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  1. BTA can get too big for most nanos. Minis are better and only get 3-4 inches across. Of course if they are happy, they keep splitting. I'm now up to three from one in a few months. Consider taking the bta back and get a mini if you want one, but have a plan to give away or sell them when they split Have fun...
  2. Candy cane coral question

    Give it time.. Don't move it. Like folks said it can take hours to weeks.
  3. cycle HELP!!!

    No skimmer, Purigen. If you just want another piece of equipment to tinker with I understand
  4. I found one Clown in the back chamber in my AIO. Thought I was seeing things when a fish swam past the intake grate, on the other side!
  5. Transferring to new tank!

    What did you not like about the cadligys tank and which one was it.
  6. Clowns - Bonded Pair?

    It was for maroon lighting clowns. Not sure the price was high, but I know when they mature you can lose a fish. Thanks everyone for the input. Have a great day.
  7. Transferring to new tank!

    It helps quickly move through all the spikes that come from cycling a tank and stabilizes it. If you get to the end and something is still off I think you can do it again. Take your time and do some research on it. I used it to start my first tank and cycled with inhabitants. This was per recommendation from my LFS, who has not given me bad info. The reason this is on my mind for moving a tank is because I was planning on transferring by 32 bio cube over to a 65 that I've purchased. And my concern was how to move my live rock that has corals on it (established) over without killing them. I've read about rinsing all the diatoms of the rock etc, but I'm afraid that will may harm the corals. So, I plan on using the turkey baster to clean them in tank (the emerald crabs have done a great job cleaning them), add add water over 10 mins three times to get them use to the new tank, then move it over and follow the instructions on the stability bottle (7 days dosing). It will tell you how much to use per tank size and how long. But again, research. If you want contact info for my LFS just let me know. I am in not way affiliated with them.
  8. Transferring to new tank!

    Some may not like this, but Stability works. Follow the instructions (eight day dosing). Helps to quickly cycle the tank.
  9. Clowns - Bonded Pair?

    Hi Dominator, This was a fish for sale add, that said a bonded pair but small. It felt misleading to me since they also said the fish were small.
  10. Clowns - Bonded Pair?

    As I read and think about the future of my new tank, I see ads for a "bonded pair" of small clowns. I have clowns and I can't see how a pair who have not reached maturity could possibly be bonded. To me, bonded would mean they hit maturity and have already established who is the male and female. Am I missing something?
  11. Ordered today: Smart ATO Eshopps Pacific M Reservoir (14x6x14= I really like the size and the small footprint).
  12. Hi Jace. Don't put the heater in the third chamber. A heater failure from going dry can be catastrophic. It's not worth it to me. Also, purigen on a nano works great. I scrapped the skimmer and replaced it with purigen. Can you take a different picture of the chambers from another angle. Is the water exiting the second chamber from the top or bottom? If the over top, you can place the heater in chamber 2 and have the media basket in chamber 1. I would like chamber 2 better if the exit was at the bottom. That's why I don't think having the media basket in chamber 2 will be effective, there will be less flow through the media. And I would not place a heater in with the media basket, so options are limited. Regarding the media basket in chamber 1, I would make sure the filter floss covers all passing water so no waste get past. You could place a filter sponge where the water rises from the first to the second chamber, but if not cleaned properly and often, it can raise your nitrates. Let us know what you decide and have fun!
  13. Craigslist Reef Tank

    When working in my tank, I use the handle of my scraper to keep them away. I gently move it between them and my arm or hand. If you plan on having clowns, this will happen. They have now stopped doing that. I'm not sure always returning them will be the answer.
  14. Craigslist Reef Tank

    A toadstool sheds, so consider having it down stream of other corals. Some are sensitive to the mucus. I had a hammer in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  15. The tank seems straight forward: http://www.marineland.com/Products/glass-aquariums-and-tanks/corner-flo-pre-drilled-aquariums.aspx Corner overflow piped down 65 gallon. 36x18x24 We have a cabinet maker here in Michigan who makes the cabinets stronger, with better hardware, and custom heights for less or about the same as the manufactures. For example my cabinet for the 32 gallon bio cube was about $120-130. And if you have seen the one from Coralife, thin, not sturdy, crappy hardware (not to offend anyone who has it). I just got lucky with my location and LFS. I wanted the tank to start at 36 inches high sitting on the cabinet. For my home office about the viewing height of a TV (no TV in my home office). My desk height is 33 inches, so when looking across the room I have perfect viewing height from the desk. Couches will sit on each side of the tank which will be across a corner. The tank is 24 inches high. The canopy will be 10 inches high with access doors on the front and then a hinge to lift a portion of the top up. Of course I can remove all of it for something major. The Prime HDs will be mounted inside and adjustable regarding their angle. I may install a fan to move air if it gets hot in there. But I was hoping the height of the canopy and open back will help with that. The furniture will be black with two doors on the front (the stock stuff is one door in the middle). I want the viewing area to stand out from my desk and the furniture to appear in the background. It's not a major custom build, but it's nice to have the options vs having to buy what's on the shelf and knowing the quality is better and more sturdy. I just got back form the LFS ordering the aquarium and cabinets so I'm a bit geeked!