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  1. Monitpora Nudi?

    2nd treatment. 8 minute Coral Rd dip with a scrub and picking off anything I could see with a needle. 12 minute dip in iodine. Followed by a rinse and back in the tank. Believe it or not, I did not see any more nudis. Maybe some eggs but no adults that I could see. Ill keep up treatment for the next week anyways to be safe.
  2. Monitpora Nudi?

    Yeap it totally did. I let them soak in it for a few minutes then just brushed them off
  3. Monitpora Nudi?

    I dip every coral in Coral Rx and I did not see any adults when I put these corals in. Introduced both caps on July 30th. Took 3 weeks for these guys to appear. Not sure if they were already in my tank or if they came with the caps. My wife was concerned about the tank, so if anything, it shows that she is started to get attached to the tank too! I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  4. Monitpora Nudi?

    I only have an IM 10 and I already have a clown and a goby. The wrasse would be too much for my tank, so I'm hoping the dips and scraping the eggs of will help. I only have two small caps right now and there were only about 6 or 7 nudis on one cap. I'm hoping me catching it early will help. Worried about eggs being on the rocks though because I cannot take them out of the tank to clean or treat.
  5. Monitpora Nudi?

    Thanks, Ray. And yes, it was nudibranches. I took the cap out and dipped in coral RX and scrubbed all the adults off. Scrapes anything that looks like eggs. Then did and iodine dip. Only on one monti but I dipped both mine to be safe. Ill keep dipping every other day for the next week or so and see how it goes.
  6. Just found nudis on one of my caps. Did a coral RX dip and followed with an iodine dip. Brushed and scraped off all the nudis and eggs I could see. Its hard to tell between eggs and old polyp skeleton. Do nudis lay eggs on rocks too? Or do the keep to the montipora?
  7. Monitpora Nudi?

    Little white spikey things. Almost look like goatheads (small thorns that get stuck in your feet). The month seemed to be doing fine but now there are some white spots. Each one seems to have these white spikes on it. Nudis? One deadcenter on this pic but it is way bigger than any others I see. Also one white spike on the bleaching part to the right.
  8. Sick clown fish?

    My clown fish took over 1.5 weeks to eat. She would take the pellets or mysis shrimp in her mouth and spit it right back out. Now she is the pig that everyone says clowns are. I have to work to get my little goby a few pellets! When she was not eating she was eating pods in my tank off the glass and in the water column. I noticed that my fish don't like hard pellets. They take them up much faster if you soak them for a minute or two. I have a small tupperware container I use to soak the food. Started with a 2 min soak. Week after I did 1.5 min. Now I soak for 1 min then start feeding. As for the spot on the mouth, I am not sure. Mine came in with a scar on her underside. I was not sure what it was but some people suggested it might be a burn from a coral or something like that. I wouldn't worry too much about the eating. I did a ton of stressed out reading and some clowns take over 2 weeks to start eating. Some eat immediately. If it doesn't start eating in 2 weeks, then I would start to worry.
  9. When can you add a second fish to a nano tank?

    Normally I see people wait between 1 to 2 weeks between fish. 2 weeks would be safer since nano tanks have a smaller amount of bacteria to begin with, but at least 1 week minimum. Invertebrates don't add as much of a bioload as fish. A nerite and turbo add more than other snails and they can unload a lot of nutrients when they die. Honestly, I would not personally worry about spacing out the introduction of invertebrates. I'd definitely get a CUC in there once you start seeing some algae. You should now that you have a fish that you are feeding.
  10. 3 Foot Long Nano - New Full Tank Shot

    Horizon Zero Dawn! That game was pretty fun and the story was really engaging; even if the dialogue and voice acting was horrendous.
  11. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Tank looks great though! Those paly zoas look really cool
  12. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    Yeah, there are a lot of factors with LED lights concerning intensity. As Lula_Mae pointed out, the optics definitely make a difference with the IM light compared to the A80. The spectrum on the A80 is different as well. The actinics and higher kelvin light levels will penetrate deeper into the tank; especially when the 15W is concentrated in one array compared to the 6 arrays of the IM. Put it on the bottom of the tank and see how it does. You can always put it on the edge of the tank as well to give it some extra distance.
  13. reefcleaners

    I've only ordered CUC from John, but he is always fast in responding to special comments or concerns on orders. This is the only guy I will order a CUC from. AND he always seems to throw in more than you order
  14. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2002/11/chemistry Looks like you already have a plan of action, but this article is pretty neat. It shows a graph that relates to Alk and Calcium. Pretty lengthy read but it shows an understanding of how the two elements react together. There are even some statements that correlate to your Ca precipitation and further drop in Alk once you started dosing.
  15. Feeding percula clowns

    Do water changes to get rid of the excess nutrients. If you started with "dead rock" (ie. rock that was in saltwater and has been sitting out for a prolonged amount of time) a lot of the nutrients stored in the rock will come back out. Dead algae, corals, inverts and anything else that was hiding in the rocks will leach nutrients. Usually people refer to this as dry rock. How you introduce dry rock depends on the situation. For some people that put a small amount (relative to the amount of liverock) in a mature tank will just throw it in without any effects. If you are starting a new tank with it, most people will scrub off all the junk and soak it for a while. This process is called curing. Dry rocks will leach ammonia, nitrates and phosphates back into the tank. It will leach for a while and the best way to handle it will be water changes. For future reference, this is the best article I've found regarding curing. http://www.reefaquarium.com/2013/curing-rock-for-marine-aquariums/ Just do more water changes to keep the levels down for the fish in there. You can feed every other day and they will be fine as well. I feed 4 times a week with 3 different types of food. https://www.reefcleaners.org/nuisance-algae-id-guide This is also a good site for an algae reference and the best place to buy a CUC. They will take care of a lot of algae. The one you have is most likely cyano. The above guide shows you how to address this. Make sure you are using RO/DI water. If you use tap water you are automatically putting in excess nutrients to your tank and algae will thrive on it.