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  1. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands - December Pics & Update!

    I'm pretty excited about it. This GSP is so green I want to put it in my IM10 when this is done
  2. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands - December Pics & Update!

    @teenyreef I hear you on that. It's hard for me not to break coral in my IM10. Couldn't imagine a little Pico. Just did my weekly water change. As noted in last months FTS there is some algae on the fishing lines. Over the past couple of days some of the GSP closed up. I think because of the algae. I removed as much as a could via toothbrush. Algae is from me adding some water from my IM10 WC when I'm too lazy to make more water I got most of it so I'm hoping the GSP will open all the way up again. Lots of the GSP is growing as well! I will try and get some shots when I have the time.
  3. Let's Talk about Bubble Algae

    Good to hear that they can pop without the roof coming down around you! I've had a few show up in my tank and I've never popped one. I was so careful not to pop it while removing it though. Very stressful because I thought my tank would be ruined if I messed up popped it!
  4. ick on my friends tank

    I wouldn't take the corals. Not worth the risk to the fish. Unless you have a separate tank that you can use as a fallow quarantine tank.
  5. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands - December Pics & Update!

    Thanks! Keeping the glass clean has been pretty easy. I do a weekly 90-100% water change. During the change, I take the lid with the attached rocks and the one free rock out. If I need more time, I put them in some old SW so they don't dry out. Then I just pick the bowl up and give it a good wipe. Since I have no sand, it is super manageable to clean. I can only imagine the difficulty if I had to keep sand/rocks/water in there while trying to clean.
  6. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands - December Pics & Update!

    I was thinking xenia as clouds? But I'm not sure at this point
  7. Cycle algae bloom; Should I lower my lights?

    Well, the cycle doesn't produce phosphates. Those can leach out of uncured rocks. Better to remove those through phosguard or just regular water changes. The light won't stabilize your parameters tho. It will allow algae to grow that will use nutrients you don't want, but the light won't help the nutrient problem go away. As for the regular cycle algae, that is either diatoms or cyano. Really, it should only be diatoms because cyano can happen at any time due to high nutrients and low flow. Diatoms feeds off silicate and you are correct that they will have to run their course eventually. These are removed manually (vacuumed during water changes). Once your silicate are gone, they won't come back. Silicate are the only thing that will be removed and not come back. You can keep the lights on and get the silicates out, but silicates are normally found in live sand and your tank looks bare bottom? You have the right thinking though. In my IM10 I had a light on in the back growing chaeto. It grew chaeto and a lot of algae in the back of the tank. I had this since the beginning of the tank. I figured, well I have nitrate and phosphate issues, but since the light was on in the back it kept the algae issue out of the display tank. Eventually, the mainetence was too much and I removed the light system after 5 or 6 months. Boom! I had a diatoms bloom that never occurred after the cycle. If you have diatoms, get them out of the way for sure. But it looks like you might have some hair algae on the bottom glass?
  8. Goby - eyes are bigger than the mouth

    Looked pregnant for a day and a half!
  9. Very pretty feather duster

    I have no idea. I think I've seen mine in the LFS where they get a few inches across. Can't imagine how long that takes. I really want one like yours. Ive heard them called a Cristmas Tree worm.
  10. New life spectrum marine pellets?

    I have both the 1mm and the 0.5mm NLS pellets. My fish more readily take them after they have been soaked for a few minutes. If not, they have to spit them out and chew on them a bit. I have a goby that likes the 0.5mm pellets and the clowfish (2.5 to 3 inches) likes the 1mm. I feed every day and count the pellets. The clown gets 5 to 6 big pellets a day with 4 or 5 smaller ones. The goby gets 1 big pellet and 5 or 6 smaller pellets. I use a syringe to spot feed them so they get almost all the pellets. Currently trying to "train" the clown to eat in a certain spot; which is surprisingly working. I supplement with Rods and/or mysis shrimp two or three days a week.
  11. New tank

    This is a great thread for picking out fish. You can get away with 2 or 3 fish. A pair of clowns and a watchman would be great. I would go to reeflceaners.com to get a good idea on a clean up crew. I always order from John and never had a bad experience with them. Your biggest investment will be the light. The best piece of advice I can give (with regards to a budget) is to buy it once. Going cheaper at first then upgrading and upgrading and adding or supplementing will make it much more expensive in the long run. Of course, then you only have extra stuff for more tanks
  12. Cycle algae bloom; Should I lower my lights?

    If you don't have any corals, you don't even need to have the lights on. Turn them down until you get some coral in there that will actually use the light.
  13. Leather toadstool help

    They can get like that for a while. Anything can upset them. If you touch mine the wrong way, sometimes it will go limp for days. I changed the light and it went limp for 3 weeks. Even my wife knows the toadstools name because I'm always saying how grumpy or sensitive it is. Use a turkey baster to help get the wax off (collect the wax and remove from tank if you can) and let it be.
  14. Very pretty feather duster

    That is a really cool one! I've seen those with multiple layers of spirals and bright colors. My first live critter was a feather duster that hitchhiked on a piece of halimeda from reef cleaners. It was super small but I got a little picture of it. The halimeda didn't work out, but I wanted to keep the duster. I had to go in with a small knife and tweezers to get him out of the halimeda. Placed him in a small hole in a piece of LR. He is about a penny in diameter now in the front of my tank. That is about 7 months of growth probably. Red with white stripes.
  15. SaltyBuddha's Floating Islands - December Pics & Update!

    This GSP is super long and seems to be reaching for the light. Toadstool is actually pretty happy in here; was only upset a few days after the first WC. Some of the GSP has started to grow more onto the rock as well. Slow going but hopefully it will pick up some speed now that they have been in the pico for longer. Avatar was definitely one of my inspirations!