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  1. Flexin

    Alex's Biocube 29

    Midas Blenny is an awesome fish. Great personality.
  2. Flexin

    fish disappeared in 30 minute span

    Sometimes when they are just about to die they have a burst of energy and seem fine. That’s when he jumped most likely, sorry to hear he did not make it.
  3. Flexin

    fish disappeared in 30 minute span

    Not that you have not checked, I've also had my clown get in my first chamber which is an overflow chamber. I hope you find him. Sorry about this..
  4. Flexin

    fish disappeared in 30 minute span

    Hi, what type of tank is it? AIO, do you have a HOB Filter? I unfortunately found one of my peppermint shrimp that was over a year old on top of my filter floss in my second chamber in a bio cube. No idea how he got over there.
  5. An update, I know, I know 🙂 I was using Leon Tan's setting all this time. SMH There is a blip in the morning that I really like and the tank has a turquoise glow. I prefer his light changes, they are more appealing to my eye. I had to reload the file, once I pulled Karen's then realized it was not what I was using. After some research, it was Leon Tan's. In regards to moonlight and storm, not sure if it pulls that as part of the setting. I have moonlight on just for mood lighting in the late evenings. I recently turned off storm, just a preference. And feel free to give me a hard time posting the wrong settings. SMH 🙂
  6. Flexin

    Maroon Clown

    Clowns change sex and the dominate one becomes the female. When it hits maturity, most likely all hell will break lose.
  7. Flexin

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    Good luck Zach, I presented questions to be considered, if you got offended, that's on you.
  8. Flexin

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    I did not draw a conclusion, simply presented questions that need to be considered based on your previous comments with the well being of tank inhabitants in mind. And if you read the thead, at no point did you state you were interested in a chiller, just your unwillingness to maintain room temp simply because of the tank. Read it again before responding. Good luck...
  9. Flexin

    Do You Name Your Tank Inhabitants?

    I normally don't, but this fat Hawkfish for some reason made me call him Toad I can;t help it. Between both tanks I've not named anyone, until him...
  10. Flexin

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    Have you considered how hot it gets inside your place during August? May just started. You have to be honest with yourself. For example if during the day your place gets in the 90s, and you are not willing to maintain a reasonable temperature in that room for your inhabitants, and you are not willing to get a chiller, this may not be the hobby for you. I'm not being mean, but I'm thinking about your future inhabitants, and I'm sure you don't want to harm them as a result of not planning properly or the inability to maintain a reasonable room temperature for these living creatures.
  11. Flexin

    Juvi yellow watchman behavior?

    That is awesome!!! I have a candy cane on the way. I hope it works out
  12. Flexin

    Juvi yellow watchman behavior?

    Thanks for that info
  13. Flexin

    Transitioning from tap to rodi water

    If people tell you to dose right away, beware their advice.. JMO. If you stick to your water changes weekly or bi-weekly you will be fine. It's much easier to perform a water change than dose, in regards to water quality management on a Nano tank. That small water volume can throw you in a tailspin if you dose incorrectly. Welcome and post some pics of your tank..
  14. Flexin

    Juvi yellow watchman behavior?

    I have one that has been with me for two months (small one). He is fine in his cave until the damn hermits come along, then he stays at the top of the tank for a day or two. I have a blood shrimp in there but did not expect them to bond. I was planning on getting a pistol and getting in via tube to the cave and see how it goes. Won't blame them since everything I add to the tank is normally food. To be continued. But I wanted to get something neat for the pistol so I will need more research.
  15. Flexin

    How to raise pH?

    It's not worth chasing. It's not the answer you want I'm sure. If you decide to chase, there are a bunch of ways to get it up but it's normally temporary and you have to keep dosing. A product for example is eight.four. If the does not work after a few weeks, then you have to use other products to help and the effort keeps going. You can also throw off a balanced tank and loose stuff. I gave up, ph is what it is in my tanks. If you are looking for SPS, you normally need a mature stable tank.