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  1. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Nope... oh well if it is too much for the corals then ill move it to my 10 gallon half moon which needs a light?
  2. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    I think i might have an idea..
  3. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    It is 12 watts 50/50 bulb I really just want a couple of cool montis and a few rock flowers
  4. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    my bulb and gooseneck came in and im not sure if i have enough height to keep from burning corals? Its 12” from top of the tank. Is this high enough
  5. Basic 10 gallon reef

    Ive added a green with blue tips hammer, a purple with green tips hammer, a green with purple tips hammer, bright green birdsnest, blue polyp birdsnest, orange chalice, a few new zoas and a orange ricordea. Oh and a tailspot blenny.
  6. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    I dont know but i am quite sad oh well... they are ordering some more for me
  7. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Well im at work and i was looking for my sexy shrimp... one of the employees put them in the tank with 16 hungry occalaris clowns:( spent like an hour looking for them with only one found...
  8. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    I should be ordering my light this week. Just checked all my parameters and salinity and everything is good to go. So ill be picking up my inverts today
  9. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    My 3 sexy shrimp and pop pom crab arrived at the lfs today and im going to get them tomorrow! But today i am going to the georgia aquarium!
  10. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Once i get my light ordered that will be my next step.
  11. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Stand is done
  12. Just bought a piece of this chalice. It it hot! If you know the name, let me know?
  13. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Coral/nem stocking plans: • 1 or maybe 2 ultra rock flower anemones • 2 monti caps (green with red polyps and typical orange) • assorted zoas • 2 or 3 rics/yumas I do not want to have a fish in the tank but i am looking into some interesting inverts... I like pom pom crabs and sexy shrimp. I also like porcelin crabs. So i might stock like this: •3 sexy shrimp and pom pom crab or •pom pom crab and porcelin crab or •porcelin crab and 3 sexy shrimp If yall have any experiance with those inverts or have something else i should looking into, then let me know. I know i am limited but i would like some movement. Thanks!
  14. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Im also looking at the reef radiance 7g lumentek bulb... which would be better? My display area is 8x8 inches