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  1. Sareefer101

    Bta help

    Another question sorry. Is this a rainbow bubble tip?
  2. Sareefer101

    Bta help

    Thanks guys
  3. Sareefer101

    Bta help

    Hi guys. I got a bubble tip anemone last week Wednesday. It has moved to a spot with medium flow and low light. Im worried that the area its in does not have sufficient light for it to thrive, mushrooms even reach out for light in that area. Other than that the bubble tip anemone looks to be well healthy. Is there anything I should do, like move it or cut down or raise flow?
  4. Sareefer101

    My new nano build

    New candy cane frag
  5. Sareefer101

    First Tank Nano Tank

    Wow lovely tank
  6. Sareefer101


  7. Sareefer101


  8. Sareefer101


  9. Sareefer101

    My new nano build

    Some new zoa frags went in... Vdm zoa Wonder woman zoas Organisms zoas
  10. Sareefer101

    My new nano build

  11. Sareefer101

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Beautiful. Did you buy or catch the gem tang?
  12. Sareefer101

    My new nano build

  13. Sareefer101

    My new nano build

    Thanks gogeta. Transferred everything early. Lights are off. But nothing looks stressed, im glad
  14. Sareefer101

    My new nano build

    Hi. Iv come across a nano tank that im going to start up. I will be transferring my live rock and frags from my existing tank. Being a student with a very small income, I will have to make do with second hand equipment or whatever comes my way. I dont like the overflow, its bulky and takes up estate, but I will have to stick with it Got this made today
  15. Sareefer101

    I.d please

    Store in South Africa