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  1. Diatoms now?

    Don't worry about testing for silicates. Diatoma are natural and will happen in any tank. Example. I started my IM10 with a fair amount of chaeto. I used this got about 6 months without getting ANY diatoms. I removed the chaeto and BAM. Diatoms hits my tank 6 months onto its life. Vacuum it up if you can. Took about 2 or 3 weeks to see it stop coming back.
  2. Neon Orange Coralline

    Just noticed this today. Looked it up and it seems that it will probably change to a shade of red after a few days. I have at least 4 small areas where this popped up. No new additions for a long time. Then this shows up.
  3. Reef Glass protein skimmer!!

    No problem. Take your time and you will get it set in no time. I would raise it at least 3 inches though. Good luck!
  4. Reef Glass protein skimmer!!

    The top of my stopper is 5 inches from the water line. You need to turn your airstone up until all you see is micro bubbles. Turn it up some more and you will see larger bubbles forming. Back off until it is just micro bubbles again. Then, adjust the height and wait 6 to 12 hours at least. Check to see how much skim you are producing. If there is none, move the skimmer down. If it is too light (taking out too much saltwater) then lift it up. Use small adjustments. It takes a while to see how the adjustment will change the produce. When I first started using this one, I was not using enough air and I did not have enough micro bubbles. I turned up the pump, lifted the skimmer up higher to compensate and it started working well. Mine and other's skimmers produce waste on the top as well. This is fine and just needs to be cleaned once or twice a month. After cleaning the skimmer will take a day to get back in time. Here is what mine looks like now.

    Follow the instructions and you should be good to go.
  6. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico

    No concerns. Just realized this might be breaking the rules . Thanks for bringing it up @GraniteReefer Either way I'm only using it for display. I initially thought of it as a backlight function but I can see why it might not be allowed. @Felicia @pj86 is this illegal? I will not be leaving this on all the time. It is only for showing the tank and pictures. LEDs are 5050 - .24watts each and there are 37 of them visible on the bottom. I can tape them up for the contest duration if necessary.
  7. Trumpet and Hermit

    Sounds like a good plan. If the feeders come out, it will just take time to get puffy. I dont feed mine either so it could be doing even better. Those photos are from when I had a Current LED light. It was much whiter and easier to take pictures. Now I've found an orange filter (thanks to Dave actually) that helps clear it up even it is midday. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QN48X0Q/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_e.DkAbJD5XR4S You can also use the photo mode in the bluefish app and that works fairly well too. Haven't had time in awhile to get the DSLR out for photos. Can't wait to get some new shots with this light.
  8. Trumpet and Hermit

    Awesome! I just put the nano box mini tide m in my tank. So, at night your coral should put out feeder tentacles. This shows a happy and healthy coral. It also makes sense that the base is whiter. Mine does this at night as well although I just noticed it recently. This is what mine looked like when I first got it happy. Still small when puffed out, but puffy in the day and tentacles out at night regardless. I would recommend turning your midday lights down a bit and turning your morning/evenings up. I have had mine for over a month and I've been slowly ramping up. Here is my schedule. I plan on ramping the blues/violet to around 70-75 eventually. I've heard from people that the nano box white LED can be very bright on corals. I would turn yours down to at least 22%. The violet is another LED that is great to increase PAR values. BUT it does this in a spectrum that we cannot see. I would turn yours down to match your blues/cyan. The Nanobox will make plenty of light for your coral at the lower settings and it will help acclimate. Wait a couple of days and see what happens. If it doesnt start to puff up, move it to another area with different flow. Mine closes up for at least a day after I move it before it even tries to open back up. Mine doesnt like direct flow. The powerhead points right above it and it seems to like it there. Everyone said this is an easy beginner coral, but it seriously made me doubt my capability of reefing. This was one of the hardest corals for me to get happy. It is happy and loving life now, but took almost a month to get it there.
  9. Trumpet and Hermit

    Mine was like yours when I first got it. Looked like crap and did not puff up. No tentacles at night. I kept moving it around and that was the biggest issue. You need to wait at least a day, maybe two to see if the coral likes the new spot. My problem was that I was too timid with the light. Did not want to bleach it but I was not giving it enough. My hermit crab likes to sleep in them as well. Every once in a while I will find him hanging out up there. This made them mad, but it does not make them look like yours or mine when I first got them. Took me 3 weeks to get this coral happy. It was my first coral and the hardest (besides my toadstool) to situate. What is your light and the schedule? Yours looks to be bleaching a bit on the bottom but mine looks like that at night. Then puffs up all green during the day.
  10. Fish sick?

    Could be coral stings. My clown fish has a permanent mark on her underside from a coral. Torch could be the culprit.
  11. Bluefish Controller: Login Failure

    I've received this before. Delete and re-install your bluefish app. Fixed it for me and my settings were saved.
  12. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands Pico

    Sneak peak of the new stand. Multi-colored LEDs make the bottom of the islands pop. No lights on the bottom right for reference. Still no corals but I'll get a better update out this week.
  13. Something growing in my back chamber

    I found one (just one) about that size on a piece of algae I bought, I moved iy carefully to a spot in my tank. When I first found it in April it was maybe a tenth of an inch. Now it is about the size of a penny. I haven't seen any sources but it probably depends on the species.
  14. Something growing in my back chamber

    Technically, you do have worms we call them feather dusters but they are also known as fan worms
  15. Something growing in my back chamber

    I'm seeing the tops of the feather dusters in your picture when you zoom in. Looks just like it on your first pic. Second picture looks like a sponge.