19 y/o dude would like -maybe like something cool for my shared apartment? Signs, lights, Posters, whatever -Small Cheato Fuge Light for an Aquaclear -Medium shirt if you do a shirt, always bomb -Obviously Coral, Macro algae, anything that’s a must have to restock my 0.5/3 gallon tanks RIP Florence -Soap, like those hilarious squatch guys on Facebook ads -Any must have saltwater fishing gear/anything outdoorsy -If you workout, your favorite preworkout supplement -I like various arts so anything either original by you or samples of your favorite art medium if you’re an artist. Charcoal drawings, painting, etc. -plants. I love plants. Carnivorous, tropical, Bonsai. I grow it all. Even seeds, especially nepenthes thats got to be everything lol
  14. You know what, I guess I’ll jump in again this year! I enjoyed last year, it was pretty fun being surprised. Can I update my wishlist in a second?