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  1. Smart ATO Micro worth the cash!?

    Worth it...
  2. Lemonade from Lemons
  3. Bio Cube Vs Evo?

    I've grown SPS in my 32, and don't have a 16. Looking at the specs they are not too far apart in regards to the lights. I had people say I could not do it in the 32, all I do is smile. I also think a biocube without the lid looks unfinished. If you want topless, go rimless JMO. Leavit, the smaller the tank, the faster something happens in regards to water quality, especially evaporation. I'm starting to consider an ATO for mine. I can go a week, but not two between water changes without adding water. If my tank was smaller, the salinity would go up much much faster.
  4. Flexin's Reefing Journey

    Month 9-10. A few changes. I found a home for the kenya, it outgrew the tank. I also moved by marbled frogspawn to my 65 gallon. I will post a thread on this, it's a very aggressive coral compared to some other frogspawns I've seen. Since it was holding my other corals at bay, moving it to the 65 will give it room. I had to move the candy cane from the right to the left. The monti was huge and needed more room. It was very large in this pic. Since this was taken, I removed 70% for a new home. It won't take long and it will be back. My Mari Acro at the top really is stunning and growing well. Since removing the kenya, the purple tip frogspawn has done well. I also have another Acro that is green, it was at the top but seems to like the bottom better. It's in the middle between the two brains. I was using GFO for two months, cleared up algae however two of my brains did not seem to like it. Once it was removed, they went back to normal. I may try it again but at half the dose, but for now the tank looks good. I added have a horseshoe crab. I remember these living in the Delaware Bay, a different species I'm sure, but it's nice to have one. The balance for me seems to be four fish. The midas blenny did not make it. Not sure what happened buy these four own the tank. Thanks to folks here for all the help. I enjoy my living art and have enjoyed my introduction to the hobby.
  5. Bio Cube Vs Evo?

    A note on the timers, you most likely will want to adjust the length of time the lights are on to find the balance with not having an algae problem. For example my lights are only on full for about 5-6 hours and the remaining time are ramping up and down. Having a timer in extremely useful. That aside in this hobby you get what you pay for... Go with what you are comfortable spending.
  6. Bio Cube Vs Evo?

    I agree with Weikel, the biggest thing on that list is having a timer on the bio cube. To me, this puts it over the top. Also considering your mention of a budget (we all have one ) I can grow corals up to and including SPS with the stock light (LED Cube). So considering this and the light timer in addition to the flexibility of the media you can use in the back chamber, it's a great tank. And a suggestion, if you want to skim the water, Purigen (chemical skimmer) is the way to go. Unless you are doing a sump, I personally don't think the small skimmers are worth it, and definitely don't buy the coralife skimmer. I would not even sell you the one I have on my shelf...
  7. Tank update, Dealing with some hair algae. Added two turbo snails but I may need to get in there and remove some of it where I can.. Overall the tank is doing well. Ready for my second water change. I think I will stick to my two week schedule. Also, I was not sure about the Axium 120 skimmer, but now that the tank is going, it's working great! I will have to post my inhabitants soon.. No time like the present: FISH: Frostbite Clowns (2) Vanderbilt Chromis (3) Banggaii Cardinal (1) Tomini Tang (1) CORALS: Meteor Shower Cyphastera (3) Orange Lepto (1) Toxic Watermelon Moonstone (2) Ultra Acan Lord (1) Acropora Pink Birdsnest (2) Miliepora (1) Need to confirm. Marbeled Frogspawn (1) from 32 Gallon BioCube Porites (1) Need to confirm INVERTS: Turbo Snails (2) Hermits (10) Margarita Snails (10)
  8. Hi there, just a comment, it may be early for a sandsifting goby. I want one terribly in my new tank but know I need to wait a few months for it to mature. I walked away from two pairs of shrimp goby and bonded gobies today. It was not easy
  9. Pico Fish

    Pajama Cardinals also.. I saw some very tiny ones at my LFS, maybe 10 and they looked great together. But if they behave like Banggai’s, they may get aggressive with maturity towards the same sex.
  10. Prime HD AI

    Of course the blue is intense on the camera vs. in person.
  11. Montipora: Show some love for your Monti's

    Monti Love... Then a Photo Bomb! And the Photo Bomb!
  12. Prime HD AI

    The new settings from BRS have only been actually running a little less than a day. I will check in again in a few weeks to discuss progress. I was wondering why the BRS setting had low to no R and G, thank you. Visually, I really like the result. if I have problems with algae I will simply cut back how long the tank is lit. This has been great because me sliding the colors back and fourth was really a crap shoot to find something that looked good and that would work. I will see how well it works, but so far I visually like the look. I will have to post an updated photo for the new tank with these lights. For someone new to lights with so much flexibility, this thread has been great.
  13. Prime HD AI

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to post a non photo file since the extension is not accepted on the site. I am glad you asked and here is why. I thought I changed my setting but did not do it correctly. I just made the adjustments and am now running these settings. You can use easy setup for this and I will post the screen shortly for what I’m trying. So even though I can’t send a file here, the picture will give you all the information. Thanks again for bringing this up and I look forward to seeing how this goes. I will also see how the algae does on the glass. It already looks better with this setting but it’s ramping down. I will have to see it full on over the next few days. Here is the easy setup screen shot
  14. Prime HD AI

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to post a non photo file since the extension is not accepted on the site.