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  1. Coral & Water Params Help!!

    The plate coral has accepted weekly feedings of refrigerated brine shrimp and no to the leather.
  2. I have been keeping a 5.5 gallon Fluval Spec V for about 2.5 months now. I originally was off to a very good start with this tank, with my mushrooms, zoas and plate coral looking amazing for a few weeks after adding them. Recently: 1. long tentacle plate coral that is placed on the sandbed is about a quarter bleached and wont expand its tentacles at all. 2. Fiji yellow leather coral will not expand its polyps, is discolored, has been doing this for well over a week, yet its sweeper tentacle comes out at night still and depending on the light being on/off, it expands/contracts its body, showing signs of life. 3. My mushrooms are growing and could not be happier 4. My purple star polyps are growing and could not be happier. So, obviously the LPS in the tank is what is suffering and looking rather horrible. Parameters: Alkalinity: 8.5 pH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 2ppm Nitrite: .1ppm (wasnt registered on my test kit until today so i dont believe this is the problem) Calcium: 620 (tested fresh saltwater mix and this is what the calcium level is at naturally) Salinity: 35ppm TDS of tap: 0ppm Temp: 80degrees Dosing: the only dosing I do is essential elements once every 2 weeks. Other than that, to keep calcium and alk up I just do weekly water changes. Light: Orbit Marine LED 18" 18 watt (not the pro) Water circulation: 150 GPH return pump, 150 GPH circulation pump I read somewhere that fluctuations in water params are the most harmful to LPS, rather than perfect conditions. Could this be my problem? I recently bought a DI system to add to my RO and it brought the TDS from 80 to zero. Maybe they got used to the old water chemistry with TDS? I really cant think of anything other than maybe the light not being sufficient enough? Even though it should be. Only reason I fall on that conclusion is because softies are doing great while LPS is struggling and dying. Let me know if you guys can think of anything.
  3. Fluval Evo 5.5 Gallon Reef

    Here is an updated FTS, with a slightly different aquascape and a new Fiji Yellow Leather coral. Has been a few days since I got him and his polyps are finally showing a little. Hopefully itll look normal in a few more days.
  4. Fluval Evo 5.5 Gallon Reef

    Above is a quick update. Added a nice long tentacle plate coral, some zoas, and a colony of mushrooms. All look amazing under the antinics- looks fake. I also have a medium-sized yellow fiji toadstool coming in the mail tomorrow from liveaquaria and I will post pictures of that addition tomorrow. Enjoy and let me know if you have questions.
  5. Fluval Evo 5.5 Gallon Reef

    So you are saying that although my calcium and mag and alk are all perfect after a water change and pH is low (as low as 7.6), corals and fish can handle that low of a pH?
  6. Fluval Evo 5.5 Gallon Reef

    Hello all, Here is my Fluval Evo 5.5 gallon! Rigged with a micro ATO, 180GPH return pump, and a Orbit Marine LED! and a heater. Thats all the equipment on this tank and it is looking great so far. Tank started 2/9/2017 Look forward to sharing with you all as it stocks up!
  7. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    Here are some updated FTS's. I upgraded to the Orbit Marine LED with the controller to be able to add coral down the road once water parameters are more balanced. I also ordered calibration fluid for my refractometer- im hoping that all this is because its reading the salinity higher than it really is and that there is not enough salt in the tank, which would lead to a low pH and alkalinity. Ill let you know how the salinity comes out ones the refractometer is completely calibrated.
  8. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    Update: I added a small clean-up crew of dwarf ceriths and florida ceriths. They have been in the tank a week now and are all moving around and doing great. Water parameters are as follows: pH: 7.6 Alkalinity: 8 DkH Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 Salinity: 35 So, now that my tank is about 6 weeks old, I plan to do a water change and hopefully that brings my pH up a bit. Since everything seems to be in check, as long as I do a water change and bring the pH to around 7.8, do you think my tank will be ready for fish? Alkalinity dropped drastically and is back in check. I just want to make sure that that low of a pH wont be a problem since it seems that a lot of you believe that pH is not something to worry about too much, and that Alkalinity is more important to keep in check and as long as that is in check, then pH will follow. So, with those parameters, age of the tank, and success with the CUC, do you believe my tank is ready for a fish, or is the pH of concern. All the best.
  9. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    Update: Due to water changes, I got my Alkalinity down to 11dKH, pH of 7.8 and salinity at 35ppt, zero ammonia and nitrite. Small clean-up crew arriving in the mail tomorrow consisting of 4 dwarf ceriths and 2 florida ceriths. Going to let them sit in the tank for a week or so, test the water in a week and hope that this time around it will be good for fish! Hitting the 5 week old mark this week. Thanks for all the advice
  10. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    SO, if my pH with no buffer is measuring around 7.5 and alkalinity around 180 you think that is fish-safe? And about the cycle, yep for sure watched it those three weeks!
  11. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    Sounds good! I will raise my salinity to 1.026, replace my water, and hopefully that will result in a better pH by raising the salinity. Ill post back here in a few days to let you guys know the results. Thank you all for your time and support.
  12. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    But a pH of 7.4 is not acceptable.
  13. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    That is freshly-made saltwater. I need to buffer the tank for the pH to get to around 8.2-8.4. The alkalinity of the fresh saltwater is fine, its the pH that is only 7.4- which is why I use buffer. Any suggestions on how to raise that pH without dramatically increasing alkalinity?
  14. 5.5 Gallon Help!!!!!

    Alkalinity is around 120 PPM and pH is around 7.4 for a new batch of water.