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  1. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico

    Quick update My new container should be here tomorrow. Let's hope it comes in one piece. I'm itching to get this thing together. Liverock - I will be using coral skeletons from a friends FOWLR tank. It was shut down a while ago so I will have to cycle them. Unfortunately, they are leaching phosphates 1ppm into RO/DI water in 36 hours. I'm going to keep soaking them. Hopefully by the time they are cycled in my container the phosphates will be down. Weekend plans I am quite obsessed with my first tank. It is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check before I go to bed. Also the first thing I check whenever I get home. Needless to say, my wife is a bit jealous. Though she has grown fond of the IM10 so I hope the same happens with the pico. I always work on the tank or some aspect of the aquarium on the weekends. To make it productive I usually have a list. And, besides, who doesn't like finishing a good checklist? Replace outlet (our apartment outlets are really old; replaced them for my IM10 & FW) Set-up light & timer Set-up airstone Set-up Inkbird & heater DIY Lid Mount rods/line for floating islands Cord Management Wet the tank and add some bacteria MAKE EVERYTHING CATPROOF* *The only way I can think of completing this task is to get rid of the cat. I'll keep thinking on it. For the most part, this tank should be very easy and carefree once up and running. Maybe I'll document the growth on the corals to pass the time. New Ideas I've also been throwing around the idea of adding some colored LEDs to light up the bottom of the islands. Only issue would be that it might make the acrylic rods more visible. Unless I only used fishing line... Alright, I'll stick it in there and see how it does! I'm kinda thinking about putting it on the left front rock. Bought to much stuff at RAP anyways so my IM10 is getting really crammed lol also, the goni was open even more this morning. Let's hope the trend continues!
  2. Upgrading from an Orbit IC LED to a NanoBox Mini Tide Plus M. Tank is an IM10 Corals are Softies, LPS and 3 SPS (2 montis and 1 birdsnest) The Orbit only uses .6W LEDs so I am concerned about acclimation. Main concern is for the violet since my corals don't get this directly from the Orbit. I want to use one of the bluefish presets initially and tweak it for acclimation. Here is what I am thinking: Orbit is currently 100% on blues and 35% on whites. NanoBox Ramp Up: Blues - 40% ramp to 60% (5% per week) Whites/Lime - 15% to 30% (3% per week) Violet - 40% ramp to 80% (5%per week) Really excited to get some more pop on my corals, but especially for the violet LEDS. Hoping for some good growth on my corals (which has been lacking with the Orbit). Am I being overly cautious? Not cautious enough? Think I should start the violets lower to start?
  3. How long to make rodi

    My RODI 4 stage from Marine Depot used to put out 5 gallons in about an hour. Now it is going at about an hour and a half or a little more. Doesn't matter to me as long as I still have 0 TDS. When I have a house I want to set up a larger brute system. But don't think I can get away with that in a 1 bedroom apartment lol
  4. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico

    Honestly, that is him all the time. Ill be cooking dinner, look over and he is upside down with his body doing a 180 on top of the cat tree. Staring at me So. Much. Green! Even have a green birdsnest I am debating on putting in. It will probably like the Pico better than my "dirty" IM10 lol
  5. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    I think I got mine from legendary corals too but I see it as more of a red than pink. Some of the polyps were out today so I'm hoping for the best it is in my IM10 for now Still not sure if I want any inverts in my Pico either. Only time will tell!
  6. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Looking good! I got a goniopora from RAP as well, but it is not doing so well. Moved it all around for different light/flow combos but nothing seems to be doing the trick. First day it opened up and after that it has been upset. Pistol shrimp would be cool. They just make their little caves and will take their food to-go.
  7. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    I am also going the aerial root direction. Hoping I can get them onto the top island of my IM10 live rocks. @medinar83 make that two local Irvine neighbors!
  8. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    I am also going the aerial root direction. Hoping I can get them onto the top island of my IM10 live rocks. @medinar83 make that two local Irvine neighbors!
  9. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico

    Man, that is crazy. Wish you didn't tell me!
  10. Diatom Bloom. ATO Reservoir to blame?

    Proven and indisputable!
  11. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico

    Thanks, guys! Got the bowl yesterday but the stem was broken Actually a good thing because it was a bit bigger than I expected. Coming in at 3.5 gallons but I was able to get a full refund I ordered a new style of vase that should work just as well but is definitely within range AND my cat should not be able to knock this one over if he tried Next up a condiment shot and an official entry in the contest! Biggest concern is which condiment gets the showtime
  12. Diatom Bloom. ATO Reservoir to blame?

    @Nano_Addict I also had a diatoms and very small hair algae bloom AND I also got married this summer! I think it is safe to say, with our tanks as evidence, that weddings cause algae outbreaks lol
  13. Glove Polyp Help!!

    I've got the same ones in the picture above. Not sure about the name. Will definitely watch them but hoping they fill up this shelf under my Toadstool
  14. Diatom Bloom. ATO Reservoir to blame?

    I've been nutrient issues as well but cannot for the life of me figure out where it has come from. Had me thinking the sand bed stirring to. Now I think that is true. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/too-stir-or-not-stir-up-sand-bed.219605/ https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/do-you-stir-your-sand-bed.103934/ Everyone says to do it consistently or do not do it at all. Do it from the start, or start slow if you want to begin doing it consistently. I also have a deep sand bed (DBS - 3.5 to 4") in my DT for my goby and shrimp. I've been stirring it occasionally and most likely trapping organics while ruining the DSB filtration abilities. I guess I will stop that and just siphon/blow the top a bit.
  15. Glove Polyp Help!!

    Weird that they are dying from the base and the polyps are still out. I did some quick research (because I just got some to) and they are sensitive to any algae growing on them. Depending on the source, some wild glove polyps don't do well in home aquariums. They also like medium to high lighting and moderate non-laminar flow. So, I agree with @Minmay on moving them higher for light and somewhere with more flow. If you can keep the algae under control, maybe they will bounce back.