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  1. FS: Reefkeeper Elite V2 w/ Net Controller

    Price drop $245 shipped anywhere in the US/Canada.
  2. Clownfish Identification

    Never the greatest at looking at identification charts and picking which species it is.
  3. LF Fluval Spec V capable LED Light & gear

    Here in a few weeks I will be tearing down my Fluval Spec V It has a Current USA Orbit Marine LED light (18"-24"), upgraded Aqueon AQ600 pump and an inTank media basket
  4. Bought this controller package from a member but never used it. Ended up finding the controller I was looking for soon after buying this one. I did hook this unit up to make sure it all worked. Includes: -ReefKeeper Elite Head Unit -RKM-SL1 (Inputs: pH, ORP, Temperature, 2 x Switch Ports) -RKM-PC4 -Net module -Temperature probe -pH probe (wet) with 4 packs of calibration solution -All required bus cables -Ethernet cable -Manual $250 plus shipping (US and Canada)
  5. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Anyone running the Apex on their IM25? I just got mine up and running but having trouble finding a good place to put the probes/probe holder. All 5 of my back chambers seem pretty full.
  6. Some tanks for sale

    PM'd about doser
  7. FS: Aquaclear 70 + Intank Media Basket

    To be fair. He only "spammed" 8 posts in that time. So he was half way to his 15 in posts from prior weeks @RubenZ If I needed an Aquaclear 70 or media basket, i'd buy it
  8. Tank tear down sale

    I know someone posted about interested in the BRS pumps, did they buy them?
  9. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Tank looks good! Did you buy one of the DIY frame kits off BRS or similar or get the stuff from a hardware store? I just ordered the BRS kit, just to get it all in one place. I am not hands on at all, so a little worried about making the lid
  10. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Jesus. That is a lot of flow in a little pump...
  11. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    I have the IM skimmer, and having the same issue as most, the microbubbles. Got them somewhat under control, but still a good amount. Looking for other options
  12. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    How did that skimmer fit in the back chamber?
  13. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I jumped on the bandwagon last week. Tank is currently finishing up its cycle. I went with the JBJ stand and repainted it white.