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  1. SaltyBuddha

    Dosing Vacation - Help Please

    Thanks that is what i am thinking too. I already mixed my two part with half RODI water. Been monitoring Alk in the morning/night and it has been at 9.7/9.8 for the past 48 hours. Ive got another 36 hours to monitor and then I have to make a decision 😫
  2. SaltyBuddha

    Dosing Vacation - Help Please

    To clarify, problem is that the alk spike killed my SPS and now the dosing amount is too much. I have two days to figure out the correst (lesser) amount or just turn off the doses for 2 weeks.
  3. SaltyBuddha

    Dosing Vacation - Help Please

    Ive been manually dosing for a couple months now. Everything was good until I went to auto. When I turned off my pumps for water changes or feeding, the level in the back of the tank would rise and be in contact with the two part tubes. Alk went upwards of 12 and CA up to 490. Normal levels are 8.3 and 450. Spike happened in two days. Since then, I lost my birdsnest and half of my monti. My only SPS in the tank and both are pretty small corals Now my alk/ca consumption seems to have dropped. My regular dosing schedule has increased my alk by .3 everyday since then. I'm leaving for two weeks and worried that I dont have enough time to fine tune the dosing regime again. Last night I mixed my two part with RO/DI water in a 1:1 solution to make it less potent. But I am considering just turning it off for two weeks. Not sure if my tank dropping down in ALK would be better than going to high. Looking for opinions on how to keep my tank alive during my vacation. IM10 Fish: One clownfish Yasha goby and pistol Two green banded movies Coral Softies: leather toadstool, zoas, handful of glove polyps, GSP, mushrooms LPS: trumpet coral, frogspawn, hammer, acans, Duncan, montipora SPS - mostly dead birdsnest, half dead monti
  4. SaltyBuddha

    Aiptasia? Hydroid? Something else?

    That is what I'm thinking too but it looks soooo big for a hydroid but small for aiptasia. How big can hydroid get?
  5. SaltyBuddha

    Aiptasia? Hydroid? Something else?

    Just found two more close by... Same size.
  6. Is this aiptasia? Very small with super thin tentacles and stem. Does not dissapear when I poke it. Just recedes a very small amount. It is ridiculously small. Only thing making me think it is not aiptasia is how small the stem is relative to the rest.
  7. SaltyBuddha

    My reef in super slow mo

    So cool! Love that watchman goby coming out for the food. Wish my phone did that...
  8. SaltyBuddha

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    I'm running an Ice probe HOB chiller. Expensive but my temperature never goes above 79F. Cheaper than running the AC down in Socal.
  9. SaltyBuddha

    Dosing 2 Part while on vacation

    Thought about this as well. Would rather keep it consistent with 2 part and not experiment with Kalk on a vacation. Would be worrying about the tank the whole time. I'll probably invest in a cheaper dosing system from amazon. Thanks for all the tips
  10. SaltyBuddha

    Dosing 2 Part while on vacation

    Badass. Thank you!
  11. SaltyBuddha

    Dosing 2 Part while on vacation

    Really? The cheapest one I saw on marine depot was like 200 bucks. 60 bucks is no problem
  12. I'm adding manual 2 part dosing to my regime and now I am unsure about what to do on a vacation. I have a two week vacation coming up in August and figure I should start figuring this out now. Obviously the easiest answers are (1) get a friend to do it or (2) buy a doser. I don't have anyone that would be willing to do this every morning and my wife would kill me if I had to buy a doser. They are stupid expensive. Especially for a little 10 gallon tank. Anyone have some suggestions?
  13. SaltyBuddha

    Refugium in Fluval Evo 13.5?

    I'm not sure if it was the light or the fact that my tank was immature, but I was growing more algae than chaeto. Eventually chaeto starved. Fast forward a few months and I'm running the JBJ fuge light. No algae and chaeto is growing. To be honest, I think if I ran this little light again it would work well. The JBJ light bleaches the chaeto and I have to regularly turn it around. My tank has progressed a lot since then so the little light might work well.
  14. SaltyBuddha

    IM Fusion empty chamber

    I use chaeto with a JBJ fuge light. It uses nitrates and phosphates to outcompete microalgae. Most people run the chaeto light on the opposite schedule of their normal lights. It also helps balance PH from day to night. You will definitely need a dedicated light though.
  15. SaltyBuddha

    Cyano or diatomes?

    Diatoms and some cool looking vein sponge on your rocks. Use a turkey baster and vacuum it up with water changes. Eventually it will go away.