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  1. Thanks! The feather duster is totally my favorite. After I saw yours I knew I wanted to get one, so it's perfect it found it's way into my tank. Hope it makes it through the cycle. It's so close! I got the shelf rock from BRS. Super porous and easy to work with. I'm just hoping it leaves me with enough room for coral placements
  2. Welp. The Caulerpa went sexual. It started melting yesterday so I took it out and trimmed it down to the harder runners. It lost ALL of it's leaves during the 3 days of transit and they never came back. It just kept getting worse and releasing nutrients back into my tank. Must have been a lot because nitrates went up from 10ppm on Saturday afternoon to 30ppm this morning. Glad I removed most of it when I did and I've removed it completely from the tank. Maybe I'll try it again later if I can get my hands on some closer to my location. The stress from shipping was too much for it. My tank might also be too new for it. Back to the good news. My tank has started to show signs of life. I have pods crawling around the tank. Found and caught my first bristle worm. It was small and pink so I decided to throw it back on it the tank. It was digesting something so it is already doing some work. I also got another hitchhiking algae that looks like a type of shaving bush. My little feather duster (hitchhiked on my halimeda) is growing some as well. Actually very excited about this one. I also removed the rock in the back right. Wanted to clear up some space. It was actually a really cool little piece I made. Almost all my rocks have acrylic rods with either a flat acrylic base or little cement epoxy feet. I want my future goby and shrimp to have plenty of building room in the sand without me having to worry about them knocking stuff over. I'll keep it for another day. I also added some Renew to the tank yesterday when I cleaned the rear chambers. The water is pretty clear already but it seems to be working nicely.
  3. This is it on a sicce.5 It does a pretty good job. Though it does reduce flow and it's kinda big. Mine sticks out about 3" with the connections and is about 1.5" wide. It's not too bad when you look at the tank straight on though.
  4. Nice! How is the torch and hammer doing in their new spots?
  5. Sounds like coralline to me
  6. Great looking tank for 4 months! Have you tried manual removal? It kinda looks like green coralline. If it is hard and calcified, I would say it is that. If not, it is up to the gurus here to help out Edit - on my second look it does seem to be growing where the rock is lighted. Not sure if green coralline needs light to grow.
  7. No problem. I'm still new as well. Tons of newbs here lol it's one of the best places I've found for info I definitely think you will want your Hydor in there to start. I've heard of the Jebao brand but that's all. Having a controller for wave programs is really helpful though. I think there might be one specifically for hydors all well.
  8. Here is a good article. You basically want to make sure there is flow around the entire tank. If detritus starts to build up in one spot, that's called a dead zone and it is not getting flow. It is a lot of trial and error because everyone's tank is different (corals, rockscape, etc.). You can also get a spinstream or a hydor rotating deflector for your return nozzle. If there is only one powerhead, most people seem to put it on the side of the tank. The flow will bounce off the opposite wall and create a turbulent pattern.
  9. Could he have jumped onto the floor and a pet got him? If he died in the tank, could be picked up by the clean up crew. Also could have been eaten by the pump depending on they type Hope you can solve the mystery
  10. The goby frown is so good! Does he come out often?
  11. Nice!
  12. Picture with flash on
  13. Light is more important than flow. From my research, slower flow does not inhibit growth. Obviously you don't want it to be stagnant, but light and nutrients are the bigger factors. Side fact- someone put an airstone into the middle of their chaeto and said it worked wonders
  14. Just noticed this little guy. He is only about 1/16 of an inch in diameter. Looks almost like a circular feather duster. Small feathers with a red pattern. Feathers are very symmetrical. Phone pic. Ignore the crusty Halimeda. The guy in question is in the bottom and between the two branches on the left.