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  1. What light are you guys running on your biocube 's refugium?
  2. New additions
  3. Nanobox lights
  4. I'll just put all the pumps on the same strip. Thx
  5. You have some good points but I still like the natural way. Too much work to to pull sand every time it occurs I think
  6. all I can think of is all the bacteria on the sand dying
  7. The best one in my own opinion is a fighting conch, get him small because they have a massive appetite
  8. do people shut off this skimmer to feed? mine goes bubble happy every time
  9. Just sign up at Boston reefers society its local and you can get some awesome deals on things. Bunch of knowledgeable ppl in it as well
  10. Hi , are you in BRS? If so the live rock came from Deltas tank and in less then 30 minutes was in this tank.
  11. Your rock might be loaded with phosphate, you'll most likely have to use some muric acid to strip it and then " cook it "( not in the actual term ) to be phosphate free
  12. Not a fan of many water changes here, unless there's a real big problem this is the smallest tank I've ever had since 2004 but shouldn't be any harder to take care of as long as water is stable like any other tank
  13. Lfs didn't want to sell me the shrimp because the tanks only been running for a week , they told me they wouldn't replace it if it died . They didn't believe I had brittle stars in the tank lol
  14. Couple of new additions
  15. Ammonia and no2 at zero