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  1. Juvi yellow watchman behavior?

    Thanks for that info
  2. Transitioning from tap to rodi water

    If people tell you to dose right away, beware their advice.. JMO. If you stick to your water changes weekly or bi-weekly you will be fine. It's much easier to perform a water change than dose, in regards to water quality management on a Nano tank. That small water volume can throw you in a tailspin if you dose incorrectly. Welcome and post some pics of your tank..
  3. Juvi yellow watchman behavior?

    I have one that has been with me for two months (small one). He is fine in his cave until the damn hermits come along, then he stays at the top of the tank for a day or two. I have a blood shrimp in there but did not expect them to bond. I was planning on getting a pistol and getting in via tube to the cave and see how it goes. Won't blame them since everything I add to the tank is normally food. To be continued. But I wanted to get something neat for the pistol so I will need more research.
  4. How to raise pH?

    It's not worth chasing. It's not the answer you want I'm sure. If you decide to chase, there are a bunch of ways to get it up but it's normally temporary and you have to keep dosing. A product for example is eight.four. If the does not work after a few weeks, then you have to use other products to help and the effort keeps going. You can also throw off a balanced tank and loose stuff. I gave up, ph is what it is in my tanks. If you are looking for SPS, you normally need a mature stable tank.
  5. Too much flow??

    That looks great!!!!
  6. Too much flow??

  7. Too much flow??

    The flow looks to be high... You don't want it lashing against it own skeleton...
  8. Apex Jr - WiFi?

    TP-Link N300 WiFi Range Extender with External Antennas and Compact Design (TL-WA855RE) Search in amazon for this, currently $19.99. There is an Ethernet port on it. Follow directions to get it up and running, then all you have to do is simply plug in the Apex. I honestly can't see spending more for a, lol, gaming router because they recommended it in the directions.
  9. Apex Jr - WiFi?

    I got something for $20 bucks, let me find it.
  10. Aphasia In a tank I haven’t gotten yet

    No sense in starting off with a problem Good move...
  11. 14g Nuvo with stand. On carpet, older home.

    Not sure how far the corner of the room is from the tank, but the carpet in most applications is held in place with a tack strip. If there is some play you can pull up the carpet from the corner until you get to that spot and put a larger piece of plywood or thinner board under then put it back. Normally the carpet is wedged between the floor and t he baseboard which hold it in place on the tack strip. There should be a youtube video on pulling up carpet that you don't want to actually remove. Here is one..
  12. 14g Nuvo with stand. On carpet, older home.

    If it’s level and firmly on the floor, that floor is flexing and something you will have to live with. Nothing will be as stable as when you had it on concrete. If it’s not level and wobbles, a larger piece of plywood may help, I think you did that. If that carpet comes up easy you could pull it up and put the board underneath then put the pad and carpet on top of it.
  13. Buck’s Reef

    You can visually inspect before the dip if there is something you want to keep, but, I would have done the same
  14. Buck’s Reef

    The second one looks like a Frogspawn, love those