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  1. I super glued it and peeled it out. I would have tried boiling water but zoas are in the way
  2. Thanks saltybuddha I will give this a shot
  3. Hi how do I get rid of tiny aiptasias? They are too tiny to be injected. There is about 4 or 5 in between zoas.
  4. As title..anyone still using a tunze 9002
  5. Wow that looks so awesome please post results
  6. Thank you will try this
  7. Hey there I plan on doing some fragging this weekend and want to know how to attach xenia to frag plugs? I would have just left them in low flow and attach to gravel then stick onto plug but im feeling abit ocd
  8. Hi Im not sure what the sea is like by you, but here in south africa iv been using sea water I collect on low tide. I havent had a problem and did not need to adjust water maybe only SG once or twice. If you are collecting nsw ensure you collect a week or two after rainfall and a place that is not near any channels or pipelines
  9. Same as pic 2 under full blue leds
  10. I got these zoas but never found their names.
  11. Thank you guys
  12. Hi got this ricordea recently and not sure if it is a Florida or yuma?
  13. Hi Im planning to do a diy led build, so can anyone tell me how many led chips would I need for a tank thats 600mm (L) X 320mm (w) X 340mm (h) I would like the light to be at least 30cm above the water line if possible. Thanks