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  1. Also had a buddy take some sweet macro shots of some of my fish and corals including the newest addition the Six Line:)
  2. Been awhile since I updated. This tank is starting to mature nicely and is starting to grow in nicely. Haven’t really changed much as far as equipment and keeping up with water changes and my nutrient export has been keeping things stable. I actually have to feed a ton to get my nutrient levels up. The growth of my sps and my clam has been crazy. Took some pics as my tank was going going to bed for the night and used an orange filter and things really pop! Love my 30L
  3. Hey guys, I have a Nuvo 30L and I can’t seem to ever get a reading for phosphate and nitrate. I test phosphate with a Hanna checker and nitrate with api test which always shows nothing. All I use for nutrient export is a Eshopps Nano and a diy cheato reactor. Also I do weekly, sometimes biweekly 20-40% water changes. (I change more water if it’s been two weeks). I’ve switched to feeding every day now Have a a mix of coral and most of them are growing and seem happy, sps are growing fast, but a lot of my zoas aren’t very happy. Should I consider removing the skimmer? Possibly putting it on a timer? Maybe feed even more?
  4. Love my jebao DCS-2000 pump. It’s essentially the same as the mighty jet (probably made at the same factory lol) but only 60$ on Amazon. Been running smooth and quiet for 9 months now and I barely clean it. Love the soft start after feed mode or turning it back on after a waterchange.
  5. For the first fish I wouldn’t worry about quarantine. Quarantining fish is more about protecting the other fish that are already in your tank. You won’t get any coral pests coming in on a fish. Coral I would be more careful with. It may be worth setting up a quarantine. Definitely at a minimum use some sort of coral dip.
  6. Hey nice to see a fellow 30L owner on here! My tank is about medium stocked now with various coral and I use the red sea blue bucket. I definitely get a big dip in ca and alk by the end of the week if I don’t dose anything. I’ve found the easiest thing for me is to dose a few mls of 2 part 2-3 times per week. I use ESV Bionic. Also I wanted to go a bit more natural for nutrient export so I built a algae reactor and just run that, a skimmer and filter floss. I do a 5g a week water change. Been running this way for a few months and seeing good growth and coloration out of pretty much everything in the tanks. Also I’ve been feeding rather heavy but thanks to the reactor my nitrates and phosphates have been nice and low. I’m a big proponent of feeding heavier with more nutrient export. Keeps the fish and corals healthy and fat:)
  7. My wife names damn near everything in the tank even the corals because she can’t remember the actual names. Fungia is Spike birdsnest coral she calls the crows feet gsp is “the Grass” Durasa clam is Clammy Davis junior nasarious snail named snailer jerry my clownfish is name Clark Little since we thought he was Clarkii when we got him. He’s actually an Allardi. We have a conch name Conkorah the Magic Conch.
  8. Coraline can be many colors not just purple. Green is actually pretty common and there is everything from bright pink to dark green even orange coralline. It just so happens that purple varieties grow particularly fast and are most common in reef tanks
  9. Looks like corralline. Try to scratch it off with a tooth brush or something and it doesn’t come off easily it’s definitely coralline. Sometimes green takes off first and then the purple catches up
  10. Current FTS: December 2018 Past FTS: April 2018 Upgraded to this tank from my first reef in a 17g Aqua Japan Feb 2018. My old tank was running for a little over a year and I quickly realized I wanted something a little bigger and better build quality. I love the long shallow look of the Nuvo 30l. The upgrade went surprisingly smooth as I was able to set the tanks up side by side and just swapped over every thing but the sand in just a few hours. Most of the corals I’ve grown from small frags which I’m pretty proud of. Looking forward to some of them having more room to grow out now. Equipment: Tank: IM Nuvo 30L Lighting: 2x Ai Prime HDs Filtration: 2x IM Floss Holders Eshoppes Nano Skimmer DIY Cheato Reactor Pump: Jeabo DCS2000 Powerhead: Jeabo SW-2 IM SpinStream on one side Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w ATO: Tunze Osmolater 3152 Livestock: Fish and Inverts: Allardi Clown Sixline Wrasse Azure Damsel 2x Chalk Bass passed away:( Orange spotted Goby Tiger Pistol Shrimp Conch Snail Cleaner Shrimp Hermits Trochus and Nassarius Snails Durasa Clam RBTA Tuxedo Urchin Corals: Frogspawn Hammer Green and Striped Candy Canes Fungia GSP Pocillopora Birdsnest Open Brain Coral Cabbage Coral Lobophylia Kenya Tree Long Tentacle Green Toadstool Various Zoanthids and Palys Varioua Mushrooms Maintence: Weekly 5g water change Change filter floss Clean Skimmer Cup I occasionally dose ESV Bionic 2 part when my calcium dips and alk dip, generally towards the end of the week Remove cheato from the reactor as needed.
  11. Hey everybody! So I'm in the planning stages of upgrading My 17g nano aqua japan nano cube and could really use some feed back. Im planning on purchasing a Nuvo 30L because I love the way it looks and it will fit perfect on top of my dresser. Also my Allardi clown is getting bigger and i would love the extra water volume to add a another fish maybe as well as have a little more room for coral growing out. So my main question is how do I go about actually doing the upgrade?? Should I start fresh and run both tanks while cycling the new one and move everything over once the new tank is cycled? or will it be ok if I just move everything to the new tank right away. Thanks for the help guys
  12. I have a bunch of red mushrooms and every once in a while one will float around the tank and find a new spot to attach too. It was crazy to watch it swallow the whole mushroom.
  13. So I came home and my fungia has a random red mushroom in its mouth. Will this hurt my fungia? Or should I just let nature take its course?