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  1. Okay im sorry but im not going to be the only one who suffers XD
  2. I Just don't get the appeal
  3. It's like a giant walking talking plush? Its actually kinda (KINDA) cute I guess...
  4. Idk maybe its one of those "Kinks". Oh dear god I'm scary images in my head ; _ ;
  5. I'll give it a look
  6. No it's like it got deleted O_O
  7. Pet tank. NOW Could i get a link to that?
  8. Where can i buy one and how much does it cost!
  9. Well This sucks... I lost all my information and couldn't log in to my nano_MC_reef account so i had to make this new one.
  10. Yeah i looked around and it is apparently called a "Fursuit"
  11. well lost my nano_MC_reef account so i made this new one. It is kinda weird but i do have to give props to whoever made it. It does look like it took some time.