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  1. Thunder Goose

    Do I have a gorilla crab?

    I have a bunch of small (dime sized) hitchhiking crabs that have shown up in my tanks. The vast majority never cause any problems (I have LPS and softies). But there is no way to know for sure unless you see them going after coral.
  2. Thunder Goose

    Coral related PhD

    Northeastern has a marine biology center and Woods Hole has relationships with universities so you can get a degree while researching there. sounds like an interesting PhD
  3. Thunder Goose

    My dreams are too big for a pico

    I'm not sure the bubble tip will work. Within 6 months my BTA had split once and the one I kept was around 12 inches across. I recommend sticking with rock flower anemones or min-maxis for a smaller tank. Your clowns might host in either a hammer or elegance coral if you're looking for that sort of a symbiotic relationship.
  4. Thunder Goose

    My dream tank is a nano tank with anemone only

    There are other symbiotes that will work with an anemone in a small tank - sexy shrimp, some crabs, a few other small shrimp species. Make sure you get an anemone and symbiote that work well together.
  5. Thunder Goose

    Squat lobster survival rate

    Has anyone been able to keep a squat lobster for longer than a few months? It seems like everyone who posts about one only manages to keep them for a few months. If you've been successful please share your secrets.
  6. I found a mantis shrimp in my tank about 2 weeks ago. It must've come in as a hitchhiker when I got live rock from Florida last summer. My tentative ID is O. havanensis and she is bright red and only about 2 inches long. I've decided to keep her. Now I need a name... Help with get some ideas by telling me what you named yours?
  7. Thunder Goose

    The Mantis Shrimp Guide Thread

    This forum has been quiet for a while but I'm hoping to get some advice. I got some live rock last summer from TBS (Gulf of Mexico) and pretty quickly found a mantis shrimp that I gave to a fellow reefer. Fast forward to Saturday and low and behold there's another mantis! The tank she's in also holds a snapping shrimp so I didn't question the snaps. She's red and only about 2 inches so I'm guessing she came in very small and has been growing. As far as I can tell she hasn't taken any fish or inverts (although I might be down a few snails or hermits and not notice) but I don't want to tempt fate so I'm going to try and extract her. For now I'm going to have to set up a 10 gallon and see how she does. I have two options of locations - my preferred location would be in a window where I currently have a small water garden with mangroves. The mangroves would be toward the window, followed by a rock structure. The second is next to my desk and unlit. It would mean crowding my desk a bit, which I'm not too thrilled with, but she would be watched more (I have a nano on the other side of my desk so I'm be sandwiched between small tanks!). If she does well I can move her to a bigger tank this summer. We're in the middle of a renovation right now and I just don't have room! Any advice? BTW no idea about species yet. I'll figure that out when I catch her.
  8. Thunder Goose

    Dawn's shrimp chalet & 5.5 AIO !

    I use duck as a substitute swear word. It's got that satisfying glottal stop at the end.
  9. Thunder Goose

    I regret buying a urchin

    Hee hee hee. Mine picked up two feather worms and seems happy with those and maybe a shell or two. The feather worms are doing fine, too (it's been months now).
  10. Thunder Goose

    Crab-centric Reef Tank?

    I'm an exception in liking crabs. I have emeralds in my 55 that are well behaved (but I do feed Nori regularly) and a bunch of small hitchhiking crabs in my nano (the only one I've been able to ID is an acropia crab and I don't have any acropia). I also keep mini hermits (the blue legs) which are reasonably well behaved. I had to sump a dwarf zebra hermit because he went on a murder spree. I still like him. BUT, except for the hermits, they tend to hide. If you want a lot of activity go with small shrimp, like the sexy or Pederson's or spotted anemone shrimp or similar sized ones that show up from time to time (try KP Aquatics for the three I mentioned). Sounds like a fun project!
  11. Thunder Goose

    Wondering what this is...

    Photo 3 is probably sponge. They're common on live rock. the palys may spread aggressively, be careful if you try to remove them, they might have palytoxin.
  12. Thunder Goose

    Spencer's 25g Tide Pool Tank *Experimental*

    How are you setting up a tide cycle? This looks like a cool idea for a tank. Following.
  13. Thunder Goose

    BTA’s at the LFS.

    My BTA is at the top of the rocks in moderately high flow. I wonder if they're putting them in low light so they can reserve higher light areas for corals?
  14. Thunder Goose

    ISO: mini brittle stars

    If you can't find them locally, Inland Aquatics sells them.
  15. Thunder Goose

    where to buy Red Mangroves?

    KP aquatics has them, too, $7.50 per with reduced shipping costs.