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  1. Gradleg

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    I added a Hydor koralia 240 and that seems to do the trick. Its enough to keep my sps up top happy and not upset my lps in the middle in bottom. The stock pump isnt enough by itself for me
  2. Gradleg

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    My waterbox 10!
  3. Gradleg

    Gradleg’s Waterbox 10g

  4. Gradleg

    Gradleg’s 10 gallon mixed reef

    FTS 6/1/2018
  5. Gradleg

    Gradleg’s Waterbox 10g

    Est. May 22, 2018 Waterbox 10 gallon AIO •AI prime •Cobalt accu-therm 75w heater •Hydor Koralia 240 powerhead 10 pounds dry rock 10 pounds figi pink live sand I am going to transfer my favorite pieces over once the tank cycles. Im going to keep my other 10g up as a frag/qt tank. I want to keep this tank simple with weekly 10-20% water changes and a refugium. I do not plan on dosing unless the weekly waterchanges cannot supply the corals with the elements they need. I carefully crafted my aquascape to allow for all ranges of coral placement. My favorite corals are montis, acans, chalices and zoas. But all love all kinds and im sure this tank will be packed out with corals in a few months. Thanks for following along with my new reefing journey!
  6. Gradleg

    Plain Jane 10

    Awesome tank! I love my 10 gallon but its crazy how quickly they run out of room for coral.
  7. Gradleg

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Im thinking about ordering the 10. Ill have to decide if i want to move my stuff over or start fresh and slowly move over corals and fish... im probably just gonna pull the trigger and order it
  8. Gradleg

    need help ORBIT light

    I run a current usa marine led and i have been able to support and grow a variety of corals. On my 10 gallon i run 75% blue and 60% white from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. I also do a 30 minute sunrise and sunset. I run the moonlight for 2 hours on a very low setting. It is a good light for the price but their are better options for higher prices. I like it because it looks sleek and doesnt heat my tank up. PM me with any questions.
  9. Gradleg

    Gradleg’s 10 gallon mixed reef

    Check out my instagram. Im doing a 365 day challenge too!
  10. Est. March 2017 Equipment: 10 gallon aga current usa marine led penguin biowheel 200 hob hydor koralia 245 powerhead Stocking: zoas palys duncan acans favia leather hammers torches montis trumpets stylophora blasto birdsnest acros rainbow bubble tip blacker ice clown Routine: I do a 2-3 gallon water change every week and change the filter floss. Every 2 months I change my chemipure blue. I like to keep this tank simple and push it to see what i can grow coral wise. The tank has been running for almost a year now and I have to say it has been a lot of fun. I have learned a lot and im still learning new things everyday. FTS: 2/20/2018
  11. Gradleg

    Is this a bounce??

    I figured it wasnt but its still pretty cool
  12. Gradleg

    Is this a bounce??

    Saw this at the local fish store and its $40 and has been developing big bubbles! Is it a bounce
  13. Gradleg

    Basic 10 gallon reef

    FTS new torches, acans, and montis!
  14. Gradleg

    Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    Nope... oh well if it is too much for the corals then ill move it to my 10 gallon half moon which needs a light?