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  1. 16g on dormrooms: new frags!

    I had to give the new frags away, my flow was insufficient to keep them alive and they started to look worse and worse and even showed real die off. (I ordered a better pump over a month ago, but it was broken. They would send a new one 'right away', but I haven't received anything even after 3 weeks!) I am going to try to get some time into the tank over the next couple of weeks. Make some frags and try to finalize coral spacing (every thing is still on frag plugs). Wish me luck
  2. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Whooh! So exciting to see this one coming together!
  3. Your fishes seem great, can't wait to see pictures! Life happens though, don't hurry. We will still be here when there is time for those pictures and/or another texty update.
  4. 16g on dormrooms: new frags!

    New corals, overview Left side, purple, acropora? Middle, back, green ? Behind the buttons.. And right side, dont know what it is.
  5. 16g on dormrooms: new frags!

    So, not everything went as planned. I had to stop the pico contest due to health issues and haven't been able to do anything in my tank for a while. But, after the exams and some hard work past week I managed to get some time into tank maintenance this weekend. A friend of mine invited me to come with him to another reeftank keeper and we splitted some frags he got, so that was a nice distraction from everything and also helped me to get back on track. Hope the frags will survive, because I wont be home much coming week, my wisdom teeth are getting removed tomorrow and I will stay at my parents house after to recover. Here is some pictures of the most recent frags, any tips are welcome. I don't have any experience with hard/stony corals and I never thought about getting them. So it was a total suprise to find them in my tank. Before the new frags: My very first successful frag, which has now taken up residence in my friends tank. Trying to frag my mushroom, which would go into the pico. But as the pico has been taken down I had to create something to hold the frags untill they attach themselves to the rubble. Cleaning the windows, you see a before and after piece here.
  6. Maybe anyone here has an idea, I'm still thinking about the light. Instead of a PAR, would a led bulb somewhere between 4000 and 65000 K work? I can still order the PAR, but it wouldn't be here until half december (yay for checks coming in late). So I am looking at a alternative to use until that time, and maybe even to keep if it works.
  7. 16g on dormrooms: new frags!

    Look what I found this morning! That went fast! If you look at the pictures from yesterday (which were taken on sunday afternoon), they were not there! I'm a proud momma of these new zoa heads (bottom left of the zoa colony you see the new heads forming) So, this should be fraggable as well right? I have a lot of work next week! I plan to frag some things, because it's the only way to quickly give my pico some stocking. But I have no experience. And as you may have noticed in the past, I am a nervous human! Fragging plan: -pulsing xenias: cut of one stalk and seperate it from the rock, glue on rock in pico -zoas: cut a few heads off and seperate from the rock by sort of cutting underneath the heads ?, glue in pico -gsp: put a knife under the purple mat and break pieces of that way? -mushroom cut as close to rock as possible, then cut halfway through the mouth. Just throw in the pico and will attach itself? Once again, all tips welcome here. Even after half a year I'm still a newbie!
  8. Dawn's shrimp chalet

    It looks great! I was just thinking about gluing my rocks together as well. They keep falling over when i get my hand in there.
  9. Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment

    Hey, love your stocking! I really really really hope I can finally get a pompom now I have a real pico! *fingers crossed* Just wondering, didn't you cycle your tank? I see a lot of people adding water and immediately adding corals and stuff, I am a little confused
  10. Count me in! My little contest pico

    Thanks! I can get one shipped to me without a problem. So I won't need it. If anything ever comes up I will let you know in PM. -- NH3: 1 NO2: 2 NO3: 2 Sounds like some more waiting :/
  11. Count me in! My little contest pico

    Thanks for the tips @seabass and @Lula_Mae! I will check tonight to see how the temperature is. I don't have money for another heater. So if it is really bad it will probably be either unheated, or get a lighttimer i have lying around.
  12. Count me in! My little contest pico

    Powerhead and heater are on! NH3=0.25 I definitely need some more rock. So I guess I will break up one of the rocks in the DT to establish that. Left side, this was the smallest heater i could find and it looks huge in the tank! Right side: please note that this is not the final scape!
  13. 16g on dormrooms: new frags!

    I did a 10% WC yesterday, but I decided to measure some params today anyway (let's call it a gut feeling). As almost always, NO3 and PO4 were at 0. So that's great. But, KH 7 Mg 1050 Ca 350 All quite low. I added some liquid reef i had lying around. I hope that will help, it doesn't clearly say how much the KH and Mg will go up, only says that for the Ca. So I will have to watch that carefully. I installed the new flowpump (with higher flow) and put the other one in my pico. Which now has a NH3 of 0.25. I guess just let it go untill NH3 is at 0, then do a WC and add a first coral? With indirect tank light: Topdown view, the macro has now been glued to the rock. Corals will be a little difficult, due to moneys I will have to frag them from what I have in my tank, I have never made a frag before and I am nervous! (I am actually nervous for everything pico related, but shht) Now, pictures! I was trying to snap some close ups of the corals. But my clowns wouldn't let me . I love how he actually looks at the camera in this pic. A beautiful shot of the xenia Zoas, and some new macro algae that has been forming on the rock @Lula_Mae, you said that (what I bought as a ricordia) might be a hairy mushroom instead. When doing the WC yesterday, it got a little mad and closed up. Does this image of it look like a closed up hairy mushroom? Because the other mushies look so different when mad, so it made me wonder once again..
  14. Count me in! My little contest pico

    Powerhead will get in there tonight! Topview: And a little reminder to myself, because I am so nervous for this whole contest!