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  1. My new nano build

  2. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Beautiful. Did you buy or catch the gem tang?
  3. My new nano build

  4. My new nano build

    Thanks gogeta. Transferred everything early. Lights are off. But nothing looks stressed, im glad
  5. My new nano build

    Hi. Iv come across a nano tank that im going to start up. I will be transferring my live rock and frags from my existing tank. Being a student with a very small income, I will have to make do with second hand equipment or whatever comes my way. I dont like the overflow, its bulky and takes up estate, but I will have to stick with it Got this made today
  6. I.d please

    Store in South Africa
  7. I.d please

    Thanks Boogers
  8. I.d please

    Hi would like an I.d on these before I buy them.
  9. Please id

    Thanks boggers anyone knows the fancy name?
  10. Please id

    Hi can I have an id to this.
  11. Dead reef.

    Wow awesome. You are very talented
  12. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Beautiful zoas. Which lfs did you get those from?
  13. How to take pics from above.

    How do people take out lovely photos from above without light reflecting in the photos?
  14. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Dont know whether I like your tank or your photography skills Nah I love both! Please teach me
  15. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Please move to Durban...lots of glass and builders