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  1. Hi Im planning to do a diy led build, so can anyone tell me how many led chips would I need for a tank thats 600mm (L) X 320mm (w) X 340mm (h) I would like the light to be at least 30cm above the water line if possible. Thanks
  2. Something out of the blue havent seen this with zoas I had before...
  3. Hi 4x5 Im also from south africa I really admire your work on msr
  4. Absolutely stunning!
  5. Found some local zoas at the coast
  6. Thank you Found this awesome feather duster at the local sea
  7. Thanks it does have green on it
  8. Thank you peope
  9. Hi thanks Im looking at a 80L display tank drilled my main aim is to have sump around 60 to 70L, as my current tank has no sump and filtration, I just rely on waterchanges right now. I also aim on having a nice skimmer, refugium section in the sump with chaeto and a ato
  10. Hi there Im new to the forum though an old reefer(not that old).. I currently have a 60L tank holding all my frags which are growing well. I will be transferring everything into a new nano tank soon when the stand is made for it. What I have Corals: Pulsing xenia Few diff colours of zoas Pincushion Gsp Lettuce leather Kenya tree Green and red mushrooms Plating monti Brain coral Note these are frags and not as beautiful as the stuff you guys get in the USA