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  1. RODI with fresh filters
  2. really eh, that many snails? ceriths are approx 1" long. it is a 20gallon.
  3. tank is approx 2.5 months old. the algea has been like this almost 3 weeks..got 3 ceriths and 1 astria a week ago but they dont seem to keep up with it. overnight they will clean a path but by the 2nd day it is aldready overgrowing with diatoms. too much? how long will it last? amm 0, nitrate less than 10
  4. algea is growing great, got new purple coralline forming, picked up 2 very small purple corallined seeding rocks from the LFS, got a bonus pink sponge, some feather dusters, and a bristle worm with it. also bought a sally lightfoot crab because it was cool but well see how he does with other livestock down the road.. I may just have him in the rear 1st section of the sump to catch food that passes through the overflow, or hell go back to the store if he is mean.
  5. greg5oh

    pink sponge on LR?

    GOt a small piece of LR to seed the rest of my tank. There is this pink fluffly stuff growing on one. Feel firm and fleshy. any idea?
  6. greg5oh

    double the LED fixture, double the par?

    cool, thanks! really didnt want one of those 2" thick with fan china boxes. Although 3w led are very appealing
  7. I have a current usa marine IC fixture. tank is 14" from water level to sand bed, and the light is approx 8" above the water surface. Tank is still cycling so no livestock in there, just LR. I dont plan on any acropora, only softies, sponges, zoas. This is a beginner tank. Overall i like the light, it is very sleek, and looks good with the Current arm. Visual impact is important to me, with minimum wires etc as its in a high traffic area. but question is, can i add a second light to run them in tandem to double my par value? I like the 90deg optics to minimize light spill out of the tank. I know these are not 3w lLED, more like 0.5W, still burns my eyes when i looked at it (doh!) I see people running ATI or what not and only run at 20%...what is the point of having such a bright light if you are only running at 1/4 power...coudl get a less powerful light and run it at 90-100%.. Anyway, back on topic. double the light fixture, double the par? eventually in a few years i will be doing with a large longitudinal drop off tank (viewable from 3 sides), so dont need anything crazy right now, and i see people selling their ICs when upgrading to better lights for cheap
  8. greg5oh

    The FTS Thread!

    20g clarity plus AIO 3 weeks old
  9. So i switched from the 380 gph pump to a 180 gph pump and moved the pump into chamber 4. So all of chamber 3 is open now and purchased some eggcrate to make my media baskets. Purchasing some filter socks, 1st rack will hold floss, 2nd...not sure, 3rd not sure either... thinking maybe rock rubble in the 2nd one?? Eventually may run a skimmer in 1 alongside the filter sock. Parameters appear stable right now, i did not test these 2 weeks, just let it do its think. Would like to add a pair of clownfish so the tube worms and what not have something to filter feed off of? I put a tiny bit of flake food in once a week to "help em out" Think the clowns are a good idea now with jsut live rock? Or just let the tank keep running.
  10. rocks and sand under 90% white, 10/10/40 r/g/b ( IIRC)
  11. hmm, well they did expedite me a new 660 unit. Should be here today/tomorrow.
  12. The rock was live from a local members 55g tank. sat in salt water. has green and red coralline algea on it. Just added almsot 20 lbs of aragonite sand to the tank, ncie and clear this morning, just need to lay it flatter and clean the inside of the tank from the silt now. Current USA was supposed to send me a replacement 660gph PH (model 2000), they said they are sendign me a 2002, i asked if this is a newer version of the 660, they replied with they are sending me a new 660 gph...Open the package yesterday, its is a model 2002...2500gph and the thing is as big as a soda can :|. not impressed. thing is as strong as my jacuzzi tub!
  13. Ill have to make a media basket to fit the akward shape of mine. I hav ethe return pump in its own big chamber then the one beside it doesnt appear to have very much flow. I was hoping to have a skimmer in that one but if the flow is inadequate...not sure. I may drop the water level and drill a bunch of relief holes in there to promote some more movement in there. Will be adding an ATO. just using a 5 gal bucket shoe horned under the tank in the stand. Will add a lid with a funnel on one side and the pump hose coming uo out the other side. Currently have a 100W heater and a 50w heater in the overflow as backup. got this pretty cool shot last night Also, do you think I need more rocks?