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  1. Biocube 29

    I have a full lid on mine
  2. Biocube 29

    I have a problem putting the skimmer there. I'm using the lid because of my daughter not stairing at the light and the top will hit the collection cup if I put it there
  3. Biocube 29

    I'll try this but it will be hard. Need to modify how I hold the skimmer. I did the algae free magnet mod
  4. Biocube 29

    I dropped the water level to under the first plate on the media basket but with the water director in place it still backs up the first chamber which makes the display water level go up to the black plastic lip on the rim
  5. Biocube 29

    Second and ok ,I'll try removing some water
  6. Biocube 29

    I just picked up a the intank basket and fuge. I run a aquatic life 115 skimmer in first chamber and as soon as I put the water director on it , it backs up my water from chamber one and we all know what happens next lol so my question is , is there anything I can do to fix this?
  7. Gyre pump

    Do you have a gyre on a biocube 29 and how do you like it? I'm looking at getting either a power head or gyre for my 29 but don't want to dish out for something that won't work well in a small tank. Any inside experience would be great.
  8. It's alive

    FTS 2 months old
  9. Remote Location

    Thanks I've seen the details but curious to know what the percentage was all about
  10. It's alive

    The one month picture
  11. On the remote location there's a percentage of .... . What does that percentage mean?
  12. Biocube light cover hazing

    Thanks for the tip. One of my club members actually told me to cut out the plastic and leave 1" or so around the edge and screw some acrylic to it so I could still seal it in the stock location
  13. Biocube light cover hazing

    They're at the stock position of the reflector.
  14. Biocube light cover hazing

    It's literally the plastic, no salt creep or splashes. I've taken the plastic off and cleaned inside and out with no effect. I'll give it a shot and see what happens
  15. Biocube light cover hazing

    My bc29 light cover ( plastic ) is starting to become hazy after I installed the retro kit. Is there a solution to this ?