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  1. You are good I ended up quarantining it. Saw a bunch more little ones show up. Then I decided to frag a very little piece without any on it and put it in my DT. They are supposed to spread like weeds so I'm expecting it to grow out lol Also tried that bbq sauce. So good! Definitely using it again in the future
  2. Thanks but I knew it was aiptasia. Was just looking for advice on how to treat and add to my tank.
  3. I'll totally send you a frag for that when I can lol
  4. I hope I don't have the fat kind of Duncan. Ignore the Toadstool. He is in one of his moods
  5. Awesome. Thanks for all the reassurance everyone. I've been thinking of trying the garlic and this morning I cut up the mysis pretty small. I'll try it with the flat side of the knife next time. I got her from Live Aquaria. She is an ORA Picasso from the regular store. If she wasn't ORA I would have waited for one to show up on the divers den. She showed up right on time and was really well packaged. I was hesitant buying online but all my LFS use copper and I don't see any reason to risk it. She is gorgeous!
  6. I've had a Clown fish for 1 week now. The first 3 or 4 days she didn't eat anything. A few days I ago I started noticing that she was eat pods. She hands out right where my fuge pump hits a corner and she sits there eating all day. I've tried flakes, pellets, frozen mysis, and rods frozen food. She goes for it occasional and once in a blue moon swallows something and decides to keep it in her mouth. If she is eating pods and is pretty active at different times of the day (although I think she has found her favorite corner), should I be worried? I'm thinking she will start eating more when she wants to and will be fine, but I would like so e second opinions.
  7. Yeah that is a good idea but it was online. I'll reach out to them and see what they say. I also had some aiptasia on a GSP frag so that is something. Thanks for all the help guys. I'll be sure to post back with updates to let you know how it's going
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. It seems that some instances they have grown skeletons back in the right conditions. If polyp bailout is part of frogspawn self preservation, I don't see why it shouldn't be able to grow back. If they die it is because people glue it or they get an infection on their exposed flesh. So, I have a small plastic cap and I placed to frogspawn in it. Mounted the cap to a frag so it wouldn't blow around and placed it in a low flow lower light area. Its all puffed up....which is really weird. It seems no one ever gets any indication of when they do this. They are happy (or look like it) and then they bail out. Not sure I want this in my tank but I wouldn't feel right sentencing this guy to death in my trash can. I guess we will see what it does.
  9. Well, it decided to come off the skeleton again last night and I tried to re attach it. It is off again this morning on the sand bed. Most people say they don't reattach to anything. Not really sure what to do with it.
  10. Thanks for the help. Not sure what happened. Seemed to be doing great. Maybe it's because I only acclimated temperature? My hammer and Candy are doing great. And my GSP is opening so I know it's not water quality
  11. Well, the frogspawn was hanging onto the skeleton by a thread. While I was moving it up onto the frag rack, the entire head came off the skeleton!!!! I got the head out of the water and put a little dot of superglue in the middle of the skeleton. Set the head onto it and let it settle into place. It is up on my frag rack in a place with very little flow. I'm hoping it will recover, but I am not expecting it to. So, my mistake must have been to place it somewhere with too much flow? It was super happy before hand though. Very extending and puffy and all around looking great. It was not being whipped around a lot or anything. I have a wave maker and a rotating nozzle so it had a lot of random flows and surges.
  12. Oh man... the head is totally removed from the skeleton. I have no idea how this happened. Obvious answer is too much flow but the hammer is doing fine right next to it. Can I super clue it back together or something? I'm going to put it on my frag rock to keep it away from my CUC. Not sure if I should try to attach it back with glue or fishing line....
  13. Or are those dead polyps?
  14. Added a frogspawn to the tank yesterday afternoon. Dipped in Coral Rx before it went into the tank. It opened up After a few hours it was happy and has been since then. I can home today and it was all shriveled up and I'm seeing this around it's edges. Is this a normal part of a Frogspawn? Or is it some kind of parasite I should be aware of? The coral head is literally ripped out of the skeleton. Can I save this little guy? With glue or something?
  15. I recently bought some GSP online. I did a Coral RX dip and brushed the GSP polyps with a tooth brush. Most of it is opening up (it has been about 24 hours), but there was one side that was not. I took a closer look and I think I am seeing some very small Aiptasia. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it does not look similar to the GSP polyps. My question is this. Should I go through treatment with Aiptasia X and risk it spreading or should I just toss the GSP? I do not have a quarantine tank, but I guess I could set one up temporarily to fight it off?