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  1. So many suprises today. Introducing a memeber of the home grow cleanup crew, Spec the turbo snail.... To put his size in perspective... he is to the left of my thumb..
  2. I added a turbo snail and a week later the hair algae was gone. One removed it revealed this Today I woke up and the mini bulb anemone split There is a story behind the following little one. I wanted to take a frag to my Sister but have never done it before and was hesitant. A few days before I leave this little one was sitting all by Herself on the other side of my tank, drifting towards a Kenya. I got a net and got her half way up and vroom, swept up by my MP 10. I was sick to my stomach. Could not find her. On a whim I took the head out and the tiny piece of rock remaining on her wedged between the bars on the powerhead and never went through . I grabbed a mount and am so excited to give this as a gift . Almost as beautiful as my wonderful Sister
  3. Congrates!! Very very nice. I'm researching for what to do with a second tank and this is beautiful!
  4. Daytime pic
  5. Do you have the history of the nitrate levels over the past few months? The only way I would not be concerned is if I knew it was at 40 for a few months and I've not added anything. If it's slowly gone up with your existing routine, it may continue to go up, meaning you have to change something with your routine. Religiously changing out that canister filer and changing filter floss out a few times a week with that load is a must. Also, stir the bed a few times a week before changing out the filter floss, it really makes a difference and lets the filter floss do the work for you.
  6. I had a little tuft of hair algae, something ate it and there they were.
  7. I will take another pic in the daytime. Looks like they are a good thing to have
  8. During the day mine stretches out and at night bubbles up. But that is just this one. They all seem to do their own thing What are you feeding it?
  9. I think my peppermint shrimp ate the ends of my Xena's. Also, did the shrimp molt and there are only thin shells?
  10. Nice tank! Take your time shopping for corals and be picky. Anything that grows fast will either get huge or can take over so consider that when researching. Leathers like a Kenya tree and Toadstools grow fast, however, you then hope the rest will catch up and or they won't dominate space.
  11. The are bright white. Thoughts?
  12. I like this one also. I will try both :). I got the ring in today. I gave a test run by hand feeding the food in the ring, and got an interesting reaction, the food drops down in my tank. I'm sure its the return flow doing it but that's ok. My concern was the food not making it to the shrimp and I'm happy with this result. Thank you everyone!
  13. For the MP10, also think about a battery backup. It seems to be the last on a person's list, but you don't want to lose everything over a power outage. Also, in regards to the MP10, think about your aquascape. I have mine setup so the MP10 can throw straight across the tank to the other wall. I think people do the aquascape and the placement of the pump is an afterthought, resulting in two pumps, on low settings to deal with many dead spots. The wireless MP10 has a few other options including a few more wave settings and the ability to link more than one together to create different waves. You can also install a reef link (hardware) to connect it to a phone or computer. Reef link will allow you to schedule different wave patterns at different times including automating the pump turning down at night and during feedings. The MP10 is a very strong pump, give it a try on the higher settings and as the tanks matures, see how it goes.
  14. Extreamly helpful! A ring would do the trick It will be here Wednesday Thanks everyone.
  15. Sorry for your loss Alex