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  1. The puffer is very cool. If I could I would, but I already introduced shrimp as part of my CUC. I now enjoy them. Maybe it's time for another tank
  2. How large is it? I wanted to see what other's say. But, besides a porcelain anemone crab, I don't trust them... And that is not one of them...
  3. No shrimp then, correct? I thought the puffer will eat shrimp.
  4. Very nice pics, thank you..
  5. Now I think I want this 5 gal on my desk http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/us/product/10528-evo/#.WPE5wtIrJPY Not sure about that light though.
  6. I alternate. Dry food and now phyto in the evening. Skip a day, then feed thawed marine cuisine. Once the fish and shrimp are busy, mix coral frenzy in the remaining marine cuisine and spot feed the corals. skip a day and back to dry and phyto Very excited And when I spot feed them marine cuisine and coral frenzy, the candy canes get huge. They are normally like pillows, but swell more. I have to get a pic of that.... Tomorrow is wet food day
  7. Daylight pics Both crabs have settled in, and yes, one likes it upside down under the toadstool's rock. The other just squat in the middle of the mini Bulb Anemone. The Zoas look great, love their color. And my Blenny was posing, so I had to
  8. I will have to get a real macro lens for my cannon. I'm still up in the air about the Marco lens I got for my iPhone. I'm not sure there is a huge difference.
  9. Very nice!
  10. One more special sighting. When aclamating my new friends, moving the lid back caused an early night and look what happened with my a candy cane I've never seen extensions on it before
  11. One more find, hope they all come out tomorrow. This was about 30 minutes in and under the moonlight...
  12. Two new additions, porcelain crabs!! I can't wait to share a picture tomorrow in the daylight!
  13. The toadstool shut down for a few days and wow! Longer extensions and even came back with green extensions!
  14. So do I just place the frag of the Xena on the wall and that's it?
  15. I wonder if I can get the Xena to grow un the back of the aquarium, like a curtain