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  1. Follow up question. Are the lights programmable? I see they are adjustable..
  2. The stock LED lights are ok. Corals seems happy and healthy. But I wanted to see if there are better options with higher quality products. Can you all share any pictures?
  3. Has anyone replaced the LED lights on the Biocube 32, integrating the light in with the existing hood?
  4. What do you normally do when you run out of space with attachments?
  5. Thank you. I feed every other day. Dry fishfood and Phyto on dry days and then Marine Cuisine and Coral Frenzy on wet ones. Looking forward to see what I looks like
  6. Which means extra feeding for the blankety blank shrimp . Thieves I tell you!
  7. June Update: Things are going well. As noted above I found a new home for my Toadstool and removed a head that was dying from my purple tip frogspawn. My porcelain crab that was having bad molts is now doing well. It has both feeders and claws back. He has also joined Invert Peak with the two anemones, the second porcelain crab, cleaner shrimp and occasionally one of the emerald crabs. The emerald crabs are new. Added to help with the bubble algae that has popped up from my neon candy cane. My green tip frogspan and kenya have worked out boarder arrangements with the frogspan making the line determination. I may move the kenya to the rear of the tank since it covers a large space and I can't see some other corals as well. I'm sure it will just keep growing, so eventually I may need to find it a new home, but it's been happy and healthy. Two Acros were added to the top on Invert Peak. I still have not determined proper placement for the orange one but will finalize that in a few weeks. Now to the pics and the inventory is on the first post.
  8. How often did you target feed it? Right now my schedule is every other day for the overall tank, but I don't mind alternating for Pinky (Da Brain)..
  9. What a beautiful tank!! Thank you for sharing this. I'm looking forward to seeing how it does over the next month
  10. Sorry to hear that Looney. How often do you perform the water changes? Also, can you post to water parameters. Have they been at these same levels for the past few weeks? Also, how old is your tank? When was the cycle finished?
  11. Here is the daylight picture. This is how it looked when I got it and I loved it as is. Hopefully it's healthy and I can either maintain this color or it get brighter. Thanks everyone for the responses and memes any other thoughts are welcome Also, I will update my journal this evening it's time for a monthly update.
  12. I will take a daylight picture in a few hours..
  13. I do have a few in there I need to keep well fed. Two small emeralds, two peppermints, and this cleaner. I also have two porcelains but they also get excited on coral frenzy days and phyto days. The good thing is my LFS will take things back so I can find them a new home of it goes bad.
  14. My first one. It's been in the tank about a week. I noticed what I assumed to be poop but had not seen the likes of it before in the tank. Sitting here this evening, marveling at it, three openings widened and then brown shot out, far and wide. This is poop right or is it something else. Picture below, you can see a small piece on the right...