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  1. Best way to get micro-diversity

    Inland aquatics sells a lot of the beneficial microfauna, or you can see if there's a local reef club that would be willing to share.
  2. Hermit temperature requirement

    That should have said room temperature. I'm thinking it probably won't wo k without heat. Thanks for the input
  3. Hermit temperature requirement

    Anyone know if hermits can survive at hood temperature? I have stumped a very personable hermit that can in as a red-legged but grew too large and started going after my snails. I have a RT tank with mangroves that I was thinking of putting her in but I don't want to add a heater or current. thanks.
  4. All in one Tanks are overwhelming

    Welcome to reefing! I started my first saltwater tank last December and I'm still learning a lot but I'm also really enjoying the journey. Take your time and go slow, slow, slow. I see build thread that look much further along than my tanks at the same age. I have to keep telling myself it's not a race. I have an IM 14 penninsula that I bought after watching all the builds this summer during the "100 days" contest. Yeah, you have to add some stuff - like the light and a DIY lid - but a lot of the stuff that comes with AIO is low end quality. (second tank. yes, in my first year I set up two tanks!) I'll second reading build threads, find a tank you really like and see what they did. Me? I did my little tank with live rock and sand from the ocean and now it's full or gorgonians and I have some nice sponges and some tiny, tiny hitchhiker crabs which are really fun. [not the best photo - lights were still warming up - but it is my most recent one] I'm down in Massachusetts (Beverly, MA), depending on where you are in NH let me recommend checking out BostonReefers.org for their marketplace. There are lots of folks who frag and sell coral out of their houses - I've gotten a lot of stuff that way. I'd also like to offer myself as a resource (although I'm a noob, too!). It's always great to meet fellow lady reefers. Cheers!
  5. Pistol Shrimp

    I think I have a candy cane pistol. I still hear it but I haven't seen it in months. She lives under the left hand rock in my tank. I added a watchman goby (supposedly yellow but she's not yellow colored). The goby lives in the rocks on the right hand side. I wanted the symbiotic relationship but mine haven't paired.
  6. Liveplant Forums

    You can get 5# CO2 bottles at your local beer making supply shop pretty cheap and they last quite a while.
  7. The ReefWeeds Picasso Build: this ain’t a Nano

    Damn. When you hit a deer you should at least get some good venison out of it! Was your car totaled? They can do some serious damage. Love the tang BTW. Need... a... big... tank...
  8. Weren't you looking for branching GSP? Divers Den has some right now.
  9. Super narrow(3x36x16")tank build idea

    I have a similarly shaped (but smaller) container. I have some mangroves planted in it. I'm thinking of adding some tiny hermit crabs and nothing else. Of course when I say smaller... it's less than a gallon. Not sure it's big enough for even tiny hermits.
  10. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Warning: nerdy math alert. Assuming a 12 hour clock ther are 720 different times it could display. I did the math and there is a 0.13% chance each time you look at a clock that it will read 11:11. In other words (if there is a normal distribution) every 720th time you look at a clock it should read 11:11. If you're me and you start looking forward to lunch early in the day you're checking the clock more often starting around 11 and you're MORE likely to see the "magic" time. This buzzkill brought to you by MATH.
  11. Flatland's Pico Contest Tank(we have life!)

    I've had the same issue with mine. I just wiggle the wire connected to the float mechanism and it turns back on. I'm not real happy about it but I also have tried to troubleshoot the source of the problem yet.
  12. You must be doing something right - an NPS gorgonian growing and gobies breeding! Awesome! Did you ever figure out what's boring through your rock? Urchin hitchhiker?
  13. I think live planted tanks should be designated "honorary reef tanks" especially if you have shrimp! They are complicated and require specialized equipment. Maybe Nan-reef could start a small forum for those of us who go both ways - reef and planted tanks.
  14. Madcat's Fluval Evo 13.5 - new fish store pics

    Hello, Dixie! Was she captive bred? Have you done falconry before? I guess you got her 'cause reefkeeping isn't time consuming and cool enough...
  15. Hitchhiker's Cove - Mini-re-boot

    Hey, Christy Thanks for all the likes! You can get sponges of your very own from Gulf Coast Ecosystems (at www.live-plants.com - the big ones are called Ear Sponges. They seem to be doing great. Be sure you don't expose them to air! That seems to result in eventual fatality. I feed mine SpongePower and add SpongExcel silica to the tank. I don't know if they're necessary but these guys have been going since June. I may end up getting some more for my other tank since I've been so pleased with these.