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  1. My humble 5.5g

    I'm visiting some of my old haunts as after 13 years I'm breaking down my tank and getting out of the hobby, at least for a few years. Diane was an inspiration to me in taking a very small corner of the world and turning it into a beautiful universe. The trend in marine aquariums has for so long been bigger tanks. With the world slowly struggling to adapt to having less, she showed what wonder could be extracted from small. I'm disposing of much that was weighing me down for so long, and taking off over the horizon. S/V Serenity is our ship and I'm determined to see as much of the wonders of the sea as I can before it's too late; for me and for the oceans. Take care everyone and enjoy reading Diane's thread!
  2. Suddenly cloudy... I'm at a loss.

    I am not going to exactly get into the middle of this free-for-all about CPE and its effect on water cloudiness, but to "defend" ion exchange resins. They do not "work in reverse". They work as they always do, exchanging ions. If an ion in the solution has a greater charge than the ion on the resin, it will be exchanged. Regenerating a cation ion with a strong acid, all the ions on the resin are weakly held hydrogen ions. If a sodium ion comes along, it will have a greater affinity for the active site on the resin than the hydrogen ion and will replace it. This goes on continuously, with calcium being stronger than sodium and replacing it (water softeners are ion exchange resins recharged with salt that remove calcium from water). Finally, most metals (copper, iron, mercury, highly polar organics, etc) exchange most other ions and have the greatest affinity. So much so that even with with stronger acids the resin can't be regenerated so easily. Iron in solution for instance effectively "kills" the resin as it requires an acid strong enough to damage the resin itself and so cannot be used again. So no, in general ion exchange resins do not release toxins, they bind them tighter. At least I hope that part of the argument is laid to rest.
  3. Planetarium

    Very freaky place. Except for the weeds it looks like it just closed. Doesn't even look like water got to it though where it is it should have gotten pretty freaking deep there. Where the heck is that planetarium and why was it abandoned? Katrina?
  4. I'm curious as to how you determine exactly how often you need to do a water change? Determining organic levels in the water is a very difficult test to do in salt water. Micro-nutrient concentrations, replenished with water changes, aren't easily determined either. For sure when I do a water change I see an improvement in coral tissue extension but for me it's difficult to determine if it would have been greater if I'd done more frequent water changes. Where do "experts" get their water change schedules? I don't know and wonder if they do but doing it on a regular schedule makes it easier to remember and more consistent rather than doing it whenever or when it's remembered.
  5. Message to LED makers

    If I had a cat I wouldn't need to get drunk or stoned to yell at him. On the other hand my dog will go emo on me if I yell at him, so I don't. Besides, I'm a "I love you man" kind of drunk.
  6. Message to LED makers

    Great Idea! A perpetual motion machine!!!!! Since I DIY I have no one to beatch at besides myself for no hanging mechanism.
  7. Yardboy's Jetties Nano

    Those are actually neon gobies,of which there are a pair I caught last year in Tavernier Keys. While waiting in a frag tank for the cube build they decided to spawn on a powerhead, but I Was totally unprepared for the event and lost them to predation. For info on the setup....... well, one day a guy came by the house and dropped off an order of glass I'd made to the local shop, with starphire for the front viewing pane. I used GARF's tank building calculator to get the right measurements for the glass, You can sure tell the difference between starphire and the regular glass.
  8. Yardboy's Jetties Nano

    "Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season" as the song says, Maria. We spent yesterday "battening down the hatches" at home and the boat. Not too worried, though Debbie doesn't seem to want to go away, just spinning in place right now Ruining a lot of folks summer vacations; double red flags all along the panhandle. The tank is doing well, everyone seems happy. Not so many photos yet, life is getting more hectic which is why I got rid of all my fragging setups, Fish dig cleaning stations. It must be translatable in any fish language, Pacific or Caribbean FTS is about two months ago, it's growing in well. The staghorn thicket on the right emulates a scene I've seen while diving, where mandarins and goby/shrimp pairs like to live. My YWG/tiger shrimp pair moved right in within a day of introduction. I have a removable background in the tank room so we can view without distractions in the living room, but photos must be done at night to eliminate stray light, thus my excuse for so few photos. So sorry to hear of the problems with your contest tank Maria. For me too it's about saving the livestock if I can, hope they all made it. There will be other contests, and hopefully one that allows for cycling!
  9. Message to LED makers

    Better add a safety harness or your fixture will be swimming when the power goes out, Just saying.
  10. Yardboy's Jetties Nano

    Wow! What a collection. Now I understand your username! I particularly enjoy watching symbiotic relationships. I've scaled back my tanks to just a single 200g shallow cube. (yes, not really a cube, being 48"X48"X20") inwall with two viewing sides. In the tank room is the side with my former jetties/caribbean tanks, the gorgonians, zoanthids, ricordias, and various anemones. The focus is a curlycue anemone with resident shrimps. Fascinating to watch. The mated pair of neon gobies chose to set up their cleaning station on this side too, where they clean most everybody, from the Spanish hogfish and doctor tang to the pink skunks in their RBTA. There's also a pair of ossie's in a frogspawn (go figure when there are three BTA's unoccupied) There's a tiger pistol shrimp (10 yrs old!) with his second partner, a yellow watchman who reside in the staghorn thicket. Good luck with your jawfish setup. There are so many really cool creatures from the Caribbean that are beautiful, easy to keep and don't have to be brought from halfway around the world. How about some links to your tank build/presentations?
  11. Yardboy's Jetties Nano

    Fishing license for limited collecting, or go with a commercial collector for a price (but no more than buying from a dealer, plus makes for a great vacation.
  12. Yardboy's Jetties Nano

    Thanks, I'm glad I could encourage you. Since the Keys are in Florida, having a Florida biotope would be wide open. There are no shortage of gorgonians on the Gulf side of the Keys, pretty much what's on the Atlantic side, for that matter. I don't get too precise. I began to collect zoanthids that weren't from the Caribbean for my jetties nano too. After I began collecting in the Keys I began to stretch the definition of the tank! Some great places to get stuff" Sea Life, Inc, in Tavernier The guy I collect with in the Keys. A vendor on Nano-Reef who has nice flower anemones
  13. got2envy's 3g JBJ Pico with Boost LED

    Great growing Maria! I guess I need to look at the other tanks to see how the competition is stacking up......NAH.
  14. Stocking help!

    I'd have cleaned the algae off first, before putting it in my tank, but "shoulda,woulda, coulda"! I've not had the trouble some have claimed with emeralds, had very good luck with them instead , with the exception of them having fairly short lives (1-2 yrs) so maybe they just hadn't gotten big enough to cause me problems. Good luck with the tank. I like your aquascape. Just be patient and take it a bit slower. You've made generally good choices on equipment. Some have complained about the canister filters but it just means you have to keep them clean. Reefkeeping should be every bit as relaxing as a freshwater tank, and will be if you let it. Any other questions just ask. I or someone else will surely answer.