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  1. I bought a pretty small puny looking neon green candy cane. It has been in my tank for maybe a month and a half and it is growing really slow. It puffs up and is getting bigger, but it has not been a fast process. I feed it mysis shrimp every once in awhile and it loves that. If it is putting out tentacles and puffing up with the lights on, I would say it is healthy and it will grow at its own pace. You can always feed it mysis shrimp if you want it to grow a little faster.
  2. It is growing in a dead part of the coral because I fragged it. PO4 - 0 Nitrate - 5 to 8 I know my nitrates are high for an SPS but I only got the monti because it was a group deal. Right now I'm just going to keep brushing the algae off and hopefully the coral will grow over the skeleton. Maybe keep it in the shade for a couple of days?
  3. Yeah that is the only thing I can think of as well. Hermit crabs need to start doing their jobs
  4. I have a new montipora cap that started to bleach a bit when I placed it in my tank. I broke the bleached pieces off and put it back on the top of my rock. It started to get some algae build up on the edges where I broke it. The other side looks good and has the normal white growth ring on it. I've since placed it on the sand to see if my CUC would eat the algae. It has been two days and not one of them has touched it. Any advice?
  5. Yeah I'm definitely not counting it out. I feed once a week with reef roids. I'm hoping it is just hungry and being greedy or something. I'll try to feed it and see what happens
  6. Two of my five frogspawn heads have been putting some guts out of their mouth for the last few days. They puff up and expand all the way but then I see this happen: Should I be worried?
  7. Lights are starting to go out and I are some guts in the mouth of on frogspawn head. I think I saw this on another on last night. Before this, the head was happy and fully extended. Should I be worried?
  8. Thanks! Everything looks good right now. One of the frogspawn heads is still not as expanded as it should be but everything else is out in force!
  9. It looks like a monster that was in-bred so it cannot even swim. The real question is this. Are people actually paying that much for It?
  10. Unfortunate to hear that. I hope you find the root cause soon. Sounds like it definitely had something to do with the new filter additions though. I've always read to go really slow with Phosguard. Like 1/2 of the recommended dose. And they don't recommend to use a lot to begin with. I lost a hermit crab this morning. Found my cleaner shrimp cradling its dead body. It was a very disturbing scene...
  11. It looked like poop lol well a hermit crab died this morning but he had not been doing well for since I got him. Found my cleaner shrimp carrying its dead body....very disturbing picture actually. Other two hernia are doing well and one just changed shells for the 2nd time. Both active. My alk was a little lower than normal. Closer to 8 than 8.5. I also have two frogspawn heads that were acting funny last night and not fully open. That could be cause I messed with the powerhead placement though. Not sure if this is the first sign of something. Hoping I come back home to a happy tank today.
  12. Perfect! Always wanted to host one of those lol I figured it was nothing but I'm always finding new things in this tiny tank
  13. Came home to find one of my zoa polyps and my hammer pooping today. Everything else looks good and I do feed them feed roids once or twice a week. Should I be concerned or just a coincidence they both decided to go at the same time?
  14. Some shots of the tank and coral with a decent camera.
  15. The acan strikes again! Hope I don't run out of ceriths...