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  1. Great picture. How long have you had it and what are you feeding?
  2. That pic and specimen is excellent. I've never seen one that color before. Good luck with it!
  3. Hollywood stunner (I found out the "name" after a long search) is my fantasy coral after taking this shot while diving in the Pacific
  4. Excellent photo skills
  5. mini-nems. The new majano.
  6. Mama told me tht if I can't say anything nice, not to say anything.
  7. I have one of those. Christmas Favia I believe it's called. Mine has been in my tank for about 3 years. Slower growing but hardier than some.
  8. Experimenting with an LED setup, I discover that without glasses you see weird spots in your eyes for quite awhile!
  9. I'm all for artistic expression, but sadly the first drop of salt water and creep that gets on that aluminum foil and you'll have big time corrosion. It will be very fleeting art and your tank will suffer from aluminum poisoning.
  10. I've heard of longetivity issues with these zoanthid coated sponges. How's yours holding up?
  11. I'm assuming you are all inebriated?
  12. Very nice. I hope it thrives for you.
  13. All those people who use the word "shrimp" fro something wimpy don't know shrimp like we know shrimp! Cool shot and caption
  14. Merulina ampliata. Platygyra are massive and encrusting, not subarborescent as the coral in the photo is.
  15. Wait, the ocean doesn't get it's light through a window at an angle into a house, does it? I'm confused too.