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  1. Prime HD AI

    Got this from BRS TV and starting my tank with this. Really interesting video where they used multiple AI Prime HDs compared to others. Video link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWc3dUwQuWI
  2. From BRS TV and now my setting:
  3. Everything is back up and running. Aquascape is a bit different. Turned on the skimmer to get the crud out from the past few days of being in the containers. Also stirring up the gravel/sand, removing the think cloud via filtration. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of the micro bubbles from the skimmer...
  4. Looks like it is coming together
  5. Flexin's Reefing Journey

    Added GFO in the media basket. Nitrates went up a little. Change to a different test kit, Res Sea. Will give that a try today and compare to the API one. Also got a new home for the overly reproducing Kenya. I still have 15-20 sprouts in there I need to remove. Placed my Zoas finally. Once Zoa plug to place. Oh, and this snail has been with me since cycling the tank. I see him about every two to three months and he decided to make a scene today with my porcelain crab. Of course the crab brought backup...
  6. No water leaking but once I filled the tank I saw this gap in the caulk. Feeling around, the noticed a chip in the glass at the seam. To the naked eye, you could not see it. But shine the light the right way and feel around, there it was... So, I've asked myself the question what would I do differently with setting up this tank, now I get to do that.. Unfortunately, I'm on the third replacement tank. The others from Marineland have all come in chipped on the seams. Keep that crap in your warehouse and recycle it please... I ended up taking the tank off the LPS floor. I gave it a very very good look over and even polished all the glass to see if I was missing anything. Maybe overkill, but I don't want to do this unless I intentionally want to start a tank Back and bottom have been painted, I did that at the LFS yesterday and it will get delivered tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm reorganizing my cords... My live rock is in a closed 20 gal container with a power head and water. The rest of the water is in two 32 gal containers. Sand in a 5 gal bucket, but will add another bag. I will get there.
  7. Bleached anemone, has split but not colored up.

    Here is a before an after of my folded brain. I was fine with how it was originally, and then a few months later it went crazy... You never know I guess. I really like them being white, very different. I don't know if they discolor like corals though, but they look great https://www.instagram.com/p/BZuMqZej8M9/
  8. Bleached anemone, has split but not colored up.

    They look great!! And since they split, they are doing well. Also, if they don't like their spot, they will move
  9. Bleached anemone, has split but not colored up.

    The pics are under heavy blues and UV right? Take it under normal whites and turn all the blues down if you can..
  10. Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Very very nice scape! The details are very helpful. My 65 had some damage that I missed and I tore the tank down. The new one should be here tomorrow. No livestock yet but as observed above the key is being organized, and wow you were. Thanks again, very helpful.
  11. Clownfish having spasms? Freakin out!!!

    Just the affect of a female clown on a male clown. Keep an eye on the spot, was it there when you got them?
  12. Prime HD AI

    reef2reef, some of the users have settings you can load. I need to look into that also today. Having so many options makes it difficult. Just cut back on the overall intensity depending on that size of their tanks there.
  13. Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Got my RODI in two weeks ago. Water pressure was low, maybe around 35-40. Turned around and got a booster pump. Made a huge difference and also cut way back on the water waste.
  14. Water Changes?

    If it's not broke...