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  1. Thanks I've seen the details but curious to know what the percentage was all about
  2. The one month picture
  3. On the remote location there's a percentage of .... . What does that percentage mean?
  4. Thanks for the tip. One of my club members actually told me to cut out the plastic and leave 1" or so around the edge and screw some acrylic to it so I could still seal it in the stock location
  5. They're at the stock position of the reflector.
  6. It's literally the plastic, no salt creep or splashes. I've taken the plastic off and cleaned inside and out with no effect. I'll give it a shot and see what happens
  7. My bc29 light cover ( plastic ) is starting to become hazy after I installed the retro kit. Is there a solution to this ?
  8. What light are you guys running on your biocube 's refugium?
  9. New additions
  10. Nanobox lights
  11. I'll just put all the pumps on the same strip. Thx
  12. You have some good points but I still like the natural way. Too much work to to pull sand every time it occurs I think
  13. all I can think of is all the bacteria on the sand dying
  14. The best one in my own opinion is a fighting conch, get him small because they have a massive appetite
  15. do people shut off this skimmer to feed? mine goes bubble happy every time