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  1. Dont know whether I like your tank or your photography skills Nah I love both! Please teach me
  2. Please move to Durban...lots of glass and builders
  3. Hats off to you if you did paint those.
  4. Dont know. But seachem matrix does the job you looking for and does not need to be replaced.
  5. Thank you
  6. Hi guys does anyone know these two frags.
  7. Chalice
  8. Thanks stellablue. They really tiny hopefully grow soon
  9. Durban, South Africa
  10. I super glued it and peeled it out. I would have tried boiling water but zoas are in the way
  11. Thanks saltybuddha I will give this a shot
  12. Hi how do I get rid of tiny aiptasias? They are too tiny to be injected. There is about 4 or 5 in between zoas.