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  1. Tranquility Base - photos Aug 30

    Long time since the last update. Fall is such a busy time! On Friday I spotted my emerald crab - he got HUGE - I noticed him picking at my cup coral. That's not allowed. Fortunately I was able to catch him quick. Now Bruce is in the sump (think Dr. Bruce Banner). It'll be interesting to see what happens. Bruce vs. Dexter. Will they co-exist? Will one kill the other? I hope Bruce doesn't kill Dexter, he's a fun little hermit even if he is a murderous fiend.
  2. Those are Cirrhipathes aka wire corals. I've only seen them for sale at Archetype Aquariums. They are on my wish list! How'd they do for you, Dr. F?
  3. How are you managing to keep both gorgonians and ricordea? I've tried ricordea and they all seem to hate flow and run and hide. Also, jelly of the St. Thomas. Mine died when my tank overheated during a heat wave this summer. Love the fluffy gorgonian. I may have to add that to my collection.
  4. Wow! Lookin good. This is a great demonstration that you can do a lot with a little space.
  5. Crab ID?

    She's a beaut! Her name is Matilda and she's ready for her own private suite now, thank you.
  6. Penny's Planted Pursuit

    Australia? Awesome! I hope you have a great time. I'd say I'm jealous but I leave in one week for 3 weeks in Botswana and South Africa.
  7. Penny's Planted Pursuit

    I'm sure 5-6 would be fine in your tank. I'd like to tell you how many I have but I'm not sure since they keep breeding and my tank is very heavily planted. #NotSoHumbleBrag
  8. Penny's Planted Pursuit

    Nope. Just put 'em together and let them do as they pleased. I've had emperor tetras breed (not not as profusely) and my green cories have tripled in number. A heavily planted tank gives the hatchlings hiding places and food.
  9. Mortality rate?

    I drip for over an hour but they still die within about a week. Not a problem with my cleaner, peppermint, snapping or crabs. That's why I'm so confused and thought it might be a species thing. Sounds like not.
  10. Penny's Planted Pursuit

    I love my rasboras. I like a good school of small, active fish. I like the activity. But I'm thinking of thinning out my lemon tetras and getting something else. I started with a school of five about 10-12 years ago. Now I've got 30 or 40. My favorite gouramis are pearls. But I also like platinums. Dwarfs. And...
  11. I had the same light leak between the doors on my tank. My husband attached a strip of black painted wood to the back of one door so that, when the doors are closed, it's behind the entire gap. One thing I would change about my tank stands is I wish the INSIDE was white so I can see better - black equipment in a dark, black painted stand is hard to see well.
  12. Penny's Planted Pursuit

    A good place to get less common plants is aquariumplants.com. They sell a lot of resources for planted tanks, too. Y'know, my planted tank could use refreshing... cause I don't have enough to do in the next month!
  13. Gena's IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    The jar pick would make an excellent November contest! (I'm pushing for November because I can't set up the tank in October and I'm interested.... I have some ideas)
  14. Mortality rate?

    I've noticed a relatively high mortality rate among certain invertebrates shortly after shipping [my LFS does not carry many inverts, especially small ones]. In particular I have had bad luck with small shrimp like Sexy shrimp and Pederson's shrimp. Is this common? Is this just me? Can anything be done to help increase survival? PS I also can't keep freshwater cherry shrimp alive in my freshwater tank. It might be a curse....
  15. what is your favorite online coral vendor?

    It was mentioned briefly above but I love, love, love Cultivated Reef! Their corals always look great and, since they've been grown by CR you know they're hardy in a tank. And fantastic customer support. I also love KP Aquatics. I was so happy to hear they survived Irma. Their stock is limited but they have some stuff you can't find elsewhere and, again, quality and customer support are great.