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  1. colinlevy

    Coralline in a Bottle?

    I put this product in my tank about 6 weeks ago. About 4 weeks in I saw the purple/pink "polka dots" described on their website. There are quite a few of them but nothing more than little dots. All parameters are in line. Nothing more since then.
  2. If still available tomorrow, I will probably take a heater off you
  3. colinlevy

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    What does everyone use for heaters? I am using the 75w Cobalt Neo-Therm. It fits perfectly under my floss holder on the first chamber. It used to keep my temp right at 78.0 and not move. Nothing has changed in my house, the temp around the tank has always stayed the same. But all of a sudden the last 2 months the water temp fluctuates between 76.5 and 79.0. I believe it has taken a toll on a few of my frags. Could it maybe just be a messed up heater?
  4. Looking to buy the Tunze 3152 Nano ATO or either of the Aquasmart ATOs, regular or micro. If you have either and looking to sell, let me know.
  5. If above falls through, and you would sell the fuge basket alone, let me know. I am about to buy one.
  6. colinlevy

    Fluval Spec V Reef Tank

    I had a reef in my Fluval Spec V for about a year but decided I needed bigger. I initially started my Spec by upgrading the pump to a Aqueon AQ600. It is a common pump upgrade in this tank and it fits almost perfectly (with a slight modification I will link below). This was enough flow for my Zoas and some soft corals. If you want to keep the pump then something like a Hydor Korali 240 should be fine. Both cheap options to increase flow. As far as a skimmer, you will be fine without one if you keep up with your water changes. I never ran one on mine, nowhere to put it, as I had a inTank media basket in the chamber. For corals, another thing you will need to start looking into is a light. I used Current USA 18-24" LED Pro light. Though you have a ton of options. Here is the link to the pump modification scroll down about half way: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/370151-fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade/
  7. *disregard, read it wrong* But nice package! Hopefully it sells
  8. colinlevy

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Can't say I have really thought about that. But I agree it's hard enough to clean the rear chambers when the tank is up against a wall. I usually take all the equipment out of one chamber a month and clean it during the water change. Just clean a different one each time.
  9. colinlevy

    Quietest Air Pump?

    I am using a reef glass skimmer as well. I don't remember the air pump I have, but it's pretty quiet. My problem was the loud vibration sound it made when it made on the floor. I ended up hanging it from the top of my stand. Anyways, I'll look when I get home tonight
  10. colinlevy

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    That is their new one they just released. It is larger than the original. So out of the box wont fit in the back chamber. Guess won't know about a modification until someone tries buying it and cutting it until it does fit...
  11. colinlevy

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I started with the Innovative Marine Ghost in my IM25. Microbubbles were out of control. Then got the Reef Glass Nano Skimmer and liked it. Was small and didn't use much room. The skimate was pretty wet, not the darkest color, but I was happy with it. I heard a lot of amazing things about the Cadlights PLS-50 skimmer and got lucky to find one for sale on here. I tried it out and it did amazing, couldn't of asked for a better skimmer. Problem is they are very hard to find now, and when you find one, you have to modify it to allow it to fit in the back chamber. If you are looking on a budget, Reef2reef DIY section had a guy make a replica of the Reef glass skimmer for half the price.
  12. colinlevy

    Reintroducing Clowns

    Yeah, unfortunately a overreaction, and nothing I could of done about it while away. I attempted a re-introduction today using a couple different ideas/tops from my LFS, but they were very aggressive with each other, and this lasted all morning and into the afternoon.
  13. colinlevy

    Reintroducing Clowns

    They are about the same size now. Initially 4 months ago when introduced, one was average (same size it is now) and one was pretty small. The smaller one seems to have caught up in size. That could of been it?
  14. colinlevy

    Reintroducing Clowns

    My 2 ocellaris clowns have been together in my 25g for about 3-4 months now. They have appeared to be happy since day 1. They both host the same anemone and sleep in it together and don't leave each others side. They went through what I thought was a quick dominance phase for about a day when i first introduced them. But the smaller one did the whole shake thing and looks like it gave up. Anyways, fast forward to today. I am out of town on a work trip and my better half watched the two clowns for about an hour straight fighting eachother, pretty much just locking mouths the entire time (sent me a few videos), something I've never seen them do. She decided to take it upon herself to take the one getting beat up out of the tank and put it in one of my empty tanks. Now my question, once I get home and access the situation, is it safe to reintroduce them again, and just keep any eye on them? I am sure they will go at each other again, but maybe they will work it out. I didn't see any fin damage, just looked like they were buying eachother mouths. I have no idea what could of caused the sudden fight. The smaller one has grown quite a bit and maybe wants to take dominance all a sudden, I don't know. Just thought I would reach out.
  15. colinlevy

    FS- Canon Rebel SL1 SOLD!!!

    I use my cell phone to take photos of my tank, and it sucks in quality, so I know nothing about DSLRs Do you have any photos you took?