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  1. SaltyBuddha

    Coral help?

    Cool looking zoas. They look like they are reaching up so some more light wouldn't hurt. You should mount the hammer to the rock when you find a good spot. I use pool putty sticks (from lowes) and super glue to mount my corals
  2. SaltyBuddha

    Thoughts on this tank cycling method?

    I used ammonia and tims to start my 10 gallon tank up. Took about 4 weeks before it could reduce 2ppm of ammonia to nitrates in 12 hours. For my 20 I just threw rocks in, added some ammonia and let it do its thing. Took 6 weeks with this method. Here is my 10 gallons cycle. Graphing the cycle gave me something to do with the tank while it was cycling. Fun project for sure.
  3. SaltyBuddha

    Ammonia in my tank...

    I would just keep doing large water changes until your bacteria catches back up to your bioload
  4. SaltyBuddha

    HELP! Pistol Shrimp!

    Took me abut 30 minutes with a net and a brush trying to coax him into it. It was a pain but do-able.
  5. SaltyBuddha

    Shamelessly asking for Instagram followers

    Followed. Good luck! @saltymelin
  6. SaltyBuddha

    Toadstool Care

    Right here. ^^^ Mine closed for a month once after I moved a powerhead.
  7. SaltyBuddha

    Salt Water Mixing Set-Ups

    5 gallon home depot buckets. Use Red Sea Salt Mix (Regular) Mixed 1 hour to 30 minutes before water change with heater and stirred by hand. Dried with a towel after every use. Occasionally I use vinegar to get build up off (once a month or so)
  8. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    Two little green banded gobies and a lightning maroon clownfish. Gobies seem fine. Clownfish is the only one I am worried about. I should have the SG down all the way by tonight, so hopefully he can make it until then
  9. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    Hyposalinity treatment is between 1.009 and 1.010. This is the recommended range to remove Ich. Takes about 4 weeks after the last cyst drops off. Not sure what I will be doing after hypo, but it will be after I get the SG raised back up to 1.026.
  10. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    I plan on doing a treatment with Paraguard after the hyposalinity treatment. Might look up copper treatment but I know 0 about that. I chose hyposalinity over copper because it is said to be the least stressful way to remove Ich. @Euphylin me my salinity will be at 1.009 for this treatment. The 1.020 was just after the first 24 hours of dropping SG.
  11. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    Thanks, everyone. I woke up and he was covered in more cysts. Very active when I came up to the tank and he ate a lot of garlic soaked pellets. I'm thinking it is the parasites I should be more worried about, so I have continued hypo. Once there, hopefully the parasites start to weaken and he will be able to recovery.
  12. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    @HookedOnAquariums thanks. I just think he is stressed out and I'm not sure if I need to stop reducing the salinity or continue with hypo. Never wanted to do this either
  13. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    I started last night at 1.026 and I'm now at 1.020. Three water changes to get her. Each change took about 20 minutes of acclimating. Treating Ich.
  14. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    Adding video. Last night I added black paper to the back and side walls of the tank. He ate well this morning and stayed up the whole time for food.
  15. SaltyBuddha

    Hyposalinity Advice Needed

    I'm starting hyposalinity treatment on 3 fish. 2 green banded gobies and 1 clownfish. Quarantine was set up last night and now the SG is at 1.020 from 1.026. He is laying on the bottom of the tank a lot. Sometimes on his side and other times not. If he notices me he will come up and swim around though. Breathing deep consistent breaths while on the bottom. Normal breathing when swimming. I think it is the stress of being added to the QT and I don't know if I should stop the hyposalinity until he adjusts? Suggestions? Ammonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - haven't tested PH - 8.4